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Name: magicmuggle01 (Signed) · Date: 09/24/12 14:02 · For: Chapter II: Düstere Nacht
Wow, I have a funny feeling that Dieter is a Muggleborn Wizard (since his brother couldn't see the house). This story is going to be very interesting.

Name: magicmuggle01 (Signed) · Date: 09/24/12 13:46 · For: Chapter I: Auf Wiedersehen, Herr Schwalbe
What a great start to your story. You have me gripped from the beginning. Must move onto chapter two and find out what happened to the rest of the family.

Name: ndesi62 (Signed) · Date: 06/17/11 7:48 · For: Chapter XV: Schmerz
I love your story! The concept is absolutely brilliant, and I love how you manage to maintain a sense of fun adventure against the dark background.
This last chapter was especially well done; something tells me that Sille didn't actually see who knocked her off, and that Dieter is going to be lauded as a hero and the object of the girl's affections instead of expelled. It'll be interesting to see how he deals with his own guilt then.
Of course, it could go the other way as well. Update soon and let us know! Thanks for writing!

Name: Trino (Signed) · Date: 06/16/11 19:04 · For: Chapter XIII: Treiber und Klatscher

Author's Response: !

Name: the littlest dreamer (Signed) · Date: 05/30/11 13:14 · For: Chapter XI: Angriff ist Verteidigung
Wow. You're story is so amazing that it's creepy. Dieter is so unbelievably in-character, spouting Nazi ideals like he was born with them (which he probably was). You are an amazing writer. I love this story!

Name: bellyjeanie (Signed) · Date: 04/04/11 18:38 · For: Chapter IV: Die Eule
First off, I love this story and it is the one thing keeping me from dying of boredom while babysitting now. But one thing. I'm Jewish and to name a Jew Haman? FYI, that's the name of someone who tried to kill Jews. So, that just bugs me a little.

Name: tbergman (Signed) · Date: 02/07/11 16:39 · For: Chapter I: Auf Wiedersehen, Herr Schwalbe
Another fantastic chapter in an excellent story.
I like the fact that Dieter is riddled with guilt for hurting an innocent girl. There may be hope for him.
I hope we don't have to wait too long for the rest of the chapters. I'm suffering withdrawal already.

Name: iwishicouldwrite (Signed) · Date: 01/06/11 17:46 · For: Chapter XV: Schmerz
really interesting story!! I love the concept, and how you made the differences between hogwarts and durmstrange clear - especially "defense" against the dark arts. I think your interpretation of grindelwald is perfect, and i really like that you included karkaroff in the story. dieter is an interesting protagonist, its clear he's brainwashed by the propaganda, and it's really interesting how he genuinely believes everything the nazis taught him about "racial biology". i really hope that he fesses up to sille that he was the one that hurt her, and hopefully she'll change some of his sexist views. Great job so far and i'm looking forward to the next update!!

Name: abovelevel (Signed) · Date: 01/03/11 13:54 · For: Chapter I: Auf Wiedersehen, Herr Schwalbe

I've been slowly reading through this over my winter break and I it's basically making me HATE myself, because I'm starting to sympathise with a little Nazi boy. The past few chapters, I've seriously found myself feeling bad for Dieter, because he it so genuinely confused as to why the "sub-humans" are allowed in the school. It's like, even though it's terrible, you can't help but pity his ignorance. And just the way he talks about his Hans and his mother, it makes him just an ordinary kid...until he starts talking about his beloved Fuhrer.

It is obvious you've worked very hard on this and clearly you've done a great job. Can't wait to read more.


Name: AidaLuthien (Signed) · Date: 12/01/10 11:31 · For: Chapter I: Auf Wiedersehen, Herr Schwalbe
Tim, I know that you know how much I love this story. But I think it's time that I finally told you in a review all the things I love. Maybe it'll even convince you to try and get a chapter out this month.

First, I love Dieter. You manage to make him a believable 11 year old, while also making him an unrepentant National Socialist. It's quite brave of you to make him the hero and protagonist of the story.

I love the work that you've put into Grindelwald's Europe and the research you've done into Nazi Germany. The German details like the Volksbesen are really nice too.

I really like the interactions between Dieter and Karkaraoff. It really emphasizes the stupidity of both of their positions. The best part was that neither knew the insult the other had used! It was great.

I like the plot thickening in this chapter with Dieter doing something really dangerous to Karkaroff. I wonder if their prank war is just going to escalate all year until someone gets hurt.

Name: tbergman (Signed) · Date: 11/14/10 16:23 · For: Chapter I: Auf Wiedersehen, Herr Schwalbe
Is there any chance that any more of the chapters will be posted soon?
You can't be teasing us by starting a store as fantastic as this and just not finishing.

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and reviewing. I am currently busy with university work, but I'll hopefully be able to whip out a couple of chapters when the semester ends. ~ Tim the Enchanter

Name: Cailet (Signed) · Date: 08/25/10 18:48 · For: Chapter XII: Meldungen
First of all, I'm really enjoying this story! I just re-read it though, and I'm curious about Ernst. Is there any chance he's a Jewish--or half-Jewish--kid who's been hiding his background? He seems to be going out of his way to display his Catholicism, almost like he's playing a part. He's also a lot more eagar than Dieter to break with the muggle world, even mentions life at Durmstrang as a fresh start without the old divisions. That would makes sense for a kid who's been forced to hide and lived with that kind of fear. Then there's his story about his parents. Divorce was all but unheard of, but annuling a marriage between a Jewish woman and a gentile man would have been right up the Nazi's alley. It occured to me that his mother could have been Jewish, and after his parents split up he was taught to almost flaunt Catholicism as a way of avoiding suspicion. Or maybe I'm just reading way too much into this character and I need to concentrate on watching Dieter try to embrace two dictatorships at once.

