Reviewer: justin ferguson
Date: 09/22/09 17:34
Chapter: Chapter 22: In Which Our Heroes Suffer Boo-Boos

Come on, Schmergo! When's the next chapter gonna be up? I've been waiting, for like, weeks!

Author's Response: Don't 'come on Schmergo' me! I submitted the last chapter several days ago. It should be up pretty soon.

Reviewer: The_Phantom_xx
Date: 09/19/09 21:02
Chapter: Chapter 22: In Which Our Heroes Suffer Boo-Boos

Okay, sorry, my last review was for Chapter 21 not 22.. I didn't realize it. Now, to review chapter 22..when I should be doing homework.. oops..
HALEY'S not going to die :) I love what Jordan thinks about her sister and vice versa.. It's brotherly/sisterly love.
Ted and Ivy are so sweet, and cuddly, I love them.
Emma, is amazing.. but I feel so bad for her... especially at the end I want to know what happens.. please post quickly.
I love Luna and Neville, their love for each other saves them from dying, again cuddly and sweet.

Author's Response: Awww, thank you so much! And I heavily approve in reading fanfic instead of doing homework. I love Ted and Ivy too! I just submitted the next chapter, so wish me luck!

Reviewer: The_Phantom_xx
Date: 09/19/09 20:50
Chapter: Chapter 22: In Which Our Heroes Suffer Boo-Boos

Most amazing chapter yet! I love this chapter. It is so well, done and amazing.
I wish that "Potter's pentagon" (which isn't a pentagon anymore :p) didn't get involved, just so they wouldn't mess up the final battle.
That would be sad. But it makes sense since she is the heir of Gryffindor and that would mean she is brave and willing to sacrifice herself for the good of the world. So it makes sense.
Thank you for another great chapter.

Author's Response: Thank you! As for Haley... she is a bravey braverkins indeed. She knows what she's doin'.

Reviewer: PadfootnPeeves
Date: 09/14/09 19:42
Chapter: Chapter 22: In Which Our Heroes Suffer Boo-Boos

I loathe school- it's keeping me from reviewing Potter's Pentagon!

I knew Haley would live :D I probably wouldn't have if it wasn't for your helpful little hint!

Typo! The line “Jump from distances of up to a hundred feet with no ill effects,” is wrong- in chapter two, it's up to two hundred feet.

Aww... the little scenes between Haley and Jorjums were so adorable- you write them simply too well. Haley has quite the talent of impressing Jordan, doesn't she?

The scene between Ivy and Lucius was a bit... odd, I'll admit. I can see her talking to Draco more than Lucius, but *shrug* I think it was only weird because we haven't seen Lucius at all through the series, so his appearance felt a little random. But I like how he feels remorse for cursing Ivy- many people don't write Lucius as a person, so you did him justice in that aspect.

ZOMG you used the Princess Bride! I loved it. I can totally see Tyrone going 'I want my mother back, you son of a b****!', but I guess that would only work if he stabbed him.

I. Hate. Bellatrix. But she really can see Emma's insecurities right away; her hair, and her independence. I love the line Bellatrix had broken her and discarded her like a little girl’s toy and was moving onto something fresh and exciting. It was sick. I didn't notice it till I reread this chapter, but it's so wonderfully serious and true.

Bellatrix's death was a bit confusing for me the first time around- but I like how Neville and Luna killed her. I'd hoped that Neville would kill her in canon, so I'm glad he did in this.

Emma better be okay. She better not be paralyzed or dead or anything horrible. She better be perfectly fine or I may scream. Tyrone better rescue her, smooch her, and it'll be okay. I hope!

(By the way, will Voldemort make an appearance soon? I find it weird he and Harry haven't really come up too much.)

Sorry if this is jumbled and incoherent. I'm rather tired and should probably head to bed :D

Hope next chapter's up soon!
PS- Good luck with the QSQs!

Author's Response: IT WAS TWO HUNDRED FEET! Aarrrgh, I edited it down from two hundred feet to one hundred feet in the draft for this chapter. But honestly, Haley can't be expected to give a perfectly accurate quote. ;-)

The reason why Haley always impresses Jordan is that his expectations for her are extremely low. She's one of those late-blooming achievers... you know, those kids who don't seem to have any particular talents but who are always fun and happy, and then all of a sudden, bam, this is the kid everyone's impressed with. Jordan still hasn't gotten used to the idea of anyone being good at anything other than him.

