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Name: Ankh of the night (Signed) · Date: 09/06/09 20:01 · For: Chapter One and Only
Every time I read this, I get taken aback at how clever the whole concept is. It's amazing! It's inventive! IT'S LEMON SCENTED!

Name: Cedrics Lover (Signed) · Date: 07/05/09 22:49 · For: Chapter One and Only
Why was this happening? Public massacres weren’t supposed to happen after the ‘happily ever after;’ it would be like Prince Charming murdering Cinderella and eating her liver with a side of fava beans. It was unthinkable.

^ I love that!!!
I’ve been told that I can look a little bit intimidating to people who don’t know me (okay, I’ve actually been told that I make children cry, but whatever),
^ That too!! You can always make me laugh! :)

Was a very interesting story!

Name: Lunar_Essence (Signed) · Date: 06/22/09 6:27 · For: Chapter One and Only
Wow. The fic was so randomly bizarre but oh-so-creative! I could never come up with something this brilliant! Both of you are great writers. I'll have to go read Neville's Girl's fics now. I also loved the many, many references in the fic. Apart from the fanfics, I counted Hitchhiker's Guide and Silence of the Lambs. And after reading the reviews, I got the Twilight reference. I've not read the books, know the story, and thought the reference was amazingly hilarious. Good job!

Name: rushinn (Signed) · Date: 11/11/08 22:23 · For: Chapter One and Only
This was a good fanfiction.
It was good, that is, until this line:
"We call ourselves the MNFF"
And that's when it became great


Name: helz_belz (Signed) · Date: 10/11/08 22:26 · For: Chapter One and Only
Lol? I have never been so confused in my life ... expect perhaps for the ending of the Holy Grail...

Anywhos I loved it, it was Hilarious. Keep up zee good work.

Name: beaternumber1 (Signed) · Date: 09/16/08 18:34 · For: Chapter One and Only
Hi it's beaternumber1 again. Yippee and no i didn't think of more adjectives that come even remotly close to describing this story. I was just reading all the previous reveiws and wanted to say. I AM NOT IN LOVE WITH EDWARD CULLEN! Though i did enjoy the books Seth the werewolf and Emmet the vampire are cooler because they are actually FUNNY and not all scary/creepy..... anyway sorry about the random outburst but i do that often...... Oh I just thought of a good adjective: Mind-Blowing!


Author's Response: THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU! I like Emmett, too. ^_^

Name: beaternumber1 (Signed) · Date: 09/16/08 18:16 · For: Chapter One and Only
lol that was a really cool idea. Honestly i sat here thinking about a review that would do this justice and i couldn't think of anything, but i'm writing this anyway because I like getting review even if they are written very badly.... lol I've read almost all of Schmergo's stories and this is as great and awesome as all of her others and i think i'm going to go fins Nevilles girls stories..... Once again this is a...admirable, egregious, eminent, estimable, excellent, exorbitant, fabulous, famed, famous, flagrant, gigantic, grand, illustrious, immoderate, incalculable, incomputable, magnanimous, monumental, predominant, preeminent, prodigious, prominent, renowned, supereminent story. (Yes i just looked of synonyms of extravagent.....)

Author's Response: Oh, wow.... thank you so much! Seeing as we didn't place in this challenge, I was worrying that my part of this story verged on the sucky. I'm glad to see that someone thinks otherwise!

Name: Luna_Lovegood11 (Signed) · Date: 08/22/08 10:10 · For: Chapter One and Only
*crawls back onto chair after having fallen off due to laughter*

Er, well, um, heh... I'm rather speechless at the moment. The most I can say is "Wow".

You guys are geniuses. This was bizarre, hilarious, and absolutely awesome.

I have no idea why I didn't check it out earlier. But anyway, wow. Seriously, nice job. Heh.

xD Keep Writing. xD

Author's Response: Wow, thank you so much! THis story was strange and fun to write. The concept came to me when I was half asleep, which explains a lot, but I think Neville's Girl's writing was what made the story. I know it didn't place in the QSQs, but I'm still pretty proud of it.

Name: NevillesGran (Signed) · Date: 08/16/08 12:24 · For: Chapter One and Only
wow... The little things like M.O.D.s and MNFF are the touches that make this truly amazing. Siriusly brilliant, you guys!

Author's Response: Thanks! This didn't place in the gauntlet, but I'm still pretty proud of it.

