Reviews For The Deer Woman
Reviewer: beaternumber1
Date: 12/21/10 17:06
Chapter: Chapter 3 Heritage

Yay! Annie's back and not evil. :)

Author's Response: Yeh, I'm just started to begin writing this story again!

Reviewer: Hermiones_Therapist
Date: 07/27/09 19:53
Chapter: Chapter 3 Heritage

Wooooooooooooowwwwww...didn't see that coming. Great Chapter...again.

one little nitpick:
"An usually rare trait."

I think you mean an "Unusually" rare trait.

I like this story. Update this soon!

Author's Response: I hope to update soon. In the mean time, though, I'm writing a side-story for the summer challange.

Reviewer: Hermiones_Therapist
Date: 07/24/09 20:39
Chapter: Chapter 2 Trampled

The plot thickens. wooooooow...great chapter. the whole French waitress thingy was a great plot twist; i did not see that coming.

Great chapter!


Author's Response: I'm glad you are enjoying it.

Reviewer: Hermiones_Therapist
Date: 07/23/09 21:13
Chapter: Prologue Blood

what I mean on my Chapter 1 (i mean the chapter after the prolologue) review was: it said earlier in the chapter that there had been 9 attacks. then, after she attacked Benjamin or whatever, it said " she had done to 8 other men on 8 other occasions. " so since she killed 9 men before him, wouldn't the number have been at least 9? or am i completely confused here?

Author's Response: Well you see, he means there were eight attacks BEFORE today, and the latest attack makes number nine.

Reviewer: Hermiones_Therapist
Date: 07/22/09 20:10
Chapter: Chapter 1 Fur

loved this chapter, but wouldn't it be 9 other men on 9 other occasions, or did i read it wrong?

Author's Response: Well, I imagine the Deer Woman occasionally takes out more than one guy in a few attacks. Big city; she has to kill all the witnesses.

Reviewer: Hermiones_Therapist
Date: 07/22/09 19:48
Chapter: Prologue Blood

me again!

my computer once again logged me out, so i took your advice and told it to remember me.

wooooooooooww..this story is amazing!

you are officially going on my favorite authors list.

Author's Response: Wow! I'm happy to have such an honor, and you certainly do seem to be going a bit crazy with the reviews. Not going to rest until you've hit every story I have, huh? Just one question: did you have any problems with you 'Favorite Author' option? A lot of people on the site, including me, have been experiencing this realy weird bug that won't let us use the function.

Reviewer: Inverarity
Date: 06/01/09 12:40
Chapter: Chapter 3 Heritage

Caddock is an idiot. I'll be surprised if the Deer Woman doesn't get him.

Not sure about "Annie Two-Moons" -- she seems an awful lot like a Hollywood Indian so far. But it was an interesting twist to make her an Auror.

Author's Response: Well, I doubt the Deer Woman species would have survived this long if they could not continue to trick men into getting close enough to kill them. I hope you'll give Annie a little bit of a chance. She's only been in the story for a few paragraphs, hardly enough time to really develop a character. Besides, the story is told from Caddock perspective. Maybe he see her as a Hollywood Indian.

Reviewer: Inverarity
Date: 12/10/08 2:32
Chapter: Chapter 2 Trampled

Boy, the Deer Woman is racking up a higher body count than the vampires! I hope we learn a bit about her motives in the end -- she's not as interesting if she's just a horror movie monster who kills for the sake of killing.

You are trusting your spellchecker too much (ails/ales, descent/decent, bare/bear, murders/murderers), but otherwise well-written.

Author's Response: Oh, I have motives for the Deer Woman. Give me a little credit!

Reviewer: Inverarity
Date: 08/30/08 17:47
Chapter: Chapter 1 Fur

Intriguing premise. I'm familiar with the Deer Woman legend, and this reminds me of the Masters of Horror episode. She obviously has the power to make men forget their inhibitions awfully quickly (this is 1893, after all!), so it makes sense to portray her as a sort of North American version of Veela.

She seems to rely entirely on surprise, though. I doubt she'd be able to take down a vampire or a wizard who's expecting trouble. And an Indian woman walking around wearing buckskin and turquouse would attract notice, even in New Orleans. So sooner or later someone is going to put things together. Unless she somehow makes the bodies disappear, won't the Ministry know, at least, that the victims were stomped to death?

Author's Response: Well, you see, until now, in my story at least, Deer Women are an undiscovered species. Up until now, only the Native Americans have known she exists, and the rest of the population believes she is just a scary story told around the fires. Besides, Deer Women aren't found anywhere around New Orleans. The legend carries from the Great Planes to the Pacific Northwest, so people don't even see her and think Deer Woman. It would be like if someone in Ireland were to hear a rattleing noise from behind a rock, they wouldn't think "That's a rattlesnake. Stay away." But if that is in fact a rattlesnake that escaped from the zoo, then we have one Irish man who mysteriously dropped dead in a field. See? I'm glad you read it, though.

Reviewer: helz_belz
Date: 07/19/08 2:13
Chapter: Prologue Blood

An intriguing start! Will we see any characters we know later on? You really captured my attention! Keep up the good work! (I love vampire stories)

Author's Response: Oh, well I hope you'll continue to read!

Reviewer: Sly One
Date: 07/17/08 19:37
Chapter: Prologue Blood


Author's Response: Oh, you better cowboy up, Sly-Sly. We're doing to go a lot further than this!

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