I really wanted to put the Ivy and Lucius scene in there because I always saw Lucius as more of a character who's extremely PROUD, and Draco as a character who's kind of blindly folllowing in his father's footsteps. I also think that Lucius would be more likely to do an Unforgiveable Curse on Ivy, and I wanted to use that later in the story.

Dude, that line would be awesome... the only reason why I didn't use it is because I don't swear and I didn't really know how to get around that! Hehehehe.... I'm glad I made Bellatrix detestable; I tried really hard to make her as awful as possible.

We haven't seen Voldemort yet because he hasn't shown up. The Death Eaters have been keeping watch around Godric's Hollow. One of them notified Voldemort, I'm sure, but now he's waiting for more of a battle to happen before he shows up-- he wants Harry to lose as many of his friends as possible before he faces him, knowing that'll make Harry more likely to do something rash and irrational. He'll turn up... but it'll be awhile! He has a rather interesting defeat, though, and I promise you'll get to see it.

This chapter's really just a transition into the next chapter...which is one of my personal favorites. ^)^

Reviewer: beaternumber1
Date: 09/14/09 18:25
Chapter: Chapter 22: In Which Our Heroes Suffer Boo-Boos


Amazing amazing amazing! Please update soon!

Author's Response: You betta believe it!

Reviewer: butterbeer_HaNgOvEr
Date: 09/13/09 15:43
Chapter: Chapter 22: In Which Our Heroes Suffer Boo-Boos

you. are. a. genius.
Gotta run, because I'm supposed to be sitting on an infant(Babysitting. But I like the word 'infant' more) but DUDE. What is it with you and these cliffhangers? You're killing me! awesome as usual.
I'm glad Haley's ok but EMMA! NOOO.
P.S. i've become very fond of that name.
Once again, awesometastical!

Author's Response: I'm glad you like Tyrone's t-shirt, but the credit's not all mine. I heard the line three years ago from a creepy forty-something man wearing a Sirius Black costume. Have fun sitting on an infant, though! And yes, I love cliffhangers. The next chapter has a REALLY big one!

Reviewer: Heiress_of_Insanity_
Date: 09/13/09 15:00
Chapter: Chapter 22: In Which Our Heroes Suffer Boo-Boos

This chapter was really mushy, but it was sweet ^.^ And oh, dear, what's wrong with Emma? (Not that you can tell me...but....)

“My name is Tyrone Thomas. You killed my mother. Prepare to die.”

Hahaha!! I LOVE TYRONE!!!! That was amazing :) Even though if he kills Malfoy Ivy will never exist...does he know that? =/ Of course, he might not care.

HOORAY FOR BUNGEE BEANS!!!! But that was so sweet of Haley, what she said to Jordan. I can't really imagine HER saying it (actually, that's a lie. I can. Nevermind =P). I think I actually aaw'd out loud ^.^

PLEASE UPDATE THIS SOON! I liked this chapter, despite the mush, and I can't wait for the next one! :D~


PS, I started Les Mis yesterday at my theatre :D I'm exciiited! Only for Eponine auditions we have to sing almost all of OMO. Which will be interesting >.<

Author's Response: This was sooo mushy, yeah. The next chapter is REALLY mushy too, but there's enough intensity to balance it out. Incidentally... you know I hate writing mush, so it is hard for me! Ahhh, Tyrone doesn't want to kill Draco, he just wants to scare him. He wants to hurt him but he definitely doesn't want him to die. Oh my gosh, good luck in Les Mis! I bet you'll do fantastically, but even if you don't get Eponine, there are SO many good ensemble roles.

Reviewer: Pussycat123
Date: 09/13/09 13:28
Chapter: Chapter 22: In Which Our Heroes Suffer Boo-Boos

Yay! I'm so happy that Haley's not dead! But oddly ... I wouldn't say I'm pleased, but I find it incredibly interesting that Emma may have suffered some kind of permanent damage ... it's incredibly sad and everything, but in terms of character ... well she'll certainly have to stop being so independent ... I guess what I'm trying to say is that if anyone had to be paralysed, Emma is the most interesting person it could happen to. I mean, Haley would be very different, but she could still be happy and cheerful and a bit mad, and I'm sure she could still find a way to act (just maybe not in musicals). Jordan probably wouldn't mind much, since telemency is all about the mind not the body ... Ted and Ivy could probably deal with just about anything as long as they had each other, and Tyrone ... well I think he'd still be happy enough if he had Emma (he might even get a kick out of being fawned over every now and then, once he was used to the idea). But even though she quite clearly likes Tyrone, Emma still would hate to have to depend on him (or anyone, for that matter). I know because I too hate being dependent on others, and I have a feeling that may be my downfall one of these days =). So that's definitely going to be interesting (and as long as she's alive, I'm surprisingly undistraught about her situation ... how very heartless of me).

