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Reviews For The Midnight Watch

Name: Mr Faber (Signed) · Date: 08/14/13 17:38 · For: Bonds
I loved your story here, and I absolutely love your writing! I was wondering if you write anything besides fan fiction, because if you don't, you should seriously consider it! The best to you.

Author's Response: I have three partial novels and the start of a script. :D Thank you for being so encouraging!

Name: h_vic (Signed) · Date: 01/25/11 11:22 · For: Nadia
That makes sense then about the residual volcanic sands from ancient activity. Pern is a little like HP for me in that it's my old, familiar, go-to for comfort reading. And I totally agree that being old-fashioned about vampires being vulnerable during the day is a very good thing.

It was lovely to see things from Nadia's perspective in this chapter - I feel like I'm starting to really get to know her, which is impressive. You've done a really good job of sketching her out very well in not many words yet. She intrigues me because she isn't necessarily what I'd expect from a vampire, particularly with her very progressive relationship with her house elf. I'm assuming, being a vampire, that she's from a bygone era, and yet she has a level of respect for Costi that is rare even amongst modern wizards, and I find that interesting.

I'm really enjoying the sexual tension that's brewing between her and Charlie, and I really like too that there doesn't seem to be the power imbalance between them that is so common in vampire stories. She's as intrigued by and as attracted to him as he is to her. There's not that sense of the so-much-older-and-so-much-more-knowing vampire manipulating the human who is drawn in by her vampiric magnetism. It seems much more a meeting of equals, albeit from separate worlds, who have a professional respect for each other and a very much mutual attraction.

I love too that you seem to be setting up plenty of plot as well as romance: both the fleeting reference to the 'Council' and the elusive scale (and the significance Nadia seems to attach to that) have really piqued my interest now.

I'm so glad I started reading this story, Paige!


Author's Response:

I think it's fan-bloody-tastic that you're reading, Hannah, and that you like Nadia! If she wasn't vulnerable during the day, (we won't mention sparkling, heh) I could see life, as she knows it, becoming wearisome, instead of something to be lived to the fullest. She's been a vampire for fifty years, spending most of that time at the reserve, so she's as single-minded as Charlie about dragons, and you put it perfectly, they have professional respect and mutual attraction.

Thank you for picking up the foreshadowing, and when you meet the council, you'll know why Nadia is lucky to stay away from them. :)

Name: h_vic (Signed) · Date: 01/22/11 2:40 · For: Charlie
I'm really intrigued by this as the start to a story, Paige.

I always think Charlie's a really underutilised character. Something about him makes him one of the most interesting of the Weasleys for me (perhaps it's just that he's the most mysterious), and your characterisation of him here as very much an outdoors type with a strong sense of curiosity suits him.

I completely took the dragon-lore for granted that they'd sleep in caves warmed by volcanic sands, and it was only when I got to the end and saw your author's note with its nod to the Pern series that I realised why that felt so familiar and fitting.

The only thing is though, I'm not sure Romania actually has any significant volcanic activity. I may be wrong but I thought Italy was the only European country with any active volcanoes.

Romania is such a fitting location for a vampire story, and I love that you've taken a traditional folkloric take on vampires that reminded me more of Dracula than of any of the more modern twists on vampires. It was very refreshing and suits the setting perfectly.

There's very little fanfic that I've found that really draws on the fantasy elements of HP, so I find myself with high hopes that this story will be something very novel with its combination of vampires and dragons.


Author's Response:

Yay! A fellow Pern lover! I'm not saying Romania has had recent volcanic activity. The research I've done says it's been 10,000 years, and the volcanic deposits are located in the Northern part of the Eastern Carpathian mountains. That's why I think Jo put the dragon centre there, it's remote, there are caves, and wizards can warm the volcanic sands (even if they have to conjure them first. :D).

I'm an old fashioned, vampires should be vulnerable during day, writer, so I'm looking forward to your feedback!


