Reviews For Tendrils of Mist
Reviewer: Vizen
Date: 05/15/09 15:54
Chapter: Unexpected Meetings

Thank you for the beautiful story. It is well written and really interesting.

I think you're right about this younger Severus who would learn fast and change his future.

But then, he changes the whole future. Harry Potter would maybe never exist. Was that a decision of Harry himself, when he sent Kreachur ?

And what's beautiful in JKR's Severus's fate is that HE is the one who changed the fate of the world first. He hears the prophecy and the prophecy is what will defeat Voldemort. The prophecy, or more precisely, Severus asking for Lily's life, are what will create Harry Potter as the savior of the world etc and what will give Severus a wakening of conscience and make him change of sides. Without that, without Seveus becoming a DE first, Voldemort can not be defeated.

This is why, maybe, this story miss just a little thing that could give us a sign about the total change of destiny for everyone. The fact that a young Severus decided to go to Dumbledore in his 5th year doesn't seem to be enough in order to stop the rising Voldie.

But apart from this theorical problem, i'm very glad I have read your fic and I'm going to read more with a great pleasure. --- Thank you very much again. :)

Reviewer: butter_beer_drinker
Date: 08/01/08 18:50
Chapter: Epilogue - Unbroken Promises

Ok, well this story was about as clear as Lost!  I am totoally confuses as to where we were in time but the story flowed so perfectly that I could not tell that there were two authors (did you girls cheat? ;) )

The story was amazing, and very complex.  It was a bit hard to follow at times but I think that is what makes it so good, you worked equally to confuse me.  Great Job!!!!

~Kristy (gauntlet guide/judge round 6)

Reviewer: rosalina_narnen
Date: 07/11/08 14:51
Chapter: Epilogue - Unbroken Promises

I really really did not exepect this. But in retrospect it makes sense that justice was meant to start here. Ot maybe not justice but a bit of fate smiling down of Sev.

Reviewer: rosalina_narnen
Date: 07/11/08 14:38
Chapter: Unlikely Coincidences

Love the passage about the two realities. Tugged at my heart.

nothing would be able to stop your younger self. Not even you. - absolutely
a Snape phrase.

The plan was not foolproof at all. Somehow, your younger self has learned enough… For the first time, learned it before it was too late.- one of the favorite lines too. A chance not only yo save humanity if I understand correctly but an attempt to help one particulat member of it.

make it a home one day - a home with posters and coffee and noise and light perchance?

Reviewer: rosalina_narnen
Date: 07/11/08 14:11
Chapter: Unwelcome Guests

Love the reflective parts of this. Particulatly the ones about the long moment. The end of this chapter reminded me off TP's Nightwatch but maybe thats just because I recently reread it:)

Reviewer: rosalina_narnen
Date: 07/11/08 14:08
Chapter: Unexpected Meetings

Interesting and delitefully convoluted. Great job guys. Severus and time travel fit surpisingly well in the same picture. And congrats on juggling both young and older Sev well. Both are spot on (as usual). And a seperate congrat on seamlessly working together. For the life of me I couldn't figure out who wrote what.

Reviewer: moonstonesilver
Date: 07/10/08 10:30
Chapter: Unexpected Meetings

Ooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh... *sighs and wipes a tear away* this is... perfect... *dies*

Reviewer: SeverusSempra
Date: 07/09/08 0:48
Chapter: Epilogue - Unbroken Promises

That is beautiful and, quite honestly, probably much more in keeping with their respective characters than what happened in DH. Brilliant references to other parts of "The Prince's Tale." I'm trying to rewrite the ending of this argument the long way, but I love the quick save on his part here. And thank you.

Reviewer: SeverusSempra
Date: 07/06/08 20:45
Chapter: Unwelcome Guests

This is beautifully written and philosophical about the meaning of time travel and the nature of self, which gives it an interesting spin. The meeting of the two at different ages is an almost chilling thought when you consider what the younger doesn't know and what the elder has to go through, and I like how you keep dropping hints about the mysterious sender of Kreacher.

Reviewer: dulcet_tones
Date: 07/06/08 19:46
Chapter: Unexpected Meetings

Wow, Sammy and El! Just… W-O-W! You two have done an excellent job with this story. The flow of the writing is so well done that you can’t even tell where ones writing begins and the other stops, aside from the fact that I know one of you had the Older Sev and the other had the Younger Sev. As usual, the wording is done with such eloquence that I cringe at the thought of my review even being here – you both intimidate me with your writing styles!

"Kreacher is a House Elf, Sir. He has been sent to tell you many things, Sir. Things that will not be easy for Sir to hear."

I love how you wrote Kreacher! I’m assuming this is Sammy’s doing as I’ve seen her write House Elf speak before, but it never fails to amaze me how well it is done. Lovely job with this one dears.

The boy's eyes dart from the little vial to your face. You barely have the time to register the surprised and frightened expression, as it fades away, taking with it everything that you always hated setting your sight upon. Only the eyes remain, and everything around them, everything in the world, everything in existence seems to be simply... erased.

This paragraph brought tears to my eyes. You’ve so seamlessly brought Sev’s feelings and thoughts into existence from the small glimpse that these two shared in DH. This is completely befitting of Sev’s character – but then again, that’s nothing new for either of you.

Preparing an antidote without as much as a sample of the poison - the very thought let you understand that whoever was behind the elf had barely any idea of potion-making.

Okay, this had me rolling and also left me guessing at who the sender of the elf might be. It’s funny how even young Sev seems to think this person an incompetent oaf! *smiles*

So… that ends Chapter One for me. I loved the beginning of your tale. As per both of your usual, Sev is perfectly in character – both young and old. At points with Older Sev, I found myself thinking back to El’s TNBT (R.I.P. – until found), but this is altogether a good thing as I love(d) that fic! This chapter, as I’m sure all the chapters preceding it, was very well written and progressed nicely. My favorite parts had to be the ones involving Kreacher though, and that’s only because of the House Elf speak that was present. Other than that it’s hard to choose a fave excerpt, mainly because it’s all so wonderfully written.

/gush for now


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