But anyway. Luna's "I'm going to really miss colours" was so unbelievably perfect that for a second I thought you might be JKR in disguise!

Looking forward already to the next chapter! And also woo, because this was updated yesterday, which was my birthday! It's like getting a present from you and MNFF! Yay!


Author's Response: Yeah, I picked the deal about Emma because I figured she was the character who would be the most angered by this, because, like you said, she really is so dead-set on being independent. And it was a good call about Tyrone-- Emma would actually feel like she had a 'reason' to give in to him if he got paralyzed, and things would end up being all right. Kind of the OPPOSITE of why I chose TEd to be a werewolf. Ted was the one who could handle it the best-- imagine if it had been Emma or Jordan? Eep. And happy birthday to you! Updates will come quite soon.

Reviewer: Ankh of the night
Date: 09/12/09 21:43
Chapter: Chapter 22: In Which Our Heroes Suffer Boo-Boos

I've just realized that my last review was pretty vague. I think you misunderstood what I meant. The chapter isn't particularly cheery, but just seeing that there is a new chapter was enough to cheer me up. Anyway, on with the review!

Jordan sighed deeply. “Listen, er, Haley… if you hadn’t had those Bungee Beans with you… would you have still, erm, gone through with that? Off the roof, that is?”

Haley screwed up her face in thought, staring at a point faraway in mid air. At last, she said quietly, “Yes.”

Five hundred awesomeness points to Team Sparkle!

And what has happened to Emma? Is she paralyzed? Has she been hit by a full body bind? MAybe..maybe she's dead? We'll just

Author's Response: Ahahaha, Ankh, I knew what you mean. I was just messing with you. ;-) And I'm glad you liked that part. Team Sparkle for the win! As for Ems... well, you'll see, but she's not dead.. .YET, haha!

Reviewer: Sunny_Rainbow
Date: 09/12/09 20:26
Chapter: Chapter 1: In Which Jordan Has A Bad Experience With A Hobo

OMFG! what a good chapter! Ted and Ivy are so very cute togethe, Ted is such a good boyfriend. I HATE BELLATRIX! Poor Emma :'( I'd probably rather lose a limb than my hair! well maybe not a limb, maybe a couple fingers. But not thumbs because you need those. MORE MORE MORE! I'm going to die if I don't know what is going to happen! I'm considering spamming your facebook for information, how long will it take for you to cave? JK I'll leave you alone but I'm anxiously awaiting the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! We see a lot of Ted and Ivy together in the next chaptaaaah... it's a personal favorite of mine, actually. But I hate Bellatrix, too! She's awful! That's why I had Neville kill her off! ;-) Bahahaha, ask me any question and I'll give you a vague evasive answer that accomplishes absolutely nothing.

Reviewer: potterstar
Date: 09/12/09 20:10
Chapter: Chapter 22: In Which Our Heroes Suffer Boo-Boos

Oh my god!!! But what happened to Tyrone? Is he still fighting Draco Malfoy? Please update SOON!!!!!

Author's Response: I'll give this much away to you-- the next chapter begins with him knocking out Draco. So yeah, at this point he's still fighting, but he wins and moves on.

Reviewer: Windy Silvermist
Date: 09/12/09 19:15
Chapter: Chapter 22: In Which Our Heroes Suffer Boo-Boos

What is with you and cliff hangers in the middle of a battle!!! ARGH!

Author's Response: Well you see, I'm evil.

Reviewer: justin ferguson
Date: 09/12/09 15:56
Chapter: Chapter 22: In Which Our Heroes Suffer Boo-Boos

“Hello,” he said quietly, and his deep voice was not silky-smooth as usual. It was harsh and dangerous. “My name is Tyrone Thomas. You killed my mother. Prepare to die.”

Emma did not laugh.

But I did. Sorry Tyrone.

Awesome chapter! UPDATE SOON!!!!!


Author's Response: Oh yeah, please never take Tyrone seriously, much as he wants to be. The fact that Emma is for once taking him seriously is definitely showing that this girl is head over heels, because who wouldn't laugh at that? I'll update very sooon!