Name: welshdevondragon (Signed) · Date: 01/21/11 22:23 · For: Charlie
Thank you so much for telling me to read this! It was really beautiful the way Nadia and Charlie got closer. I've always liked Charlie but never really any of the women he gets paired with But I like Nadia. It fits in with canon really well- this is Harry's first year isn't it? I loved the author's notes and the detail of the folklore you used. I also liked the references to the gypsies and the communists. Have you read "The Historian"? That book made me want to travel round Eastern Europe, and your story has just confirmed that desire. I'm sorry this review is not very incisive- I just wanted to say how much I loved your characterisation. And I liked Emil- for a character who has relatively little space you made him very realistic, as you did with all the characters working with the Dragons. Thank you for a great story : )

Author's Response:

Thank you so much for taking the suggestion! :D Yes, it's set Harry's first year, and no, I haven't read The Historian, but if it'll make me feel like travelling . . . ;) I'm so happy you liked  Emil! He's a bit Snape-ish (although he's only related to the Prince side of the family, heh) which is probably why I have a soft spot for him.

Thanks again for reading!

Name: Seer_Witch (Signed) · Date: 03/08/10 22:39 · For: Bonds
Ahh, the scrumminess of kissing freckles...Who does that coughdracoandginnycough remind me of...?
Also, a bit of Luna's fascination with Wesley Roberts's dimples:) Part of why I fell for him! It's always a bit more traumatic to fall for, not only a fictional character, but a fanfictional character. This is why I call myself pathetic and go to therapy twice a week.
Nah, I don't go to therapy.

Ah, how brothers know that right (:

Haahah how easy men are to persuade!

Charlie's got a way with hounds! I find it charming ; Don't eat me, Nadia! Heheheh more self-amusment!

AHAHa. Ready to celebrate. I look forward to that!

Oh dear! I'm surprised at you! No fluffy epilogue? Oh, well. Their adventure was over, though I'll never be through. Six thumbs up, my dear, out of the 2 thumbs I possess! I love Charlie and Nadia's story, and hate to see age part them. But vampires shall be vampires...tragically. I so enjoyed following the story of Charlie and Nadia! Thank you, thank you, for such a beautiful ending to a magical tale. :)

This was...amazing. In my head...he's always young, too ;D

Tonight, I intend to finish everything you have, whether it takes me till 12 or till 6. For I do not, after all, have testing in the morning ;)

Author's Response:

Weasley freckles invite kissing (lucky wizards and witches). :D

Fictional characters make you recognize things you like, which you then appreciate more when encountered in real life. And if you ever look at a guy and think "Why can't you be like (insert character name here)" you can instantly answer yourself with "Because so-and-so is a work of fiction" and give the guy a break, lol.

Age won't part them. I didn't put it into the story in case some readers like the thought of a future angsty parting, heh, but in the author note I'm sure I put that I saw Charlie becoming Nadia's human companion. He won't have vampire powers, but he also won't age or have to avoid the sunlight. Dragon keepers eternally in love . . . I wonder how the family will take the news. :D

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Yay for no more testing! 


Name: Seer_Witch (Signed) · Date: 03/08/10 22:00 · For: Betrayal
How'd the Healer know that it was Nadia?

Hooray for knowing what Draco dormiens nunquam titalandus means!

What is a jumper, anyways? It's everywhere in these HP fics...I know it's an item of clothing, but what exactly is this unisex item of clothing? (P.S.: Google, for once, provided nothing by way of images.)

For me, it's been not awhile, but a day:)

I'm excited for this BANG ending!! Also, couldn't find Ogre Ogre at my local library. Know where they might sell it? Does Borders have a website?

YES! Today was the last standardized test I have to take in my LIFE!! Till sophomore year, but I mean this kind. The ones you get from 3 to 8 grade. Sophomore year's the one you need in order to pass high school, so it's different, but this excites me mucho amounts!!

Author's Response:

Nadia's the one on midnight watch, so she and the Healer go back as much as she and the centre director (and his suspicious wife).

