Reviewer: Fynnsmom
Date: 10/08/14 11:12
Chapter: A Natural Mother.

What a great story! It made me remember my first. She cried a lot. My husband was sure she was responsible for any hearing loss he had. I don't remember my other children crying that much. I liked how the two mothers bonded.

Author's Response: Yeah, this kind of set my canon for Astoria being very young. She's really only 2 years younger than Draco, but I made her 8 years, no idea why. Thank you

Reviewer: OtterMoone
Date: 07/22/11 8:25
Chapter: A Natural Mother.

D'awww..... A Malfoy and a Weasley, friends at last :) I like it! And, I'm hoping Hermione finally bonded with Rose? I mean, 'cause it never actually said in the Epilogue how close they were, so....

Author's Response: Oh, I think she does. She's just not a baby person and is surrounded by all these people giving her advice. If she's left by herself, then she'll be fine! ~Carole~

Reviewer: welshdevondragon
Date: 05/17/09 17:07
Chapter: A Natural Mother.

This story made me feel warm and fuzzy! I love the way a small random meeting helps Hermione through things, and that Astoria is nice, and Draco seems to be a good husband. I also add my voice to those wanting the story to continue

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing. It seems I'll have to write something else to accompany this one shot. I shall have a proper think and perhaps ask my wonderful beta - Laura - who set the prompt after all. Carole xxx

Reviewer: delirioustk
Date: 05/15/09 11:53
Chapter: A Natural Mother.

You're killing me here! I did say that your stories were very interesting before didn't I? Just your name in the 'most recent' page made me click on this story. I didn't even know who it was about until I read the first paragraph. :p Anyway, this particular idea for a story ROCKS! I'm sorry if my review is very immature...that's just because i am. I didn't expect her to meet Astoria...and I'm loving that Astoria is nice and friendly-ish. :) Plus, the idea that Hermione might not take so well to motherhood in the early stages...I think its highly believable, given her personality and just her perfectionism. Babies aren't very cooperative and I bet that would just make her frustrated and try harder, only to make the baby cry more... ;) i'm babbling...sorry. I just wanted to say that i love this story and you for writing it! :)

Author's Response: Blushing at glorious review. Thank you so much for your lovely words. I'm pleased you enjoyed the story. Quite frankly I was unsure anyone would bother reading it - babies and things aren't exactly common in fanfiction, so I'm rather overwhelmed at the response and your review has been the icing on the cake. Thanks again - Carole xxx

Reviewer: OliveOil_Med
Date: 05/15/09 10:48
Chapter: A Natural Mother.

It seems a pretty common consensis that people want this story to continue.

Maybe you could write a companion piece that is chaptered. Including all the playdates and whatnot. It would give you a little more freedom to work with as well.

Author's Response: EEEEK - I'm being pressganged - LOL. Thank you, Molly for reading this and reviewing. I've been quite astonished at the reaction to the story because I thought the subject matter wouldn't be of interest to anyone. Anyway, I am now thinking of continuing this in some vein ... watch this space!

Thanks again. Carole xxx

Reviewer: Gmariam
Date: 05/15/09 10:45
Chapter: A Natural Mother.

Oh, and I think the idea of continuing it could really work. It doesn't have to be a long chaptered story, just a bit more. Maybe we could see Astoria and Hermione meet up for a few playdates and swap stories, and then when their husbands find out it falls apart. Just an idea! But I totally understand keeping it as a one shot too, it's a nice look into the future. ~Gina :)

Author's Response: Mmm, actually I do like the idea of 'playdates' and the like. I think Hermione would relish the freedom of not being a 'Weasley'. They're a lovely family but must be overwhelming at times.

Thank you for your comments, Gina. It is appreciated. Carole xxx

Reviewer: Gmariam
Date: 05/15/09 10:41
Chapter: A Natural Mother.

