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Name: James Jameson (Signed) · Date: 08/02/09 11:34 · For: Chapter 19: In Which Ivy Finds Fun In The Unlikeliest of Places
This was good :) Great, Actually. I may in fact Twitter about it later on :P lol
Yeah the movie was great!!!!! Blaise was smokin' up the screen, I must say. And I agree about Dan. But I don't se him as Jordan... I see him as my older brother who looks a lot like him at times :P So it's like seeing my broho with Hermy and Ronnikins up on screen :P

Author's Response: Ahaaaa, I'm so happy that you liked it. And.. Blaise is purrty. ^_^ IT's so funny that your older brother looks like Dan Radcliffe, since just this morning, my mom was talking about how my brother looks like Rupert Grint! (He doesn't, though. My brother has dirty-blonde hair, and his eyes are brown.)

Name: James Jameson (Signed) · Date: 08/02/09 10:43 · For: Chapter 18: In Which Jordan Sits and Sulks... So What Else Is New?
"What am I supposed to do, skip around bashing two rocks together making ‘clop clop’ noises like all the little kids pretending to be knights?” LMFAO!!! MONTY PYTHONNNN!!!! Ahahahha that made my day :P When I was in Hawaii, they gave me two coconut shells, and right away I starting trotting and clip clopping them together talking in a British accent about african and European swallows >.< That made my day, Schmergo!! :D
Did you know that there's a broadway version of The Quest for the Holy Grail? SPAMALOT!! :D

Author's Response: Yusssss, I am so glad you got the Python reference! And Spamalot is like my favorite musical! In fact, I've seen it twice... and it's great to know I'm not the only one who likes it!

Name: Oppungo (Signed) · Date: 08/02/09 10:18 · For: Chapter 18: In Which Jordan Sits and Sulks... So What Else Is New?
A shorter review for this than for Pride and Pre-juiced Plums I’m afraid, as I don’t have as much time! (I also chose to review this chapter rather than the latest one you’ve put up – I have read it, but I felt I’d rather review this one, as although I like Ivy, she’s not one of my favourite characters! But I have read and enjoyed that chapter too.) But again, you know that I really love this story – and I’ve had a lot to catch up on, which has made for a good few hours of reading, which was great – but has just made me hungry for more! So I’ll definitely be looking forward for the next chapter!

I really, really loved the opening to this chapter – Ron and Hermione were both brilliantly in character. Ron’s outrage and Hermione’s calm in the situation were perfect.

““My job is to throw people in Azkaban, not get penned myself! I mean… I work for the Ministry; I’m not about to try and defy them. I’m an Auror!” “So was Sirius Black,” pointed out Bellowes. “And he was innocent!” Ron yelled.” I thought that little chunk was excellent! Really great logic, which of course Bellowes just brushes past, because Ron is right! Again, it’s so good that you give Ron good reasoning and important justifications, as so many people overlook how intelligent Ron really is.

“Hadrian Bellowes gave him a smile that was not at all encouraging, nor was it trying to be. “Yes, Weasley, do control yourself,” he added in his horrible nasal voice, looking for all the world like a hungry crocodile.” That paragraph there was just brilliant in its description – it was packed full of it, so we can get a good idea of Bellowes, but what I really loved about it was how subtle the description was. It made it so much easier to sink in, and gave a much clearer picture from its subtlety, like the description of his smile and voice. Basically, I loved it.

How interesting about Charybdis – it does almost make me feel sorry for her. Haley’s sudden view on the prejudice is interesting too – it’s great, as it’s not like a sudden change – the thought process is definitely there. The little “all you need is love, you know” at the end did make me cringe a bit though!

I am so intrigued about what Emma’s involvement in this is, why she feels so guilty – did she steal the diaries? (We don’t already know this, do we? I did start reading pretty early on, to refresh my memory, but I don’t think I read the first 2 or 3 chapters – it didn’t tell us there, did it? I don’t think it did, but I can’t quite remember!)

It’s odd – I wouldn’t have thought that a Seer would just automatically See everything – I always imagined they would just have a few visions of big events, perhaps – not like everyday things, that although terrible, are unfortunately common occurrences, like Darfur.

I have to admit, I’m not fully on board with the whole heir business, but I’m sure it will grow on me, as I do really love the characters and all of your other storylines so far. The little father/son interaction was cute though, as they don’t often have that, so hopefully that made things a little better for Jordan.

