Reviews For Finding Her Voice
Reviewer: FlicketyG
Date: 11/22/09 18:30
Chapter: Kisses in the Library

Well basically, if either of them die...

Author's Response: I don't have any deaths planned

Reviewer: FlicketyG
Date: 11/22/09 18:15
Chapter: My Name's Blaise, And I'm A Recovering Slytherin

Um lol!

Author's Response: :D

Reviewer: FlicketyG
Date: 11/22/09 17:45
Chapter: Starving Her Out

You made Draco a bad guy! Sad face!! :(
still love the story though!!!!!

Author's Response: He gets better, never fear

Reviewer: FlicketyG
Date: 11/22/09 17:35
Chapter: These Feelings That I Feel

Seems promising so far, I am absolutely loving it!!!

Author's Response: Yay! I'm doing my job right :D

Reviewer: FlicketyG
Date: 11/22/09 17:16
Chapter: Blaise Zabini

Excited already!!!!!

Author's Response: If you liked Tom, you should get on OK with Blaise ;)

Reviewer: FlicketyG
Date: 11/22/09 16:57
Chapter: Harper Riley

Ok well um basically, I LOVE THIS SO MUCH ALREADY!!!!!
seriously, your ideas are so original and I cannot wait to keep reading!!

Author's Response: Aw, thank you. Hope you enjoy it :D

Reviewer: grangergal101
Date: 11/16/09 22:03
Chapter: Please Don't Make Me Love You

ooooooooh...i LOVE this story, actually, i love all of your stories,(i have spentthe last two days reading them) i wonder who Wilkes' friends are .... hmmmm.... please updtate soon

Author's Response: :D

Reviewer: James Jameson
Date: 11/12/09 15:48
Chapter: Please Don't Make Me Love You

Congrats on your QSQ!! that's really great news!
I still LOVE LOVE LOVE this story!!! i'm glad he found her! it was about time aha :P

Author's Response: Yes, he found her. All is well. For now at least. Next chapter soon :D xx

Reviewer: Saif
Date: 11/07/09 1:47
Chapter: Please Don't Make Me Love You

‘You don’t want her being happy with another man, though,’ pointed out Isabella, unhelpfully.

Lines like these just make Isabella so fun to read!

Why can't Blaise just put security spells around his house to protect Harper?

It's a good thing Blaise didn't see the kiss, I can't imagine what he would have done!

It'll be nice having Bilbo check on her every once in a while, I enjoyed Harper-Bilbo exchanges!

I have a bad feeling about the wedding though...

Author's Response: Mmm...the wedding is interesting. I love Isabella and Bilbo a lot, so they won't be gone long :D

Reviewer: Amanda Vega
Date: 11/07/09 1:17
Chapter: Please Don't Make Me Love You

I've said it before and I'll say it again: your portrayal of Isabella Zabini is spot-on. She doesn't seem unbelievably far-removed from her canonical description, short as it is, but her complete and utter devotion to her son at all costs (even when it's not necessarily in a tender, loving manner!) really makes the character for me. I think you portray her wonderfully and I love seeing more of her [:

I actually just reread the story to get everything fresh in my mind for this review, so.

Aside from that:

Is Harper ever going to tell Blaise that Leo is actually quite a powerful wizard and not a Squib? It seems she would have been inclined to tell him that pretty much right after she found out (it is rather important, after all). Pretty important fact there, no? Obviously, she's not telling him everything - and I love that about her, that even though the two of them are so completely in love she still has her trust issues and things that haunt her - but the whole Leo-is-a-wizard thing just seems like something you wouldn't necessarily want to hold back.

Oh, and reading into past reviews...
is this OC for Albus in a Chocolate story (that's code for Rose/Scorpius, btw) supposedly -very- tied into Harper and Blaise for mathematical reasons for which I'm going to try and start messing around with years now?

Author's Response: I've decided not to give any more away about the sequel to this story, which is R/S and A/OC. There's only five more chapters of this one to go... :)

Reviewer: ToBeOrNotToBeAGryffindor
Date: 11/06/09 23:07
Chapter: Please Don't Make Me Love You

Argh, I have this horrible feeling that someone is watching them! Peakes is such a witless jerk if he thinks he can win over a girl like that.

I also like the portrayal of Isabella. She's very wise in the concepts of love, despite her viperous marriage history, and I sooooo want Blaise to just kick the door down and be a man!

