Reviewer: GinnyPottergirl
Date: 12/30/06 23:11
Chapter: An Old Danger Rears its Head Again

Oh no! Poor Ginny! She seriously has issues with that bathroom!
I cannot believe Snape in this story. He's both creepy and cool! (Did I just call him cool? Weird.)
Thank goodness they know where she is...

Author's Response: One would think she'd avoid that bathroom... I know Snape is really OOC in this story, but I hope you liked him anyway!

Reviewer: GinnyPottergirl
Date: 12/30/06 23:00
Chapter: A Light in the Darkness

Oh good, a kiss and a crisis avoided! Go Ginny!

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it!

Reviewer: GinnyPottergirl
Date: 12/30/06 22:52
Chapter: Revelation

That is one interesting story. I don't know who I feel worse for, Snape or Harry, after hearing that.

Author's Response: Tough for him, isn't it? I'm still convinced there's more to Snape than meets the eye.

Reviewer: GinnyPottergirl
Date: 12/30/06 22:45
Chapter: Getting Closure

How cute!!

Author's Response: Thank you!

Reviewer: GinnyPottergirl
Date: 12/30/06 22:37
Chapter: Christmas at the Burrow

Why won't he tell any of the full stories??
He really has it bbaaaadd...Oh well! ; )

Author's Response: I know; poor thing's scared half out of his mind!

Reviewer: GinnyPottergirl
Date: 12/30/06 22:22
Chapter: Diamonds and Dreams

Uh-oh, bad dreams are, duh, never a good sign... I hope he will still go out with her!

Author's Response: Oh, he will!

Reviewer: GinnyPottergirl
Date: 12/30/06 22:11
Chapter: Breaking Up

Well, I feel bad for her, but I agree with Harry.
Now do they get together?? I hope! ; )

Author's Response: You'll see later!

Reviewer: GinnyPottergirl
Date: 12/30/06 22:01
Chapter: Flight of Fancy

He's got it bad...Yay!

Author's Response: |-D

Reviewer: GinnyPottergirl
Date: 12/30/06 21:56
Chapter: What a Team!

Nice game, they are a perfect team! : )

Author's Response: Aren't they? :-)

Reviewer: GinnyPottergirl
Date: 12/30/06 21:49
Chapter: Dancing Teacups

Yay, construction of the H/G ship is almost done!
I can't wait for some "dual-couple" action!

Author's Response: Hmm, I think you will see some later...

Reviewer: GinnyPottergirl
Date: 12/30/06 21:42
Chapter: At Last

Yes, the R/Hr ship has set sail. 'Bout time too.
Now when will the H/G ship leave port?

Author's Response: Give it a few more chapters; it'll happen too! ;-)

Reviewer: GinnyPottergirl
Date: 12/30/06 21:34
Chapter: Catching up with Old Acquaintances

Cool, Tonks is teaching!
What is Malfoy going to do?

Author's Response: Well, He's got nothing planned at this moment, but he'll come up later.

Reviewer: GinnyPottergirl
Date: 12/30/06 21:26
Chapter: Procedures and Potatoes

Heehee, food fights really are great, aren't they?

Author's Response: Yeah!

Reviewer: GinnyPottergirl
Date: 12/30/06 21:19
Chapter: Memories

Cool! Arthur is the minister! Good beginning...

Author's Response: Thanks! I always thought Arthur would be a good choice for Minister, but oh well...

Reviewer: _Dumbledores Girl_
Date: 10/15/06 18:01
Chapter: A Big Announcement

hehehe nice ending!! I don't want it to end!!!!! please please please right more!

Author's Response: Oh, I'm sorry, but I'm not continuing the French Blue storyline. Right now I'm working on my version of Book 7, post-HBP. It's slow going, but I hope I'll get it out before JKR publishes the real thing! I'm glad you enjoyed my story!

Reviewer: _Dumbledores Girl_
Date: 10/15/06 17:57
Chapter: The French Blue

that was such a good chapter! this is totally random, but whenever I hear that phrase, "something worth fighting for" I think of that song you know in the movie Mulan! lol, i'm weird!

Author's Response: It's not that weird; someone else mentioned Mulan in another review. Here's to Disney!

Reviewer: _Dumbledores Girl_
Date: 10/15/06 17:51
Chapter: Mind Over Matter

ohhhh! that was like the best and worst chapter yet! thank goodness he's not dead, right?

Author's Response: No, he's not dead. Got to at least be alive for one more book!

Reviewer: _Dumbledores Girl_
Date: 10/15/06 17:48
Chapter: An Old Danger Rears its Head Again

ohhhh.. I'm about to fall off this cliffie! you're so mean! wait, I can just read the next chapter... lol great story!

Author's Response: You should've seen the reactions I was getting while I was posting this story! Glad you're liking it!

Reviewer: _Dumbledores Girl_
Date: 10/15/06 17:04
Chapter: A Light in the Darkness

NO! they can't break up ~ again! god i'm insane! great great great story!

Author's Response: No, they're not breaking up just yet...

Reviewer: _Dumbledores Girl_
Date: 10/15/06 17:00
Chapter: Revelation

awww.... so sad! it almost made me cry! poor Snape, ooc snape is much nicer!

Author's Response: He is, isn't he?

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