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Name: OliveOil_Med (Signed) · Date: 01/23/10 23:04 · For: The Prince's Heart
This is my review to post this story on the Recommended Story thread.

This story has been one of my favorites since it was first published. It made me truely appriciate the Snape/Lily pairing, and accomplished the difficult task of making Snape seem...human, which in and of itself is certainly worthy of recognition. The fact that it is a beautifully written story that anyone who reads it will love it is just gravy.

It is a great story if you are looking to get some of the warm-fuzzies!

Author's Response: Thanks Molly, you do a lot of publicity for this fic. <3 =Sammy

Name: bella-weasley (Signed) · Date: 10/06/09 17:53 · For: The Prince's Heart
I like it dispite that lily and severios dont seem a mach to me but this was a great one

Author's Response: Well, they seem a great match to me. XD =Sammy

Name: Great Beirniny (Signed) · Date: 03/24/09 22:28 · For: The Prince's Heart
Yes it would be a shame. I usually don't like AU fics as much, but Lily and Snape are a great pair. It was weird seeing a happy and carefree Snape. You did it very well.

Author's Response: Thank you. If you like my works, hopefully you will check them out on DungeonLight where I now lurk. ;)=Sammy

Name: weasleyalltheway (Signed) · Date: 11/17/08 20:45 · For: The Prince's Heart
really cute, and really good... but, i'm canon! just kidding. good work.

Author's Response: This is canon!=Sammy

Name: Andromeda_Tonks (Signed) · Date: 09/01/08 6:30 · For: The Prince's Heart
hesitate to review? Not a chance. Not that I know what to say, but you know me well enough to know how very happyful it made me. *squees* And still, at the same time, sad because...it wasn't that way. I am debating, though... on the one hand Sev's daughter could be called nothing other than Lily, on the other, wouldn't that get a little confusing? Still, the first option wins.


Author's Response: Meda darling, the way to happines is to adopt this is canon.:D This and Sempra together will show that Jo Rowling!:p And even though he may be calling one Lily and the other may come, Sev won't complain much as he values both dearly.;)=Sammy

Name: Hufflepuff at heart (Signed) · Date: 08/30/08 6:01 · For: The Prince's Heart
Ah, what a wonderful story!

I was very confused with who was talking until the end too! It's so sweet to see Severus as an overprotective father -

"very advisable, Lily, since getting close to a stranger is very dangerous and would disappoint one’s parents greatly"

I loved that line! So sweet and such a father-like thing to say!

I got a lump in my throat at the end, realising what their lives could have turned out like. Really well done.


Author's Response: Hey Sarah! Great to see you.:) Thank you for the wonderful review. Yes, Severus is quite the overprotective father. I would pity the boy who dares date Lily Jr.;) And if you got a lump in your throat, I see great things in your future. *coughSevGirlfellowshipcough* Thanks again, love. *hugs*=Sammy

Name: megan_lupin (Signed) · Date: 08/27/08 15:18 · For: The Prince's Heart
Well, Sammy, I have to say that you've done an excellent job with this piece. I was browsing through the forums and saw it had been recommended in the QSQs multiple times for this category, so I just had to see what the fascination was.

And wow, Sammy, just wow. While I've never been a grand fan of Snape/Lily, especially as anything greater than normal friends, you've made this little piece both very nice, and very believable.

I like the way you've told it in here, like a bedtime story. A unique format, and it really works for this story (plus, it's interesting to see a different side to Snape than what I usually see). Generally, a lot of the times that I see a 'kind' Snape, for lack of a better word, he doesn't seem realistic to me; it doesn't seem plausible or believable that the Snape we know in the normal canon could have EVER been the way certain stories try to make him out to be, regardless of how things did or didn't change.

You, however, have found the right formula for giving a realistic kind Snape. A different side to him, and it's believable, so I congratulate you on that.

All in all, while I'm still not a fan of Snape/Lily, I did really appreciate the characterisation and writing in this story. It's a true gem of the AU category, I think.


