Reviewer: TheGlassBottle
Date: 04/30/11 12:57
Chapter: Chapter Eight: What's Our Game Plan?

Oh my god. James dealing with a girl party is hilarious.

Reviewer: Blinkdawg
Date: 02/05/11 14:29
Chapter: Chapter Eight: What's Our Game Plan?

I hate how a book gets better....and better...and better.....then it ends.

Reviewer: miss ginny1
Date: 01/03/10 18:16
Chapter: Chapter Eight: What's Our Game Plan?

Another too great chapter! You never disappoint!

Reviewer: Hermiones_Therapist
Date: 08/18/09 8:40
Chapter: Chapter Eight: What's Our Game Plan?

If we ever got out of this mess, he thought to himself, I pray to Merlin that our children inherit my Quidditch genes.

haha. foreshadowing. love it.

Great chapter.

Reviewer: LuNaLoVeGoOdLoVer
Date: 06/23/09 2:25
Chapter: Chapter Eight: What's Our Game Plan?

i like it A LOT!!! but i think it would have been better if Rodger hadn't turned out to be so stupid...after all, lily DID see something in him before, plus, it's kind of what one would expect...but it works for the story, so whatever...
i REALLy like it!!! i wish it were more than 13 chapters, though...

Author's Response: Rodger isn't exactly stupid, he just has a high temper and is a bit possessive. However, Lily didn't see these qualities in Rodger before she went out with him, and she wasn't going out with him for long. But I see your point though. Thanks so much for the review and I'm glad you like it. Only two more chapters to go...

Reviewer: spaniel_is_cooler
Date: 01/23/09 17:09
Chapter: Chapter Eight: What's Our Game Plan?

Awesome so far :) good job, can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the review :) Chapter nine is in the queue as of Thursday, so hopefully it won't be too long :D

Reviewer: juliemo
Date: 01/23/09 14:07
Chapter: Chapter Eight: What's Our Game Plan?

Excellent fic, can't wait for the update.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. Chapter Nine: Sorry for the Inconvenience is actually in the queue at the moment :)

Reviewer: yoursammy
Date: 01/20/09 1:35
Chapter: Chapter Eight: What's Our Game Plan?

nice................the girls party was hilarious....................update soon ............peace out!!

Author's Response: Thanks! I really enjoyed writing that part. I will be updating on Thursday :). Peace out :)

Reviewer: sapphireduck
Date: 01/19/09 21:51
Chapter: Chapter Eight: What's Our Game Plan?

I love this story! When is the next update! :D

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm glad you are enjoying it. Next update will be pretty soon. Usually I put what's coming next in my stories, plus updates, on my authors page. Thanks again for the review :)

Reviewer: Sarale
Date: 01/19/09 0:21
Chapter: Chapter Eight: What's Our Game Plan?

Oooh, I love cliffhangers! The truth or dare scene was really good, but I hoped James would actually do a dare. Still a lovely chapter, can't wait for the next! :)

Author's Response: Thanks for the review :). It's good you liked that scene, I enjoyed writing it. Sorry I didn't write a dare for James, but I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter anyway.

Reviewer: MyOwnWay
Date: 01/18/09 21:11
Chapter: Chapter Eight: What's Our Game Plan?

"If we ever got out of this mess, he thought to himself, I pray to Merlin that our children inherit my Quidditch genes."
Loved that!
Can't wait for the next chapter!!

Author's Response: Hehe, thanks. Next Chapter will be in the queue soon :)

Reviewer: Harry Horcrux
Date: 01/18/09 0:05
Chapter: Chapter Eight: What's Our Game Plan?

keep writing more! this is really good!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the review. Chapter nine is pretty much ready to go :)

Reviewer: phoenix_fille
Date: 01/17/09 7:42
Chapter: Chapter Eight: What's Our Game Plan?

ARGH! I hate clif hangers. But the chapter itself was very good. I loved it when Lily hit Roger on the head and scored at the same time. Update soon (please!)

Author's Response: Lol, sorry, my bad. I'm glad you liked the chapter though :) I will be adding Chapter Nine to the queue very soon.

Reviewer: Equinox Chick
Date: 01/17/09 2:54
Chapter: Chapter Eight: What's Our Game Plan?

Oh, this is clever. I have been wondering how you'll do the Quidditch match, and now I know. Hufflepuffs playing dirty; as a 'Puff that makes me proud. It's nice to know they're not docile 'duffers' all the time.

I really did enjoy the 'girly night'. James' first embarrassed reaction at the girls taking their clothes off and then his subsequent egging on was very funny. Typical boy!

I like Alice in this fic. She's becoming a 'real' character. Of course she must have been clever and brave (she was an Auror after all) but we see so little of her in fics apart from as Neville's mum. She's smart and funny. The revelation (if indeed it is a revelation) about Remus is interesting. Is James as Lily going to punch out the werewolf?

I have a nit pick, however; Snitch needs to be capitalised.

My absolute favourite parts of this chapter are James' worry over Lily getting hurt coupled with the fervent wish that their children inherit his Quidditch skills. Touching, yet funny.

I love this story!

Author's Response: Awww thanks for the awesome review Carole! Whoot go Hufflepuff! It's so much fun to make them play dirty, their playing style is never much described in the books. They had motive, those sneaky Hufflepuffs...

I really enjoyed writing the 'girly night'. Boys... hehe they are so typical.

I'm so glad you like Alice. Her character is becoming clearer and clearer to me. There will be a chapter later on where both the "sidekicks" talk about themselves a little bit. I'm glad you like how Alice is being characterised. It is indeed a revelation... but that is all I am going to say :D

Thanks for picking that up! Comments like that help me improve my fics :)

I'm glad you liked that bit. Even though it has heaps of humour, deep down it is a romance story. I'm so glad you are really liking this story. Congrats on becoming a MerMuggle! And I will get around to writing that prompt you left for me in the Three Broomsticks I swear :) Thanks again for the review!

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