Anyway, you know I’m a big fan of this trilogy, but I’m afraid I have to leave it there – I’ll save some more time to review the next chapter you put up! Kiara

Author's Response: Kiarrraaa! Oh wow, it's been so long! I'm so glad that you liked the bit with Ron, since he's my favorite character from the series, and I really would love to do him justice. And luckily, Haley's cringe-worthy bit was totally supposed to be cringe-worthy, since it is Haley, but I think what I was trying to have happen is have her singing that last phrase, and then just go... "you know?" But it's been so long since I wrote this!

There is a very important subplot here with Emma that's been verrrry gradually coming through across the course of the book... I think you're the first person to have noticed it, though, so congratulations. As for the heir of Merlin thing, the word 'heir' does make it terribly dramatic, but all I really meant by that is that Jordan inherited the same powers as Merlin and that they're very distantly related. But it's really nothing more than that. Thank you SO much for the review!

Name: James Jameson (Signed) · Date: 08/01/09 23:30 · For: Chapter 17: In Which Haley Puts On A Show
:( poor Jorjums :(

lol the carlos and heather part was cute

Author's Response: Thanks! I liked Carlos and Heather. ^_^ And I feel bad for Jorjums too, but luckily, he has some happy things to come.

Name: Nova (Signed) · Date: 08/01/09 20:49 · For: Chapter 19: In Which Ivy Finds Fun In The Unlikeliest of Places
Hey Schmergo!

I forgot to add in my past couple of reviews that I have a Facebook page!
So if you'd like to be friends on Facebook, that's great, and I won't be mortally wounded if you don't want to be. xD


This chapter was really well written. The whole thing flowed exceptionally well.
The writing style and the language you used in the orchard scene seemed more mature than your usual style. It fit really nicely with the whole grandness of Malfoy Manor and the book Ivy was reading.
I don't know if that was on purpose or not, but it was cool anyway! :D

I have a few minor nitpicks:

“I didn’t mean to scare you. I was sitting up here, and you came, and I thought you knew I here..."

Obviously there should be a 'was' between the words 'I' and 'Here'.
This one's very minor. It happens to everyone.


Pansy laughed nervously. “Ophidias, I—”

“I thought I said to shut up!” He narrowed his eyes in the contemptuous, threatening expression that he’d once used on Gryffindors and Muggle-borns not too long before.

A more commanding way of saying
"I thought I said to shut up!" would be
"I thought I told you to shut up!"

The way you've written it is perfectly acceptable, thoughhh. ^_^

Overall, a really great chapter!

Oh, and is Pride and Pre-Juiced Plums going to be updated any time soon? It's been a while and I miss it. ):


Author's Response: Hey there, Nova! I would love to be facebook friends. Just send me a message with your real name or a URL, and I'll give you mine! And I'm so glad that you liked this chapter! I also felt like the writing style was different, and I think it was because the Malfoy Manor is a much more old-fashioned than the rest of the... world I'm writing about. And I hate typos, bleeeeeeh. By the way, Pride and Prejuiced Plums should be updated very soon. I've already written three new chapters. I just don't have the time to format it. Expect it within the next two weeks, though!

Name: The_Phantom_xx (Signed) · Date: 07/31/09 18:57 · For: Chapter 1: In Which Jordan Has A Bad Experience With A Hobo
Hi Schermgo,

I'm a huge fan of your stories, especially The Potter's Pentagon series. This latest story is no let down to the rest. I am waiting to find out what will happen next.

I love all your characters, especially Haley. I have similar tastes in her musicals.. but I'm not interested in being in one. I find myself more like Jordan, into school and doing projects quickly and well by myself.

The Past, is the best Potter's Pentagon yet. I can't wait to find out who dies (hopefully some unimportant character like Charybdis). I would cry if you killed off any of the Pentagon, especially Ted and Ivy. I think they are so cute together, and if anything happened to one of them, I don't know what the other would do.

Thanks for writing the series and your profile. I love reading your bio.


Author's Response: Hi there, Phantom! (Cool username, by the way.) I am so happy that you like these stories, because I put a ridiculous amount of thought and enthusiasm into these projects! And it's very interesting that you relate to both Haley and Jordan, because I do, too-- and also to Emma and Giorgi, in a lesser capacity. Thanks for this lovely, day-brightening review, and I really hope you like the way the story ends up!