Awesome, as usual, and I am ever your faithful subject, awaiting my next fix. :D


Author's Response: Sadly there are too many Peakes in the world. Next fix soon, I promise

Reviewer: way_too_HP_obsessed4011
Date: 11/06/09 22:27
Chapter: Please Don't Make Me Love You

aaah yes, i knew they couldnt last without each other :) and nooooooo danger mustn't be lurking! EVIL LEO! grrr.... seriously, i saw this update and flipped! you are so so so amazing, I LOOOOVE YOU! in a totally noncreepy way, i promise! hahaha keep it up!

Author's Response: What king of story would it be without a bit of danger??? So glad you like, I intend to keep it up! ;-)

Reviewer: rjames
Date: 11/05/09 0:30
Chapter: Scab and Boyle

I have read all 15 chapters, you had me reading until of finished the last chapter and I want more. the characters were well developed and the plot enveloped and kept me wanting more
thank you

Author's Response: Thanks to you for reading and reviewing. Next chapter soon :D

Reviewer: James Jameson
Date: 10/29/09 16:42
Chapter: Scab and Boyle

This is spectacular! I love the description of Blaise's emotions...
and I know exactly how Harper feels with the whole Draco pinpointing her thoughts... it actually happened to me the same way a while back... :P crazy, eh?

Author's Response: Very true. Glad you liked it, next chapter should hopefully be better and up soon :D

Reviewer: CloverSun
Date: 10/25/09 13:49
Chapter: Harper Riley

The OC/Albus eh? Well, if I'm right, the story would be SUPER interesting!! I just hope the OC and Al pair won't take away too much light from the Scorpius and Rose pairing, since I guess the the OC would be super beautiful due to her genes! Again, can't wait!!!

Author's Response: Better finish this one first tho...:D

Reviewer: Kaiserin
Date: 10/24/09 18:43
Chapter: These Feelings That I Feel

Uhhh... mystery guest. And one Harper loathes!! Awesome!! This just keeps getting interesting!!

Author's Response: *laughs* I try :)

Reviewer: Saif
Date: 10/24/09 14:24
Chapter: Scab and Boyle

Yay! A Rose/Scorpius, Albus/OC fic ought to be vairrrrrry interesting!

You know, I think you should continue to link all future stories with your current ones. It makes things so much funner! You could have a Harper cameo somewhere in there, bring in Keedie's painting to chat with the Potter and Weasley kids, etc!

Author's Response: The OC for Al Potter is *coughs* VERY linked to this story. Or rather, is linked to Harper and Blaise

Reviewer: the_quiveringquill
Date: 10/24/09 11:23
Chapter: Scab and Boyle

yay!! an update! loved the scene between Isabella and Blaise, cant wait to see Blaise be seductive that should be hilarious! Also cannot wait to hear hat twists you have in store for the weddng! So UPDATE SOON!

Author's Response: I liked writing the wedding, so it should be fun. There are some nice twists to come, never fear :D

Reviewer: CloverSun
Date: 10/23/09 16:25
Chapter: Harper Riley

OMG!!! OMG!!!!! You're writing Scoripus and Rose!!!!!! I CAN"T WAIT!!!! I hope the capital letters give you a impression of my excitement, but I just can't wait for it to come out!!!!

Author's Response: Yes, I am indeed writing a little S&R, along with Al Potter/OC, but like I said--I have to finish posting this one. Glad you're on board ;-)

Reviewer: CloverSun
Date: 10/23/09 14:35
Chapter: Harper Riley

Ohh!! Now, I'm finished at what you have so far, I'm gonna tell you that I absolutely love this story!!! I want to know more!!!!! I love Isabella too, especially her name, it reminds me of Isabella d'Este, who I also love!!

Also, I was wondering if you're considering writing story about James & Lily (plus Snape triangle), and Scorpius and Rose etc. I have read quite a few stories others have written about them, but I never find them as satisfying as your stories!

Hope you will update soon about this and MFF!!!

p.s: I was just wondering, that if they are in Grimmuld place, it's rather a nice house, maybe a little dirty and ragged at first, but mayber Ginny redecorated the place, so it looks nicer and back to the Black's splendor? I think they should have the financial ability, since she's a famous Quiddetch Player, and he's a famous aurors, so they must be doing quite good, maybe not up to the standard of Zabini, but still above the average middle class. But then again, you probably are planning to write their family situation gradually, so I'm just being silly.

p.p.s: I love how life-like Bilbo is, and it make me miss Kreacher so much!!! maybe you will write him in in the future? Again, love your stories!!

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing, I'm glad you like the story. It's funny you should ask, but the sequel to this story, which I've just started writing, features Rose and Scorpius. But I'll have to finish posting this one first, I suppose. I'll update soon, I swear :D

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