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Name: captburke (Signed) · Date: 02/03/09 20:25 · For: Finding Paradiso: The Seventh Sphere

Author's Response: Thanks! Needed to hear that after the rough day I've had.

Name: captburke (Signed) · Date: 01/29/09 17:22 · For: Finding Paradiso: The Sixth Sphere
Great chapter. Mad-Eye's theory's make perfect sense to me. And it looks like Remus is finally taking Dumbledore's mesaage to heart, so to speak.

Author's Response: Thanks for letting me know that Moody's perspective makes sense. I always worry that I'm not presenting things clearly enough without a mountain of detail that will just weigh the story down.

Name: DragonDi (Signed) · Date: 01/18/09 17:52 · For: Finding Paradiso: The Fifth Sphere
I love that Remus is trying to make sense of Snape's 'betrayal'--it seems to me that if anyone would try to do that, it would be him. With help from Moody, of course. Love Moody's closing line! Another well-written chapter!

Author's Response: Remus inner struggle to make some sense out of the nonsensical is what makes him such a great mentor to Harry. Moody has soem surprises of his oun coming up in the next chapter.

Name: DragonDi (Signed) · Date: 01/18/09 17:15 · For: Finding Paradiso: The Fourth Sphere
Yoi! And this chapter started out so... calm, for lack of a better word. Yes, there was snarkiness with Snape (which is always fun, no matter what) and just a tad bit of romance with Tonks, but as you've proven time and again, we're on a roller coaster ride here. Well done! (By the way--why a giraffe patronus? Any particular reason?)

Author's Response: Snape's dialog is always so empowering! Can you imagine him writing a letter to an elected official who he disagreed with? As for the giraffe patronus: they are tall (too obvious, I know), nonpredatory, non-carnivorous, very pacific creatures yet they can defend themselves and their young very effectively when attacked. I wanted a creature that was imposing without being violdent -- the total opposite of the werewolf incarnation that Remus can never shake off. It represents the basic struggle that he fights within himself. Likewise, in my other story his Animagus form is a non-violent creature as well.

Name: captburke (Signed) · Date: 01/17/09 22:31 · For: Finding Paradiso: The Fifth Sphere
I really like the way you give background and insight to stuff we wondered about in the original series. It just makes so much sense and fits in so well with what JKR wrote.

Author's Response: It's very gratifing that you think I managed to squeeze it my story amid hers. Not so easy to do at times, espcieally when I wish the characters had reacted differently in the first place. Hope I was able to shade things differently once I fill in the full picture as that is one of JKR's best techniques, i.e. what you think you've heard is really something else entirely. Some of those twists will come in the next few chapters, though. New chapter being uploaded on Tuesday.

Name: captburke (Signed) · Date: 01/14/09 20:15 · For: Finding Paradiso: The Fourth Sphere
Wonderfully written. The actions of the DA are just as I pictured them, and the Order members are doing exactly as I would have thought. I just hope it isn't more than 5 min before you can upload the next chapter...there are times I hate not having the whole story in front of me, and this is definitely one of them. You have been warned, LOL

Author's Response: Am uploading the next chapter tomorrow but it all depends on the length of the queue before it gets accepted by the mods.

Name: captburke (Signed) · Date: 01/14/09 19:19 · For: Part One: Inferno, The First Circle
Fantastic job

Author's Response: Thanks!

Name: captburke (Signed) · Date: 01/14/09 19:18 · For: Part One: Inferno, The First Circle
The response was readable and I was able to understand what you had done as far as timeline. Thank you.

Author's Response: Trust me the timeline was a big headache for me. Glad to know it all paid off, though.

Name: captburke (Signed) · Date: 01/14/09 19:15 · For: Part One: Inferno, The First Circle
It did. Guess it shows that I'm an obsessive reader.

Author's Response: I think obsessive readers and the best kind...

Name: captburke (Signed) · Date: 01/14/09 15:48 · For: Finding Paradiso: The Third Sphere
So well written. Sirius will always be my favorite and I 'm glad he pushed Tonks into doing what she wanted to do. The timing here seems to be close to when the battle happens and Dumbledore dies. I can't wait for the next chapter.

Author's Response: You're right on it with the timing. Next chapter will include the long patrol the Order makes of the castle on that fateful night. I like Sirius impishness, too. He's still a Marauder at heart despite the brutal years in Azkaban.

Name: captburke (Signed) · Date: 01/14/09 15:10 · For: Finding Paradiso: The Second Sphere
I see I "wrote too soon" when I was thinking Remus might need some help finding the envelope. That's why you're the writer and I'm the reader. I like the way this story is progressing, and I'm guessing Tonks and Remus might be reconciled before the battle and Dumbledore will definitely be pleased about that. Now that I'm almost caught up I'll be biting my nails waiting for the rest.