Name: Vitamin Vicki (Signed) · Date: 07/30/09 11:31 · For: Chapter 6: In Which Anatoly Matches Giorgi In Sheer Eccentricity
"Hadrian Bellowes had hated Ron ever since he was automatically promoted to the top of the Auror heap after helping to defeat Voldemort, detested Ron after he’d killed Greyback and Lucius Malfoy in an attack on Harry’s life and was hailed as a national hero, and despised him when he’d gotten to serve as Acting Head Auror during Draco Malfoy’s escape from Azkaban." shouldn't it be deputy head auror?

"The room was full of sparkly, gaudy accessories and fluffy chintz armchairs and pouffes clumped in circles, so unlike straight, neat rows of desks that Jordan was used to." it should be 'so unlike the straight, neat rows...'

"Slave driving? Yes. Cooperating? Nope, not really." hahaha! giorgi is my faaaavee.

"He may be smart, she thought to herself, but he still has a lot to learn about people." you didn't italicize 'a' and 'lot,' but i think you should have italicized 'a'.

""Come on, I thought you said ‘yeah, I know,’ two seconds ago when I told you my name. Anatoly’s a much prettier name anyway, don’t you think?"" haha, it always makes me giggle to hear guys use the word pretty.

""Hi, Haley!" chorused Anatoly sarcastically." OHHHH EMM GIZZLE. haley and ani and jordan and giorgi should go on a double date OH JELLY BEANS that would be so EPIC. and yes. write that jordan-giorgi date. please. please. please.

awwww, teddy:( i remember what happened. i wasn't looking forward to that. ted's fleeping awesome. :( he doesn't deserve his PAIIIN. he does deserve icy though. :)

Author's Response: Well, Ron't the Deputy Head Auror as his official title, but I'd assume that when Harry's out and Ron takes over for him, then I thought his title was Acting Head Auror? IIIIIIII dunnnooo. Thanks so much for the review, though. This makes me sooo happyfulllzzzz.... though if Haley and Ani and Jordan and Giorgi went on a double-date, the world might spontaneously combust from the weirdness. I think Ani and Giorgi would be best friends, haha.

Name: Vitamin Vicki (Signed) · Date: 07/30/09 10:50 · For: Chapter 5: In Which Professor Zabini Hatches A Diabolical Plan

""Really, you’re absolutely brilliant," spoke a very tall and thin man whose pale and bony wrists and ankles protruded from his otherwise beautiful and expensive-looking green robes. His hair was sleek and dark, and a long, thin beard sprouted from his chin." i honestly never pictured slytherin was dark hair. i mean he's young here. but whenever i try and picture him with dark hair, instead of silver, he looks like some screwed up asian or something. it's weeeird

"They were a remarkably bright and clear greenish-yellow, so light that they were almost chartreuse." what's chartreuse mean D:

""You mean, ‘time is no match for him. He experiences the past, predicts the present, and remembers the future?’"" hum hum smells like jordan to me...OH I BET JORDAN IS THE REINCARNATED VERSION OF MERLIN JUST STUPIDER AND LESS AWESOME HA! I KNEW IT! HA! (haha i make myself laugh sometimes)

"The green-robed man opened his mouth to toss back a barbed retort, but he didn’t get a chance, because at that exact moment, there was a faint ‘pop’ and a hooded figure materialized on the grounds before the four friends." omg merlin:D

"It was plain that Merlin and the founders respected one another equally, and treated one another with the pleasant formality that world leaders used when holding conference with one another." i kind of thought you were gonna say 'when holding hands with one another.'

"He conjured a plate of biscuits out of thin air and popped one into his mouth, swallowing it in one bite." i thought that you couldn't, like, make food? like magically. or is that just transfiguration? my mind's all confused now.

""Are you telling us," Gryffindor said at last in a soft, deadly voice, "that one of us will betray our friends?" His yellow-green eyes smoldered as they darted between his companions." hahaha smoldered. i'm pretty sure stephenie meyer's uses that description in twilight of edward. hahaha smoldering eyes. haha edward. haha twilight FAIL

"While still light and soft, it seemed forced, overly casual. "Oh, this is completely random, but have I ever mentioned that my parents are Muggles?"" hahahaha YOU TELL HIM MERLIN:D [eyes shine with respect] what a bonkers dude. i wish i was as cool as him.

