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Name: Leah_Lovegood (Signed) · Date: 06/28/08 11:56 · For: Dumbledore's Announcement
Wow, did you make up that sorting hat song? I don't remember it! If you did, that's pretty epicly awesome!

Author's Response: Indeed I did create the Sorting Hat's song. It's inspired by those in GoF and OotP, but the words are entirely mine. Thanks for the compliment!

Name: e of pi (Signed) · Date: 06/24/08 19:58 · For: A Bad Dream
I've been reading fanfics on this site for a while. Today, wanting to finally provide feedback for this series lead me to sign up. Your fic is among the better ones I've read--your Neville is believably alligned with the one we knew in the books, while the alternate universe aspect is keeping this interesting. The small changes are making this a really fun read, and I'm always awaiting the next chapter--something very few fics lead me to do. Excellent work.

Author's Response: Wow, thank you very much, and I'm glad I was able to bring you in to MNFF. I hope you find many great fics to read and review here; there's some fantastic stuff to be found. And hopefully you will continue to enjoy the rest of this series. Oh, and I love your username, by the way!

Name: Leah_Lovegood (Signed) · Date: 06/20/08 11:19 · For: The Cup Final
Wow, that was really really exciting! I love what you did with Krum! Great chapter!

Author's Response: I like Krum. He's an action character, which is always good, plus he doesn't say a lot so I don't have to write too many lines for him! And he's got that very distinctive voice when he does speak, which helps.

Name: Kif (Signed) · Date: 06/20/08 9:35 · For: The Cup Final
Very nice chapter! So, Crouch was actually watching the match this time. Hmmmm. Very interesting descriptions during the actual match too, very well done.

Author's Response: Thanks! This chapter was tough to write as it's basically a long line of introductions (Cedric, Amos, Bagman, Crouch, Krum and not forgetting Winky). I did enjoy writing the match though, so glad you liked it.

Name: cocain (Signed) · Date: 06/19/08 16:34 · For: Neville at the Burrow
cool story

Author's Response: Thanks!

Name: The Patornus (Signed) · Date: 06/18/08 10:24 · For: Neville at the Burrow
I liked the story! When is the next chapter going to be poseted?

Author's Response: The next chapter is in the queue, so will be posted when the mods get to it (assuming it's not rejected!)

Name: Leah_Lovegood (Signed) · Date: 06/17/08 19:20 · For: Neville at the Burrow
Great chapter! What about "Magical Mischeif" products as a company name?

Author's Response: Thank you, and thanks for the suggestion. I haven't decided on the name yet, but I've got plenty of time. I shouldn't need it until OotP.

Name: blueturtleboy (Signed) · Date: 06/15/08 13:26 · For: A Bad Dream
please please please keep ginny with harry i hate anything other than harry/ginny lol

Author's Response: All I'll say without giving anything away is, there's a very long way to go in the story, and it's very early to say who will end up with whom at the end of Book 7. :)

Name: Frogdog (Signed) · Date: 06/15/08 12:40 · For: Neville at the Burrow
These have been the favorite stories that I have read. I love how you keep all the characters consistent with their original personalities but shuffle Neville and Harry and the characters in the plot just enough to keep it original. Keep up the great work!!

How about Marauders' Magnificent Mementos??

Author's Response: Thanks for the suggestion, and I'm glad you're enjoying the story so far! Keep reading!

Name: Kif (Signed) · Date: 06/15/08 7:48 · For: Neville at the Burrow
Nice chapter, I'm looking forward to seeing how your pull off the world cup! Ginny really is confusing at this point. :D

Author's Response: The World Cup and its aftermath make up the next chapter. Ginny is meant to be confusing, expecially to Neville. Neville doesn't understand a lot of things, and girls are one of them. So the confusion is an effect of sticking to Neville's point of view.

Name: jediprankster (Signed) · Date: 06/15/08 0:46 · For: Neville at the Burrow
How about 'Mischief Makers' or 'Mischief Outfitters'? I really like the way you've crafted this story so far, and I can't wait to see what you have in store for year four. I've watched your writing slowly, but steadily improve over the course of the first three stories, and I'm pleased to see that it has continued to do so. I am curious about one thing (though I'll have to just wait and see won't I?). It appears in this chapter that Ginny may have feelings for Harry in you story too. And it would also appear that she very quickly got over the crush she had on Neville and was able to go back to pining away for Harry to notice her. Maybe I'm wrong, but maybe I'm right. Love the story so far.

Author's Response: Thanks for your suggestions! I'm glad you picked up on Ginny. Her story is really important to GoF (and parts of OotP). What exactly her feelings were and are towards Harry (and Neville) will be explained over the course of this fic, but slowly as the story is told from Neville's point of view and he's not very good at spotting what's directly in front of his face! Expect some surprises along the way.

Name: NorthernLights (Signed) · Date: 06/05/08 8:57 · For: A Bad Dream
Hmm...the real Moody. I'd say this will be a bit of a twist from the original books. This will be quite interesting to read.

This was one of my favorite chapters in the books, I always loved the way she started out the fourth book at Riddle's old home. I think you did a great job with this!

Author's Response: Moody has a different and important part to play in this story, which you'll find out in chapter 5 when you properly meet him. "The Riddle House" happens to be one of my favourite chapters as well. Rowling is brilliant at opening chapters and I think this was her best. I deliberately trimmed it back to the essentials here because to try and ape the original too much would have been impossible and redundant.

Name: Kif (Signed) · Date: 06/05/08 5:36 · For: A Bad Dream
Great start to the longer and darker books! I love Gran's character, nagging and worrying about Neville's supervision. I laughed quite a bit at this part -

"Hermione, Harry and Ron had all sent him books for his birthday. He had the feeling they were trying to tell him something."

Author's Response: Thanks! I have this fic lasting about 20 chapters, though most of the ones written so far have been fairly short. I love Gran as well, and she should appear a bit more during the course of this story.

Name: Leah_Lovegood (Signed) · Date: 06/04/08 20:42 · For: A Bad Dream
YAAAAAAAAAY Can't wait for the rest of this!!!!!

Author's Response: It's on its way! I'm finishing up chapter 5 at the moment.

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