A jumper's a sweater. You'd find it on UK clothing site, and I use the term like British spelling to give the sense that the characters are British. I had a reader (on another site) get all upset that I'd written sweater, saying it jarred her out of the story and "ruined" it. I, of course, fixed it, apologized that one Americanism upset her so much, stuck a pin in my imaginary bad reader voodoo doll, :D, and somehow went on with life.

Yay for you passing the hurdle of standardized tests! I hope you celebrated. :)

Name: Seer_Witch (Signed) · Date: 03/08/10 21:20 · For: Blood
Sigh. So sad that Emil exhibits the prejudices that I knew must come up somewhere. This is why I'm not overly-mad at him.

So what exactly was the point of Emil's slitting? To see how bad he could make Nadia suffer? So rude; he doesn't know her at all. Now I'm working to make myself not hate him. I am, however, quite proud of my little Nadia-la!

So anyways, how'd Emil know? Didn't think Charlie could snag someone that hot? ;) Sure she's cold, but some people are like that; hardly a deciding factor.
Yay she hates human blood! :D

Hahaha. She doesn't get fine distinctions, and it's so innocent that it's funny. Such as that "chest" isn't shirt...

Compare perfect....;D

Ooh-ooh-ooooooh....KILLER TOFU!

Never heard that before? Then nevermind! My dad used to say it all the time, but I've not idea where it's from...

Author's Response:

I've heard that song before. It's by a group called The Beets. I always liked the thought of tofu killing, but it's actually meant in a surfer dude "killer" way, heh.

Emil thought Nadia would attack at the sight of blood, but she didn't, which puzzled him as much as the gash not healing. :D

Name: Seer_Witch (Signed) · Date: 03/08/10 20:26 · For: Quandries
Aww I don't like quandaries, they make life so complicated...:(

"We could have drunk poison!"
"We didn't."

What is Emil's problem? Why's he so up in it? Can't he just be like, "Dude, thanks for getting rid of my gnarly hangover--let's go check out the Horntail?" No?

AHahha. She needs to remove. Hahahhah.

I felt the need to gasp loudly at the end.

Bloody good, m'dear, very good ;)

Author's Response:

Emil's problem is he's a Romanian version of Snape, hehheh. "Dude" is not in his vocabulary.

Yay for gasping!

Name: Seer_Witch (Signed) · Date: 03/08/10 19:55 · For: Dragons
Ooh ooh ooh! I so await "another night!"

That's so great that even drunk!Charlie can save his friends. Admirable trait, I must say.

I like that none of your characters like to seduce drunken others; very admirable trait in them all, I must say. In some, such as Draco, it is merely due to the woman, not who they are; others, like Remus, do it because it is who they are. Either way, I wish that everyone was like that. For instance, Evan Rosier is not one that I would desire as a boyfriend, and not just because he's evil, but because he would most likely rape me in my drunken stupor.

Oh my god he's like me! I always yawn while I'm saying how un-tired I am! :) I like when Nadia tells him of a vampire's life. It fills me in, too. Ooooh pleaaseee let them try the blood thing? Pleeassseee?

I liked this chapters lots. I always do when the main focus is them.

Author's Response:

Thank you! Charlie's an admirable guy. :D Evan isn't evil, he's just Slytherin to relationship-unhealthy levels, heh. You need to learn to yawn through your nose so you can say you're not tired and have people think you mean it. ;)

Name: Seer_Witch (Signed) · Date: 03/07/10 22:03 · For: Friends
Why the big gap?

HAhaha. "Itching to see if her dress has a zipper." Hahahha! Hot creamy skin!

"Charlie make love to me." Uhm what? So whose thought was that. o_O

I don't get why people like cold showers. They're shiver-making and I don't like them!

Everyone has winter depression!:) I think it's more like Lackofsunaphobia. It have UV rays or something that lightens your mood; they use it in sadlights, which I know from experience work...It made me giddy and simultaneously kept me awake for the following hours until about seven in the morning..not good when you've got to go skiing the next day!!