""Yes, Capshaw," agreed the boy. "Anatoly, if you like, but that’s a little informal just now."" haha i really missed anatoly! ugh. that's such an awkward name. can i call him annie?

"The air seemed unusually thick and heavy, as though trying to suffocate him, and gravity seemed to be working at twice its usual effectiveness." the gravity thing is a splendid line.

""...Maybe Zabini thinks it’s good to, I don’t know, hate everyone the same or something."" hahaha HEART! this is a great line, too. i love haley.

"Ivy was personally looking forward to working with Tabitha, but she didn’t want to lord the fact that she’d gotten a ‘good’ partner over her friends, so she elected to keep quiet, listening to them chatter about who had been paired with whom." she elected to keep quiet? should that be selected?

lovely chapter, i remember most of it. :) OOOOHH, I LOVE PETER PAN! i dressed up as him once. haha. MAN! LUCKY DUCKY! i hope you have a great show! best wishes!

you're from the nation's capital, correct? i was there the last weekend of june! ugggghhh, it was really annoying - i've been there a buttload of times, but my little cousin who's visiting us, valeria, from the DR, came down with us, and she's like eleven. it was a downright awful vacation because we spent the WHOLE TIME just trying to pack all the sightseeing we could into two days (we were there for a long weekend). it was exhausting. and no fun at all. : hahaha yeah, quinn's an awesome name. :)

Author's Response: Haha, that's interesting about Slytherin, because I honestly can't imagine him with grey hair! I have a very clear image of him in my life. Yep, chartreuse is pale greenish-yellow, sort of a neon shade. Ya learn something new every day!

Nope, you cannot conjure food. HOWEVER. I wrote this story before Deathly Hallows came out... which was when they explained that. So I decided that when Merlin or Jordan conjures food in here, they're just experimenting with magic and TRYING to conjure food, not realizing that it's just an illusion rather than real food until they eat it.

Sorry about the smoldering! For some reason, that has always been my favorite words. By the way, I like to call Anatoly "Ani." Haley's special nickname for him is "Duckling," for no apparent reason. ^_^ And I did mean 'electing' rather than 'selecting.' I don't know, it's an expression-- "He elected to take the dirt road" or whatever. I know I've heard it before. Thanks so much for reading and reviewing! And yep, I'm a DC-er. I agree, it's horrible when you try to sightsee everything in one day. I've never been to more than one tourist attraction in DC in one day, except for when one of my friends and I go museum hopping-- zipping around between our favorite parts of different museums. I can't imagine trying to visit all of the monuments in one day.

Name: Vitamin Vicki (Signed) · Date: 07/29/09 20:04 · For: Chapter 4: In Which An Old Adversary Slouches Back Onto The Scene
is love.

"“Look,” she said at last, “I don’t mind, really. It’s just, at least me be the instigator next time, okay?” And like the sun popping out from behind a cloud, Tyrone’s wide, white grin reappeared in a heartbeat. “Gotcha,” he said. “Though I can’t promise I’ll always stick to that rule.” He paused. “Oh, and by the way? I’m winning this game.”" CACACACAYYUUUUTEEE

"Ted and Ivy were among the last people to enter the Prefects’ carriage, and they felt the uncomfortably sensation of many eyes fixated upon them." uncomfortable. fix it.

"This was a change from the Ophidias that Icy had known and tried to put up with for so long, and though it was a welcome change, it was a strange one." haha i remember the icy typo! hahaha! now that i remember i'm gonna start calling ivy icy, 24/7.

"Ivy could have sworn she’d seen him mouth the word ‘sorry,’ but it had to have been simply her imagination." DID OPHIDIAS BECOME HUMAN?

"“Future Evil of England Society, more like,” Emma whispered under her breath. Haley flicked her tongue like a snake and giggled." haha i would cease to live without this humor.

"Normally, being rather tall, he had no trouble doing this, but at the moment, he was sitting behind Ted, who cramped his style somewhat in this respect." i'd never dreamed ted could cramp anyone's style.

"Her twin looked considerably less thrilled. “I loathe group assignments,” he muttered. “No one in my group ever does anything properly, and then I have to do it by myself, and the professors always get upset because no one else participated.”" i don't like group projects either. not exactly the way jordan does, but kind of like it. like, they're just so FRUSTRATING! nobody ever works fast enough. i'm one of those people who likes everything fast and quick and i dunno, it's just my nature. it's so annoying. and i'd rather just do everything myself, because it bothers me when things are just a little off, or could be done better. hmmm.

