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Reviews For Daring

Name: SnoopyMarauderess (Signed) · Date: 03/24/09 19:22 · For: Daring
It was really good!

Author's Response: Thank you! Again, this was a lot of fun to write. I love giving Remus a chance to shine and show how good he really is. I also love giving Sirius the chance to be devilish and clever and funny! Thanks for reviewing!

Name: shewolf2000 (Signed) · Date: 12/03/08 17:57 · For: Destiny
I just realized that I never reviewed this chapter! Forgive me.
The fight was so intense! Poor Remus/Mr. Lupin/Mrs. Lupin/Sirius/etc. Great characterization of Moody, btw. Spot on. I loved it.
Now I'm off to see other fics I've been woefully neglectful of. Keep writing!

Author's Response: Gosh, I don't know how I missed your review! I'm sorry! I'm glad you liked this chapter. I worried over that fight while I was writing it. I was so worried that it would seem out of character for Remus, but I went with the premise that we always hurt the ones we love--and it's always easiest to take out our frustrations and anger on those we're the closest to. So, I didn't think it was unrealistic for Remus to demand answers for what he felt was kept from him. As far as Moody: I didn't care one way or another for him until I wrote this story and discovered how much it is to write about him. He's a great character! Thanks for reviewing and the kind words! Sorry again for the delay in responding!

Name: HungarianWitch (Signed) · Date: 08/26/08 13:04 · For: Destiny
A BRILLIANT chapter! Really! I loved it! Such a great portray of John Lupin, of Moody, and even Sirius (I think it's unnecessary to mention that all of them are perfectly characterised... I think I mentioned that a few times...).
Very realistic writing about the whole werewolf situation, the situation in the wizzarding world...
And now I'm sad, that only one chap (or are there more *asks hopefully* ?) and it's over... i hope you are planing more Marauder stories! *winkwink*


Author's Response: This was intended to be the last chapter. And I have nothing else written at this moment (for this story, at least!) But, I've been thinking about extending it. It's just a matter of finishing another project that I'm working on, and organizing my thoughts on this one. Sorry I can't give you anything more definitive than that! But I do appreciate your reviews and your kind words. Thank you very much!

Name: shewolf2000 (Signed) · Date: 08/19/08 0:55 · For: Death Watch
Only one more? :( That makes me sad.
Great chapter though. Oh the intenseness!
And yay Dumbledore! Boo Siobhan.
Update soon!

Author's Response: Only one more. Sorry! But I have set myself up that I could add onto it later--if there's enough interest, and I'm motivated enough. The last chapter has been with the mods for almost 2 weeks now. I'm going to have to find out what the problem is, I guess; why it hasn't been posted yet... Sigh. But, thanks for reviewing!

Author's Response: Only one more. Sorry! But I have set myself up that I could add onto it later--if there's enough interest, and I'm motivated enough. The last chapter has been with the mods for almost 2 weeks now. I'm going to have to find out what the problem is, I guess; why it hasn't been posted yet... Sigh. But, thanks for reviewing!

Name: Anarane Oronra (Signed) · Date: 08/07/08 19:48 · For: Desideration
ARGGG!!! Evil, evil author. Are you trying to give me a heart attack. PLEASE update soon before I come and stab you with a fork out of frustration!

Author's Response: That would be quite painful, and pain hurts me. So, I'd better listen to you! Actually, I just sent the next chapter in to the mods, so as soon as they approve it (fingers crossed) it's yours--so tuck the fork away, please??? (So am I to assume that you like the story? :-) )

Name: HungarianWitch (Signed) · Date: 08/07/08 12:55 · For: Death Watch
Oooo, a good introduction od ol' Dumbledore.. always one for the greater good...

But I have to scold you! I nearly died! Why did you have to scare the poor reader? I was terrified! Really! Poor Monny, he had a terrible life!
And I just LOVED Mr. Lupin, special thanks for making him a caring father, in other fics they always hate him... but I think your version is better, believable!

They didn't made it to Aurors, didi they? The Order will recrute them, won't it?

A great chap, please update quickly, PLEASE!!!

Author's Response: Why scare the poor reader? Just because I can!!! I hated to have Mr Lupin be mean. I figure Remus had enough problems without having to have a terrible father. Besides, Remus was a caring individual--he had to have gotten it from somewhere. I'm going to submit the next chapter within the next couple of days, and hopefully it'll be up soon! Thanks for reviewing!

Name: shewolf2000 (Signed) · Date: 07/29/08 23:34 · For: Daring
Slick, Remus. You get your third tag, impress the girl, then slip and bash your head open on a rock. Very very slick. Another great chapter! Will Sirius ever get over the fork incident? My favorite line - Note: sarcasm does not help the situation. :) Update soon!

Author's Response: There are just some people who can't catch a break. Unless they're breaking their heads open... Sirius does get over the fork incident, if only because there are other things to worry about (Evil laughter because I know what's coming up next! Chapter is in line, waiting for approval, so it should be soon.) And I love the 'sarcasm' comment too. Goodness knows I say it a lot to myself. Thanks again for reviewing. It means a lot!

Name: shewolf2000 (Signed) · Date: 07/29/08 23:04 · For: Desperation
So much angst! But it was really great; you've got me very excited about what's coming with the Auror testing and everything. Sirius is hilarious, btw. Great chapter!

