Reviewer: BookWorm530
Date: 07/04/11 10:45
Chapter: Chapter 1

This story is adorable. I love the way it is written in journal form from Hugo's perspective. The fact that Ron called Voldemort "mouldy shorts" during bedtime stories is hilarious! I love all the "next generation" references, such as "Uncle Harry" and Granddad Weasley who has a filing cabinet of mobile phone stuff haha. I'd like to say I look forward to an update but since this hasn't been updated for years, I won't hold my breath. Great job though!

Reviewer: msk8
Date: 05/28/10 3:44
Chapter: Chapter 1

awww.... It makes me feel really sad for him. :(
I think this is a very creative idea. I'd never even thought of the possibility of Hugo (or any of his cousins, for that matter) being a squib.
I like how it's written in diary entries, but I'm wondering how well that's going to work later in the story, if there's more action.
All in all, good work!! :)

Reviewer: leftrightmiddle
Date: 05/06/10 21:42
Chapter: Chapter 1

aww that was so sad!! but a very interesting idea. very good so far!

Reviewer: leftrightmiddle
Date: 05/06/10 21:40
Chapter: Chapter 1

aww that was so sad!! but a very interesting idea. very good so far!

Reviewer: the_weird_one
Date: 03/10/10 15:03
Chapter: Chapter 1

First of all, let me say great story! The voice and characterization were pulled off really well- so well, in fact, it reminded me of my old journal, only with proper spelling and better wording. I could definately see who Hugo Weasley was, also, not just some random 11-year-old who was writing in a journal.
However, you have to remember when writing a story like this (from the viewpoint of a young child) that you have to make it sound like a young child, but not make it seem like the plot was written by a young child. I felt that it kind of slipped into that area in some parts of the story, paticularly during the middle.
The ending, too, was not that strong. It all seemed a it rushed, as if oh, it's his life one second and he's a squib the next. I think it ould be much better situated if the squib part wasn't 'til the next chapter, not so we could get a feel for him more, but just so it's better-sounding.
Other than that, nice!

Reviewer: jadoreluna
Date: 10/20/09 13:19
Chapter: Chapter 1

aww! this is a really cute fic please write more!

Reviewer: grindylowinatutu
Date: 08/03/09 0:49
Chapter: Chapter 1

guess what? it's amazing!!!!!!! write more! put more of James in it, he's funny!

Author's Response: hannah! you actually read it! wow. you should help me with it, then maybe, maybe i'll post more. you know how busy we'll get though. so maybe not.

Reviewer: Reeves3
Date: 01/11/09 16:13
Chapter: Chapter 1

great story, can't wait for an update. =)

Reviewer: minervassister
Date: 08/17/08 11:45
Chapter: Chapter 1

Great start, poor Hugo realy looking forward to the next chapter.

Reviewer: Bee AKA Ted
Date: 08/15/08 8:17
Chapter: Chapter 1

i suppose ive never considered one of the weasleys not going to hogwarts


Reviewer: weasleywannabe47
Date: 08/12/08 15:54
Chapter: Chapter 1

This is a great story and I love how Hugo just like your average kid!Update soon!

Reviewer: LunaforGryffindor
Date: 08/12/08 3:39
Chapter: Chapter 1

wow, this story caught me completely off guard! I never imagined what could be like for one of the Weasley grankids to be a Squib. How will they all cope? I hope Ron is not going to be a prat and hold it against his son...

By the way, I love the 'journal' style.

Author's Response: Haha, yes, I don't know where I got the idea...I've never seen one like it on the archives, so I thought I could be original and avoid cliches and whatnot. Plus, I really liked the idea.

Reviewer: K_Bella
Date: 08/11/08 14:43
Chapter: Chapter 1

that is the saddest thing I've read....that poor kid is crushed...
but the writting is very good.

Author's Response: Well, yes, it is pretty sad. But he's young. He'll get over it. Or maybe he'll just be scarred for life. Yes, I am a cruel author.

Reviewer: puffpastry
Date: 08/10/08 18:22
Chapter: Chapter 1

Nice original idea and generally well written. However, a couple of Briticisms for you:

Cell phone = mobile phone.

July 15 = 15th July. Just the way we say things! Also, I would like to discourage you from using 'totally' in front of an adjective; too American for my tastes.

Keep going! I shall look forward to the next chapter.

Author's Response: Thank you! I totally knew about the date thing *smacks head* *goes to change it* Ope, and there I go with the "totally..." I guess that is pretty American. And I knew about the "mobile phone..." it just never occurred to me to do that. Thank you thank you thank you for the constructive criticism!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewer: Sly One
Date: 08/10/08 14:25
Chapter: Chapter 1

Awwwww I like the lil guy! You made me care darn it!


Author's Response: Awww, thank you! I love the little guy too...he reminds me a bit of my little brother.

Reviewer: lostinside1
Date: 08/10/08 9:23
Chapter: Chapter 1

I do hope you continue writing this story as it is very good.

Author's Response: Thank you! I shall. THe next chapter is in the works! Glad you liked it!

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