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Name: Nagini Riddle (Signed) · Date: 07/01/12 22:26 · For: Chapter 1: The Dare
I want cyber-cookies!!!! I laughed at this story, but I just couldn't imagine Albus as being bad! I think it's mainly due to how he acted in the epilogue, and James was definitely loud and a teaser. Still, I know that siblings sometimes get away with everything! I enjoyed the banter between these two! It felt like a real family! :)

Author's Response: Haha, he's your cyber cookie! :D I don't know how this story popped into my head, but it did and I just had to write it. I know Albus seems like that shy and timid guy but kids are quite adept to behaving like the goody-goody in front of their parents - trust me, I've got many younger cousins who do that, so I'd know. I had a lot of trouble writing Harry, but in the end he turned out okay; just like the Dad-Harry I'd like to read about. Family is an awesome thing, especially if it's the Potters or the Weasleys. And my family is as awesome and as crazy as I imagine the Weasley-Potter clan is, lol.

Thanks for the review, dear, I'm glad I could make you laugh! :D

Name: ginevra_molly_always (Signed) · Date: 06/01/12 10:56 · For: Chapter 1: The Dare
I really like the idea that Al would be the prank-player, and that James would be the one being framed, but don't you think you made Al seem a little, well evil? Other than that, really enjoyed it! xxx

Author's Response: Haha, lol, I wrote this fic when I was in grade 8 or 9, so at that time I guess I felt the need to exaggerate things a lot. I think that's why Albus turned out evil instead of just a prank-player. :P. Anyway, thanks for the review, and I'm glad you enjoyed it! --Nadia

Name: Ginnypotter2699 (Signed) · Date: 01/01/12 7:44 · For: Chapter 1: The Dare
Oh, poor James

Author's Response: Haha, I know ;).

Name: harryjoanweasley (Signed) · Date: 08/03/11 12:26 · For: Chapter 1: The Dare
i think luna would see thorugh albus' act she amazingly perceptive

Author's Response: I think so too :). Luna wouldn't really be falling for Albus' tricks, she'd trust James instead. Thanks for the review! :) --Nadia

Name: Lost_Robin (Signed) · Date: 07/07/11 7:07 · For: Chapter 1: The Dare
I liked it. It was rather interesting.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! --Nadia

Name: TheCursedQuill (Signed) · Date: 06/26/09 12:38 · For: Chapter 1: The Dare
Hey majestic_ginny,

This story was a funny take on how the siblings might actually behave. Having siblings myself, I know how frustrating it is to be blamed for something I didn’t do, so I can see where James is coming from here.

You really made Albus to be a nasty little thing!

"I enjoy it," Al smirked. “Oh, and mind your language, or else you’ll have that from Mum too.”

He makes me angry here, and I like how well you wrote that whole scene to transfer James’ anger onto the reader. It was well-done and you definitely succeeded in making Albus look like the bad one! As for James, I think a little more could have been added. If he knew that Albus was mean and liked to prank him, then why did he always fall for his tricks? Why was it so important for James to follow through on Albus’ dares, even though he probably knew he would get into trouble for them? Some thoughts from James’ view could enhance your story.

I also liked how you portrayed Harry here. Father Harry is always hard to write for me, but I think you had the right balance. He needed to punish his children, but didn’t want to be too harsh about it, which was just in between being too strict and too slack. It was nicely done.

Your flow was nice and it made the story easy to read which was nice to see. I was confused at one point though, with the line He's such a liar! he yelled venomously. You have the dialogue tag there, ‘he yelled’, but the actual quote is italicized and not put into quotations. You either forgot the quotation marks, or meant to write that he thought it. Once you clarify which one James is doing, then it will become clearer to the reader.

The plot was really good for this story! It was creative and a funny situation for the family. You did an awesome job with this and I liked reading it. Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Heya! Thanks for the review! It was really fun to write this story, since everyone writes about a good Al and an Ebil James, so I thought I could write the opposite! It was a kind of challenge for me, and in the end I managed it. I kinda got the idea from the popular TV show "Drake and Josh", you see! :P And Harry was the biggest challenge... I had written a very harsh Harry at first, but HJG told me it was a BBIIGG mistake. I had to edit the WHOLE thing again, lol. Anyways, thanks for the uber lubbly review!!! Here's your cyber cookie... ------Nadia

Name: bibliophile33 (Signed) · Date: 06/25/09 13:33 · For: Chapter 1: The Dare
Good theory. It was really interesting but i think it could have flowed a bbit better. Maybe that's just the english fanatic in me but I don't know. It was good.

Author's Response: I agree with you. The English here wasn't that good..... I'm not that good with dialogues, you see. Aww well, thanks for the review! Here's your cyber cookie. --Nadia

Name: Racing Co (Signed) · Date: 06/22/09 10:25 · For: Chapter 1: The Dare
As an only child myself, reading about sibling dynamics is very interesting. With the current setup, Albus can get away with pretty well anything, can't he? In the imaginary sequel to this one-shot, I wonder if Ginny would eventually see through Albus' schemes. After all, Ginny did grow up in a house of all boys, namely Fred and George.

Author's Response: Heya, Racing Co! Thanks for the lovely review. And yeah, All the stuff that James does is actually Albus's "schemes" to get him into trouble. And you know what, you just gave me a plot bunny... hehe.................... thanks a lot, Racing Co.-------Nadia :D

Name: Doxy Eggs (Signed) · Date: 06/19/09 13:13 · For: Chapter 1: The Dare
Aww...poor James. After I read Deathly Hallows, I always felt very drawn to him and Lily, but most of the fanfics here are about Albus. It's nice to read about James for once! great story. :)

Author's Response: Thanks a lot! This story actually started out as a drabble on the Beta Boards, but then a friend told me to make it into a one-shot. So here it is! I am also writing another fic thats about Al's first year, but he is the "good guy" there... Well, I just decided that since everyone writes about a goody-goody Al and a baddy-baddy James, I would write a different thing! Glad you liked it, though, and thanks for the review! And as promised, here's a cyber-cookie! LOL. --Nadia

Name: The_Dream_Team (Signed) · Date: 06/19/09 9:41 · For: Chapter 1: The Dare
LOVED IT! it looks like Al is gonna end up in Slytherin! that was a very cool fic and i really enjoyed reading it! you should totally write more chapters! it would be really interesting to see what house al gets sorted into and what he does during school! great job!

Author's Response: Thanks a lot! Yeah, apparently Al IS gonna be in Slytherin... I never really thought about it, but maybe I might write another one shot about the Sorting, or if I get good plot-bunnies, I'm gonna write about Al's year! Actualy I've already written another fic abot Al's first year, but he's the good guy there

Author's Response: Thanks a lot! Yeah, apparently Al IS gonna be in Slytherin... I never really thought about it, but maybe I might write another one shot about the Sorting, or if I get good plot-bunnies, I'm gonna write about Al's year! Actualy I've already written another fic about Al's first year, but he's the good guy there. Go check out my author's page, its in there! Thanks for reading, and here's your cyber cookie!--Nadia

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