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Name: BertieBotsBeans741 (Signed) · Date: 07/31/08 23:21 · For: one shot
Shanae, reading this again, I truly want to collapse and have a good cry. The emotions you have evoked in me with your passionate writing are indescribable. I really wish I could put into words what this fic means to me. I shall try my best, but, in the end, my joy and love for this and you overshadows any compliment I could give you.

The first read through, I didn’t notice the monotony of the situation. I was too wrapped up in the lovely detail and imagery to really notice. Regulus’ thoughts and opinions in the beginning, throughout, are just so human and really, not something you would suspect if you did not know him. He really is quite a complicated man. And I love how you have written him.

He closed his eyes to revel in the taste that always surprised him, lingering on his tongue, the perfect romance between the outside world and within himself; it was the only connection he allowed, everything else was held in, silently stewing more inaction.

That one vulnerability is so delightful and appreciated. The release of his tension and thoughts whirling around and the scarce moments of peace and tranquility mixed together just warm me to the core.

He indulged once more in his expectant fantasies, allowing the warm spring sun to bake the experience into his thoughts.

It’s even more lovely for me to indulge in reading this. I feel like you have him down so well and it’s such a delight to delve into his character and really experience his emotions and views.

I also think your description is so tasteful. It’s not like a raging, hormonal thing. It’s appropriate and a very mature style. I think Hilary’s entrance was spectacular. The body language between her and Regulus was also such a treat. I also truly enjoyed her openness and ranting to a complete stranger. I find her admirable.

I commented on this before but you just had me bursting with laughter that I thought I should mention it again:

“You,” she continued, her bitter voice still as sweet as honey, “you are a bastard.” Raising her arm in the air to make some sort of abstract point, she continued, “I know; I don’t even know you. But you are. And do you know how I know that? Because all men are bastards.”

XD Seriously, this dialogue is so original and hilarious. It’s almost like unintentional comedy. She’s being so frank about it. Of course, Regulus handles it coolly and with such gah…awesomeness. His response to her outburst is so like him and also so pleasurable.

The first part leaves me craving more. The tension and attraction between them are undeniable and something blossoming between them seemed inevitable.

I really loved how you broke into it. It’s one of the things I can’t describe. How they learn each other in complete silence and the way you set it up. *squish*
“Did you want me to applaud your introduction?”

Her eyes immediately narrowed.

“Or was there another reason you willingly gave a more lively encore to the bland words you spoke earlier?”

>.< Wow. Their interaction is just so perfect, flawless. Just like the way one scene and thought or action flows into the next. It’s done so beautifully.

Another thing I noticed was Regulus’ assurance about himself. I had always imagined him to be quite confident in his words and actions. You know, it’s as if you know exactly how I’d wanted him to be written. =D

She shifted, irritated as he spoke. It was minimal, but it was enough to confirm his suspicion: an arranged marriage. If it was enough to put your family in a position of prestige, that was enough for those who arranged it. Though Regulus knew better than most the success of arranged marriages in pure-blood families; he was keenly aware of those issues kept hidden in the intimacy of their private homes.

I adore his intelligence and insightfulness. =) Hilary’s discomfort was so obvious and really interesting to read. And when she shows up at his flat. The conversation seems to come so naturally yet it is the slightest bit cold. It’s like a questioning moment. Sort of a deciding thing.

The getting together scene was also wonderful. How do you do it? =D Once again, your description sent me reeling. I love the passion and understanding between them. And the metaphor thing is pure brilliance on your part.

I really felt the fear in Regulus over his task and the Dark Mark. Really, it was so saddening and that’s where it really started to get into a ‘brooding’ mood and setting. I really feel for Hilary and how trapped she is. Plus, the emotional and physical damage she endures is heart wrenching.

She took a deep breath and closed her eyes. “Do me a favor?” she asked.

“Anything,” Regulus agreed instantly.

“Let me go.”

Regulus stared at her, shocked; she opened her eyes to look through his soul.

“Let me go now, but when I come, always remind me why I need to live through it. Why at the end of the day I should live to see another sunrise.”

*sigh* So tragically beautiful. This really spoke to me. It had quite the affect on my emotions. I was immensely saddened by it.

Regulus laughed as he pulled her close. “For you, my dear, everything is a metaphor.”

And for the first time since their nightmarish night, her eyes light up as she fell deep into his embrace, safely warm in his arms throughout the night.

That part certainly enhanced my depressed mood and made me so happy and heartbroken all at once. The chemistry is stunning.

As I realized what he was saying to her in the last scene… I honestly just broke down into tears. It was so powerful and moving. The last metaphor… just how you tied it all together. Oh…=( *tackles*

The conclusion was just amazing too.

Although she waited, nine months after he left her staring at the closed door, she did receive the only thing left of him in this world, the only part of him ever to return to anybody: nine months later that a little girl entered Hilary’s life.

She was beautiful.

It was never enough time they had together, but it was enough that her precious little one had her father’s eyes. It was enough that Regulus left her a sweet reminder of what was worth living for every day the rest of her life.

The ending was faultless. You gave me a brooding romance and I am overcome with so many wonderful emotions. This is the best present you could have given me. *flails*


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