"The fire cast a warm, soft glow on her face, and gentle croaking of toads formed a comforting cadence." i love how nonchalantly you say that last bit.


Author's Response: AWww, I forgot how much I love Tyrone. And blech, typos ahoooooy. And as for Ophidias... let's just say he plays a much bigger role in this story. I'm actually just like Jordan when it comes to group projects... I love having the best projects in the class, so when other people don't want to put as much work in as I do, I always end up doing the whole thing! And... you will see quite a lot of Merlin in this story! Hopefully, you consider that a good thing!

Name: Vitamin Vicki (Signed) · Date: 07/29/09 19:58 · For: Chapter 4: In Which An Old Adversary Slouches Back Onto The Scene
i'm waiting for you to mention a song in this chapter, because i have "i got nerve" by hannah montana in my head right now. hannah montana is an abomination to the world of music>:(

"“Looks like it!” Charybdis chirped in her small, razor-sharp voice. She, too, was small but razor-sharp, tiny with pointed features and stick-straight light brown hair." i kind of forgot what cherry looked like. i always picture her as slender and white blonde. very malfoyish. MY BAD!

"“How intelligent,” remarked Jordan, with the air of an astrophysicist forced to live in a settlement of pea-brained apes." i don't like people like this in real life. but in fiction, it's funny.

"“Whoa, relax,” Tyrone told her. “I’m just being friendly, asking a civil question… invading some civil space…” Haley knew her cousin’s expression only too well. “You probably shouldn’t put your arm around her anymore,” she suggested brightly, “or there’ll be a civil war.”" LOOOVE IT. think i commented on this the first time, too.

"Tyrone’s bizarrely expressive eyebrows tilted upward, giving him the sad look of a puppy that had just been called a bad dog. “Sorry,” he mumbled, withdrawing the offending appendage." offending appendage

Author's Response: Mahahahahaaa, I'm terribly sorry that you have a Hannah Montana song in your head. Hopefully, this will get it out: "Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me. We pillage and plunder and rifle and loot, drink up, me hearties, yoho. We kidnap and ravage and don't give a hoot-- drink up, me hearties yo-ho!"

Hmmm, interesting, many people have given me extremely different descriptions of how they imagined Charybdis. It's cool to see how different people perceive the unpleasant characters. And I know what you mean about Jordan! I love him as a character, but if he were real, some of his mannerisms would probably really, really annoy me. Thanks for the review!

Name: Vitamin Vicki (Signed) · Date: 07/29/09 19:15 · For: Chapter 3: In Which Ivy Avoids Attack Chickens, But Not Hadrian Bellowes
"“Look,” Ted told her comfortingly, reaching across the table and taking her hand with one of his ridiculously long arms." way to ruin the moment with the arm description. :)

"“Thanks,” she whispered, shaking her fringe out of her eyes." IVY HAS BANGS? what what?

""“It’s a court appearance, not Godric’s Hollows’ Next Top Model,” snarled Emma, snatching a piece of candy out of Haley’s hand and eating it." i think i commented on this first time around, but hahaha. i love emma.

"His parents referred to him as the Pied Piper of Hogwarts, and insisted that he could be just as efficient an exterminator, except for the fact that he would rather eat his own liver with fava beans than kill another animal." what is it with you and fava beans? what are they even?

"Chester narrowed his protuberant, twitching eyes." um, i like chester. what a bonkers dude.

"“Good day,” Bellowes hissed in tones that strongly suggested that he would love it if Ron had an extremely bad day indeed." i love your way with words.

"Her face was deathly pale, her face tight and pinched, and her brow glistening with nervous perspiration, and her hands, too, were clammy as she clenched them together nervously." you should have ended the sentence at perspiration. it's run-on-ish, awkward, bad flow.

wow, i totally forgot how awesome the court shabang was. pansy is such a fleeping PANSY. see how i did that right there?

"“Full custody to the Potters! That’s great!” exclaimed Ted that afternoon, giving Ivy a little twirl in the air and kissing her lightly on the end of the nose." awwww. they are adorable:D

Author's Response: Well, hey, if his arms weren't ridiculously long, he couldn't have reached all the way across the table. ^_^ Yeah, Ivy has bangs-- not the kind straight across her forehead, but the wispy kind on the sides. I've obliquely mentioned it in all of the books, but it's not really important.

