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Name: TheManagement (Signed) · Date: 10/24/09 21:23 · For: Chapter 1 and only
OHMIGOD THAT WAS AWESOME! I loooooooove West Side Story AND Harry Potter! YOU'RE A GENUIS FOR COMBINING TWO OF THE GREATEST FORCES IN THE WORLD! Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabulous!

Author's Response: AAAAAAA, THANK YOU!

Name: Hermione Lurves Ron (Signed) · Date: 06/02/09 19:56 · For: Chapter 1 and only

Dang it, now you just made the world explode. Nice going. ;)

Author's Response: Agh, sorry! I just keep doing that, don't I?

Name: James Jameson (Signed) · Date: 06/02/09 18:56 · For: Chapter 1 and only
These children behave badly because they hasn’t had normal homes. So take them to the mental health ward at St. Mungo’s.

Because they HAVEN'T!!!!
OMG that was the best song, the officer krupke one! I just recently saw this at the Stratford Festival Theatre, and it was fantabulous :)
You rock, Schmergo!

Author's Response: The grammar was intentionally bad 'cos I was trying to impersonate the style of West Side Story! But maybe... well, it didn't come off so great. Thanks so much, Christine!

Name: ringobeatlesfan4 (Signed) · Date: 06/02/09 15:00 · For: Chapter 1 and only
Schmergoooo! I though you had disappeared into the black hole of fanfiction! Anyway, I'm glad you wrote this! My dad saw West Side Story (the Natalie Wood version because apparently there are two!) on television on Christmas Day and now dances around the house saying "I'm a Shark!" at the top of his voice, juggling butter knives. I have such an embarassing family. But this was great, and very creative! I loved Dolores Jane Umbridge, A Boy Like That and The Death Eater Song, but the rest were very good too. Excellent job! {BeccA}

Author's Response: Believe it or not, I've been writing a LOT of fanfiction lately. I just haven't had a lot of internet time! I had no idea that there were two West Side Story movies, but it's hilarious about your dad. That is the most epic thing I have ever heard-- I wish MY dad did that. Anyway, thanks so much for your lovely review, Becca.

Name: Hermione Lurves Ron (Signed) · Date: 06/02/09 14:44 · For: Chapter 1 and only

I'm not sure that's humanly possible. The earth would explode.

Author's Response: Believe it, baby.

Name: Hermione Lurves Ron (Signed) · Date: 06/01/09 16:48 · For: Chapter 1 and only

Author's Response: EXACTLY. That's the song we're doing in chorus. I'm as confused as you are.

Name: Sunny_Rainbow (Signed) · Date: 06/01/09 16:37 · For: Chapter 1 and only
Omg your back! I love this! Your spoofs own! I'm not gonna go into detail because my computer has this annoying habit where I write the AWESOMETASTICEST reveiw ever and then it won't let me submit it. So later! :)

Author's Response: Yussss! I am back! And I know what you mean about your computer.... mine does that all the time. Also, it's infested by ants. Glad you liked the spooof, though!

Name: Hermione Lurves Ron (Signed) · Date: 06/01/09 16:17 · For: Chapter 1 and only
OMG, we just did a WSS medley in my choir class, so this was perfect.

Author's Response: Aw, man, that sounds pretty cool! We're singing a song called Chindia, and the lyrics are... and I quote... "Rapa rapa rapa rapa rapa rapa rapa rapa rapa takatakatakatakatakatakataka bee rapa bee rapa bee rapa bee rapa rapa rapa rapa. Oh tra la la, tra la la, hey, tra la la, oh tra la la la hey. Hey, hey, rapa. Ooooh, aaaah, stop! Didi didi didi didi didi didi rapa didi didi didi didi didi didi rapa. Aaaaah ooooh aaaaah ooooh didi di rapa ra didi di rapa ra. Aaaaaa didi di rapa ra didi di rapa ra. Taka taka taka ta reebah hey.... Rapa rapa rapa rapa rapa rapa rapa rapa rapa takatakatakatakatakatakataka bee rapa bee rapa bee rapa bee rapa rapa rapa rapa. Oh tra la la, tra la la, hey, tra la la, oh tra la la la hey, deeeeeedaaaa day day da da da di did teeeeee takatakatak pa rapa! MOOF!

Name: PadfootnPeeves (Signed) · Date: 06/01/09 15:34 · For: Chapter 1 and only
It'sssssssssssss Schmergo! I thought you had been kidnapped by lurkdom!

I love your spoofs-- they always make me smile. I'll admit, I hate WSS, but since it's you, I had to read it ;-)

My favorite song was Dolores Jane Umbridge... pure genius.

Cheerio, dear!
PS- You should update PP *nudge nudge* *is annoying*

Author's Response: I AM HEEERE! I don't hate WSS, but I don't love it, either... still, I thought it fit the books so well! I like several of the songs, but I feel like the songs are just so... short... and like dance breaks take up way too much of the show. By the way, I totally updated PP weeeeks ago, but I just checked today and realized it was rejected without a rejection email! But here I just thought the mods were slow. That'll be remedied tonight, though!

Name: saveginny417 (Signed) · Date: 06/01/09 15:00 · For: Chapter 1 and only
So I’m not the hugest West Side Story fan out there. It’s totally great and everything, but, you know, there’s also musicals that have Neil Patrick Harris in them. But today is my birthday (I’m of age! Wizardly speaking.) and you had a new story posted. SO OF COURSE I had to read it. It’s like fate or something. Since I’m stuck here doing homework anyway. And by homework, I mean watching Dr. Horrible and all those other lovely NPH shows that I got on DVD this morning. XD

Also, apparently I knew the tunes to a lot more of these songs than I thought I did. So I sang along the whole time. Loudly. Except for the songs I didn’t know the tunes for, in which case I used the tune for “America”, which shockingly fits most of the time. Try it out! It’s like Dark Side of the Moon and the Wizard of Oz. and no, I’m not one of those creepy people who have actually tried that.

