Reviewer: SeverusSempra
Date: 08/16/09 23:32
Chapter: Chapter Five: Cleanse Your Heart of This Stain

I had never thought of what Lupin must have said to Snape after his deviations from the lesson plans-- what a great conversation to write. :) Great story, also-- I know you don't get a chance to update that often, but I always follow it when you do.

Author's Response: Thank you so much, I loved writing the Lupin and Snape conversation - it was actually one I had in my head already and I hoped it would fit here. I was worried it might seem a little disjointed as I kind of used two chapter ideas together... not the best idea I know. Surprisingly I have a few future chapters written, but not the next chapter. I'm moving house tomorrow so I'll be waiting (hopefully not very long) to get internet again, but once I do I'll update. Thanks for sticking with it!

Reviewer: Minerva67
Date: 06/19/09 13:04
Chapter: Chapter Four: Rebellion

I am glad to see that you have updated. It has been too long-------Please keep chapters coming. You have stuck to canon and kept within character very well. The final year at Hogwarts would have to be a very lonely one for Snape; he fears that Dumbledore's plan will not be ffulfilled and knows for certainty that one side or the other will kill him. Likely all for nothing.

Author's Response: Wow thanks! Snape is a challenge to write, but I love him so much I can't help it. I'm glad you think I've kept within character and stuck to canon appropriately - that's what I really want to achieve whilst trying to fill in some of the gaps in his story.

Reviewer: Sariana
Date: 06/19/09 11:57
Chapter: Chapter One: The Package

"I must be the worst author here for updating"

Not by a long shot, my dear. No worries.

Author's Response: Aw thanks. Wow people worse than me? That's an eye-opener haha

Reviewer: Sariana
Date: 06/18/09 12:15
Chapter: Chapter Four: Rebellion

Oh, I was hoping Severus would say he had decided to take the detention himself.

I'm glad you updated. I haven't given up on you. I will have to go back to re-read the last chapter, as I can't remember hat led into this one. But I'm really glad to see this story isn't abandoned.

Author's Response: Thank you! I know, I must be the worst author here for updating. I get very excited by a story idea, start writing straight away, and then don't get time to finish it. I HAVE to stop doing that. However I have no intention of abandoning this, it's a story I really want to do. This time I can truthfully say that updates should be more frequent as I now have more time on my hands and I have actually got a lot of the story written, even to the JKR extent of having the last chapter completed :D Thanks so much for your speedy review!

Reviewer: Sariana
Date: 02/03/09 2:53
Chapter: Chapter Three: Waiting

I'm still reading; I just got distracted and didn't review right away. Please keep writing. I'll try to write more later.

Author's Response: Thanks so much Sariana. Don't worry, I'm not someone who demands 'X' amount of reviews before updating, I'm just working around real-life work issues at the moment so haven't had the chance! I'm still writing this in dribs and drabs though, the next chapter should be up soon enough :D

Reviewer: SeverusSempra
Date: 12/03/08 16:29
Chapter: Chapter One: The Package

Not really a review, but a reply to your "author's reply" to my previous review. I'm working on a lengthy (AU) Severus/Lily fic, so the fact that it's about them is fine with me. I think their relationship has to be one of the most interesting in the series whether you look at it from the vantage point of what really happened or what could have been. Anyway, thanks for a great story. :)

Author's Response: Thanks for responding! I can't wait to read your fic, let me know when you post it. I completely agree that their relationship is intriguing - I don't believe anyone ever guessed the extent of it, many suspected that Snape had a crush on Lily etc. but that they had been friends even before Hogwarts - best friends since they were ten! Incredible, and so beautiful in light of Snape's life after her death.

Reviewer: SeverusSempra
Date: 12/02/08 23:08
Chapter: Chapter Two: The Wedding Crasher

I am really enjoying this-- we all know what Harry was up to that year, and there have been a few fics about Ginny's or Neville's time at Hogwarts during what would have been Harry's seventh year, but Severus Snape's POV (with the exception of a few one-shots, I think) is a new twist. It's also really well-written-- I loved your description of the air getting thicker and the sounds duller as he talks to Dumbledore. And it's fascinating to see the same characters and bits of plot as those experienced by Harry, but from a totally different point of view. You're very even-handed, also-- everyone seems very much in character and not a walking stereotype of themselves. My one and only critique would be that in the first paragraph of chapter two, it would be easy to read it as saying that Severus had moved right out of Spinner's End two days after Dumbledore's murder and right into Hogwarts. It's a bit unclear. Technical point, though-- this is a great read. :)

Author's Response: Thanks for a great review! I welcome your critique, I think the start of the chapter was a little unclear for others too. After reading book 7 I was fascinated by Snape's behind the scenes work as well as his whole connection with Lily, so although I am telling book 7 from Snape's view to an extent, I am using this story mainly as a platform for background to the story of Snape and Lily's relationship. Hope that still appeals!

Reviewer: Sariana
Date: 12/02/08 0:09
Chapter: Chapter Two: The Wedding Crasher

Hmm, many loose ends. What catastrophe is Severus hoping to avoid? Will we learn more about that bit with Scrimgeour? Oh, wait, I was thinking the first part happened later. He was hoping to avoid catastrophe at the wedding? Is that it?

The timing of this chapter is obviously confusing me. I thought the first part was "now" and the rest was a flashback. But upon re-reading I'm thinking only the italicized part is flashback. Is that right? Sorry to be so dense; I haven't had much time for reading and flew through it much too quicly to process it.

I still really like your idea of telling the story from Severus's point of view. I look forward to the next chapter.

Author's Response: Yes, your re-reading was correct; the catastrophe avoided was the wedding. The only flashback was the Scrimgeour part which I italicized to avoid confusion. It's a longer chapter than I usually write so it does require alert reading! I am telling book 7 from Snape's view to an extent, but I am using this story mainly as a platform for background to the story of Snape and Lily's relationship. Hope that still appeals!

Reviewer: ILoveHarry 3_14
Date: 12/01/08 15:45
Chapter: Chapter Two: The Wedding Crasher

This is a really great story. Please update soon!

Author's Response: Thanks, I have chapter three almost completed so if it passes the mods standards it should be up soon enough. Thanks for reviewing!

Reviewer: Sariana
Date: 10/27/08 23:56
Chapter: Chapter One: The Package

Oh, please continue. This is a great premise.

I love the juxtaposition of Severus's feelings and the bright, sunny day.

I'm looking forward to more.

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm trying to type as much as I can before I begin posting again as I am quite notorious for long absences between posts. However, I am determined that won't happen this time!

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