The fava beans thing is actually a reference to Silence of the Lambs, where Hannibal Lecter eats people's liver with fava beans apparently, but I didn't find that out for awhile. I just read a Harry Potter parody many, many years ago where Tom Riddle says, "Do you mock me, sir? A man mocked me once. I ate his liver, with a side of fava beans," and I thought it was the FUNNIEST THING EVER. Ah, well.

I like Chester, too. He was originally important to that plot, but I cut that subplot. But I couldn't cut Chester completely, because I like him, so I left his cameo. And ewww, that sentence with 'perspiration' was horribly written. Sorrya bout that. Thank you so much!

Name: Vitamin Vicki (Signed) · Date: 07/29/09 18:41 · For: Chapter 2: In Which Tyrone Makes Dorkiness Cool
, umm got into the highschool soccer shiz, and all other random freaky things. getting ready to start at the big bad highschool (though ours isn't that big. or bad) as a freshman. eep. big changes. you're gonna be a senior right? tell me bout your lifffeee


humpghhh. grrr.

Author's Response: Yes, I am going to be a senior! And so far, my summer's been pretty boring... I've done a lot of reading and writing and rehearsing for my play, and insect zoo stufffff. But I am really scared about choosing/ applying to a college. I have no idea where I want to go. But don't worry about freshman year-- I adjusted pretty much immediately. I predict you'll like it a lot. Some of my best friends were freshmen last year, and they never had trouble with older kids or insane amounts of homework.

Name: Vitamin Vicki (Signed) · Date: 07/29/09 18:35 · For: Chapter 2: In Which Tyrone Makes Dorkiness Cool
it cut my review again>:(

STORY FLASHBACK TIME THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE STORY so this one time i was in a spelling bee and i was like eleven and i got the word "sarsasparillas", which is pronounced "sassparillas". i spelled it "sarsparillas" and got DQed from the bee. the little dude after me had to spell facetious and spelled it freakin' like "faeshus." and i knew how to spell it and every other word in the bee. needless to say, i was a rather angry little girl. i dunno, whenever i see the word facetious it brings up such fond memories as this one.

"Emma hesitated. “We-ell… he is sort of cute, in a sort of slimy and gross way,” she admitted. “Kind of like you.”" probably commented on this the first time but duuude i can't wait for emma and tyrone to hook up, hide it from everyone have everyone find out and get mad at them temporarily until they decide AWW MUST BE FATE then it's smooth sailing for a little then they break up and everybody's like wow emma you suck. and then repeat. am i right or am i right? (previously i'd only read up to emma/tyrone's birthday. so the rest is educated guessing)

""Awww," said Ivy, smiling. "I think I would anyway."" um, i love ivy and ted. haha. this is kind of the relationship me and quinn have.

"When it measured around his neck for his collar size, he couldn’t help but imagine it strangling him and then floating off to find other victims while cackling an evil little tape-measure-y laugh." i imagine i'd think the same thing.

"Behind her stood a man with eyebrows that resembled a mustache on his forehead and a mustache that resembled two eyebrows above his mouth." i LOVE the way you describe things. you have such a freaking way with words. :)

"“Pansy Malfoy has been released from Azkaban prison and is demanding your custody. Good day to you.”" PANSY SUCKS.

so, what's been up with your life? :) gotten into any plays, musicals, other schermgoey paraphernilia? super quick update on me - i graduated 8th grade - which was a LOVELYYY cryfest, went to boston as a class trip, got like a bajillion awards at the end of the year >.

Author's Response: Whoa, I like your Emma/Tyrone theory. Which is not to say that it's true, but it is a very interesting one. And you and Quinn sound outrageously adorable! Quinn's a great name, too... it's the last name of a character from another one of my stories, "Pride and Pre-jUiced Plums." Thanks so much for the compliments on the wriitng, by the way! Let's see, what have I been up to? Well, I'm playing a pirate named Noodler in Peter Pan. I have a big gun, purple sunglasses, a mustache, and military jacket. (In the play, not in real life!) I also now have a job working at the Insect Zoo at the National Museum of Natural History, and I just did my first tarantula feeding on Saturday! And I'm going camping, visiting colleges, and to Busch Gardens next week.