Name: Rose Nym (Signed) · Date: 08/13/10 20:37 · For: Chapter XIV: Duelle
Fascinating! Very believable and captivating depiction of the Wizarding world under Grindelwald. I loved the dark ironic humor of the "Mudblood" and the "Untermensch" feeling exactly the same contempt and loathing towards each other, and the mysterious and suspenseful parts didn't fail to capture my attention.I also being the history buff that I am, loved this story in that department, too. In the words of JRR. Tolkien, I love history, rather real or feigned. Isn't it interesting how the wizarding world paralels our own in subtle ways even as it colides with it? I am definitely looking forward to more, but have a few small (hopefully constructive) comments to make. One is that there is a lot of German in this story. It does add to the atmosphere, but maybe including a translation right where it occurs instead of at the end would be a good idea. The time the guys were talking outside the Polish magic headquarters and about to disapparate, I didn't notice you're handy little asterik, and after making some guesses about a countdown, zipped over to Google translator, and in addition to decipherating the conversation, got distracted with the urge to waste time seeing what some phrases were in a gazilion different languages... So, needless to say, it interrupted the flow of the story. The only other thing is I'm not really sure where this story is headed. For the last, I don't know, few chapters maybe it seems to be dragging a little bit. Don't get me wrong, that duel with Karkaroff had me on the edge of my seat, it's just that the school stuff and the fueding seems to be carrying on a bit too long. I might feel differently if there was any character I could root for, but Dieter is a brat-albeit a fascinating character of a brat- and my ability to identify with him has gone down after he's gone completely psycho about going after Karkaroff. So far Ernst is really the only really likeable character in a positive way, to me. I hope Dieter has some sort of come-uppance and changes his ways.The teachers are all really good. Professor Schmidt subtly remind us of the differences between Hogwarts and Durmstrang. And Professor Simonov is just the cheesecake with ice cream on top and chocolate gushing down the sides, though I think my opinion might be different if I was his student. With both Muggle and Wizarding Germany in the grasp of fanatical dictatorships, this is a lot to hope for, but I still hope Dieter gets some sort of come-uppance and changes his ways. I wishyou the best of good fortune with the rest of this story, and I will await updates.

Name: tbergman (Signed) · Date: 05/11/10 19:40 · For: Chapter XIII: Treiber und Klatscher
Nice setup chapter.
Waiting impatiently for the rest of the novel.

Name: OliveOil_Med (Signed) · Date: 01/23/10 21:38 · For: Chapter I: Auf Wiedersehen, Herr Schwalbe
This is my review to recommend this story on the forums.

This is the kind of story you start reading, you love it, and then you hate yourself for it because of the subject matter. But you also have to admit that Tim is an incredibly talented author to pull this off. Any poorly written story on this subject would have easily have been pushed aside by the Mugglenet community, but this story has proved to shine again and again.

And that is why this story needs to be recognized!

Name: Mozarts Confutatis (Signed) · Date: 01/20/10 15:55 · For: Chapter I: Auf Wiedersehen, Herr Schwalbe
Hello there, Tim. It's the same "Me" who reviewed this on HPFF with the massive "Hitler Quote" on indoctrination. I just have a quick question for you, about Dieter.

Is he related to S.S. Obergruppenfuhrer Reinhard Heydrich?

Name: OliveOil_Med (Signed) · Date: 12/19/09 19:39 · For: Chapter XII: Meldungen
Alright, Tim, I am serious, WHY is there no update? And I'm a college student too, so don't try to convince me that your college has different breaks from every other college in the world, or that the American Socialist Workers Party has made you its new Chairman and you a planning a march to Washington to overthrow the capitalist regime and instigate revolution among the American people!

Seriously, you just won a QSQ for the story, and choosing now to stop writing it is just cold. And don't think I don't know that Dieter isn't banging around inside you head, nagging at you to finish this story.

You have a lot of loyal fans waiting to hear the rest of this story, and if they don't get what they want, I wouldn't be surprized if they resorted to revolution themselves...

Name: SnoopyMarauderess (Signed) · Date: 11/08/09 16:38 · For: Chapter X: Untermenschen
I loved this! I'm also finding odd parallels between Ernst and me! I'm Catholic, and my Parents are divorced. This is odd indeed.

Name: SnoopyMarauderess (Signed) · Date: 11/08/09 14:40 · For: Chapter IX: Treppen
When I read your introduction of Ernst, my brain just shouted at me, Remus! I'm very glad there is someone who appears to be like Remus, because he's my favorite. And isn't it odd that my brain yells at me?

Name: OliveOil_Med (Signed) · Date: 11/01/09 18:49 · For: Chapter I: Auf Wiedersehen, Herr Schwalbe
Oh, look who has a QSQ award attached to their story now! And now, I think you deserve a special congratulations review in honor of this new award.

I hope you will take this as a sign that you should get to work on your next chapter. I know, you have classes, and papers, and socialist revolution, and blah, blah, blah. But as your beta, I can only beat the masses back with the Poking Stick for so long.

And poor Pokey gets so tired!

And I look forward to seeing the next chapter of the story, especially since I get to be the first one to read them.


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