Hahah! He doesn't know Snape was a Prince(:See? They aren't all bad! Some prejudices...sigh.
Hahah Oliver...I love the Brits with all my heart!

Author's Response: Brits do have a charm, even when they're would-be womanizers...or maybe especially, because it would be hard to get the girls if a guy lacked charm, lol. Cold showers are very effective at cooling heated skin--and thoughts! I agree with you about lacking sun. How did you do skiing? Ski very slowly? Fall asleep on the way there/home?

Name: Seer_Witch (Signed) · Date: 03/07/10 21:30 · For: Gatherings
HAha no worries; I had no expectations of her virginity, allegedly sexy and a century old as she is.

Why can't she afford to love Charlie? What a shame. Such is the life of a vampire:(

HAhaha yeah she doesn't wnat to kiss him awake. Noo. Nooooo. Of course!

Oh my god they kissed! I gasped. It was more of an adorable moment than a happy-dance time. Oohhhkayyy. So I just happy danced, too. It worked:)

Ahaha I love the distinctions she makes: Cold, vampire....woman ;)

Human companion?! That's so....wrong. I'm disturbed. Utterly, utterly wrong. Roar.

I hate Alexandru. He's mean and awful, I don't like his diet (well, duh) or how he treats people; I don't like his aversion to monogamy, and I don't like him! He's rude and unsympathetic, and I don't like him at all! But I think that was your goal, so....success:)

Yet soon Nadia will realise that if not for her father taking things from her, she would not have new blessings: A red-haired sex god, for one. I know they'll have to part in the end, unless of course she turns him (That's why, on JKR's site, Charlie is listed as unmarried. Who'd admit they married a vampire?) I love how what'shisface admits that he doesn't even like her. Hahaha.

What does Catrinca have to do with incest? She isn't--ugh--she isn't Nadia's mum, too? Gross. Filthy leeches. :)

So her father's like, eating her? Bleck. Vampires are so gross! Or the way you have it, perhaps the word is engrossing. ;D Scrummy chap as always, babe! Love you!

So I hold a bit of the same beliefs as Alexandru, in a strange way. If you give someone fair warning, feel free to carry out, to an extent. I.e., on a smaller scale, if someone's annoying you, and you threaten to hit them next time you do it, if they do it again you have fair chance to hit them. HEhehe. Respect!

Licking blood from one another.. Ew. And wrong. No.
I love the smell of boys

Author's Response:

She thinks she can't love Charlie, but that doesn't mean she won't. :D

Human companion isn't a bad deal. You get the immortality without having to give up the daylight. Yeah, you donate a little blood here and there, but a lot of people do that for blood banks. :D 

Alexandru is self-centered, but he cares. You'll see. The incest is emotional. Alexandru thinks of Nadia as his "child" because he turned her, so in that way he's Catrinca's vampire "son." 

Name: Seer_Witch (Signed) · Date: 03/07/10 9:10 · For: Discoveries
Looks like Alex-wa was right about the wolfittywear!

I love their escalating relationship! This is getting so intense:)

Author's Response: They're both intense people, they've just never had a reason to channel some of that intensity into a personal relationship before. ;)

Name: Seer_Witch (Signed) · Date: 03/07/10 8:58 · For: Nadia
Oh I'm very glad that this isn't just a one shot! I haven't yet done with Charlie and his darling Nadia!

I was at first thinking it was a shame that she'd never die, meaning that the elf would serve for his life; but he'd do that anyway, travelling, and they supposedly like it anyway, so nevermind.

So I was thinking that if I couldn't feel cold, I'd be so stylish all year round. As it is, I'm already pretending it's summertime.

It's so difficult to be in a sensual relationship when they can hear your heartrate...sigh. -_-
*scholarly tone* Now Charlie, what did I tell you about dating vampires?

