Reviews For Never Ever
Reviewer: Fred_Rocks29
Date: 02/11/11 15:35
Chapter: This Pain

awww... this story has been in my favourites for months; and i can always come back to it, knowing it will cheer me up, when i am despairing at the lack of Weasley twins fics on this site... :( great chapter :)

Reviewer: Guitarxfreak
Date: 01/08/11 13:56
Chapter: Never Ever

I just LOVE this story! Finally a Weasley twin story =D! U make want to throw my story away and start all over again! I'm going to check right away if i can find more of your work! Good Job!!

Reviewer: Illiria
Date: 08/06/09 19:42
Chapter: This Pain

I am loving this story! And not just because I'm a huge George fan :) I really like the way you have written him, and the depth you've given Dawn. I really like how persistant he is and that she doesn't react so you don't get the antagonistic relationship most love/hate stories have ( in other words I like the way she treats him so as not to show she likes him)

Ok I make no sense. But I like your fic :)


Author's Response: G'day Ahh, another George fan! He's the best. I have two George stories. Thank you for the review, I'm glad another fan likes my characterisation of him and of Dawn. I never really liked the love/hate relationship when it's chlique so I decided to make a different relationship. The next one will be in the queue soon. ...xXxLove SandyxXx...

Reviewer: Her-my-oh-nee
Date: 07/23/09 11:16
Chapter: This Pain

Awww... poor George

Author's Response: G'day I know, poor George, but things will get better. ...xXxLove SandyxXx...

Reviewer: Sdogg
Date: 05/21/09 19:44
Chapter: 2. Safe Haven, Not So Safe

Great beginning, I'm very interested. You have a different writing style, which isn't looking for a ton of action every paragraph, and it is a very good style :)

Author's Response: G'day Thank you for your compliment. i'm glad you like my writing style and I agree with the action every paragraph being a bore. ...xXxLove SandyxXx...

Reviewer: Equinox Chick
Date: 05/21/09 10:10
Chapter: 2. Safe Haven, Not So Safe

Mmm, good set up here, Sandy. Dawn is a pretty well-fleshed out OC and George is a believable George. I'm a bit concerned at the lack of Fred so far, but I'm sure he'll turn up very soon and probably ruin George's chances.

Nit picky bit the way the light actually made it look a seamy descent colour, I have absolutely no idea what colour you're talking about here. Do you mean desert or decent? (and is it seamy or semi?)

She was to busy anyway. - you mean too, not to.

I'm a bit confused about the last paragraph. I really like the image of George watching her from the window and admiring her hair, but I don't understand why she's letting him play with her hair and he has his arm on her shoulder. I would have thought that given the fact she thinks he's just acting, she'd have hexed him for touching her.It's actually too intimate a moment for this stage of their relationship.
I think this chapter is more successful than the first because it's from Dawn's point of view and you've obviously worked hard with your OC. Having said that, I enjoyed the first chapter as well - I just preferred this one. *grins*

Carole xxx

Author's Response: G'day Thanks, I've worked hard getting Dawn's characterisation right. I have Fred appearing in the last chapter but it's mainly George/Dawn. Fred's being nice and staying out of it. It's supposted to be semi decent, thanks for that. If you retailiate to a Weasley, they get it in their thick (but gorgous) head that you like them, and Dawn doesn't... yeah right! Thanks for your complements and I'll fix the mistakes as soon as I get a chance. ...xXxLove SandyxXx...

Reviewer: Windy Silvermist
Date: 05/21/09 7:14
Chapter: 2. Safe Haven, Not So Safe

This is my favriote kind of romance. Where one person hates they other person, and the other person likes the other person, then the other person falls for the guy they hate, only I don't like with Hermione, and Draco so much, blech. Though this sort of plot is obvious, it's also amusing to watch. Keep it up.


Author's Response: G'day My bad day is steadily getting better and you are one of the factors. i'm glad you liked the story and I agree with you about the Draco/Hermione plot, it's just wrong!! Thank you for saying that the romance is good and the plot's amusing, I just hope it's not to obvious. Thanks. ...xXxLove SandyxXx...

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