Name: Vitamin Vicki (Signed) · Date: 07/28/08 16:48 · For: Chapter One and Only
SQUEE! Princess Bride ref! "There were also some rodents who were not of the usual size." "(one was eating a blood lolly, while another had a bad case of the uglies and the name ‘Ed’ tattooed on her arm in sparkly letters)" Ahhh Twilight ref, as well? But which part did you write? "Far from the usual sombre grey-black, it was neon magenta with vast, pale green flowers. And it didn’t much help that it was accompanied by a muddy pair of cherry-red wellies. " Omgomgomg. Chuckle chuckle. I think you wrote Bill... Hahaha. So anyway... I love this story! :D (Did you know I actually just typed :d by accident and it looked like some random person licking their lips - possibly after eating icecream?! /random)

Vicki c:

PS- Thanks for the comment about the username, I didn't see that before. Squee! I saw some VitaminWater and I was like... omg... Hahaha.

Author's Response: Well, hello there! Yes, the lovely Nevilles Girl made the Princess Bride reference, and I am forever indebted to her for that. But *I* made the Twilight reference... and I really hate reference. I certainly did write Bill, and Nevilles Girl wrote Arthur. I love this smilie-- :d That's beautiful.

Name: butter_beer_drinker (Signed) · Date: 07/27/08 20:32 · For: Chapter One and Only

*blinks**blinks again**logs off and goes to bed*

~Kristy (gauntlet guide/judge round 6)

Author's Response: Uh-oh... I guess that's not a good sign! Well, sorry I confused you!

Name: Ankh of the night (Signed) · Date: 07/21/08 17:22 · For: Chapter One and Only
I would just like to say that I really enjoyed the concept you guys came up with. Was it fun to write?

Author's Response: Thanks! It was fun to write, but VERY stressful, because I was busy with a lot of other things at the time, like studying for final exams.

Name: Binka Fudge (Signed) · Date: 07/18/08 18:34 · For: Chapter One and Only
I thought this was fantastic, and the ending was quite confusing, a sequel would be nice, to answer questions like Will they be able to use magic once they get to the muggle universe, will the MNFF catch up with them? Hey, wouldn't it be cool if on entering the muggle universe they became the cast from the HP movies and only remembered their previous lives as an acting job they once had. I've often wondered if our universe is controled in a similar way, but not down to the tiniest detail, not what we say or think or type. Scarey thought, what if somebody is making me write this review? If they are then they're not doing a very good job as it's extremely waffley. But no, wait a minute, I'm a member of MNFF, so I should be one of the people controlling everything, although I haven't submitted any fics as yet, does that count? OK, better wrap this up before it gets even more weird. I just think this was a really cool idea, I mean JKR might want to tie up all the loose ends and have done with the potterverse.

Author's Response: Thanks so much! A sequel really would be interseting... maybe Nevilles Girl and I could work on that. Your idea about them being actors is ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT, just really, really cool. And yes, you're one of the evil people controlling the Potterverse, aren't you proud? It doesn't matter whether you have stories accepted... just writing them counts! And by leaving reviews for my stories, you're aiding and abetting one of the prolific and diabolical MNFF members, the heinous CHARLTON! (That's not my real name, of course.)

Name: Helios Sol (Signed) · Date: 07/16/08 19:45 · For: Chapter One and Only
Well, I'll get right into it then.
-Very threatening letter. Spooky.
-Raining cats, dogs, and electric eels? That was a bit...overdone? Unimportant?
-*shutters I can't imagine shopping for baby stuff for hours. That may be the most accurate description of hell as I can think of.
-"The whole French shindig". I take it that is an allusion to Schmerg_the_Impaler's Scarlet Pimpernel spoof (or Potterization, as is probably more accurate)? Ooh! Shindig! That word!
-"Far from the usual sombre grey-black, it was neon magenta with vast, pale green flowers. And it didn’t much help that it was accompanied by a muddy pair of cherry-red wellies."-Very strange way to dress, that is. Ha. Isn't "sombre" spelled "somber"?
-Way to trip clumsily while trying to make a point. That sounds like me.
-Another threatening letter. Spooky as well.
-Wait, when did Arthur get to a bookstore?
-"(though my parents had always hastily instructed me to tell one of my uncles that Bill was short for ‘Bilius’)" Brilliant
-It's funny, isn't it, how "Godric" has become (in the fandom) the seemingly official substitute for "God".
-"Public massacres weren’t supposed to happen after the ‘happily ever after;’ it would be like Prince Charming murdering Cinderella and eating her liver with a side of fava beans." That sounds much better than the original tale, in my opinion.
-The MNFF...what does it stand for????
-A cement mixer flattened Voldemort once? What story is that in?
-Huh...isn't it Schmerg_the_Impaler, rather than Schmerg_The_Impaler?
-"High-tailed it out of there like a taxidermist’s pet dog." That's not very nice to taxidermists. Or there dogs. I'm sure there's a taxidermists' rights group out there preparing a lawsuit against you right now for such brutal mischaracterizations.
-Ending was a bit of an anticlimax in my opinion, unfortunately not a terribly good anticlimax. Not funny, not surprising. Sorry. I don't really see how Bill was unconventional, either. 8.5/10.

