Reviewer: Kaitlyn Snape
Date: 03/26/12 17:52
Chapter: Epilogue: There And Back Again

That was awesome. I just read straight through all three books, and I loved them. I really loved the way that you made the HP books and movies exist in your story. My fave character was Haley. My fave quote was where Merlin was talking to Jordan and said, "Of course this is all in your head, but why on earth should that mean it is not real?"
I was a little confused with the ending part of this last story with all the craziness of the scene with their kids. I found it kind of difficult to understand who's kids are who's. I would live it if you wrote another fic featuring their children. I would also like to know what happens to Holly and Jonathan. Also, what happens to the Muggle boy Ted met when he was in line to get the cure?
Another thing- I could tell that he wasn't going to go through with the cure. I could just tell. Also, I thought Lee would be Lee Jordan. I had NO CLUE it would be Lily. Thanks for the awesome story!!


Reviewer: Maddie Potter
Date: 03/07/12 7:38
Chapter: Epilogue: There And Back Again

Wow. Favorite parts… at least one per chapter... namely every time I cracked up. Especially when Ted wonders if he can get bonus points for stepping on his own foot :D

Reviewer: tom tom
Date: 09/09/11 15:01
Chapter: Epilogue: There And Back Again

This trilogy is the best thing I've seen on mugglenet so far. I simply couldn't stop reading it, and for the past few days I have resented irksome interruptions (I must be related to Jordan) such as the need to eat and sleep. My favourite character would have to be Ted, his 'sunny side up' view on life is inspirational , although, I'm probably most similar to Jordan (can't see the future though). The only real flaw in the series is that although it's set in the UK, too many Americanisms crept in (but are probably only obvious to a Brit like me). Overall though, other than that, hou would struggle to tell the difference between this and J.K.Rowling herself.

Reviewer: tom tom
Date: 09/09/11 15:01
Chapter: Epilogue: There And Back Again

This trilogy is the best thing I've seen on mugglenet so far. I simply couldn't stop reading it, and for the past few days I have resented irksome interruptions (I must be related to Jordan) such as the need to eat and sleep. My favourite character would have to be Ted, his 'sunny side up' view on life is inspirational , although, I'm probably most similar to Jordan (can't see the future though). The only real flaw in the series is that although it's set in the UK, too many Americanisms crept in (but are probably only obvious to a Brit like me). Overall though, other than that, hou would struggle to tell the difference between this and J.K.Rowling herself.

Reviewer: lunalestrange
Date: 08/05/11 12:57
Chapter: Epilogue: There And Back Again

So I just want to start out by saying that I'm an absolutely HUGE Potter's Pentagon fan, it's my favorite fanfic ever. My favorite character is Anatoly. He's just fabulous and eccentric, and I've always been an idealist who loves Slytherins and thinks everybody has a good side, and I think Anatoly is adorable and everything he says is hilarious. But I pretty much love Haley and every character that she sees the good in, specifically Anatoly and Vladislav. I can't pinpoint a specific favorite part, because I just love everything so much and I've laughed and cried and happy danced and junk. The only two critiques I could possibly have are about Emma. I understand her character, but at times she was a bit annoying (Telling Jordan he was a freak, being a jerk to Tyrone). I felt the whole Imperius Curse thing was a bit dramatic. Whatever happens to Anatoly, like after the trilogy is over? Thank you so much for this trilogy, you should try writing non-fanfic sometime and getting something published.

Reviewer: albus_s_potter
Date: 07/27/11 15:51
Chapter: Epilogue: There And Back Again

PUR-itty kewwl. My fave character is TED because he is AWESOME and misunderstood, JUST LIKE ME, and my fave part is how the secret ingredient to Zabini's 20 year research just happens to be his least favorite thing in the world: a POTATOOOO!!! I have a question, though: why is it that your way of how Voldy dies is SOOOO similar to how he dies in the DEATHLY HALLOWS MOVIE, so are you a seer?

Reviewer: albus_s_potter
Date: 07/27/11 13:24
Chapter: Chapter 25: In Which (Almost) All Is Revealed

That's like how Voldemort died in the DH part 2 movie!!

Reviewer: Ravenclaws Diadem
Date: 06/12/11 12:13
Chapter: Epilogue: There And Back Again

I loved the entire trilogy so much i nread the whole thing in about a day.People probably thought that I was acting just like Jordan. My favorite character was probably Emma: she's pretty, but fierce and loyal. More girls need to be like her. When Haley started writing to LEE, it freaked me out and i skipped to the back and checked to make sure that it really wasn't a horcrux.I just want to commend( I must be channeling Jordan, I used commend) you on a great job.

