Reviews For Accursed Miracle
Reviewer: rambkowalczyk
Date: 07/30/10 12:21
Chapter: C.D.

I am glad you are still updating. Keep up the good work.

Author's Response: Thanks! This just won QSQ. I have a bunch of stuff that needs editting, but this semester has been busy and full of real life, so I'll probably update over the holidays when I'm sitting at my house and tired of interacting with my family.

Reviewer: rambkowalczyk
Date: 03/11/10 6:54
Chapter: The Morticia Gregel Ward

Again another fine chapter. I don't really see the need for the secrecy. I mean so what if Venturini takes Cedric out of his room. Is it just to make Cedric think he is getting special treatment so he will open up? That part I get.

I just reread chap 9 again, and the light bulb went on. Now I know who everyone thinks Cedric is.

Author's Response: Yeah, I've hinted at who everyone thinks Cedric is, but the problem is, Cedric has no idea who he is. It'll probably be a while before Cedric gets around to that mystery. :) It's a big deal because the ministry is trying to keep quiet that this person is up and walking around. Needless to say, Adam makes that very difficult.

Reviewer: rambkowalczyk
Date: 12/28/09 11:34
Chapter: The Auror's Apprentice

Most of the AU seems to be minor. Voldemort was still defeated at the Battle of Hogwarts. Snape is still dead. and I don't see any unusual "ships" happening.

Robards is being portrayed as a somewhat fair man. Other than the fact that he worked for Scrimgeour, he really should be someone that Harry admires.

a well written story.

Author's Response: I just was rereading parts of the books, and I realized my ideas about dementors probably put this squarely in the AU category. It could be general fiction, too, but i think it's drifted out of the D/A category into a more general fic. Thanks for your opinion on Robards. I wasn't sure if the chapter with him telling the story fit into the fic, but I really needed a way to begin to get Harry involved, and I think Robards is a nice foil to Adam. Yeah, Robards is a fair man, but he does have his faults. I hope it was evident that he really relies on the opinions of other people he considers more qualified than he is. While this is what makes him a good leader, it's also a sign that he undervalues himself a bit.

Reviewer: rambkowalczyk
Date: 12/23/09 15:08
Chapter: All the King's Men

Glad you are still with this story. Now that I got it on my favorites I can be more up to date.

Reviewer: rambkowalczyk
Date: 07/25/09 12:08
Chapter: Scars

very original idea. Not sure what to say about your characters yet.

You are begining to portray an aftermath where people definitely want justice/revenge and it seems a little forgiveness is in order.

Would Barnes have behaved any differently from Adam if she wasn't Muggleborn?

Author's Response: Do you mean the OCs or the canon characters? I've had a fear of OOCness for the canon characters since I began to undertake this fic, and I've tried to build the OCs up enough to allow them to have a legitimate place in this fic. And yes, Barnes would behave very differently towards Adam if she wasn't Muggleborn. Barnes feels Adam was a coward, and she has no love of anyone associated with Voldemort or the DEs, and Adam was in Slytherin, so he does have a history.

Reviewer: rambkowalczyk
Date: 07/25/09 11:36
Chapter: Stranger

"but Robards appeared non-phased." should be non-fazed.

'he pulled out a black back. ' should be black bag.

The mystery deepens. So far so good.

Author's Response: Thanks! I'll fix those problems. I definitely think Stranger was a huge turning point in this fic.

Reviewer: ahattab33
Date: 06/20/09 0:28
Chapter: Soul and Body

This story is still very mysterious, but intrigiuing. You are fantastic with descriptions: "Summer still blanketed the forest in an emerald dress..." "...barren tree branches that grasped at each other with skeletal fingers." The first chapter was very heavy on the description as well.

It seems to be picking up the pace a bit, and hopefully we'll start to see some more interaction with other characters and some more light shed on what is going on.

From the short part of the story we have so far, "Soul and Body" makes more sense than the "Quick and the Dead" for the actual content.

Author's Response: I might do that, actually. I think I'm going to edit chapter one a bit, too. The first two chapters really have to happen the way they do, but the pace really does pick up in chapter three.

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