Author's Response: Your reviews are always refreshingly direct. The electric eels were my idea... or shall I say 'fault.' I put them in there because my inital ideas for the title all had to do with puns involving the word 'eel.' And I thought it added to the surreal bizarre-ness of the story. AND YES! You are the first reader to notice the "French shindig" allusion! I totally put that in there to see if anyone would. On a Discworld fansite, I saw a picture called "The Sombre Suit," so I assumed that 'sombre' was the British spelling for 'somber,' but I could be wrong.

I have no idea when Arthur got to the bookstore... our writing of this story was very patchy, and we didn't really know what the other person was planning. As for using 'Godric' so much, I welcomed this fandom addition with open arms because I'm not allowed to take the Lord's name in vain, and I wouldn't feel comfortable doing so even if my parents weren't so strict about it. So I like saying things like "Niflheim" and "Godric" and "What in the blue blazes" and other old-fogey type language, myess!

I never really thought about what the MNFF stood for... I intentionally skirted around that by having Charlton say that it was strictly confidential. Because the truth is, it really is MuggleNet Fan Fiction, and its members really are fanfiction writers, so I never thought of MNFF as anything other than that. The only backronym I can think of off the top of my head is "My Nasty French Father," which I doubt works unless it's specifically based around Fleur.

A cement mixer flattened Voldemort in Tim the Enchanter's amazing humour fic, "Out of the Darkness." I was emailing him telling him about this story and the idea of each fanfiction being a separate reality, and Tim asked me if I mentioned any of his stories. So I did! You should go read it; I think it would be right up your alley.

My name is definitely Schmerg_The_Impaler, caps on all three. Observant of you to notice, though. I'm sorry you didn't like the ending-- that was entirely my own fault. So was the taxidermist's dog thing .Basically, everything you didn't like was because of me, so Nevilles Girl is not to blame in any way. I'll try to write better stuff in future!

Name: mahogany_wand (Signed) · Date: 07/15/08 17:54 · For: Chapter One and Only
Oh, my sparkly Edward! BITE ME! Sorry. I am a bit odd at times. You mentioned in a review that Edward Cullen isn't really your type, so that PROBABLY meand Jacob Black is. I'm just guessing.

This is an oddly cool story. I think it's cool! Hooray for oddness!

Author's Response: Hahahaha. My best friend is madly in love with Jacob Black, but from the little I've seen of him, he seems... angsty and emotional and overdramatic. Isn't there anyone who's happy and fun and awkward and goofy and eccentric?

Name: the_weird_one (Signed) · Date: 07/10/08 22:18 · For: Chapter One and Only
Um...ok. Well, now that comment isn't bothering me to Nifelheim, nice story! I can see that it resembles 'A Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy' (I loved that, though I need to see it again...) in many ways. I bet someone pointed that out before, so that tidbit of info is really useless, right?
THANK YOU FOR THE TWILIGHT REFERENCE!!!! I know that you don't like the book, as it seems, but I was gleeful when I read it! Also, thank you for the Twilight reference in 'Pride and Pre-juiced Plums', just liked to add. You're an awesome author, and you'll probably be something like J.K Rowling when you grow up, except MUCH more weirdo-ish and random. And for some reason, you seem extra- weirdo-ish and random today for me. But so did my mom. Oh well.
What else...well, keep writing, it absolutely KILLED me when you didn't update for that long period of time. Or maybe you did, but I wasn't paying attention to MNFF(I must giggle at that) for a long period of time. But anyway, glad you did, because the SCHMERGO is BACK! YAYY!!!

