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Name: allie310195 (Signed) · Date: 01/15/10 1:18 · For: The End of Everything
this was really cute fic :) loved it

Name: GringottsVault711 (Signed) · Date: 07/31/09 19:34 · For: The End of Everything
I find the way you've portrayed Sirius and Regulus ongoing sort of "secret meetings" of brotherly bonding quite sweet and somewhat amusing. It's a common theme in fiction, but always with secret lovers, not brothers. I like what it says about insecurity, and how we often believe that things are different when they happen out of the setting of our regular, day-to-day lives. And it shows, I think, the heart of the matter. If they can still be brothers on the tower, then they're still brothers. Everything else is just, well, pride and prejudice, really.

The structure of the plot in chapter three is, I think genius. The implications of Sirius' relationship with Reeve are definitely an interesting twist. I find it unexpected, but also unsurprising – at least in the sense that I imagine the wizarding world to be a small one and it doesn't strike me as difficult to believe that Mrs Black would get hold of this through a string of gossip. I find it amusing and superficial that Sirius' connection with Reeve is enough to warrant her asking him to come back.

I really dislike that Sirius' reaction is to "cool things off" with Reeve. But from a story and plot point of view, it is so perfect, really.

Of course, the other consequence of the letter from home is Regulus' newfound (and justified) paranoia about his relationship with Rachel. Which, is sad, but it's nice to see that he still sticks to it. And it makes me wonder if his opinion about Matt's involvement with Veronica has changed (or if there are still some lines one just does not cross.)

Something that this particular part of the plot highlights is how well you're playing off the contrast between Sirius and Regulus. You not only have their differing personalities and ways of dealing with the world climate, which directly reflect their respective houses, but you've drawn them into relationships that – in social terms are the "wrong" kind of connections for their interests, but in truth are really the best things for them. And it's wonderful to see the way you draw along these contrasting parallels, and show how they manifest themselves in reactions that are, at once, both utterly different and precisely the same.

As with Sirius dropping Reeves, and Regulus deciding to break it off with Rachel. While Sirius seems to think that Regulus' behavior is unacceptable, it's really the same as what he's done. And then of course when he decides to follow his heart, be brave, Reeve does to him exactly what Regulus does to Rachel. Which is so terribly cruel, but the way the threads just weave into place is wonderful story telling. And despite some people perhaps believing that Reeve and Regulus are both terrible for their choices, they're choices represent very realistic decisions. You can't always afford to be romantic. Something which I think is encapsulated in Orion's words to Regulus, " It’s better to be logical and realistic than to be an ignorant, dreaming fool, and wake up with the world crashing down around you."

The way this all comes together to be a message of love and, really, being afraid of investing in it is really just magical, Marie. I like the way it ends with Regulus and Sirius in their meeting place, in that safe place where they can be brothers. It's touching, but also tragic. It's interesting that they disguise the word "love" with "girls", because I don't think it's just about denying love. I think it's also that they're feelings apply to all kinds of love, and that they really make the same mistake in their relationship with one another. And this meeting place on the tower is that last remnant of the small amount of pride they're willing to swallow for that brotherly love. Of course, it is touching also, that we know the Black brothers shared something honest and emotional, at some point, before everything went so terribly and irreversibly wrong.

Touching story, as usual. I really have to reiterate that point from my other review about the power of the relationships between your characters and how they define your stories. This is, once again, absolutely true for this one.

Name: ron lover (Signed) · Date: 07/05/09 22:02 · For: The End of Everything
I like this story. Regulus and Sirius are done perfectly in this story. I can't wait to read the next story.

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