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Name: baozhenwei (Signed) · Date: 08/05/16 22:42 · For: He'd Been Fantasizing
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Name: bdminniehearts3 (Signed) · Date: 12/07/10 13:06 · For: He'd Been Fantasizing
please continu. good so far.

Name: Aurette (Signed) · Date: 09/26/10 11:00 · For: He'd Been Fantasizing
This story is being reported as Plagiarism. To be inspired by someone's work is flattering. To take it and baldly post it as your own? That's just sad.

Do the right thing here, and pull this. You've been caught, fess up and clear your conscience.

Name: Keladry Lupin (Signed) · Date: 09/25/10 23:29 · For: He'd Been Fantasizing
Please, oh please review! It'll make me so happy!


Happy now?

This fic was written and posted at another archive in 2007, and it's complete where it belongs: under the real author's name. You, khaelmohrdan, owe SnarkyWench an apology.

Name: Bambu (Signed) · Date: 09/25/10 21:02 · For: He'd Been Fantasizing
Had you even bothered to change the title, or any of the significant phrasing in this story you might have escaped detection. I know for a fact you've stolen this piece -- word for word -- from SnarkyWench. I am her beta, and I beta'd this story in 2008! I find it amazing you could accept the accolades and praise of people for a story you had NOTHING to do with -- not the idea, the concept, the ability to write the words in such insightful and heartwarming ways. You sleep at night basking in praise that doesn't belong to you. The best part of that is you KNOW you don't deserve it. You owe this archive, the readers, and most especially SnarkyWench apologies ... groveling wouldn't be amiss. Try it; it might heal your soul.

Name: mintjujubes (Signed) · Date: 09/24/10 5:55 · For: He'd Been Fantasizing
i know for a fact that this isn't your story! you're a fraud! how dare you!

Name: the opaleye (Signed) · Date: 02/17/10 4:00 · For: He'd Been Fantasizing
This story has so much promise and I would love to read more but you seem to have abandoned it! I really urge you to submit more to this story. There are still people out here who want to read it!!!

Name: the_scribbler (Signed) · Date: 10/14/09 16:37 · For: He'd Been Fantasizing
Fun story! I read it slowly and enjoyed every bit of it. I hope that you write a follow-up chapter to this...it would be great to see what Hermione's TRUE reaction to his request would be :)



Name: caracat (Signed) · Date: 01/20/09 5:38 · For: He'd Been Fantasizing
This is an intriguing first chapter. Please don't tell me it's been abandoned...

Name: Menie7 (Signed) · Date: 12/25/08 22:40 · For: He'd Been Fantasizing
its reallllllyy good and i can't wait for you to write more. im so intrigued!!! i need to kno wuts gonna happennn!! soon!!!! plz go on

Name: NickyJaii (Signed) · Date: 09/14/08 15:40 · For: He'd Been Fantasizing
I am actually begging you here !!!! write more chapters!!!!!!!! plz plz plz plz plz this is actually sooo good in all the right wayz!!!

Name: harmonyandzelink546 (Signed) · Date: 08/19/08 13:05 · For: He'd Been Fantasizing

Name: Cibbler (Signed) · Date: 06/27/08 9:34 · For: He'd Been Fantasizing
This looks good. Can't wait for Harry to really ask Hermione;) I hope to see this continued.

Name: littlepetunia (Signed) · Date: 06/20/08 11:28 · For: He'd Been Fantasizing
I love your story. Very well done. I can't wait for the update.

Name: jean84 (Signed) · Date: 06/09/08 19:12 · For: He'd Been Fantasizing
very good. what happens next?

Name: playgirlplay (Signed) · Date: 06/06/08 0:56 · For: He'd Been Fantasizing

Name: Kiryn (Signed) · Date: 05/26/08 18:14 · For: He'd Been Fantasizing
Very well written. It will interesting to see what happens next.

Name: shadowauror (Signed) · Date: 05/24/08 21:19 · For: He'd Been Fantasizing
Very well written. Looking forward to the next chapter! Definitely want to know what happens next.

Name: Cerberus_Omega1993 (Signed) · Date: 05/24/08 10:03 · For: He'd Been Fantasizing
That was so funny!!!

I really liked, especially because it was long...

I hope you update soon!!

See ya ;)

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