Author's Response: The more I write Sirius, the more I like him. He's fun! And the Auror testing in the next chapter was a lot of fun to write too! The angst in this one? Not so much fun, but they were questions I'd always had, so it was good 'therapy' to work them out in my head, to make things plausible. I like for things to make sense. I can't stand ambiguity. Anyhow, thanks for the review!

Name: HungarianWitch (Signed) · Date: 07/27/08 9:03 · For: Daring
How the hell did I miss TWO chaps? Sorry for not reviewing...
I just LOVE this! I love it how real you make it, and every time I love your characters even more!
Great characterisation!

Author's Response: I'm really glad you're enjoying the story --sorry you missed the original posting of the other chapters. Hopefully the characterisations will carry through the last couple of chapters. Gotta admit, I'm a little nervous about how the last one will be received... ANYHOW, thanks for reviewing and the compliments! It really made my day (I was really having a lousy one.)

Name: Anarane Oronra (Signed) · Date: 07/26/08 20:31 · For: Daring
This is very well done. The interaction between the characters is believable, and the pacing is good. Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad you liked it. Hopefully you'll like the next chapter too!

Name: Lioness06 (Signed) · Date: 07/26/08 17:59 · For: Daring
Wow! Excellent story/writing/characterization/plot!

I think you have the Marauders down to a tee! The way you have them interact and speak to each other, you can really feel the bond. Can't wait for an update!

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I love doing dialogue, and the Marauders really are a lot of fun to write. Considering how clever they had to have been, their conversations would have had to have been full of quick give and take. I'm glad you're enjoying the story! Next chapter should (hopefully) be up soon.

Name: Ravencorgi (Signed) · Date: 07/21/08 21:08 · For: Desperation
One of the better-written Marauder's Era fics I've read in a while! I love your characterizations, especially Sirius and Remus! And the dialogue is completely realistic. Did you make up the Werewolf Registry and the Code? It sounds kind of familiar for some reason, but maybe that's just because it seems like something the Ministry would do. Great job!

Author's Response: Ah--the research that went into this chapter. The Werewolf Registry was created in 1947 by Newt Scamander (Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them). The Werewolf Code of Conduct was established in 1637 (PoA, Chap. 16). HOWEVER, most of the actual details of Registry and Code are never really spelled out anywhere in JKR's books. I made up everything that Remus 'learns'--the ban on werewolves working at the Ministry, being required to admit he suffers from lycanthropy, etc. Anyhow, thanks for the review and the kind words!

Name: kehribar (Signed) · Date: 07/17/08 19:15 · For: Desideration
Oh, this is a very, very good start. Like others have said, especially characterization is excellent - you not only have a good grasp on the Marauders but you also manage to distinctly bring each character alive. I'm just a little bit concerned about Lily - she seems a bit... ordinary, I guess, more like an OC than a canon character. It's probably because this Lily is not really conforming with the tough girl image most people have in mind - the young woman who's gone through all that she did; fighting the Dark side, with Voldemort, sacrificing herself... If she broke down into tears at seventeen merely at the thought of the risk of losing James, I'm not sure this kind of Lily would be able to take all that the canon Lily did... am I making sense?

Otherwise, I love the narration, the easy flow, and the situation you've chosen to focus on. I'm looking forward to reading the rest, because this story surely is a head above most. :)

Author's Response: You know, you're absolutely right about the Lily thing, and I have no real explanation for why I did it that way, other than, well, this: I caught Lily at a weak moment? I would think there would have to be a moment when Lily, even though she recognizes the danger of the times, and KNOWS that James wouldn't be happy doing anything else, might feel like it's all too much and too REAL. But, yes, Lily is tough and she would bounce back, and yeah, in retrospect, maybe I should've written a better reaction for her. Forgive me? I love your review. It made me think and justify what I did, and told me what you liked. I hope the next chapter doesn't disappoint. (Oops--I think there's another Lily thing in there too... Hmm. Sorry in advance!) Thanks for the compliments! I may not be able to fit my head through the doorway now, though. :)

Name: AEM (Signed) · Date: 07/09/08 19:46 · For: Desideration
Wow this was brill, i think you write all the characters so well, it's looks like it'll be really good, plz update soon.
So funny too!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! It was a lot of fun to write. Next chapter is a little more serious, but I hope you'll like it anyhow.

Name: HungarianWitch (Signed) · Date: 07/09/08 13:00 · For: Desideration
Oh, you can write the rest of the marauders, and Lily brilliantly too! I loved it, and i love to red about that era! So you can count on me to stick wth this story!

Author's Response: Excellent! I just hope you enjoy the rest of it. I'll be submitting the second chapter very soon!

Name: shewolf2000 (Signed) · Date: 07/08/08 23:25 · For: Desideration
Yikes! Poor Remus... why can't life ever be fair for him... but I can't really talk, can I? :) Great first chapter! I loved the socks bit; it was cute. And I like the idea you've got going here. I'm excited to read more! Update quickly please! -Anna

Author's Response: Ah, the fun of making Remus' life difficult just because we can... I'm glad you liked it as much as I'm enjoying YOUR story!rnrn

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