Name: Vitamin Vicki (Signed) · Date: 07/29/09 18:24 · For: Chapter 2: In Which Tyrone Makes Dorkiness Cool
so i'm really frustrated at this stupid reviewing shenanigan so this review won't be nearly as interesting and spicy with life as it was orginally. blast. anyway. and awayyy we gooo

"Giorgi folded her arms and pouted. All of her facial expressions were very distinctive because her triangular face bore a strong resemblance to that of a cartoon character, with big brown eyes, a little dash of a nose, and a wide mouth." no matter HOW HARD I TRY i can never picture what giorgi looks like in my head. can you help? haha.

"Jordan laughed somewhat nervously." there was no point to this quote, but just to let you know i'm talking about jordan and giordan. i would LOOOVEEEEE for them to hook up. it'd be so funny. just imagine them going on a date. jordan would bring her to like That Very Fancy Diner and be dressed up with slacks and a button down shirt, and giorgi would show up a few minutes late wearing some kind of crazy outfit. it'd just be. like. amazing. you should write that :) if only just for me to read. i'd love it.

"Because the interior of the car was, in fact, magically expanded, the other five could all fit comfortably in the backseat—and as Emma loudly declared, she had no intention of leaving Ted and Ivy alone back there." hahaha, so me and this guy, quinn, really like each other, and my friends are ALWAYS making comments like this. it's pretty funny. haha, once time i said i was going to the movies to tine. (james jameson.) and she was like eww, that movie looks pretty bad. and i was like eh. i don't really care. i'm not gonna really be watching it. WINK WINK. (this is a joke. me and quinn don't actually "do" stuff lol) and she was like, "OOOOOOHHHHH SONNY JIM! IS QUINN GOING?!? THAT'S IT THAT'S INAPPROPRIATE I AM COMING DOWN AND WATCHING THAT MOVIE. SITTING BETWEEN YOU TWO. WITH AN ANGRY WOLF ON EACH SIDE. AND POSSIBLY SEVERAL VERY ANGRY DWARD CATS. >:O I am SO disgusted. Think I'm joking? You should be ASHAMED of yourself young man. erm... yah YOUNG MAN >:]" duude when she sent that i like peed myself. i love people:D

"“You wear a pirate hat to school?” Jordan asked incredulously.".

Author's Response: MMmmmbahahahahahaaaa! The story about you and Quinn actually made me laugh out loud, and I kind of spatttt. The part about dwarf cats did it for me.

Name: Vitamin Vicki (Signed) · Date: 07/29/09 13:50 · For: Chapter 3: In Which Ivy Avoids Attack Chickens, But Not Hadrian Bellowes
i'll write again later. bah humbug.

Author's Response: I'MA PUNCH PEOPLE!

Name: Vitamin Vicki (Signed) · Date: 07/29/09 13:48 · For: Chapter 2: In Which Tyrone Makes Dorkiness Cool
"Giorgi folded her arms and pouted. All of her facial expressions were very distinctive because her triangular face bore a strong resemblance to that of a cartoon character, with big brown eyes, a little dash of a nose, and a wide mouth." no matter HOW HARD I TRY i can never picture what giorgi looks like in my head. can you help? haha.

"Jordan laughed somewhat nervously." there was no point to this quote, but just to let you know i'm talking about jordan and giordan. i would LOOOVEEEEE for them to hook up. it'd be so funny. just imagine them going on a date. jordan would bring her to like That Very Fancy Diner and be dressed up with slacks and a button down shirt, and giorgi would show up a few minutes late wearing some kind of crazy outfit. it'd just be. like. amazing. you should write that :) if only just for me to read. i'd love it. :O I am SO disgusted. Think I'm joking? You should be ashamed of yourself young man. erm... yah YOUNG MAN >:]" i practically like peed myself. i love people:(

"“You wear a pirate hat to school?” Jordan asked incredulously."

Author's Response: I guess I'll have to upload a picture of Giorgi sometime soon. Because her face is very, very easy for me to picture. Just imagine an anime character's face come to life, bahahaha. It'd be hilarious if Jordan and Giorgi went on a date... oh my gosh, I may just have to write that story. I DID write a story about Jordan asking Giorgi out, but I lost it when my old compooter crashed. And it's funny you'd post the pirate hat quote, because I'm playing a pirate in a production of Peter Pan right now, and it's quite awesome! We open tomorrow!

