Reviews For Dark Heiress
Reviewer: C-draco
Date: 09/01/11 4:29
Chapter: Aside from the Pride

please please finish the story! i am dying of anticipation!

Reviewer: karamarie
Date: 05/26/10 15:55
Chapter: Aside from the Pride

despite the long pause in updates i do hope you will continue with this story. it is really good. i am thoroughly enjoying it and i hope to be reading more soon!

Reviewer: Grey_Lady
Date: 05/10/10 22:15
Chapter: Aside from the Pride

Love it! I can't wait to read more!

Reviewer: riddler22
Date: 12/12/09 23:31
Chapter: Aside from the Pride

another great chapter! please don't me wait that long again :)

Author's Response: Thnx for the review! :) I wish I could promise an early update but unfortunately my next chapter was corrupted so it needs to be redone. Will do my best to finish sooner..

Reviewer: proudgryffindor
Date: 05/19/09 20:16
Chapter: Prologue

Hey I just reviewed but I was just wondering what it would take for you to let me beta your story? I’m not really all that interested in becoming a full time beta or anything, or at least not yet, because I’ve never done it before, but I’d love to give it a try with your story, because I’ll be honest with you, (and I promise you this is not me trying to flatter you or suck up at all), but this story is honestly my favorite fan fiction story being written right now! I read A LOT of fan fiction too! Even if you already have a full time beta, maybe I could try like pre-beta'ing it or something so I can see how I do, and decide if it’s something I would want to do more often and whether or not I’m good at it, because I’ve really been looking for a way to get more involved in fan fiction and/or Mugglenet. If it’s not a possibility at all then it’s perfectly fine I just thought I’d ask since you seem like an extremely cool and nice person, who really cares about your fans and readers! Thank you for your time and I’d really appreciate a response whether it’s good or bad. If you did possibly want to talk about it more just say so in your review response and I could just leave you my email or aim screen name or something. Sorry for the long review and thank you again for your time and excellent writing!


Author's Response: First of all, don't apologise for your review, because the longer the review, the happier I am! I think you came at the right time as I would love to find another beta, even if you only want to do it for a short time. Here's my email address, if you have any questions- You sound like a person I could work well with and I look forward to talking to you again. :)

Reviewer: proudgryffindor
Date: 05/18/09 19:21
Chapter: Onwards to Hogwarts

i don't think ive reviewed on this story before, but let me just say, I LOVE IT!!! i just cannot wait for more. when will the next chapter be completed because i just can't stand to wait!! lol keep up the amazing work!

Author's Response: Woo hoo! Another review! *calms down* Ok thanks for your review, as you can see, I love gettin reviews. Anyway, the next chapter is mostly written out, but it will be a while until its beta'd and ready for posting. Sorry to keep you waiting, and I'll do my best to get it up asap. Thanks again and I'm thrilled you love my story. (**,) ~sevylicious

Reviewer: Jursica
Date: 05/11/09 0:52
Chapter: Onwards to Hogwarts

Yay!! An update!! =) A lovely chapter, but that cliffhanger was just not fair!!

Author's Response: Yay! My first review for the chapter! Big whoop for you and 50 house points, really, you made my day. As for the cliffhanger, well, I have to make sure you come back for more somehow.. ;) ~sevylicious

Reviewer: HarryPotterFanGW
Date: 02/19/09 14:22
Chapter: Prologue

PLEASE UPDATE!!!!! Why are you taking so long? It's an amazingly cool story and I can't wait to read more! I've been waiting for months but nothing's happening! Please don't keep me in any further suspense!

Author's Response: Hey! I'm so sorry to keep u waiting but the chapter is finished, the only snag is, (and I'm not beta bashing here) that I'm still waiting for on 3 of my betas. I really want you to read a good version of my writing so I do rely on all their input. However, if it does look like it will take a while for a response, I will post anyway. I'm glad you're enjoying it and took the time to review, so thanks for that and I will rush to post the next chapter!

Reviewer: Jursica
Date: 01/29/09 2:02
Chapter: A New Beginning


Author's Response: The next chapter is done and in the process of being beta'd so hopefully it should be up soon. Sorry to keep you waiting:)

Reviewer: misundersnape
Date: 10/16/08 6:46
Chapter: A New Beginning

Already reviewed, but the computer ate it! Grrrrr...
Yay - she's back!!!!
Great chappie - my guess for Morgana is Ravenclaw or Griffindor - with a slight lean toward Griffindor, after, of course, being offered Slytherin which she will reject to spite her family.
How is she to pay for her school supplies? Or are you assuming she'll earn enough this weekend to pay?
Looking forward to more..