Author's Response: It's the Weird One! Wow, I'm really surprised/flattered that you'd compare me to "Hitchhhiker's Guide To The Galaxy." You know, I think I'd like Twilight a lot more if I liked Edward Cullen, but he's really not my type-- so I couldn't feel anything for him, and that made my reading experience not as good. But for people who like people like Ed, I can see why they enjoy the books. I don't remember a Twilight reference in "PRide and Pre-Juiced Plums," but my memory is not great. Can you remind me what it was?

rnOkay, being told I'll be a weirdo-ish random JK ROwling is actually the best compliment I've ever heard. I'm not even kidding. And I'm really sorry for not updating for so long, but now I've submitted this and a new chapter of Plums, and I submitted "The Past!" So I'm back in the game.

Name: Purple_Hippopotamus (Signed) · Date: 07/10/08 16:58 · For: Chapter One and Only
Bahaha! That was quite an interesting long one-shot, there. I actually very much liked it. *hive-fives Luna and Schmergo* Yay! And Charlton's cloak was amazing. I'm going to have to get myself one of those.

Actually, on second thought, maybe I won't. I might get some strange looks from people.

Sorry if this review makes no sense because I don't really remember everything that happened and I'm too lazy to go look at the story.

Um, I liked the ending. Very cool and awesome. Actually, it was spifftastic! I liked it a lot.


P.S. I notice people are talking about Edward Cullen and I would like to say that I've read two of the Twilight books and cannot stand Edward. He is so.... uuuurrrrgggghh. My friends threatened to beat me up when I said this. Haha.

Author's Response: This WAS a very long one-shot. However, it wasn't as long as the newest chapter of "Pride and Pre-Juiced Plums," which barely toes the line of the word limit. I'm glad you liked this story and actually kinda understood it. But not as glad as I am that you're not a big fan of Edward! I read "Twilight" (the first book, no others), and I couldn't stand it, the main reason being Edward's creepy, possessive, stalkerish, statuelike, obsessive-compulsive, male-chauvenist personality. BUT OTHER THAN THAT, HE'S PERFECT. (Sorry, that's a reference to my newest chapter of "Pride and Pre-Juiced Plums" again. Guess what story I'm trying to advertise! ^_^)

Name: Ankh of the night (Signed) · Date: 07/10/08 11:40 · For: Chapter One and Only
Schmergo, I completely support you for being an anti-fangirl over Edward. By the way, I'm glad I started anything that other people do...huzzah.

Author's Response: ^_^ Cool, a new member of my legions of anti-fangirls! That gives it... two members! (Blast.)

Name: House-Elves Anonymous (Signed) · Date: 07/09/08 2:41 · For: Chapter One and Only
Hello again, Schmergo

Don't feel bad that you didn't know; i just found out yesterday! Eoin took forever writing it...but i guess that means its gonna be good! I'm a tiny bit obsessed; i read and write gnommish fluently(although i have a hard time spelling it in English) All credit goes to the Artemis Fowl Files!

So this isn't a spam-filled review (although i love canned spam) great job on the story! Seeing as the story is full of fanfic references, mabye i should write a review full of references to other reviews...Meh, mabye nex time...

Yes, ironically, the above remark in parenthesis is spam, as is this.

-Joshenstein-(See? I've already started! Thanks, Ankh!)

Author's Response: How come SO MANY of my reviewers are so incredibly cool? It seems like almost everyone who reviews my stories is a fun, interesting person. This is why I love MNFF!

Name: House-Elves Anonymous (Signed) · Date: 07/08/08 1:35 · For: Chapter One and Only
Hello, Schmergo! I loved this story. Especially the part about the electric eels! Oh, and Charlton (mainly his cloak) Bartholomew...if I were trying to act tough and scare people, I wouldn't tell them my alias is "Neville's Girl" That has to be really embarrassing for Neville...This story was completely and absolutely amazing! Thank you, and thank Luna as well!

Oh, and speaking of amazing books(stories, etc.), the next Artemis Fowl book (The Time Paradox) comes out in a Week! I can't wait. I miss Root, though...


Author's Response: Hello there! I'm glad you liked the eels and Charlton's cloak, as they were MY invention, mwahahaha! Luna, however, invented both Bartholomew AND the names for Charlton and Bartholomew, for which I am forever in her debt. HOLY FLIPPIGEEZERS, BATMAN! Artemis Fowl comes out in a week? You're kidding me; I had no idea. I was just ranting yesterday about how a new Artemis Fowl hasn't come out in ages... I'm a very bad Artemis Fowl fan not to know this. I miss Root, too, but on the bright side, at least there's Foaly! (Love that guy/centaur/what have you.)

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