I love that you always make Voldy the soprano lead. Because of course the übervillains are always the basses. Except in Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, of course, when NPH is the tenor and Captain Hammer is a bass. I spend WAY too much of my free time analyzing this kind of stuff. And I’m determined to someday write a musical where the heroine is an alto. Even though I’m a soprano. So I wouldn’t get to play her. And I can’t write music anyway. But I digress, as per usual. Voldy would be such a great soprano diva though. I think he’d probably be the ULTIMATE Christine in Phantom or perhaps the Lady of the Lake or Cunegunde in Candide. (You know, the creepy one that marries her cousin and likes jewellery and has that whole song that’s just maniacal laughter. That Voltaire was a special one, man.)

And of course the Sergeant Krupke spoof basically MADE MY LIFE. All seventeen years of it. Well, no, that’s a lie, but it was even funnier than the birthday card my dad bought me about a boy named Brian becoming disillusioned with his church and striking out on his own to form the church of Briantology. Which was only funny because my friend Brian and I started our own religion in gym class sophomore year. We’re such geeks, we faked injuries to get out of co-ed gym (I think the best one I came up with was “I think there’s something in my eye!”) and then sat on the bleachers and made up our own religion. I no longer remember why this story was relevant.

Basically, Schmergo, you’re just made of awesome. And this was such an awesome, unexpected present. I’ve totally used up the allotted quota of use of the word “awesome” for probably the next three days, but I don’t care.


Bwahaha. I win.

~ 17!Juli

See, I did the thing with the exclamation point. So, while I may be older, I am totally NOT cooler. XD

Author's Response: NONONONONOOOO I JUST WROTE A SUPER LONG RESPONSE TO THIS AND IT GOT DEEELEEEEETED! Anywayyyy... HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I see you've joined the ranks of the super-rad seventeen-year-olds. We can do magic outside of Hogwarts together now! Victory! I'm not the hugest West Side Story fan, either, but I saw my friend in it a few weeks ago and I suddenly started thinking how funny it would be with the Death Eaters and the Order of the Phoenix... and well, this happened.

Dude, Neil Patrick Harris is the bomb. On top of Dr. Horrible being just great (I did the opening monologue from it for an audition earlier this year, and got the part of the Mad Hatter!), he's totally hosting the Tony Awards, man! The other day, I met Michael Cerveris, who played Sweeney Todd on Broadway and John Wilkes Booth from Assassins, among other things, and I got a free autographed Assassins CD. So I gave it a listen-- I had the original cast but not the revival with Michael Cerveris-- and Neil Patrick Harris plays the narrator and Lee Harvey Oswald, and he is GOLDEN. You should check out the track called "Ballad of Czolgosz." There's one part where he sings the phrase, "Saw all of a sudden..." only he makes it five syllables. That's how magical he is. And it's a good thing he doesn't like women, because now I'll have an EXCUSE when he rejects my advances, other than my own lack of desirability.

Voldemort is just such a perfect soprano, especially since in my mind, his voice sounds like Michael Crawford. Also, Michael Cerveris could probably play him because HE HAS GOT NO HAIR AT ALL, plus he's supremely creepy. In a good way. There are actually a bunch of great parts for female alto roles out there, though-- have you ever heard Elton John's AIDA? It's pretty cheesy, but Aida is a great role for an alto, though she does go pretty high every now and then. Belle from Beauty and the Beast is an alto/mezzo as well-- that's the next spoof I'm puttin' up here, by the wizzles. (That's my new ultra-gangsta way of saying 'by the way.' I don't think I'll ever say it again.)

That Briantology thing is actually pretty funny... and your friend sounds cooool. Anyway, thanks so much for this amazing review, and I hope you have a smashingtastic birthday! GET LOTS OF GREAT PRESENTS, YOU!

Name: Belledeg (Signed) · Date: 06/01/09 12:34 · For: Chapter 1 and only
This is really clever, even though West Side Story is really precise. It fits perfectly. Great job :-)

Author's Response: Aww, thank you! I was worried, because this didn't have the same lyrical sound as a lot of the spoofs I like to write... but it was a lot of fun! And my Beauty and the Beast parody should be coming purrrty soon.

Name: tiger_lily821 (Signed) · Date: 06/01/09 12:33 · For: Chapter 1 and only

West Side Story is my favorite musical EVER! I saw this on the "Recent"....and I pretty much died right then and there!

My favorites...."America"--Deader than King Tut, teehee!
"I Feel Ugly"--All it took was for me to picture Volders singing that song, and I loved it already!
"Tonight Quartet"--I absolutely adored this in the actual play, and I thought to myself, "How is she going to pull that off?" But, of course, you did, and it was amazing.

And where do I even START with "Dolores Jane Umbridge"? I know all the words to "Officer Krupke", so I was singing this out loud, but I'm afraid I botched it several times because I had to stop and laugh my head off.
I truly love your writing, you're an amazingly talented person! But anyway, I just wanted to thank you, because I had my Geometry exam today, and you STILL managed to make my day! That is, needless to say, EXTREMELY hard to do. :) Congratulations, and I look forward to more stories (read: awesomeness!).

Author's Response: Hey, there! I just saw West Side Story for the first time two weeks ago, and I said, "Okay, I need to parody this musical right now." I'm so glad that the three songs that you mentioned are your favorites, because those (and "Cool") are the ones that were incredibly hard to write. I had a math test today, too, and your review made MY day! Also... love the username. I'm in Peter Pan right now playing an Indian and a Pirate named Noodler!

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