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Name: hebridean black (Signed) · Date: 10/04/10 22:45 · For: Yule and You-and-Me
This makes me not dread the cold of winter so much!

Love the wicopause! Thank LucillaJoanna for me!

Name: Thesterelle (Signed) · Date: 05/03/10 16:31 · For: Yule and You-and-Me
I actually adore this story, possibly my favourite! it's just so sweet :) i especially like the scorpius/rose part, i would love to read more about them.

Name: GinnyPotterFan26 (Signed) · Date: 02/22/10 13:42 · For: Yule and You-and-Me
It was a really fun look through the years at different love stories in the HP universe. I was a bit confused at Ron's reaction to Rose though. I couldn't find the point where you made the reader realize he was teasing as much as he was upset, rather than just being completely oblivious.

Name: Tonks-fan-1 (Signed) · Date: 07/24/09 16:06 · For: Yule and You-and-Me
I never review, but this time I just had to. I loved this story, I was so very sweet. I can definately say I didn't see the marriage thing coming, but it was really good.

Name: mm5203 (Signed) · Date: 06/09/09 21:22 · For: Yule and You-and-Me
wow, those are all of my favorite love stories in one. very well done.

Name: jenny b (Signed) · Date: 02/28/09 19:10 · For: Yule and You-and-Me
So I know I’ve already reviewed this once, but I thought I might give you something a bit more substantial. I just reread it, and I’m still amazed that such a fabulous story was written for me. :) You’re one of my favourite authors, and you have no idea how perfectly you managed to capture my prompts.

The Lily/James one is probably my favourite. I love how simple and Christmassy it is, and although there’s not much romance there’s just that feeling of love and warmth about it. You characterised them all so well – I’ve always imagined James’ parents to be just like that, so kind and welcoming. And the Aunt Bree comment actually made me laugh aloud. :D

I loved how you carried the Altair from one part of the fic to the next – it really made them flow together nicely. And it was a lovely little touch for Mr. Weasley, hehe. In this section, though, I have a small problem with Harry singing – it just seems so OOC for him. I mean, in the books Harry never showed the slightest interest in music, and for him to start air-guitaring and knowing the words to Beatles songs just seems a bit too much. It was sweet, but I don’t see Harry as being such a romantic. I think it would have been much more in character for him if it was a traditional, awkward proposal instead of him putting a ring on her finger and singing about it.

Rose and Scorpius were adorable as well. :) That’s my number one pairing, as I’m sure you know, and I think you’ve written them wonderfully together. I would have liked to see a bit more of their baby, but the bits you did have were so sweet. Being so fatherly really suited Scorpius. However, I was getting a bit confused in this section – are they married or not? You contradict yourself a bit. When Rose is talking to her parents, it seems as if she’s not married, but later when it’s just her and Scorpius it seems as if they are married. At first I thought that perhaps Ron just didn’t know, but you say that he was mad about Rose being a Malfoy. So I don’t know. You might want to fix that up a bit.

The description throughout this entire fic is just gorgeous, dear. It has such a lovely, Christmassy feel to it, and the visions of the snow and the decorations and everything just fit it so perfectly. You’ve somehow given the story this absolutely magical feel, and it’s one of the best ones I’ve read in a long time. Thank you so much again, my darling twin. I loved it. :D


Name: jenny b (Signed) · Date: 01/13/09 16:03 · For: Yule and You-and-Me
Oh, every time I read this I think I just melt into a puddle of happiness. :) This is honestly the sweetest swap fic I could have asked for. It has such a wonderful wintry charm to it, and I just love love love every single part.

I can't even choose my favourite part. All three sections are just incredibly amazing in their own way. I loved the Marauders in the first part, though, especially the 'Aunt Bree' line. :D Also, Rose and Scorpius with the baby was just adorable.

Again, I loved it. I love you, too, dear. Thank you so much for this. :D



Name: ink_daughter (Signed) · Date: 01/12/09 12:31 · For: Yule and You-and-Me
This was so cute! I loved it.

Name: JustLikeHermione77 (Signed) · Date: 01/11/09 13:15 · For: Yule and You-and-Me
what a great story idea! good job! :-)

Name: PeaceLovePotter (Signed) · Date: 01/11/09 10:31 · For: Yule and You-and-Me
That was really sweet. I loved how each story flowed together!

Name: Cirelondiel (Signed) · Date: 01/11/09 3:38 · For: Yule and You-and-Me


These three little bits of Christmas charm are simply lovely, my dear.

From the very first line, with the owl against an ‘opalescent sky’, you set a scene of wintry elegance which fits the simple tales to follow. I adore the warmth and stylishness you give James’ parents. Lily’s characterisation is excellent, too: you show that she still thinks James a bit silly and Petunia excessively jealous, but you don’t dwell on these points as some authors seem to do. Her reasons for attending the party after all are believable and show that she doesn’t completely detest James, and is a mature and gracious young lady. All in all, a likable and realistic character who doesn’t reach the irritating extremes other authors often send her to.

They were so nice it made Lily’s suspicious whether James was a goblin changeling.

^ No need for the apostrophe-s in there, but otherwise a nice touch of magical humour. The Aunt Bree humour also lightens up the story, the Marauders are characterised nicely, and the ending is simple, sweet, and “aw”-inducing. Perfectly warm and Christmassy J

The second part was, I’m afraid, my least favourite, but that probably has something to do with my lack of fondness for trio-era fics ;) The linking of the two sections through the PC was nice – but I was expecting that to come up again in the last part; why no sign of it with Rose and Scorpius? It was a very Harry-ish way to propose, though – not too dramatic and fancy, just in the kitchen. I can’t really imagine him singing, but I’ll go with it ^^ My favourite bit was the mention of Molly’s kids being glad to have her normal self back, even if it was grumpy.  A nice way to show that they haven’t forgotten poor Fred.

And then the Rose and Scorpius part: just lovely. Oh, Ron, he’ll never let go, will he? Yet his girls love him anyway.

Your descriptions in this part conjured up beautiful images in my head.

Outside, snow swirled in gentle eddies, as though revolving to a slow song. The house was snug and warm, redolent of mint, meat, and merriness.

^ What a lovely simile there, “revolving to a slow song”. Just gorgeous.

She reappeared in the sitting room of a small log cabin, so charming and cozy in its old red chintz furniture and its glittering icicle-festooned, faerie-lit tree.

^ Gorgeous again, a simple description yet such a warm picture.

Rose and Scorpius’ interaction is lovely. And they have a little girl, eh? What did they name her, I wonder?

All in all three enchanting little stories, warm and festive and simple. No one could have pulled this off quite like you – I’m sure Jen loved this.

-- Chelsea

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