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Name: Leah_Lovegood (Signed) · Date: 10/19/08 12:48 · For: Neville's Ball
HOORAY FOR CANON PAIRINGS! I'm glad about that. Now I'm excited to see who Neville will end up with! I really liked Ginny in this. In the books, we don't really get to see much of her personality until the fifth book.

Author's Response: Well, I should warn you there's still a few twists to come, and Harry is still completely oblivious to Ginny (like canon, he won't develop any feelings for her until HBP). Eventually, canon pairings will (mostly) be retained, but we've a long way to go yet. That's all I'll say for now.

Name: Leah_Lovegood (Signed) · Date: 09/20/08 8:06 · For: Other People's Feelings
Awwwwwwww poor Neville! I totally get how he feels, especially about relationships! It's really really difficult to figure that stuff out! And do I sense some non-canon shipping? This looks like it'll get interesting...
Oh, and I desperately desperately desperately want to know more about Harry! His character in this fic is really interesting because we really don't know him like we know him in the books!

Author's Response: My theory about the difference between Harry and Neville when it comes to romance: Harry is a hopeless romantic, Neville is just hopeless :) There had to be some non-canon shipping, yes, because in canon Neville doesn't seem to go out with anyone throughout his school days, and I could hardly have that in these storys! I apologise for the lack of Harry, he has seemed to drift into the background a bit in my GoF so far. You will learn more about him in the second half of this fic, I promise, and he should be a much more prominent character in OotP.

Name: NorthernLights (Signed) · Date: 09/19/08 15:59 · For: Other People's Feelings
Oh dear...I thought this might turn out okay for Neville until I heard the "and then there's Harry..." part. I'm sensing this Yule Ball may make some rough feelings.

And poor Harry when the egg shrieked! I felt so bad, but he always seems to bounce back quickly.

I loved how you made Hermione really mysterious in this chapter. It kind of seemed like Viktor wasn't the one she wanted to be asked by, but maybe that's just me and my mind that's still focused on the canon of the books.

Nice chapter and I can't wait until you post again!

Author's Response: It wouldn't be the Yule Ball without some big arguments now, would it? :) It was Ron Hermione wanted to be asked by, but she wouldn't admit that to Neville. The Hermione, Viktor and Ron story is not going to be changed all that much. In general, the further a storyline gets from Neville, the less I'm prepared to meddle with it. Harry's reaction to the egg mirrors Neville's from canon, but in what I tried to make a Harry-like way. In many ways he's stronger than Neville, but more emotional. I can't post again until they re-open the queue, but it should give me a chance to get ahead with my writing. "Neville's Ball" is proving a tough chapter.

Name: Kif (Signed) · Date: 09/18/08 12:39 · For: Other People's Feelings
Great chapter! It's very good to finally learn (albeit only by hints) more of Harry's background and the whole Ron / Hermione and (now this is where I'm really confused) Harry, Ginny and Neville. Harry's reaction and Neville's confusion / worrying at the end where brilliantly done. Thanks!

Author's Response: Of course, you're meant to be confused about Harry, Ginny and Neville, because that's what Neville is! The point I wanted to get across in this chapter is that Neville, not be a very outgoing boy, has basically been walking around oblivious to other people's feelings (hence the chapter title) that are clear to everyone else. If this story was written from, say, Hermione's perspective then you would be far less confused. But that really is the challenge of writing a Neville-centered story. Things should become a lot clearer at the Yule Ball next chapter, when the fur really starts to fly...

Name: Roonil_Wazlib125 (Signed) · Date: 08/27/08 17:22 · For: The Dragons
Awesome fanfic!!! My inspiration for my new AU fanfic!!! Keep up the good work!! :D

Author's Response: Thanks! I look forward to reading what you write.

Name: NorthernLights (Signed) · Date: 08/23/08 12:08 · For: The Dragons
Okay, let's try this again. The first time I wrote this, it wouldn't go through.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I am an avid fan on this. It's the only one I read on this site. But, for some reason, I haven't been getting e-mails for this, to alert me when you've updated. So, today I checked and found 8 new chapters (as I had already read chapter 1). And I must say, this is as good - if not better - that your previous Neville Longbottom stories.

First, I love how you're writing this. Fred, especially, was one of my favorite characters and you have his personality right on. Also, I love how you're writing Cedric, another of my favorites (as you can tell, I seem to like characters that have terrible futures :( but what can I say?).

I really like how you described the Burrow in chapter 2. I seemed very realistic. And chapter 3's death eater scene was very well written. Also, Moody's warning about Snape made me smile. Nice job!