Author's Response: Hahaha, thank you so much! And I love the references to acting Jordanesque. Luckily, I secretly love people like Jordan, so that does not bother me at all. :) I like writing Emma, too, but it's probably a GOOD thing that there aren't more girls like her, because that would be TERRIFYING, the world would probably implode! (Have you read Pride and Prejuiced Plums? It's from Emma's point of view, and quite silly.) Thanks once again! :D

Reviewer: arnold_the_pygmy_puff
Date: 05/26/11 16:56
Chapter: Epilogue: There And Back Again

Also, one more thing. I practically danced from happiness/yelled with exasperation of Haley finally being able to raise one eyebrow. I can't and probably never will.

Reviewer: arnold_the_pygmy_puff
Date: 05/26/11 16:26
Chapter: Epilogue: There And Back Again

Wow! that was really good! I really love the "Occlumency was like underwear" simile; it was so weird I liked it. Also (no offense or anything), but I personally think that time travel is a really stupid idea. I almost cried when Jordan had his vision of everyone dead and it being all his fault. I probably would have cried, but I have a strange inability to cry while reading and I can only cry in movies when everyone else in the movie is crying. I love the Ivy-Ted relationship, it's so sweet! My favorite character has always been Haley, she's just awesome and always makes herself heard. I don't really understand how if when they went back to get Emma after she had died than how did the whole rest of it just automatically not happen? Also I love when Zabini just blurts out "EUREKA!" or something like that, It's one of my favorite words. I loved this series and all the other mugglenet fanfics because even though Harry Potter's over (the books anyway, since the last movie's coming out this summer) that I still have other things tying me to the Harry Potter universe so I will never stop obsessing over it. (Even when I am old, cold, and covered in mold. :D)

Reviewer: hermionefan25
Date: 05/18/11 7:23
Chapter: Epilogue: There And Back Again

Ooo okay
favourite character has to be Giorgi, everything about her makes me SQUEE and at the moment she is the base for all my outfits (best idea yet, if you distract all the other students in the exam hall it means they loose marks and you get a higher grade :D) and like well her and Jordan and just like eeeeeeeee and if I say like anymore I will like explode. Quote: Giorgi screamed and seized him by the waist, magic had its perks.
Ooo scene would be in the christmas AU one with Jordan and Giorgi on their computers :P And maybe moment when Ted helps Giorgi through the floo network and he's like YO I'M A WEREWOLF and she's like WOW your a werewolf I was scared for a moment but now I'm not and why didn't Jordan help me through the floo cause he forgot I was a muggle and fire is ouchie! Yeah I loved it all, I love all your work and yeah I am seemingly obsessed with Giorgi :) LOVE YOU XX

Reviewer: hermionefan25
Date: 05/18/11 7:13
Chapter: Chapter 26: In Which Loose Ends Are Tied Up

hehehe I just *squee* 'd a lot.
love you as always.
Hope xx

Reviewer: katrin4p
Date: 02/23/11 16:31
Chapter: Epilogue: There And Back Again

Ahh, I'm so glad Emma and Tyrone do end up together after all x) I was worried, since they had a five-year break and everything.


Soo, I read the entire three books of Potter's Pentagon this afternoon and night, as well as the Christmas one-shot. Do you know what that makes me? Crazy. Dedicated. 

You were always one of my favorite authors in Mugglenet, and I regret never taking the time to read your Potter's Pentagon books before. 


My favorite character ... Either Emma or Tyronne - they are also my favorite ship, if you haven't noticed yet.


My favorite moment ... uau. I really like the parts with Ophidias. I'm not sure why. He's like my third favorite character.


Also, Pride and Prejuiced Plums was getting on my nerves, since I didn't like the fact that Emma and Tyronne took that break *gasp* but now that I've actually read all of this, I feel much better and confident, and eagerly await an update.


Now, in a very Haley-like fashion: SQUEEEE. 


Author's Response: Holy guacamole, how did you read this whole wide thing in one day? ABSURD! I love Emma and Tyrone... heh heh...

Reviewer: GennaWeasley
Date: 11/27/10 14:33
Chapter: Epilogue: There And Back Again

THIS STORY (and the others) IS (are) FANTASTIC!!!

