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Name: Saif (Signed) · Date: 10/10/09 6:58 · For: Chapter 6 - Restrictions
Noooo! Crabbe saw the note :( How will she get out of this one???

Yayyyyy! Harry and the gang will soon be there! I wonder if Blaise will fight at all or will he leave with the rest of the Slytherins?

(The above text makes me sound schizophrenic, lol)

Dumbledore was funny as hell when he told Blaise he knew about her and Lavy.
Madam Pomfrey made me laugh too when she thought Seamus was the father and Lavender said '...Merlin, no!'

Overall, a really enjoyable chapter, can't wait for the next one.

Author's Response: Mmm, I think he may have seen the note. Unless I suddenly decide to go all AU in this story, the Trio will be there soon *YAY!* You shall have to wait to see what happens to Blaise ...

Thank you for reading and reviewing. It's a real pleasure to see someone getting involved in something I've written. ~Carole~

Name: U-No-Poo (Signed) · Date: 10/10/09 6:42 · For: Chapter 6 - Restrictions

Brilliant chapter, by the way.

Author's Response: Hee hee ... I do love a good cliff. Sorry, about that. I shall try and get the next chapter hammered out and onto the site soon. Thanks for the review ~Carole~

Name: the opaleye (Signed) · Date: 10/10/09 5:27 · For: Chapter 6 - Restrictions
Carole! Another brilliant chapter! I was so excited when I saw it was called Restrictions ;) Sigh, romance in the library...

“Why the hell would I be interested in that brainless bint?” Ah, I just loved this line. It was perfect for the mood of the conversation and made me laugh.

I also loved the way you had Zabini be the one to tell Neville that he was in danger. That was a great bit of plot crafting!

But Crabbe! Oh no! What is going to happen?!?! I won't be able to sleep now! And what does Snape want with Zabini? Questions, questions, I have so many!!! Can't wait for the next update :) Great job.

Author's Response: Someone on the board wears a Vincent Crabbe banner, but because I've written this story, everytime I see it I shudder. He's now just a permanantly evil boy in my head. *shivers* Hee hee. Thank you very much for reviewing and I am pleased that you're enjoying the story. What does Snape want with Zabini ... hmmm ... who knows? (Well, I do, but that would be telling). ~Carole~

Name: helz_belz (Signed) · Date: 09/28/09 5:37 · For: Chapter 5 - Between the Woods and the Frozen Lake
Loved this chapter.

Ever since I started writing my own fanfiction, I very rarely get into stories. But this, my dear Carole, is superb. I love it.

The line, "Perhaps that just means we should live for the moment" and the line "Go get her, Neville. Live for the moment," reminds me a bit of the Tomorrow Series. I love this fic and will be adding to my favourites :)

Author's Response: OOH, I don't know the Tomorrow Series at all - perhaps I should *ponders* Thank you so much for the review. I'm pleased you're enjoying the story. There's about four more chapters to go ... oh I'll miss them when it's over. ~Carole~

Name: helz_belz (Signed) · Date: 09/28/09 5:15 · For: Chapter 3 - The woods are lovely, dark and deep

It has been a long time since I got this sucked into a fic. I can't believe what happened... yet it was so right. Blaise's shock at Ron and Lavender was perfect too.

I also though the line "the blue butterfly was something from the past" was particularly potent. It sums up the loss they are all experiencing. Not just the big things, but the little things too.

Author's Response: OOH, thank you for picking up on the blue butterfly line. It was one line that I really hoped would get attention, because as you say, it shows how things have changed. Poor Parvati and Lavender - no longer wanting to adorn their hair. Glad you're enjoying the story and hope you continue to enjoy it. ~Carole~

Name: helz_belz (Signed) · Date: 09/28/09 5:02 · For: Chapter 2 - He will not see me stopping here
!!!!! Okay, that would be a very inadequate review. But what an awesome chapter. I loved the development of Lavender's character, her new involvement in the DA. Ginny and Neville still perfect.

Perfect last line.

Author's Response: Thank you. Yeah, Blaise - it was you that kissed her first, so stop being stroppy. Okay, so they've moved on considerably from that snog - LOL. Thanks for the review

Name: helz_belz (Signed) · Date: 09/28/09 4:51 · For: Chapter 1 Promises to keep
I love this chapter.

I've never really thought about Lavender Brown much, other than as the annoying girlfriend. I feel so connected to her, through the way you write. She's such a real person now.

Also, excellent (and I mean excellent!squee!perfect) characterisation of Ginny and Neiville. I love the way it's almost as though everyone makes a choice and Lavender is torn.

