Reviewer: Wmaster
Date: 10/25/09 12:30
Chapter: Chapter 3- Heads

Oh my god! You are a brilliant writer! Please update this story soon!!! :D

Reviewer: Marcella Josephine
Date: 08/25/09 9:42
Chapter: Chapter 3- Heads

plz write more it was bloody fantastic

Author's Response: Thanks! :) As I said, I'm having some trouble, but don't give up on the story, the next chapter will be up soon.

Reviewer: HermioneXRon123
Date: 08/23/09 18:25
Chapter: Chapter 3- Heads

Hi, just wondering when chapter 4 will be here?

Author's Response: I'm not sure really, my beta is taking a little longer than expected with the chapter...just hang in there, It'll be here soon, I hope.

Reviewer: feydude
Date: 08/11/09 0:15
Chapter: Chapter 3- Heads

woah percy with a hidden wild side? and poor harry, cant w8 for chp4 though :D

Author's Response: Ha ha...Percy :P.... Chapter 4 is on the way

Reviewer: Megshfoo
Date: 08/05/09 9:52
Chapter: Chapter 3- Heads

Waiting for chapter four :)

Author's Response: I've been having a little bit of trouble with it, but it's on the way... just wait a tiny bit longer. :D Thanks for the review! :D

Reviewer: xChEeR95x
Date: 07/30/09 19:03
Chapter: Chapter 2- Midnight Trips

great story so far. you're the first im reviewing, and i love the story. Keep writing such awesome stories!

Author's Response: Wow, I'm honored to be your first review...thanks so much! :D Chapter 4 is on the way, so keep reading! :)

Reviewer: prongs12433
Date: 06/11/09 20:49
Chapter: Chapter 3- Heads

ahaha harry just stood there staring at percy and penelope lol. i didn't realize you updated because for some reason i didn't add this to my favs, but i most definetly will! once again, i love the ginny/harry non-romantic interactions, it just makes when they finally get back together even more special. same with ron and hermione, the hand thing was adorable! i love how harry and ginny both think the worst of how the other acts. the balance of romance and other parts of the story is great, and they really go well together. i'm looking forward to the next chapter!!

Author's Response: I can't thank you enough for your's given me the encouragement I needed to keep working on the next chapter! I promise I'll finish it just as soon as exams are over...thanks so much for the review, and keep reading. :)

Reviewer: LuNaLoVeGoOdLoVer
Date: 05/24/09 22:16
Chapter: Chapter 3- Heads

it was really good
is harry still quiddich captain?

Author's Response: thanks :) ermm...ya maybe i forgot to mention it, but i am planning to make harry quidditch captain. keep reading and reviewing! :)

Reviewer: prongs12433
Date: 04/04/09 21:52
Chapter: Chapter 2- Midnight Trips

ooo i love the interactions between harry and ginny it's brilliant! typically it's ron and hermione who dance around each other, so keep the uncertainty and tension going! i love the insight into all of the characters thoughts as well. and the longer the chapter the better! i'm really excited to see more please update soon!

Author's Response: You actually noticed the little things! The tension and the interaction and stuff!! Awsome! Thanks for your enthusiasm and the review!! There are some problems with the next chapter, and I've been really busy, so just bear with me, and dont give up on the story, I'll get the next chapter up as soon as I can. :D

Reviewer: GingerGinn
Date: 02/21/09 10:23
Chapter: Chapter 2- Midnight Trips

Great ... Love it , please write more (:

Author's Response: Chapter three will be up soon :) thanks for your review, and keep reading :)

Reviewer: Ginny4life
Date: 02/17/09 22:07
Chapter: Chapter 2- Midnight Trips


Author's Response: Lol, cool, thanks :) Hopefully the next chapter will be even awsomer. Keep reading and reviewing :)

Reviewer: Sunny_Rainbow
Date: 02/16/09 12:04
Chapter: Chapter 1- Hermione's Arrival

Love it! Type, type, type!

Author's Response: lol, I'm already done typing the third chapter, it just has to be edited. :) I'll put it up really soon....keep reading and reviewing.

Reviewer: alyssa_S
Date: 02/16/09 0:09
Chapter: Chapter 2- Midnight Trips

update soon pretty pretty please...with sugar and honey and marshmellows on top
i thought it was really good and can't wait for more so GET TYPING!!!!!! lol

Author's Response: Awsome! Thanks for your support and enthusiasm! I'll update really soon.....keep reading and reviewing pretty pretty please......with sugar and honey and marshmellows on top :D

Reviewer: moody s friend
Date: 02/15/09 13:35
Chapter: Chapter 2- Midnight Trips

This is a good story up to now.Your vision of what miight be chapter 37 of DH is interesting.Keep writing and I am waiting for the next chapter.

Author's Response: Thanks for your support :D I'll try to keep it interesting, keep reading and reviewing! :)

Reviewer: muggler180
Date: 02/14/09 18:21
Chapter: Chapter 2- Midnight Trips

it was really good i can't wait to find out what happens

Author's Response: Awsome :) Thanks for your review, I'll have chapter 3 up soon.

Reviewer: gerberb
Date: 02/13/09 20:31
Chapter: Chapter 2- Midnight Trips

Not bad, I just wish it were a bit longer.

Author's Response: You want it even longer than that?? wow, ok I'll try for some longer chapters from now on, not promising anything though :) Thanks for your review!

Reviewer: yukikiyokiralacus
Date: 02/13/09 19:47
Chapter: Chapter 2- Midnight Trips

So it's taking a while for Harry and Ginny to go back least they are friends still...Can't wait for the next chapter! Keep it up!

Author's Response: Thanks for you enthusiasm, and your review :D I'll update soon.

Reviewer: GryffindorGirl163
Date: 02/13/09 19:19
Chapter: Chapter 1- Hermione's Arrival

good job, i like it so far i can't wait to read more

Author's Response: I'll update as soon as I can :) Thanks for your review.

Reviewer: mugglenetaddict813
Date: 02/04/09 19:05
Chapter: Chapter 1- Hermione's Arrival

I like the story so far. I can understand why you made the changes that you did. It does add a nice element of tension to have Hermione and Ron not together yet. It'll be fun to see how it plays out in this story. :)

Author's Response: Thanks for your review :) I'm glad you like the story so far. Keep reading and reviewing, and chapter 2 will be up soon. Thanks :D

Reviewer: lizziemb
Date: 01/27/09 16:16
Chapter: Chapter 1- Hermione's Arrival

Lovely start! More please - I'm curious to see what happens next!

Author's Response: The second chapter is currently in the editing process, and will be posted in a very short little while (I hope). Thanks for your review! :D

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