Reviewer: minnabird
Date: 11/18/10 4:29
Chapter: Epilogue: There And Back Again

AHH. Finally, finally got around to reading this one all the way through (I've read the first two books in this epic at least twice each). Must say, the only thing I dislike about this installment is its summary! I thought for sure, the minute I'd finished the prologue, that Emma was going to end up dead, and I was not happy because I love Emma. Thank God I finally pushed on anyway and read it, 'cause I think this was the best one yet of the three Potter's Pentagon fics. Not gonna lie, I kind of love Jordan-as-Seer. And I got a lot of weird looks from my roommates while I was reading this - there was much squeeing, "Ohmygodohmygod!"s, and running away from the computer because something bad was happening. Basically, I got REALLY into this.
I used to kind of think Jordan was a bit of a git and a loner, but now I kind of love him. O.o Also loving me Ted and Ivy and Emma and...rawr. I love all the characters! Couldn't possibly pick a favorite.
On a related note, I think your Merlin is my favorite Merlin ever.
I know this is a really useless review, but I can't do anything but squee. So glad I finally got around to reading this one!

Reviewer: Lyra Lestrange
Date: 07/09/10 16:41
Chapter: Epilogue: There And Back Again

Hi! It's been a super long time since I've reviewed this. Like over a year. I didn't stop reading, though--I was just way behind on the chapters and decided to review once I'd finished it all.

Anyway, fantastic story, of course. Your characters are written so well and the humor really tops everything off! Emma's my favorite for some reason, though Ted and Ivy are probably next. I'm not sure why I like Emma. She's very like Ron, which makes her hilarious, so maybe that's why. I can't think of a single favorite scene, but pretty much anything involving Professor Zabini and potatoes was highly amusing :)

Congratulations on finishing. I know I'm a little behind on the times, but still. I'll have to read Pride and Prejuiced Plums if I get around to it :) Again, this was an amazing trilogy!


Reviewer: Snowstar
Date: 06/19/10 15:50
Chapter: Epilogue: There And Back Again

I started reading Potter's Pentagon a couple of days ago because your summary made me smile. Now, having finished the story, there are just a few things I would like to say.

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! (I'm being Giorgi today) This story has been a joy to read. It wasn't the most well-written thing I've ever encountered, but I hardly doubt that I could do any better. As it is, the plot line was satisfying, and you succeeded in making me laugh, snigger, sing "Love Shack," and really care about all the characters. My favorites would have to be Ted (because who can't love his sweet goofiness?), Haley (because, despite the fact that we're different as day and night, she always made me laugh), and Ani (simply because he was so bizarre despite being unfairly despised). I found that I related to Ted, Ivy, and Jordan the most. Em's temper could get kinda' annoying, but she reminded me of a very good friend of mine.
My favorite moment would have to be either Ophidias's turnaround, the whole Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them gag, or the entire second St. Mungo's sequence. Did I mentioned that I loved Ted? As for my favorite quote... I don't know... there are too many good ones to chose. Also, Tyrone's shirts and your constant references to things such as Young Frankenstein never failed to make me laugh.

I haven't read Pride and Prejuiced yet, but I'm predicting Ani for Haley's husband.

Thank you for all the laughs, and again, congrats.

Peace out, and (as if you didn't already know) Ted rules.

Reviewer: hope_is_bright
Date: 06/18/10 18:54
Chapter: Epilogue: There And Back Again

LOVED IT! Seriously, that's one of the best trilogies I've read on this site. (Not that there are a lot of trilogies, but the point is it was really good.) Anyway, my favorite character has to be either Ted or Ivy. Or possibly the both of them together. They were just so perfect; even with all of their problems -- actually, especially with all of their problems. Favorite moment? Anytime Jordan sees Giorgi for the first time in a while. It's so funny to see him get rattled.
Everybody's kids!!! I want to know who they are! And what happens with Holly and Jonothan. And I'm definitely going to read Pride and Prejuiced Plums to find out who Haley marries!
Thanks so much for these great stories!

Reviewer: georgeisholey
Date: 06/18/10 17:35
Chapter: Epilogue: There And Back Again

Okay, WOW. Was NOT expecting the eyebrow raising. Or, well, anything else. My favorite character, hmmmmmmmm... Probably Haley and Giorgi, since both of them are a bit like me. Haley sings, can't raise one eyebrow, and she wishes people would take her more seriously. Giorgi's wardrobe is insane, and she's not the most popular kid on the block. That's me. Favorite moment.... I'm torn between Ivy and ted kissing in the closet, the April Fools Day joke in book 1, and Haley raising one eyebrow. I expect you're tired of me now, so I'll be quick, but Jordan marries Giorgi, RIGHT? kaybai

Reviewer: georgeisholey
Date: 06/13/10 21:29
Chapter: Chapter 23: In Which All's Fair In Love And War

oh my god. again.

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