Reviewer: weasleywannabe47
Date: 09/12/09 13:42
Chapter: Chapter 22: In Which Our Heroes Suffer Boo-Boos

This was an extreeemely awesome chapter, and I think you characterized all of the characters, especially Luna, really well.

As this is a fairly short chapter, there really isn't any more for me to say but


Author's Response: Yeah, this chapter's very short because I had to split a very long chapter in half due to word limit! The next chapter is especially exciting, though. And I am glad you liked my characterization of the canon characters, because I've never written Luna or (non-silly) Bellatrix before, and I was really scared about that.

Date: 09/12/09 12:20
Chapter: Chapter 22: In Which Our Heroes Suffer Boo-Boos

The bungee beans seemed very random to me but who cares because Haleys alive!!!!
I love Luna/Neville so much... Nice to see I'm not the only delusional person out there. I would love it if you wrote a Luna Neville fic!
Where do you get all of Tyrones T-shirts from? Theyre genius!

Author's Response: The Bungee Beans ain't random! But yeah, it has been a long time since they were mentioned. And yes, I love Neville/Luna shipping! Forget canon, pshhh. Tyrone's t-shirts are just my own insanity shining through. Whenever I get an idea, I write it down and save it for the next time I need a creepy t-shirt idea.

Reviewer: Ankh of the night
Date: 09/12/09 8:09
Chapter: Chapter 22: In Which Our Heroes Suffer Boo-Boos

You have no idea how much this has cheered me up...I was going to go to a historical thing today, but it got rained out.

Author's Response: This chapter cheered you up? 0_o Hahaha, thank you! And I'm sorry your event got rained out... I hate that so much. Today I'm going to see the love of my life, Norm Lewis (also known as the actor who played King Triton in the Broadway version of The Little Mermaid, among many other things) in a show at a theatre near my houuuuse.... exciiiiited...

Reviewer: MadEyeMaddy
Date: 09/11/09 22:56
Chapter: Chapter 22: In Which Our Heroes Suffer Boo-Boos

Oh my goodness. Oh MY goodness!!!!!!!!

Okay so I guess I totally lied when I said I wouldn't review until the end of the story... But... Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Bald, disabled Emma? When I read the last couple sentences at the end of this chapter it took me like 2 minutes to realize my mouth was hanging open. Ahaa. I CAN'T picture how the next chapter's going to be more intense. I'm reallllyyyyyyy freaked about the character death thing. And about why Zambini randomly ran off in the middle of Potions after the "Potato." thing. And Jor-jum's vision about Emma&Tyrone in the forest was just plain creepy. Eep. Oh, and I almost forgot; I really, really, want to be Mrs. Windowtoadspoon someday. Bwahahahahahaha. :D

That's all for now. Update soon x 100000.


Author's Response: Hahaaaaa, I'm so evil, I made you review in the middle of the story. I promise you'll find out everything in the next few chapters. (There are only five chapters left in this whole story, if you can believe it-- eek!) But yes, Ted is THE ADORABLEST. And if that wasn't a word before, I created it especially for him. I dare say he plays a very important part in the next chapter.

Reviewer: James Jameson
Date: 09/11/09 22:35
Chapter: Chapter 22: In Which Our Heroes Suffer Boo-Boos

lol the only thing I got out of it was the magic beans.... lol now i know how Jack felt >.< bad joke bad joke
but i'm glad haley survived, even if no one else but jordan does :)

Author's Response: I'm editing the story now to take out the thing about rereading Chapter Two. What I meant was, before you question the plot twist, notice that it's also in Chapter Two. But now people are mad at me. So I'm changing that!

Reviewer: Amanda Vega
Date: 09/11/09 19:44
Chapter: Chapter 22: In Which Our Heroes Suffer Boo-Boos

So that’s why you mentioned bungee beans in chapter 2!

Tyrone’s t-shirt pwns all. As does the Princess Bride reference.

Author's Response: Meeehawhaaw! I am evil. And... I love making up t-shirts for Tyrone. I have a whole list stockpiled....

Reviewer: Hermiones_Therapist
Date: 09/11/09 19:12
Chapter: Chapter 22: In Which Our Heroes Suffer Boo-Boos


duuuuuuude this chapter is awesome!

and depressing!

and Whaaaaaat happened to Emma?

Please update soon. (I promise i won't spam as much.)

DARN! someone reviewed this before me!

*grumble* *grumble*


Author's Response: Believe me, I will update so quickly... because these were originally the same chapter, so I edited them at the same time. But haha, yeah, Haley didn't diiiie.... the next chapter is REALLY intense though.

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