Name: Vitamin Vicki (Signed) · Date: 07/29/09 11:38 · For: Chapter 1: In Which Jordan Has A Bad Experience With A Hobo
"Although he did somewhat resembled his sister physically, he was her polar opposite personality-wise." you've probably been told this, but 'resembled' should be 'resemble'. by the way i decided to just start over reading the whole thang.

"Ted was not the only teenager at the table who occasionally transformed into an animal, though." this is a GREAT line. i just like how you put in 'occasionally.' it made me laugh. :)

wow. probably shortest review i've ever written. but you're gonna get, like, 18 more shiny new reviews, so i think it's okay, yeah? ;)

Author's Response: Thank you! And yeah, I never edit my typos, because I'm dummmmmmmmb. But I'm so happy to see you here again on MNFF!

Name: Vitamin Vicki (Signed) · Date: 07/28/09 21:30 · For: Chapter 1: In Which Jordan Has A Bad Experience With A Hobo



shoot. i am such a failure. i am GOING TO READ THIS.

i miss reading your cheery review replies:( but i'm gonna get back to you. by the end of july! I WILL READ EVERY CHAPTER! THAT'S A PROMISE!


Author's Response: Bahahaha, VIcki, don't feel like you have a personal contract with me that forces you to read my stories! I hope people read my stories because they like them, not just because they want to do me a favor. I hope you have a great summer!

Name: Heiress_of_Insanity_ (Signed) · Date: 07/28/09 17:32 · For: Chapter 19: In Which Ivy Finds Fun In The Unlikeliest of Places
HECK YEAH, OPHIDIAS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm starting to like him more and more as the series progresses :) And I'm glad that he and Ivy are startin to have some sibling love. Or...well...I still see them as siblings. Even if they're not by law...

I really want to go to the Malfoy's garden now XD It sounds so nice and quiet - and *hello* they have flying horses!!! Whoops, I almost said talking. Also, question...how does Ivy practice piano at Hogwarts? That would make my day if there were, like, a room filled with instruments there XD soooo cooooool!

I wasn't the biggest fan of HBP as a book movie...unfortunately, I still care *sigh* But I agree about Zabini! That'd be hahalarious...I can only imagine...:D

I really liked this chapter...I didn't think it was too short or slow. Awesome job!! I can't wait for the next chappie!~


Author's Response: Heyyy, HOI! Um, it would be way awesome if they had talking flying horses. That'd be like a My Little Pony farm. I thought about how she'd practice piano at Hogwarts, and I came to the conclusion that she uses the Room of Requirement. That, or she was lying to Mrs. Malfoy, and she hardly ever practices. ;-) But I love the idea of a room filled with instruments!

Name: Hermiones_Therapist (Signed) · Date: 07/28/09 17:14 · For: Chapter 19: In Which Ivy Finds Fun In The Unlikeliest of Places
Sup, Schmergo.


IVY AND TED ARE SO CUTE TOGETHER! (never mind, not yet.)
It's official: I completely forbid you to kill Ted or Ivy. Or Emma. Or Tyrone. Kill Haley if you really want to. Wow, Pansy is such a butt monkey. You write her really well...btw, this is completely off topic (because i'm always on topic, right? as if!) but are you going to actually publish that Merlin and Arthur story you were talking about? Cuz it sounds funny.

AND YOU SAW HBP, TOO? I've seen it twice! Daniel Radcliff was waaaaaaaaay better in this one. In the last one, he was way too angsty. I wanted to shoot him. and you're right; Zabinni was awsome! the huge holes in the plot did bother me a little well...oh well. i'll get over it. Wow, this review was completely random and long! YAY FOR ME! I'm so hyper today...must be the pudding.



p.s. Guess what? someone reviewed my story! isn't that aaaaawwwwwsum?

Author's Response: Hey there! I am glad you like this happie! Whoa, I've never heard anyone say, "Kill Haley!" before... but you know, I've already written the whole story, so whoever dies, dies. And it would be hilarious to publish that Arthur and Merlin story, but it's not really publishable... too silly and nonsensical, plus it's that awkward length where it's too short to be a novel and too long to be a short story. I saw HBP twice, too... and I agree, Radcliffe has improved so much. There were really bad plotholes, but for some reason, I don't really care, since I've read the books, and I know the information that should fill the plotholes... so I'm too selfish to care about the people who don't understand the plottt.

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