Also, I think I'm getting the vibe that Ginny may have developed a slight crush on Harry - just from the comment she made to Neville in Chapter 2 about him (as well as her brothers) never paying any attention to her. Is that what you're going for, or is it just my imagination going wild?

Also, I love how Neville's friendship with Ginny is just as strong as it is in the books. Neville needs all the help he can get. And I like how Sirius is back and helping Neville a little more this time instead of making him feel bad by saying 'Harry this' and 'Harry that'.

Overall, I think this is really good and I can't wait to read the next chapter. I'm hooked!

Author's Response: Thanks for the big review, and I'm glad you found the fic again. It's a shame you haven't been getting emails, I don't know why that should be. I suggest reapplying for them in case the system lost you for some reason.

Fred is one of the toughest characters for me to write, as I'm not naturally funny, so I'm pleased you like him. Moody's warning about Snape is actually more serious, as you'll find out later. Moody knows more about Snape than you might think.

As for Neville, Ginny and Harry, well I've just submitted the "Unexpected Task" equivalent chapter, in which you'll learn more, and it's a big storyline going into the second half of the fic, which I now must get to writing! Thanks for your support!

Name: Kif (Signed) · Date: 08/18/08 12:22 · For: A Bad Dream
That is the best chapter you've ever written - and that is saying something, I've liked all of what you've written. Brilliant job! Characters as always seem very right. A lot happened in this chapter - I thank you! Great job.

Author's Response: Wow, thank you! I wasn't sure about this chapter - action scenes are always tough to get right, and it's difficult to know how they'll come across, so it's great to have you praise it so highly (personally, my favourite remains 'The Dirty Rat' from PoA). The key for me was realising Neville couldn't possibly beat the dragon on his own, and the 'mysterious helper' played straight into the plot, so the whole scene fell into place.

I'm afraid the next chapter (covering 'The Unexpected Task' storyline) will be delayed a bit as for the first time I've rather got behind on my writing. I blame the Olympics - if you hadn't noticed, Britain is doing rather well, and I've been distracted watching! Apologies, and I will try to get it up asap

Name: Kif (Signed) · Date: 08/13/08 6:18 · For: Professor Moody's Plan
Nice chapter! Glad Sirius is back and his usual confident self. It was a very good chapter - nice and long and detailed. When Moody said his "Cheat like crazy" line, I laughed quite bit! Looking forward to "The Dragons"!

Author's Response: I had to find some way to bring Sirius back, and this seemed ideal. Moody is a no-nonsense kind of guy, he'll say it like it is and there's no point in half-cheating as far as he's concerned! He'll do anything he can get away with to help Neville. I hope "The Dragons" comes across as plausible with Neville's character, that was the biggest challenge.

Name: Maga Fan (Signed) · Date: 08/12/08 14:29 · For: Professor Moody's Plan
Dear Author of Neville Longbottom,
I liked this story! Also why did you make Neville, having the Holly and Phoenix Feather wand, insted of another wand? Also when are the next chapter's going to be posted?

Maga Fan

Author's Response: Neville needs the brother wand to Voldemort because of what happens at the end of GoF. That's got to stay in or there's no reason for Voldemort to go after the Elder Wand in DH (I've got to think that far ahead) and I can't write a DH without the Elder Wand, that would be impossible (though I intend to take a somewhat different plot line with it). The next chapter (which covers the First Task) went in the queue yesterday (Monday). It usually takes either one or two weeks to validate, depending how busy the mods are.

Name: Pottergirl (Signed) · Date: 08/10/08 20:26 · For: The Cup Final
*squeeeee* EDWARD!!!!! er, I mean CEDRIC!!!! lmao, wrong franchise 10/10

Author's Response: Ah, a Robert Pattinson fan, I see :) Cedric's tough to write for, I hope I can get him right.

Name: The Patornus (Signed) · Date: 08/01/08 19:18 · For: The Fourth Parchment
I like this story! I read it alot of times! When is the next chapter and beyond going to be poseted?

Author's Response: Thank you! The next chapter is in the queue (it's been there just over a week now). Usually each chapter gets validated after about 1-2 weeks, and I try to keep ahead of the game in my writing, although it's slipped a bit recently and I've only just finished chapter 10. Chapter 11 is looking daunting (it covers the Yule Ball), so I'd better get on with it!

Name: Malfoy_Star92 (Signed) · Date: 07/27/08 15:18 · For: Neville at the Burrow
Are Harry's parents alive?

Author's Response: That is a very good question :) What I mean is, that hasn't been revealed yet for sure either way, though it will eventually. The most I've yet revealed about them was in PoA, chapter 2, if you want to make your own guesses from that. Like canon, I try to keep some surprises and mysteries along the way.