That was wonderful!! First of all, I can totally relate so you nailed the first-time mother shock and panic. And you picked the *perfect* character to write, because I absolutely believe this is how it would have gone for Hermione. But I *loved* how you brought Astoria Malfoy into the story - and set them up on a playdate as well! Great job working with canon by expanding it and making it real. This was just so well written, well paced, and the characters were perfect. Wonderful job, I really liked reading it!! ~Gina :)

Author's Response: Thank you very much for the glowing review, Gina. I don't write a lot of the Trio so I'm particularly pleased that you liked my characterisation of Hermione and the others. The credit for Astoria's appearance really has to go to the wonderful Prof Laura, because she set the prompt.

Carole xxx

Reviewer: RTTLupin
Date: 05/15/09 9:10
Chapter: A Natural Mother.

I really enjoyed reading this story. I thought you captured the anxiety of a new mother wonderfully. Writing about Hermione in that situation was perfect. I could easily imagine her having troubles adjusting to motherhood and the uncertainties of it.


Author's Response: Thank you, Sara. I'm pleased you enjoyed the story and I really appreciate you leaving a review.

Hermione is such an organised person that I can't imagine her being able to cope if a book isn't able to provide the answer. Thanks again Carole xxx

Reviewer: Kantaka
Date: 05/15/09 7:45
Chapter: A Natural Mother.

I'm hoping this one will get you warm and fuzzy!!

That one shot was bloody lovely!!! I literally addored it!! And the overall idea of Astoria and Herms becoming friends and having playdates from Scorpious and Rose on the sly!!! Hehehe!!

Ron would have a cow... Draco might have a complete ranch!!

I do hope things became easier for dear old Herms later... Poor girl!

Great story!!

Author's Response: Ron would have a cow... Draco might have a complete ranch!! LOL. That has to be the best comment I've read all year (okay, I know it's only May but still funny.) Thank you for the review; it's definately made me giggle.

Reviewer: minervassister
Date: 05/15/09 7:41
Chapter: A Natural Mother.

Enjoyed the story. I think you should take it further if you have the time.
I'd love to see how the situations progresses.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review and I'm pleased you enjoyed the story. Hmm, my beta reckoned I should take it furthur and who am I to ardue with the lovely bookofsecrets who gave me the prompt. Thanks again Carole xxx

Reviewer: The_Dream_Team
Date: 05/15/09 6:45
Chapter: A Natural Mother.

wow that was a rlly sweet fic! i liked it a lot and i think it would be pretty gr8 if hermione and astoria became secret friends! haha and then scorpius and rose would be bffs! gr8 story and keep writing!

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing and I'm pleased you liked the story. Hmm, Rose and Scorpius as best friends before Hogwarts could be interesting ... Carole xxx

Reviewer: sergeantmajorette
Date: 05/14/09 23:15
Chapter: A Natural Mother.

Very cute! Nice Astoria.

Author's Response: Thank you. I'm glad you liked it. Carole xxx

Reviewer: MadEyeMaddy
Date: 05/14/09 18:16
Chapter: A Natural Mother.

Thanks for responding! But yeahh, please write more!

Author's Response: I might *winks*. It's growing on me.

Reviewer: Inverarity
Date: 05/14/09 16:03
Chapter: A Natural Mother.

Cute -- I can see Hermione starting to lose it when being a mother doesn't go according to the textbooks.

Ron really needs a good kick, and Harry, too. Their wives are being run ragged doing all the childcare while they sit there playing chess? Are they still twelve-year-old boys?

Astoria's introduction confused me a bit at first --  "a pretty girl with blonde, curly hair and delicate features" made me think she was much younger, until she was described as being pregnant. A pregnant, married woman isn't a girl.

Author's Response: Thank you for the review. Yeah, blokes do tend to ignore what's going on around them. My beta wanted to throw something at Ron at that point. Astoria I see as very young (seventeenish) so still a girl. I think that's just how I see the difference between a girl and a woman though. Carole xxx

Reviewer: MadEyeMaddy
Date: 05/14/09 16:03
Chapter: A Natural Mother.

Woo first review! Anyways, I loved this! I wish you'd write more chapters :D

Author's Response: Thank you. Hmm, maybe I will write more. My beta said the same thing, but this was supposed to just be a one shot. Carole xxx

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