Animagus vampire, at that. Now that's in style! And c'mon, Nadia, fleeing temptation is just about impossible. Better to bring it along to keep you focused than go alone and have your thoughts clouded with daydreams!
Plus this makes Alex happy.

Hahah I love Nadia. She so amuses me :) Taking up woodcarving...or Charlie ;)
I feel as though having a relationship is about ten times easier when you've got someone who sounds sexy talking in different tongues. Latin, Romanian, French...I'm sure it helps. I think I'll have to marry someone who's bilingual.

Looks like Nadia knows a few tricks equivalent to Voldy, eh? Or is Moldyshorts taking lessons from a century-old 20 year old?

Ah. So it's a vampire or other magical being, I see. Perchance a werewolf? That really fits the description! Well, let me stop my speculating and see!

It seems foolish of Charlie to love a vampire, very dangerous...but I guess you can't help who you fall for, and Remus can attest to that!

Author's Response: Stylish all year round. You'd raise eyebrows, that's for sure! Good plan about marrying someone bilingual, although really all you need is a guy willing to learn a few phrases. ^_~

Name: Seer_Witch (Signed) · Date: 03/07/10 8:29 · For: Charlie
Blehehe so she's reading it because it's her and Harry? Very interesting..;)

Wait is Emil a girl that Charlie has the hots for? I'm kind of a failure at genders when it comes to strange names >.< Although "Emil" doesn't sound that foreign...

Oh right he likes Nadia :P Oh yummy more Bibliomancy!(:

Oh dear, he's so mean to a little cat, but I'd be lying if I didn't at first believe it was her as well.
Oh it appears she actually was the kitty!

Oh I"m so excited to uncover some mysterious and some scrummy romances!

Author's Response:

She's reading so she can pretend it's her and Harry. :D

Emil's a guy, Charlie's roommate, and Yay! for you uncovering romance!

Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 11/30/09 18:31 · For: Bonds
That was pretty cool. I liked that Charlie could hold his own in a duel, whether it was muggle or wizard dueling. For some reason I really liked that Emil was willing to be jealous for Charlie's sake when Nadia didn't tell the young hotel clerk that she had a boyfriend. I think it goes to loyalty which I'm a big fan of. I started to like Emil, although at first I wasn't sure. This was an odd story but I learned a lot--you do a good job of telling the story so that it sounds like the truth. I think it goes to your mad research skills. Wonderful story and I'll see you somewhere around this neighborhood soon.

Author's Response:

There are a lot of "frenemies" and fake friends in the world. Emil's a true pal to Charlie, snarky as he is at times. :D

Thank you so much for the lovely compliment! Stories should be true, the truth as the writer sees it, written to bring the reader in to share in that belief, at least for the duration of the story. ;) 

Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 11/30/09 14:46 · For: Betrayal
I thought it was very sweet that Charlie wouldn't let Emil wear Nadia's clothes. I was very impressed with Praslea and his skills. His comment that he met his wife at a dance and then he kidnapped her was very humorous:D Emil has certainly come a long way. He seems very intense as anyone with Prince blood is. Great chapter.

Author's Response:

*Siren goes off, confetti pours from the ceiling*

You have single-handedly propelled my review count to the 50 mark! Huzzah! I don't have champagne, so I'll have to toast you with a cup of tea...veddy good tea, Kalahari Cafe ChocoLatte Red Tea Cherry Vanilla. 

I might even make a batch of gingerbread men in your honor. :D

Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 11/30/09 9:51 · For: Blood
That Emil--thanks for reminding me he has some Prince blood in his background. I had forgotten. That explains a lot of his behavior. His academic interest, even though he sat there bleeding to death, in proving that Nadia was a vampire was funny in a way. He really reminded me of Severus right there. I hope they can figure out what's wrong with the dragoness. Although dangerous, they sound like rare and wonderous beings. And why does the sand keep feeling chilly? Ashamedly, I'll admit I saw "New Moon" three times:P My sister never did say how she liked it. My nephew came with us again so he was busy talking about it and we couldn't get a word in edgewise. He wasn't entranced by it--just wanted to talk about parts he hadn't noticed earlier. I don't know about the audiences where you live but we South Dakotans tend to chuckle freely--we're just kind of independent that way:D Whenever I felt like chuckling, other people were also--so I didn't feel weird about it at all. The odd thing is that it's still well attended here. Go figure. Great chapter. I'm so happy Charlie found someone to love.