Got to go and keep reading now :D

Author's Response: Thank you for that. Poor old Lavender gets such bad press, and when I was left with her in Characterisation class I was a bit disappointed, but she's a great character in the books and a bit of soppiness over Ron shouldn't overshadow her other attributes. She was also warmhearted and brave. Can you tell I'm a bit defensive - hee hee. Glad you enjoyed the opening chapter and thanks for the review. ~Carole~

Name: the opaleye (Signed) · Date: 09/26/09 0:33 · For: Chapter 4 - Stopping by Woods
Oh my goodness! I loved this chapter! It was so interesting seeing things from Blaise's p.o.v. You've made him a truly intriguing character. And the little cliff-hanger at the end with Neville is great but unfortunately means I must cut this review short so I can go on and read more!

Author's Response: Thank you. I am pleased you're enjoying this. Lavender and Blaise are fast becoming an obsession.

Name: ahattab33 (Signed) · Date: 09/25/09 22:13 · For: Chapter 5 - Between the Woods and the Frozen Lake
EEEK! Gushing praise indeed! I'm dreadfully exhausted but I finally got to read this chapter. Points of note:

Blaise = delicious and yet still in canon.

Lavender = wonderfully complex.

Neville = great characterization, especially right at the beginning when he's confronting Lavender and Blaise. And the part with Hannah is super cute.

You = awesome. And you know when it's used what it means.


Author's Response: Thank you so much.I'm pleased this is going down so well with you. This is what Haylee's Charatcerisation class does to someone - LOL. Next chapter needs a bit of work (ie typing up and beta'd ha ha) so I hope you enjoy that. Thanks again ~Carole~

Name: U-No-Poo (Signed) · Date: 09/24/09 21:58 · For: Chapter 5 - Between the Woods and the Frozen Lake
Love this story! Please keep writing, I can't wait until another chapter is posted!

Author's Response: The story is complete ... on paper (well just about) so I will keep updating. Thanks for the review - much appreciated.

Name: Saif (Signed) · Date: 09/24/09 6:31 · For: Chapter 5 - Between the Woods and the Frozen Lake
Fianally done with the marathon reading and I really enjoyed it!

You really did a brilliant job of tying things in with DH! (this is the thirs time I've said it, I think)
It said somewhere near the end of DH that Neville questioned Alecto's blood status, etc. Is this when they're all going to go into hiding in the Room of Requirements?

Author's Response: Thank you for all your reviews. I really appreciate it. I'm glad you recognised all the canon bits. I know some people find canon dull, but I love working within its confines and tweaking it slightly to suit my story. Yep, you're right that Neville questioned Alecto's blood status and was still showing a cut lip when the Trio turned up - so .... not long now. ~Carole~

Name: Saif (Signed) · Date: 09/24/09 6:01 · For: Chapter 4 - Stopping by Woods
Brilliant! And I am so scared for Lavender now, what on earth will Neville be thinking??!!

Blaise overhearing Snape and Dumbledore talking was really interesting. I wonder what he makes of it.

I thought 'Why in Helga's name...' was an interesting change from Godric and Merlin!

You keep dropping these hints about Malfoy being increasingly isolated, very good job.

And onto the fifth...

Author's Response: Sorry, I never responded to this review - so thank you very much and I'm glad you're enjoying the story. Hmmm, Draco. I'm interested in Blaise and Draco's interreaction on the train (in HBP). They don't seem overly impressed with each other do they? Thanks again ~Carole~

Name: Saif (Signed) · Date: 09/24/09 5:41 · For: Chapter 3 - The woods are lovely, dark and deep
Wow! Slughorn sounded menacing there.

Another excellent chapter. I really liked how you brought in the Support Harry Potter party and other stuff from DH.

Author's Response: Sorry, I forgot to respond to your review. Thank you for reading and enjoying the story. I do appreciate it. ~Carole~

Name: Saif (Signed) · Date: 09/24/09 5:06 · For: Chapter 2 - He will not see me stopping here
Gosh, Crabbe is so evil. I'm glad JKR killed him off.

Author's Response: He is evil, isn't he. I'm so pleased I was able to use him as the bad guy. He's not Draco's stooge anymore. Thanks for the review.

Name: Saif (Signed) · Date: 09/24/09 4:55 · For: Chapter 1 Promises to keep
Amazing story! I really should have started reading this a while back.

I thought Thaddeus came up with a very clever story to account for his wife's disappearance.

I really enjoy Hogwarts fics during when the trio was on the run as I feel JKR didn't do justice to that aspect in DH.

Aaaaaaaand I'm off to read the next 4 chapters.

