Reviewer: DearBeatrice
Date: 06/02/09 9:42
Chapter: I Dare You

Hey i actually quite enjoyed that. I like how you didn't make it too wordy by stuffing the story with unnecessary adjectives, and you captured the characters quite nicely. Big ups. Can't wait for the next chapter

"Or maybe I looked like Harry when I told him that his pumpkin juice was really water from the toilet." -ha excellent.

Author's Response: Thank you!!! I do get a little wordy sometimes though (:. As I said about a dozen times, I'm having my beta look over Chp2 because it's been rejected for too man mistakes again :P. It should be posted soon so keep your fingers crossed! Also, the bit about Harry's water from the toilet, it's funny because I don't even remember writing the first chapter or where I got my plot ideas...Anyways, if you have questions (anyone) I'm MadEyeMaddy over on the forums!

Reviewer: sweetpotatoes
Date: 06/01/09 5:21
Chapter: I Dare You

hello wello let me tell u 1 thing u write beautifully i admire tis a lot
can i know somsthing about author
respond soon

Author's Response: Aww thank you. What do you want to know about "the author" lol?

Reviewer: Nitwit Blubber Oddment Tweak x
Date: 05/29/09 18:57
Chapter: I Dare You

Hello there :)
I had to leave a review, seeing as I posted in your OC thread and ginnygirl16 so kindly left me a link :D
Anyway, I love it so far!
I loved the bug episode - for some reason that really made me smile. I also like your characterisation of Ron; I think it's done really well, and he's a hard character to get right. I don't really have much left to say, but I can't wait for the other chapters and then I'll leave some more reviews! I love reviews tool and people really don't leave enough...



Emma :)

Author's Response: Aww thanks for the awesome review :D. Chapter was just rejected today, which is a pain, but I only have two or three things to clean up. Don't forget me yet! And thanks for your OC post, I'll get on that :D.

Reviewer: Windy Silvermist
Date: 05/19/09 16:56
Chapter: I Dare You

Wow, that review sucked. I made tons of spelling errors. Also most of it is me ranting about hobbos. You must think I'm a country bumkin. Sorry this isn't a review and I got your hopes up oops. Anyway wonderful story. See its kinda of a review.

-Windy the girl who can't and mostly never will be able to spell

Author's Response: Thanks! Check out my next cahpter when it's up!

Reviewer: Windy Silvermist
Date: 05/19/09 16:48
Chapter: I Dare You

This was really good I liked. I mean its a bit over the edge with all those "sigh but he''ll never love me that way" I just see this repeat a lot. Though I do love your impression of Ron it's head on. Though Hermione I'm not sure of, though I must admit it's pretty good. Another thing that slightly bugs me is the way they will go into this trance and think the other is perfect ( which I don't think thats how they would look at it, exactly, they basiclly grew up together they know each other has faults). Than suddenly there calling each other brute. Also I think Hermione might spaz a bit more on the detention. By the by you didn't mention Snapes name when he hands out detion. Though everyone here in crazed Potter fan world knows who that is if this was a real book it would smart to mention Snape's actual name. Sigh I just looked over what I wrought and it makes me feel like some grumpy old hermit ( YES I finally remembered what a person who shns people is I've been using hobbo and hobbit) who shuns other peoples work. Then again just be thankful I'm not one of those people who looks at your grammer,Pulls out the flame thrower and shreds it to bits. Thats what my sister is and its dang annoying. I feel kind of stupid sitting here shredding your story to bits without one of my own, kinda like a child correcting her teacher's grammer mistake ( GASP I would never do that, I'm way to shy and I can spot a grammer mistke as easily as I recite the whole tale of Oddesy.). Over all it was good ( Your looking over what I have written and thinking " Oh, sure it was good, if it was so good why did you correct every square inch of it!!!" aloud you snort sarcasticlly you know have to go back to the beginning of what I wrote to figure out what I said before this break) so keep writing I can't wait for the next part. Shoot for the Mily Way ( and bring oreos)

-Windy the talkative child who never shuts her yap box.

Author's Response: Heheheee. Thank you. Yes Hermione is hard for me to write and gets a little bit OOC for me sometimes. Thanks for the review! Chapter 2 is in the queue and Chapter 3 is being betaed....Oh man is that a job....

Reviewer: ink_daughter
Date: 05/19/09 16:37
Chapter: I Dare You

If reviews make you happier that 3OH!3 and ice cream does, that just means I'll have to leave one!
I love how you are switching back and forth between Harry and Hermione. I'm excited for the next update! *favorites*

Author's Response: EEEEEEP! Favorited!!!! Thank you! Chapter 2 should be up soon...It's my favorite chapter so far even though it's highly mushy at some parts. :D

Reviewer: Luna_Cullen
Date: 05/18/09 21:37
Chapter: I Dare You

That was really good, but if my friend Rachel heard you say that something was better than 3OH!3, she'd have your head. lol.

Author's Response: Hahaaa! I do love 3OH!3. Alot. But reviews make me so. happy. Once again, I'll update soon but the further chapters will have a longer wait.

Reviewer: ginnygirl16
Date: 05/18/09 9:46
Chapter: I Dare You

Great job Maddy! I'm so glad this is finally up. It is a very good story, so people...READ AND REVIEW!


Author's Response: Thanks (: and I really do LOVE reviews

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