Reviewer: Fynnsmom
Date: 02/12/16 18:51
Chapter: Presto

That sounded like a really nice date. I tend to get really sea sick but if they had lunch in a place that didn't move around so much it would've been enjoyable. I would have been seriously green though if I been on a small boat. I've never been on a huge boat so I don't know if I'd be ok on that sort of vehicle or not.

Reviewer: Fynnsmom
Date: 02/12/16 18:35
Chapter: Allegro

That sounded like a lovely date and luncheon. I can believe Draco would act like this. He's always been portrayed as a gentleman, even though he's arrogant.

Reviewer: Fynnsmom
Date: 02/12/16 13:46
Chapter: Allegretto

I thought for a minute that Draco was going to ask Ginny if she wanted to get away from Muriel and go back to England with him for a few days.

Reviewer: Fynnsmom
Date: 02/12/16 13:28
Chapter: Moderato

I'm sure Hermione will be pleased to get a long newsy letter. Draco's always got a reasonable excuse ready for when he's caught in the same place as Ginny. If you're stuck together you're bound to start getting along.

Reviewer: Fynnsmom
Date: 02/11/16 23:10
Chapter: Andante

Well, they are in an environment where they keep bumping into each other and they have similar interests. I guess they're bound to get together. i suppose it's easy to talk since they know each other. Love this story.

Reviewer: Fynnsmom
Date: 02/11/16 23:01
Chapter: Adagietto

Oh my. He is really following her around. I love this story so far. You're writing the characters very believable.

Reviewer: Fynnsmom
Date: 02/11/16 22:53
Chapter: Adagio

Malfoy does have a reputation of being a good dancer. He does seem to be following Ginny around. I sure couldn't put up with Muriel. For being a spitfire, Ginny is being nice to her elderly aunt.

Reviewer: Fynnsmom
Date: 02/11/16 22:37
Chapter: Lento

This looks to be an interesting story. I like Draco/Ginny stories. I was looking for a nice chaptered, romance story and this will fit the bill. I look forward to reading more.

Reviewer: ParisGibson
Date: 07/18/12 15:12
Chapter: Coda - Epilogue

Truly terrific

Reviewer: leaj0rdan
Date: 11/23/11 8:18
Chapter: Coda - Epilogue

omg this was AMAZING!! u should write a sequel!!

Reviewer: NimbusNox98
Date: 08/30/11 17:59
Chapter: Lento

Wow! This story made me fall in love with Draco Malfoy. Ginny was a little more sensitive then in the series, but it's really just the authors portrayal of her. Overall great story!

Reviewer: Nina1503
Date: 08/04/11 7:47
Chapter: Coda - Epilogue

I really enjoyed your story. It gave me butterflies in my stomach.

Reviewer: CashMoney
Date: 06/26/11 20:38
Chapter: Coda - Epilogue

This story was fantastic! I couldn't stop reading it! Please say you'll have a sequel?

Reviewer: CashMoney
Date: 06/26/11 20:37
Chapter: Coda - Epilogue

This story was fantastic! I couldn't stop reading it! Please say you'll have a sequel?

Reviewer: Shadows_keeper21
Date: 06/12/11 13:26
Chapter: Coda - Epilogue

!!!!I really can't say anythibng but I absolutely ador this story!!!:) and I kinda wish there was more but i don't know if that would wreck it. Either way I loveddddd it, so keep writing more!!!!

Reviewer: petrifikustotalus
Date: 04/21/11 12:55
Chapter: Coda - Epilogue

I loved this so much! It's my first time reading a Ginny/Draco fic, and man am I glad I picked this one. I really, really liked this. Well done! :D

Reviewer: serinah
Date: 03/12/11 12:38
Chapter: Scerzando

In the End Notes you have 'Playfullll'? Love the story btw. :) The whole idea of the characters meeting and spending time in a resort is a terrible cliche, but your story keeps surprising. Only a few can take a cliche and make it enjoyable. Thank you. :)

Reviewer: Kolbka
Date: 02/09/11 10:58
Chapter: Coda - Epilogue

And well, I forgot to write it- this was the one of few stories that I cried a bit reading it... Werid, but true ;p and you have really got a talent, really like the way you write!
(I started to read this at 10pm and ended up on chapter 17th at 2am, and now Ive read all of it ;p)

Reviewer: Kolbka
Date: 02/09/11 10:52
Chapter: Coda - Epilogue

Hey, can't you write what happened after? ;p I mean, when everyone got to know, and how would they behave... I enjoyed reading this story very much, and I just love this pairing and how Draco changed during theese few years.

Reviewer: Longbottom07
Date: 02/03/11 16:18
Chapter: Allegro

Wow, I think you have done an awesome job of staying within their characters while still haveing them behave like this. I kind of wish Ginny would have refused to make out with him though, it would have been a good wake-up call for Draco. I can't wait to read the next chapter! also, I am curious to see what the Weasley family's reaction is going to be like.

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