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing and pleased you liked the time I set the story in. MMM, Thaddeus is quite a smart man, but ... is he always right? ~Carole~

Name: LuNaLoVeGoOdLoVer (Signed) · Date: 09/20/09 20:26 · For: Chapter 5 - Between the Woods and the Frozen Lake
OMG, I Loooooooooved it. I liked Blaise, and I liked you portraying lavender's friendships... update!

Author's Response: Thank you for the review. There's another chapter coming soon ...

Name: LuNaLoVeGoOdLoVer (Signed) · Date: 09/20/09 20:26 · For: Chapter 5 - Between the Woods and the Frozen Lake
OMG, I Loooooooooved it. I liked Blaise, and I liked you portraying lavender's friendships... update!

Author's Response: Thank you, Andrea. I'm glad you're enjoying this. There's more to come. ~Carole~

Name: mzap (Anonymous) · Date: 09/20/09 11:15 · For: Chapter 5 - Between the Woods and the Frozen Lake
I must say that I always look forward to reading every chapter of this. You make Blaise and Lavender so believable, especially fitting everything well with canon. I also love the relationship they have, where Blaise is highly likely to forget that he is not in the presence of Slytherins, who are critical of Muggles and Muggleborns, and how Lavender questions being with him during those times. Always wonderful then how Blaise apologizes, and he and Lavender get back to their secret affair. What only makes this harder is the fact that this is during the time of Voldemort's reign. Had it been any other time, the only problem the couple would have faced was criticism from both Gryffindor and Slytherin.

Neville is done so accurately, I must say. His transformation from a shy boy to the one he becomes at the end of DH, is paced very well in this fic. I apologize for the constant mentions of the pace, but you do do a great job with it. You also snuck in Neville/Hannah in there well, sticking to canon, although I'm still very partial to Neville/Luna.

The ending was also fantastic, with Seamus fighting back. I feel sorry for the poor boy, but I find it great that he stood up to Alecto. I also liked how you put in the fact that there was a Squib in the Carrows family, given that all purebloods are likely to be holding a secret that makes them imperfect for their ideals.

Wonderful job, once again, and I can't wait for more.

- Mercy

Author's Response: Thank you, Mercy. I'm so pleased you're enjoying this story. There should be another chapter very soon ... watch this space. Hmm, a relationship not at this time between a Gryff and a Slyth ... that's intriguing. We don't see it at all in the books - not even flash backs - (apart from doomed Snape/Lily). Damn plot bunnies attacking now. Thanks again ~Carole~

Name: mzap (Anonymous) · Date: 09/13/09 21:10 · For: Chapter 4 - Stopping by Woods
Oh, I'm sorry for not getting this in earlier. My internet died just as I was going to give you a review. And I apologize in advance for this being shorter than the others (ugh, homework).

First off, I can't stop loving this fic. The originality has captivated me this entire way, and I always love a good pairing between a Slytherin and a Gryffindor, especially when they can put aside their differences. I very much enjoyed reading Blaise's point of view in this chapter, seeing how he feels about Lavender and how he still likes to mentally boast to Ron. I could see Blaise as being the jealous type and trying to show off what "possessions" he has.

Another quality I'm really liking is how no one wants to accuse Blaise of any wrong-doing or going against authority, but some are beginning to catch on and drop hints. Snape was done perfectly, and you did a very good job in intertwining chats with Dumbledore in this. However, you can tell that it is getting harder for our Slytherin to keep his secret hidden, as emotions will start coming to light, as was shown in the scene where Lavender gets smacked.

As for Neville, nicely placed where you brought him in. I knew that this liaison couldn't be kept secret for long and it'll be interesting to see how the rest of the scene plays out. I'm only hoping he wasn't standing behind that pillar for too long. ;)

Very well done and I can't wait for more. :)

- Mercy

Author's Response: Hmm, who knows how long he was behind that pillar - LOL. Mercy, I am so pleased you're enjoying this story as I just love writing it. Your reviews are always so incisive, yet make me feel all warm inside. Thank you, ~Carole~

Name: LuNaLoVeGoOdLoVer (Signed) · Date: 09/13/09 17:54 · For: Chapter 4 - Stopping by Woods
Oh, boy. what a cliffie.
I like that you updated so fast-keep it up!!!
And yes, I did like that insight into Blaise's mind, althpigh I like Lavender...

Author's Response: Ahh, glad you're enjoying this. The next chapter is up as from today, so I hope you like that too. I've actually written all of this, so you should get updates pretty quickly. Thanks for reviewing ~Carole~

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