Author's Response: Yea computers are known to do that at times.. Anyway, thanks for the review as always. Mm, as for her house, well we're just going to have to wait and see. She's got a whole week to get through, so lets hope she'll be able to make enough to get everything she needs in her shopping trip. Will try to update sooner;) ~sevylicious

Reviewer: Nina_Felis
Date: 10/14/08 0:19
Chapter: A New Beginning

I'm guessing Slytherin. Can't wait to read more! Well done.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! It's a pleasure to hear what you think. Hope you keep reading and nice guess with the house, guess we'll just have to wait and see..

Reviewer: riddler22
Date: 10/13/08 22:14
Chapter: A New Beginning

yay the long anticipated chapter of dark heiress is up!! =]- I definetly love where the story is going keep up the great storytelling

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! I definitely will try to update faster and do my best to not disappoint you with the story. Pls keep reading and reviewing, it really makes my day;)

Reviewer: magic_child
Date: 07/19/08 19:24
Chapter: Prologue

Utterly entrancing. You have a real way with words, and so far I absolutely love the plot. Update soon, please!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review it's good to hear from those who enjoy my fic. I'm sorry to reply so late but RL has kept me so caught up lately. Good news is, there's another chapter on it's way that should be up as soon as its been approved by the mods. Please keep reading and reviewing, it's alwyas great to hear what my readers think.

Reviewer: Maximum Potter
Date: 07/10/08 15:03
Chapter: ...And then some

I, like the other chapters, really enjoyed it! Yes it was very much sad and unnerving but I like that she finally left that place! And who oh who could this new person be? A certain hook-nosed teen with a grudge against four certain pranksters??? ;) Great job!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review, am glad you're enjoying it; I know that may sound like a cliché since I say that so often, but it's great to hear when people enjoy your work. rnAs for your idea of the 'new person', well I'm not giving anything way...;)

Reviewer: parakeetsrox
Date: 07/03/08 13:23
Chapter: ...And then some

I Like It!!!!

Author's Response: Thanx! Keep an eye out for the next chapter and keep reviewing!

Reviewer: moonstargazer
Date: 06/29/08 23:52
Chapter: ...And then some

I am glad that Melantha left her family, they seem to be nothing but a couple of uncaring snobs.
And for her mother to assume that her daughter initiated things between her and Lucius, when he was the one who forced himself on her is stupid!
Apparently, Her mother did'nt really want to be a mother. Treating her child like a piece of trash. Same goes for her father. Such idiots! Thank goodness for the person who came to Melantha's aide. It had to be Sevrus Snape, who has a caring heart....
I really like this story, and Although it is fiction, I cannot help but rail against that poor girll's excuse for parents.

Author's Response: Wow thanks for the cool review as always. The fact that you're getting emotional over a chapter in my fic lets me know that I don't actually suck at writing fan fiction! It's great to know that readers can get so engrossed in reading my work which is a real compliment. Please do keep reading (and reviewing) and I will try not to disappoint!.

Reviewer: misundersnape
Date: 06/29/08 18:33
Chapter: ...And then some

Ah, there you are... I was getting worried that I'd never see you again - and never find out the end of this story.

Nice chappie - I was wondering when a certain dark haired wizard would turn up. ;)

Hope you're not too long with another update. C u next time!

Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed that chapter and hope you will the rest. I know it took me a while to update, but between RL, getting the chapter beta'd and going through validation, time does fly. Good news is that 90% of the next chapter has been written so (hopefully) the next update will not be too far away. Don't distress, I too read fics and I know how frustrating it is to wait for the next chapter or find a fic abandoned. I do plan on finishing this fic (actually already have the epilogue written) and will really try to update regularly.

Reviewer: misundersnape
Date: 06/11/08 21:24
Chapter: Consequences...

Sneaky Malfoy bastard - but we all saw it coming, didn't we... well, all but Melantha, that is. I suppose only being 16 has it's down side.
Hopefully she has some excellent revenge in store for young Mr Malfoy...
Looking forward to it.

Reviewer: riddler22
Date: 06/09/08 20:23
Chapter: Consequences...

great chapter can't wait till more!

Author's Response: Look out for the latest chapter, A new Beginning, which should be up as soon as it's approved by the mods. As always, thanks for the review.

Reviewer: Maximum Potter
Date: 06/09/08 15:55
Chapter: Consequences...


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