Author's Response: Remus will definitely catch up with Tonks in person long before Dumbledore's death, but they have a lot of issues to work out so it won't be an instant pat reconciliation. Like never works out that neatly.

Name: captburke (Signed) · Date: 01/14/09 13:55 · For: Part Three: Finding Paradiso, The First Sphere
Another very enlightening chapter. I'm sure the Lady made sure Remus saw the painting/picture so he would recognize it when he was there. None of the others would have a need to see it. Tonks needs to think of a way for Remus to find that report she left for him. It might just be the way to his breakthrough. Dobby's always good at stuff like that, and he planted it to be a birthday present if I remember correctly what Tonks said to him. Ginny is as good for him as she is for Harry. She has great style and learned to hold her own being the youngest of seven, and all of them boys.

Author's Response: Remus is good for Ginny, too. He will do his best to cheer her up after Harry (foolishly) dumps her at Dumbldore's funeral. Ss far as the Lady is concerned, I almost see it as a crisis of faith versus science, done wizarding style.

Name: captburke (Signed) · Date: 01/14/09 2:03 · For: Purgatory: The Ninth Terrace
Insight everywhere. Ginny is incredible with Remus, but still in the teenage thing with Harry and vice-versa. Snape's psyche is an enigma and always will be, but thinking to your other story, I'm finding it impossible to believe he's married and/or involved with Trelawney. That's more of a stretch than I want to follow.

Author's Response: Ginny is a great favorite of mine, so fearless in so many ways. Yet when it comes to Harry, deep down she's still that first year that wanted him so badly, she didn't know what to say. As for Snape, please reserve judgment until you get all of his backstory (which is coming up in the next few chapters of the other story where it is most relevant). Yes, it may come as a surprise to you, but I hope it will be believable. A lot of it explains why he is the way he is today.

Name: captburke (Signed) · Date: 01/14/09 1:20 · For: Purgatory: The Eighth Terrace
Thank you for the way you wrote his rescue. I really like Minerva's family, and it was a perfect place for Remus to go. I can see that he and Tonks will take a little time to get their act together. If I remember an answer to one of my previous reviews, that should be sooner rather than later.

Author's Response: Minerva's always been a great favorite of mine since she stood up so ably to Umbridge when that toad had the termerity to inspect her Transfiguration classes. She struck me as a person that would fight to the death for you if she believed in you.

Name: captburke (Signed) · Date: 01/14/09 0:35 · For: Purgatory: The Seventh Terrace
Amazing journey. I know it all ends up right because Remus and Tonks are married, he's back at Hogwart's teaching students and Harry, but the tale of the journey is still riveting and scary.

Author's Response: Great to know that I was able to make the events exciting even though we know the ultimate conclusion. That was one of my big worries in writing this storyline.

Name: captburke (Signed) · Date: 01/13/09 23:38 · For: Purgatory: The Sixth Terrace
I'm not sensing anything easy here. I am hoping Remus is going to be able to contact the Order quickly so they get to him and protect him.

Author's Response: Life has never been easy for Remus, has it? The Order watches his back as well as they can, but when unexpected circumstances arise...

Name: captburke (Signed) · Date: 01/13/09 23:05 · For: Purgatory: The Fifth Terrace
Very curious. I'm glad Harry and Remus got a chance to talk. I definitely don't like Nick, I was already suspicious of Sera and hoped Remus would become so. I think Greyback has spies in the camp.

Author's Response: Constant vigilance. That's what Moody always says. Am responding from a different computer today and am having problems with veird symbols everytime I use an apostrophe. Let me know if I should resend you my long message about the timelines if it turns out to be too difficulr to decipher. It's daved on a disk, so it is no problem to resubmit. System would not let me do it automatically, though.

Name: captburke (Signed) · Date: 01/12/09 23:18 · For: Part One: Inferno, The First Circle
except I'm about 30 yrs older than Tonks.

Author's Response: Then I would say you have succeed in never growing up. Congrats! Count me in if you're starting a club or whatnot!

Author's Response: Then I would say you have succeed in never growing up. Congrats! Count me in if you're starting a club or whatnot!

Name: captburke (Signed) · Date: 01/12/09 21:57 · For: Purgatory: The Third Terrace
I really, really love this story. I'd already decided Snape was ultimately one of the good guys even before reading his memories in DH. It hadn't occurred to me he actually was willing to help Remus by brewing the potion, but it sounds like he might have actually been willing to help more than Remus.

Author's Response: I let you see a bit of Snape behind the scenes in this story, even some of his interactions with Dumbledore. He still remains an enigma however, just as JKR left him at end of HBP.

Name: captburke (Signed) · Date: 01/12/09 20:15 · For: Purgatory: The Second Terrace
Very introspective. I can see Remus trying to blend in and at the same time try to keep some semblence of the person he really is.

Author's Response: It becomes a harder battle to win and the days wear into months.

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