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Name: Evora (Signed) · Date: 11/05/10 10:27 · For: Dragons
Kara, this was a very rare and wonderful read. There aren’t a lot of AU fics that center on the Marauder’s Era, and taken very seriously. The rarer thing is that this story didn’t even include any of the Marauders and romance! James was only mentioned once as ‘getting along better lately’, and none of her family. I admit I was a bit disappointed not to see any of her thoughts about Petunia, but I can see that it’s a dangerous spot to play on since anything close to ‘I’m sad, my sister hates me’ is a cliché. Nevertheless, this was absolutely intriguing.

The setting – I liked how you didn’t forget the environment she was in. From rainy England to a scorching desert, it’s hard not to imagine a person constantly noticing the shift. The landscape wasn’t ignored, too. I like the idea of huts and tents placed in the middle of the desert with wizards taming the dragons. What a sight it would have been.

The mention of her memory about Herbology was fantastic. You didn’t forget that she also went to Hogwarts, and whatever may happen, Hogwarts is always a big part in a wizard’s life. About the change of ambitions – dragons seemed random at first, but then it made a lot of sense afterwards. Lily had always seen ‘the good in people’, and though dragons are wild creatures that usually strike fear, she saw the beauty in them. She was drawn towards them, and bit-by-bit, she started to get a hang of it. The profession of a dragon caretaker is so compatible with Lily’s personality. Amazing job done, Kara.

I like how you added a bit of your own ideas into Lily’s personality. Her paranoia about her hut catching fire or whatever harm the dragons may impose on her – that was a very good detail. And her thoughts and reactions about other people – it added more character to her. The birth of the Norwegian Ridgeback – what a terribly sweet scene. You’ve put that maternal bone in Lily, and I’m really glad you didn’t put ‘aww’ or ‘here kitty kitty’. It doesn’t seem to suit a dragon tamer.

“See, the problem about this is that with these paintings, we never know if it’s real or some Muggle art with their weird perception of dragons.

Fantastic detail! ‘Some Muggle art with their weird perception of dragons’. . . I very, very much like that sentence. It was an excellent insight to the differences of Muggle and Wizarding culture. It created more of that ‘magical’ atmosphere that some fics centering on the rare lack.

And then my favourite part – the dragon fight. I am seriously questioning if you’re also a dragon tamer. That scene was darn amazing! Your fast-paced description of the action scene gave enough information for the reader to keep with his imagination. Then how the wizards dealt with it – it really seems like you’ve got half the mind of JKR’s! The only thing I would have to criticize is that when they said the spells, it should have been italicized. It was just extremely good how you wrote the scene. You never hovered on one description too longer that it gets boring; you go along with it as if it were happening right before your eyes. Very vivid, and much understood.

The thing I love most is how you separated James and Lily. Now that I’ve thought about it, the First War was what had brought them together—their need to be secured and protected by a love greater than just their own. It’s weird how Lily doesn’t give much thought to her love life, but I guess for a very ambitious person like her, it’s probably the last thing in her mind. I think this deserves a sequel, Kara. A chapter that would allow the possibility of a James/Lily union. This was such a lovely read, and I enjoyed it very much. Good job! :)

Name: Russia Snow (Signed) · Date: 07/18/09 13:17 · For: Dragons
Hallo Kara! I told you I would get around to reading and reveiwing your fics this summer! I really enjoyed this fic, the AU twist at the beginning, I never really thought what Lily would do if Voldemort was defeated, I never even considered what she would do for a job. I like the thought of her doing something different, I think it is a very Lily thing to do! As the Dragon Empress :-P I was so impressed with your dragon breed names! I LOVE them! And I am gonna steal them for my own dragons! This was a really beliavable story, and Ioved the thing with the Norwegian Ridgeback it was really cute! Anyhow, I am off to enjoy family holiday activities... I will read your other stories later.
Russia xxxxx

Name: ron lover (Signed) · Date: 07/13/09 19:10 · For: Dragons
I really like this story. It's definentally my favorite out of all of the dragon storys that I've read. It also told me why there were lots of dragon storys. I just thought that everybody got like a dragon fever and had to write about dragons or else that would grow chicken feet. But back to the story, I think it's really good. I like how you have the ending with Lily protecting the Norwegian Ridgeback. I could see her protecting it. The only thing I don't see is Lily working at a dragon reservation thing. She would have to for the kind of story you did, but I don't imagine her working there. Once again, I really like the story. It was fun to read.

P.S. I can't spell to save my life.
P.P.S. This is the longest review I have ever written. It took like five minutes.

Author's Response: Oh thank you so much for that review, I thought no one read that story :D It was my first Gauntlet, and I didn't know how to write for the prompts yet, so I think at some points it sounds a bit.. forced, and unnatural. But I grew to like it, and I'm very glad you enjoyed it too! :) And yea, I picked Lily, and the first prompt was "your character works with dragons" – I really couldn't come up with anything more explainable or believable >.< stupid time pressure :P So I'm really glad to hear that someone read and enjoyed my story, and that I didn't write it for nothing. Thank you for your review – and I love long reviews :D

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