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Name: Nagini Riddle (Signed) · Date: 02/28/14 20:45 · For: Don't Forget the Mornings
I found this poem to be so beautiful! I loved the rhythm and flow, and I definitely see this a being part of a poet's writing, so don't try to say you aren't a poet. :)

I, personally, see this as being able to work outside of the wizarding world, and it is a very good way of using ambiguity, because it shows that people with magic are just the same with their emotions as people without magic.

Even though I see from the reviews that this was Harry/Ginny, I thought of Molly/Arthur like Carole. Arthur seems more the type to sing and whistle than Harry. :p And as Carole pointed out, Molly is associated with cooking, and I think she would be more inclined to think of yellow mornings. But in that same respect, perhaps this could be Luna/Rolfe, as she is associated with the color yellow, and it would be just like her to try to see the brighter things in life that nobody else pays much attention to. And since we don't know anything about Rolfe, he could be someone to sing and cook. :)

I do, however, love the depth of this poem, and the layers of emotion it conveys. Great job!

~Nagini Riddle, fellow poet

Name: ToBeOrNotToBeAGryffindor (Signed) · Date: 04/15/10 8:02 · For: Don't Forget the Mornings
Knock knock! Hello there! We're discussing this poem in the Susan Bones Book Club, and I loved it so much, on top of discussing it, I wanted to review it for you, as well!

The imagery in this poem is so poignant with the yellow overtones. Using colour to illustrate meaning and feeling is one of the highest and oldest forms of art there is, and so many people don't see it in writing. :)

The way you use something as mundane and regular as breakfast and make it into a cherished memory, at least to me, suggests that she (Ginny, if I understood your review responses correctly) had other memories and thoughts that she wanted to cover up. Also, her desire to make it six o'clock just a little longer adds to my interpretation of that, as well.

It's funny that you have Harry singing and whistling, because I've always painted him as having musical talent that no one ever noticed. It just lends yet another thing to the pile of awesome that you have put into this poem.

Okay, now for the next part - speculation. We've been talking about what it was that makes Ginny and Harry want to pretend that everything is okay. Is it empty nest syndrome, or did something happen with one of their children? From the subtle hints, I'm guessing that they're both getting up there in years, so it could very well be the former, but there is an aura of grief that I wouldn't associate with empty nest syndrome so much as thinking about something bad that had happened. You said that you had an event in mind, so I guess I'm asking you what it was in a very roundabout way, lol. Personally, I voted for estrangement from one of the children - probably Albus. He's my shoo-in for being troubled.

I hope you don't mind the speculation, but I really am dying to know. :D

Cheers and happy writing!


Name: Equinox Chick (Signed) · Date: 02/17/10 13:26 · For: Don't Forget the Mornings
I'm imagining Molly and Arthur. The first oart of the poem is before the Battle of Hogwarts, and the latter after Fred died and perhaps there were no Weasley children living at home. Well, that's what I'm imagining, and it's making me just a little bit sad.

It's rare that I find a free verse poem that flows as well as this. Initially, I wasn't sure about the lack of capitalisation at the beginning of the lines, but then that would have interrupted the flow and made the rhythm jolting. Basically, leave it the way it is because it's wonderful.

The other reason this reminded me of Molly and Arthur is because it is so food orientated and Molly is so often associated with the kitchen (she's the provider of stews, cakes and large breakfasts). I love the food related imagery as well - the golden notes, thick as clotted cream - just perfect.

If this is Molly and Arthur, then I hope they get back to discovering some happiness - it all seems rather empty for them. Hopefully they'll have grandchildren coming to stay, or perhaps they just need time to adjust and find each other again.

Oh, I'm a bit sad now. This poem has made me think, very much, and that's quite rare for a fic - let alone a poem.

Thank you! ~Carole~

Name: namtsho (Signed) · Date: 01/30/09 3:17 · For: Don't Forget the Mornings
Ooooh.... It's a WONDERFUL poem..... I just dont know what to say cuz this is awesome......... Well..... I became more and more hungry as I read your poem. Keep Writing! :)

Author's Response: Thanks a lot!! :D Lol about the hungry part, though! ;)

Name: expelliarmus17 (Signed) · Date: 01/05/09 21:26 · For: Don't Forget the Mornings
Nice imagery! I imagined the whole scene just bathed in yellow, haha. I liked all of the little details, they developed the imagery nicely.

I'm guessing this is Harry and Ginny, when their kids are pretty young?

My only gripe is that I feel like there could have been a better rhythm and flow to this piece. But it's still fabulous!

Author's Response: :D Thanks for reviewing another of my stories! Heehee, I wanted to write a poem about yellow mornings-- so I'm glad you thought of the color. ;) Yep, H/G was my idea, too, though it could pretty much work for any couple. Point taken on the rhythm-- I'm not a poet to save my life! XD

Name: Lalalalatina (Signed) · Date: 01/05/09 13:30 · For: Don't Forget the Mornings
...Aww this is cute. And your descriptions are awesome.

"yellow clotted cream" mmm....

But I wish I knew who it was. I'd love to say Harry/Ginny or something...because Harry used to cook for the Dursleys. But for some reason I'm tempted to say Arthur/Mollie. "Beds that are empty"... are all the Weasley kids gone?

Author's Response: Clotted cream! My sister made scones the other day but was too lazy to make some lemon clotted cream and I was so disappointed! Good call, the two I had in mind was Harry/Ginny. "Beds that are empty"... dead children... *cough* Yeah. Anyway, thanks for the review! :)

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