Name: Leah_Lovegood (Signed) · Date: 07/27/08 12:40 · For: The Fourth Parchment
Aw, Neville! At least he can rely on Moody. I really like him in this story.

Author's Response: I've always liked Moody, so much so that I remember being very annoyed when he turned out to be Crouch Jr when I first read GoF (plus I didn't see it coming!), so it's great to write the real Moody into the Triwizard Tournament and make him a hero (of sorts). He'll become invaluable to Neville, as you'll see in the next chapter.

Name: Kif (Signed) · Date: 07/27/08 3:54 · For: The Fourth Parchment
Your characters are brilliantly done. Gran sounds exactly as I would expect her to, Dumbledore too, Mood - you've done a brilliant job on Moody. His relationship with Neville is very different t othat of Harry - I really like where that is going. Oh and of course Harry supporting Neville - seems like a Harry thing to do. I had actually expected him to abandon him Ron-style - glad I wasn't right! :D

Great chapter - I look forward to more!

Author's Response: Harry is very loyal to his friends - he'll always stand up for them. I couldn't imagine him "doing a Ron". Besides, unlike Harry, it's very difficult for anybody who really knows Neville to imagine he'd put his name in the Goblet. It's simply the opposite of his character. That's why all his friends stick by him. Glad you like Moody - more with him next chapter, plus Rita Skeeter and a surprise returning character.

Name: Kif (Signed) · Date: 07/21/08 5:22 · For: The Carriage and the Ship
Nice chapter - Harry seems to have picked up some of Ron's traits, such as his Krum fandom. :D

Oooh if only Neville knew what was coming his way - perhaps his new found confidence in himself will help. :D

Good job and looking forward to the next one (as always).

Author's Response: Actually, the main reason I gave Neville some new-found confidence was that I knew what was coming and it was the only way for him to get through it. Neville doesn't know it, but this chapter marks a last high point for him until HBP, by my reckoning. He needs to carry something into that time. Starting with the next chapter, "The Fourth Parchment", the trouble begins...

Name: Kif (Signed) · Date: 07/12/08 7:15 · For: A Bad Dream
Nice chapter, it would seem that the cruciatus has something to do with James and Lily - or at least... so it seems. Can't wait for the next one, I like that Moody is keeping an eye on Neville.

Author's Response: I like leaving little clues to see if readers spot them... I want Moody in this fic to be what Sirius couldn't be in the last one (and Remus was to Harry in canon): someone with a stong connection to Neville's parents and who would fight his corner on their behalf. I intend to expand on that in later chapters.

Name: Leah_Lovegood (Signed) · Date: 07/09/08 12:05 · For: The Paranoid Auror
Ooooh...I like Moody. Even if he is Crouch, which I'm not going to assume ;). I think the things that make this story awesome are the subtle nuances that make it yours, even when they're as small as a snake instead of a spider. A lot of people might not bother with stuff like that.

Author's Response: Moody is definitely NOT Crouch. I mentioned that at the end of chapter one, and if you'll notice in this chapter he offers Neville a swig from his hip flask. I put that in just to prove he didn't have any Polyjuice Potion in there! Who is Crouch then, or is he anyone at all? I'll leave that for you to figure out :)

Name: e of pi (Signed) · Date: 06/29/08 13:44 · For: Dumbledore's Announcement
Another excellent chapter. Thanks for the comment about my username, it originated on a Star Trek board I hand out on as a completely irrational Borg designation. Out of curiosity, is there any way (ala. fanfiction.net) to set up email notification of new chapters?

Author's Response: Ha! An 'irrational' designation! I like it, it appeals to my mathematical sense of humour. There's an option under 'edit preferences' (from the 'account info' menu) which you can select to receive email notifications, although I've never used it myself.

Name: TedLupin32 (Signed) · Date: 06/29/08 11:54 · For: Dumbledore's Announcement
Great Chapter! The thestral bit is classic Neville.

Author's Response: I wanted to show that for all his new-found confidence and drive, Neville is still Neville. Plus it's better for the story if he doesn't find out about thestrals till OotP.

Name: Kif (Signed) · Date: 06/28/08 14:20 · For: A Bad Dream
I'm sure Neville will find his year as interesting as he hopes... if not more so. :D

Nice chapter - The Marrauders seem very distant from Neville, Hermy and of course Ginny. Hermione wants an owl from Ron, interesting- possibily hinting at something? :D

Author's Response: Neville will certainly find this year far more interesting than he hopes (or fears)... The Marauders have got their own thing going now. They're certainly very much still friends with Neville and Hermione, but they're spending a lot more time as a unit now. Well done for spotting Hermione's comment; I thought it was about time I threw a little hint that way.

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