Author's Response: Thanks so very much, Megan love. Yes, I often see Severus portrayed as the "malligned angel" and I myself don't agree with that. He was not nice in the typical way but he cared about those he loved and would do "anything" for then, "always". And in this fic, I have given him two to care about. Thanks so much for your praise Megan, this review made me blush. And I am keeping my fingers crossed for the QSQs. :o=Sammy

Name: Nevilles Girl (Signed) · Date: 07/01/08 9:24 · For: The Prince's Heart
Woah. It took me forever to realize it was AU. I was sitting there thinking "Wha?" for a while before I saw the warning.

I love this retelling of Severus's own story, and I honestly thought it was Harry telling the story right up until the end.

I love your Lily Jr. characterization. I love . . . I love . . . I love how I sound like a broken record.

Anyway, it's a wonderful story, and you should be very proud of it. Judging from your chapter notes you are proud. That's good. You definitely should have pride in this story.


Author's Response: Thanks Luna love, its very sweet of you to say that. Yes, this story is very special to me because I wrote it for a very special person. And that alone makes this extrodinary. Again, I never meant to decieve anyone but I guess people only see what they want to and never what they don't.;)=Sammy

Name: luinrina (Signed) · Date: 06/28/08 5:59 · For: The Prince's Heart
Awww, this is sweet... and entirely not where I thought it would end. My first idea was that either Ron or Harry are telling the story to their daughters, then when the name Lily fell I just knew it had to be Harry. But Sev? Never did I think of this possibility!

Really unique idea of how to paraphrase Lily's and Sev's story into a fairytale with some canon truth still in it. Nice job and I adored reading it.

Author's Response: Aww, thanks so much for the review. I honestly don't know why it's so hard for poeple to percieve Sev as a loving and caring father. But I'm glad you enjoyed it anyway. *hugs*:)=Sammy

Name: Insufferable_Know_It_All (Signed) · Date: 06/26/08 14:26 · For: The Prince's Heart
I thought that this idea was very original and imaginative! =P Although i realised it was Snape from the summary; i still thought that you stuck all the right parts of the Prince's Tale in there! Also i was SO happy with the ending - i'm glad it ended up AU ! ! Really well written, much inspired! Great job =D

Author's Response: Aww, thanks so muc for the review. As I stated before, I never intended to decive asnyone into thinking that the father was Harry (I guess some people just don't think of Sev as a human being with felings like wanting to tell his daughter a story) and I'm really glad you liked it the way it is.=Sammy

Name: ravenclawgirl93 (Signed) · Date: 05/30/08 18:39 · For: The Prince's Heart
pretty good... is the mother lliy? cuz that makes no sense... anyway nicely written

Author's Response: It makes sense in my canon.;)=Sammy

Name: HermionesTwin_FromOz (Signed) · Date: 05/30/08 6:50 · For: The Prince's Heart
Sammy!!!! =D Oh. Mygosh! All hail the co-queen of Sev/Lily! :P Sammy, that was a-maaazing! I haven't read much SS/LE besides your drabbles, and this was so cute, so sweet... I'm pretty much converted! =D Little Lily was so sweet (quick question -- why a Lily junior? To make us think it's Harry and Ginny's Lily?)! Sev was of course IC -- I wouldn't expect any less from you!

All in all, a stunning one-shot and fantastic take on the contest prompt!

Caitlin xxoxx
P.S. Did you notice I'm your fourteenth review again? =D

Author's Response: Caitlin, saving authors from the unlucky 13.:D Thanks for the review love, you are as sweet as ever. *squishes* Actually no, I didn't mean to confuzzle anyone. I always imagined Sev and Lily would have a daughter called Lily. And YAY, you're one of us now.:)=Sammy

Name: x_lily_evans_x (Signed) · Date: 05/29/08 10:09 · For: The Prince's Heart
Hi Sammy!

At first I thought it was Harry telling Lily the story, but then when the story turned out with a Lily/Sev ending, I was like, huh? But then I managed to figure it all out, and oh my gosh. I am a Lily/James shipper, but this story makes Lily/Sev cute, too. I can't say that I'm converted, but still. It was such a sweet story. I think I loved this part the most:

But the boy, naturally, came to save her... Actually, he came to save himself as well, because he could never have lived without her... So that could be counted as selfish reasons, but we won’t get into that.

His admission made it all the more sweet. My gosh, I think I'm melting...