Author's Response:

In a cold climate, sand only stays toasty warm through magic, which fades after time.

You saw it three times? Diehard fan or glutton for punishment  . . . hmmm . . . . :D

Laughing when others aren't is what receives dirty looks in my "neck" of the woods, so to speak, heh. 

Here, I saw Twilight the week it was closing and it was still 2/3 full. Twihards lurve them some sparkly vampires! ^_~

Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 11/29/09 19:50 · For: Quandries
I think that was one of your most evil cliffies yet. And just when I was thinking of not reading any more tonight because I want to watch a movie on television. Hmm, dilemma, dilemma. Emil caught on way too fast. How did he know? Emil is a bit paranoid, isn't he? I'm worried about the dragon with the scales that weren't glistening as much as usual. Perhaps something is wrong? It was so cute when Charlie and Nadia were trying to get their story straight. Great chapter.

Author's Response:

Emil is related to the Prince family. Snarkiness and paranoia are family traits :D.

Thank you for picking up on the scales! Something is very wrong...dun, dun, dun....

Watching a movie on television. With commercials? You have the patience of a saint--can't say which one, I'm not Catholic, heh, but I'm sure there's one that fits. :)

Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 11/29/09 11:43 · For: Dragons
I think Jo needs to work on her encyclopedia:) She owes it to her fans:D Like I have any business talking. So, has Nadia seen the face of her lifemate in a fire at midnight? That is cool--I'd be firing up at midnight for sure. Fynn caught a mouse (one of the many benefits of living in the country)--then he played with it--they're tough little buggers. Cognac, my ancient cat, is after it too. Well, I must be off and get ready--I'm driving one of my sisters over to Pierre to see "New Moon." She had foot surgery and wasn't able to drive herself. Great chapter. Charlie's such a cute and charming drunk.

Author's Response: Did you get to Pierre? How'd your sister like New Moon? Did you giggle through the film, or did you like it more the second time around? Some films are like that. I liked Napoleon Dynamite the first time I saw it, but the second, I appreciated the quirkiness even more. :D

Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 11/28/09 21:52 · For: Friends
I'm giving you my last chapter read of the evening. I think you cast Rictusempra long distance. All I could do was giggle through this chapter--that's how good it was. I appreciated the conversation on vampire glamour--that's always fascinated me. For some reason I got hysterical thinking of Charlie singing the Cannons' running out song in the shower. I don't know why but the thought of a running out song is funny to me--and I know they have them. I did not know that you can absorb alcohol through your mouth and don't have to swallow it--interesting. Actually, I think I'm enjoying the end of my Thanksgiving vacation. My living room is still cluttered--too many books, but the wheelchair is gone. FYI, no one ever called me "Wheels" although I did refer to myself as pegleg (hear mad giggling)--not creative I know but descriptive. Great chapter. I will try to re-establish my decorum tomorrow:P Maybe:P

Author's Response:

Yay for words acting like spells to cause giggles! It is funny that vampires have glamour to lure their prey when they're so fast and strong. It's overkill, hehheh.

I found out about absorbing through the skin when I looked up wine tasting. Friends probably think I know WAY too much about alcohol for a non drinker. :P

Too many books? No such thing. You just need more book storage. Ever thought of making all the walls and the backs of doors shelves like Severus' library? ;)

Pegleg? Ever seen the film The Departed? The Dropkick Murphys sing the song Shipping up to Boston, and I have a tee shirt with the lyrics

I'm a sailor peg

And I've lost my leg

Climbing up the top sails

I lost my leg!


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