-Mavis :D

Author's Response: Mavis love, THANK YOU for getting that part. When writing Sev, loads of seemingly normal subtilities are usually sneaked in and made to sound random and unimportant and it feels so great when someone catches on to them. And if you wish to be fully converted, go through my drabble thread which is a shrine to Lily/Sev.=Sammy

Name: HungarianWitch (Signed) · Date: 05/29/08 3:07 · For: The Prince's Heart
First of all, I have to say, that I'm strictly James partial, but I can't deny, that his was simply AMAZING! The tale was well trough thought and entertaining not just for a five year old ;), And I just had love this Snape of yours, good charaterisation, and I think he was in character!
Fav line:
“Criticising popular narrations. At least that’s what Mum said you were doing when you said that the potion Sleeping Beauty was given could never last a hundred years.”
Typicall Snape..
First I thought it's Harry and his daughter, but I guess that was part of your plan ;)

I never thought this is going to happen, but this Sev/Lily story is going to my favorites!

Author's Response: Let me say that I am deeply honored if I have made you see Sev in a different light (or see James in not such a good one :p). I've been told I should wear a warning label. "Hi, I'm Sammy, I convert people".:D Thanks so much for the review but if you really want to see some good characterization, I suggest you check out Elmindreda's work which is a million times better then mine.:)=Sammy

Name: FriendofMolly (Signed) · Date: 05/28/08 18:53 · For: The Prince's Heart
Almost to the end I thought it was Harry telling his daughter Lilly a story about Snape and his mother. What a shock to see it wasn't. Still a sweet story.

Author's Response: I honestly thought I was being very clear. Oh well... thanks for the review.=Sammy

Name: ada22 (Signed) · Date: 05/28/08 17:22 · For: The Prince's Heart
Very nice. Can you get him to tell me a story? :) I really liked this one so much...

Author's Response: Aww, though I think this behavior is only directed to his daughter.;)=Sammy

Name: harry_victoria (Signed) · Date: 05/28/08 15:58 · For: The Prince's Heart
Aww, Sammy. Great job, hun. You have a talent (and obsession...? xP) for writing Severus, and you did the characters justice. Kudos to you for a job well done.


Author's Response: Guilty as charged (about the obsession, not talent:o). You should read El's stuff if you want to see good Severisation. *squishes*=Sammy

Name: haydensnape (Signed) · Date: 05/28/08 15:51 · For: The Prince's Heart
Wow....I loved this story!Finaly, a story thats not all about Severus being all alone without lily and blah blah blah.Not that i don't like that kind of story, but this story was better.at first it was the story we all know and loved and soon it turned AU and for a second i was like "What?"But then I figuered it out. Anyways, great story!

Author's Response: I believe your "blah, blah" is canon. Luckily, I have invented my own canon long ago where Harry does not exist and Lily Jr does.;) Though I have done my share of flangst, I

Name: CowGirlHPFan (Signed) · Date: 05/28/08 15:37 · For: The Prince's Heart

Author's Response: :D=Sammy

Name: shewolf2000 (Signed) · Date: 05/28/08 13:39 · For: The Prince's Heart
This is SO GOOD!!!! And you really had me going there, Sammy; I thought it was Harry telling the story at first. Then I went back and read it again to pick out the subtleties, like Sev criticising the sleeping potion (hello, Anna, potions master), and how he says "he regrets to this very day and will for the rest of his life", which is not something you would say if your protagonist were dead. And how he referred to Lupin as a beast, which is something Harry would never do, but Severus certainly would. *drifts briefly into Lupin-loving Land, but then returns to the story and review* Anyway, the whole thing was brilliant. I love how the story starts out as the classic canon story we all know and love but then slowly branches into AU and we can't tell if that's the real story or the storyteller's imagination. And then we find out. And then we say, "Oh, well, duh! That explains the AU warning and the DH Spoilers with a Book 7 Disregarded warnings too." And then we leave a lovely review in which we briefly forget what we are writing as we drift into fan-girling. Or maybe we don't. That might just be me. :) Great job! - Anna

Author's Response: Anna love! *tacklehugs* I'm so glad you like this story. And I like your reaction far more then a structured review.;) The funny thing is, I never set out to make it look like Harry and Lily but I guess Sev and his subtilities must have gotten the better of me.;) And please, do go into full out fangirling mode, I on the other hand, Sev girl.:) *hugs*=Sammy

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