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Name: Heiress_of_Insanity_ (Signed) · Date: 05/06/08 20:59 · For: SWEENEY TIME
Seeing as I've FINALLY seen the movie/am going to see broadway when it's on tour in America (must get tickets...) I hope I got most of the music right...=o ;) ANYWHO...

Very good; I busted up several times =D Although maybe that's because of my sick little mind...

My favorite spoofs would have had to be "Wizard and His Wife" and "Voldemort's Rant", also parts of both "Johanna's" (maybe, though, because Epiphany and Johanna are my favorite songs in the musical? eh, who knows. but the lyrics were lovely, no matter what.) *rambles on some more*

So this is, what, your 3rd/4th Voldy musical? There was Sweeney, Les Mis (Le Mis?...oh, who cares?!), Wicked...I think that's it. And apart from mentioning that, I have nothing more to say on the matter, I suppose XD

Wonderful job!~


PS: I think it's kind of sad I said more about the spoof in two words than in the other 4 paragraphs...

PPS: I vaguely remember you saying that you read the Percy Jackson series in one of the reviews for my poem/s, and seeing as I can find no one to gush about the book with (WhatsInAName won't pick up his phone...grrrr and no one else had no school today merely because they wanted to read the book) I just have to say this: SQUUUUUUUUUUUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE*gush*

Author's Response: Aww, thank you! It's cool to have people who like spoofage reading this. It's my third Voldy musical-- the third and final installment in a "trilogy" about Voldemort. In the works, I have a Hairspray musical that so far has no real plot and a Lion King musical about Harry. I do indeed LURVE the Percy Jackson books, particularly Grover and the author's wry writing style. Plus, I love mythology, and Percy is an AWESOME name.

Name: ringobeatlesfan4 (Signed) · Date: 05/06/08 18:41 · For: SWEENEY TIME
I've reviewed already. I know I have. Or did I? I dunno, did I? Ah well, if I didn't, 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000(add however many 0's as you want, as the # can never be high enough)/10 and what's the Johnny Depp/Helena Bonham Carter version of the movie rated? Cos I've never seen it, and this made me want to see it. :D {Becca}

Author's Response: Bahahahaha, thank you! Johnny Depp and HBC's version is actually rated R (it's the only R-rated film I've ever seen), but I definitely think it was less disturbing than a lot of PG-13s that I've seen. There was a lot of blood, but it looked like Monty Python blood, almost comical and not at all realistic. However, you can listen to the soundtrack on youtube, and you can also watch the Broadway musical on youtube-- it's much less violent-- or the Broadway concert tour-- not violent at all.

Name: GinnyRULES (Signed) · Date: 05/05/08 16:55 · For: SWEENEY TIME
Hey! You used to beta for me, I don't know if you remember. I feel kinda bad for giving up that story, but anyway... I really enjoyed this spoof, and I actually caught myself singing The Worst Child In London in the middle of a social studies test this morning (people stared)...

I just wanted to say that I love everything you write, and this one definitely goes in my top three favorites. Number one, of course, being the Dark Lord's Blog (which, I'm proud to say, I first had the privilege of reading in its original form on the Spoof Riddle Diary Entries thread on CoS... ah those were the days!). I can't wait to read your next spoof. I would suggest doing either My Fair Lady or Chicago. There are some pretty interesting possibilities there.

Keep writing!
~ Mel

Author's Response: Ooh, I most definitely remember you! ANd it's absolutely awesome that you'd sing one of my songs in school... actually I've don that myself. Someone set me singing my Prima Donna spoof as her ringtone... and I sounded terrible, by the way. I love "My Fair Lady," but I can't say I've ever seen/heard Chicago... I might want to check that out.

Name: ringobeatlesfan4 (Signed) · Date: 05/05/08 16:45 · For: SWEENEY TIME
Ok, I'll review the rest when I'm done reading the story, but I just have a grammar-thingy (like I should talk. Look at how I said that: grammar thingy... maybe I should pay attention in English):
Mr. Greyback!
What a brilliant notion
Eminently practical yet (Well, it does seem a waste!)
Inappropriately creepy!
Mr. Greyback, how I've worked without you (Can I please eat now?)
All these years I'll never know!
How delectable! (Lots of inconvenient bodies)
And how undetectable! (Soon to disapppear away)
How choice! (Won't they?)
How rare! (Think of all the meals!)
^^In here, you put 3 'p's in 'disappear'. Ok, time to finish reading this...

Now, let's see... would you eat Weasley?
If the portions aren't too measly.
I've had stranger.
Bit too skinny.
Spiced up hotter.
FENRIR: (Mouths silently for a moment trying to find a rhyme for 'Lovegood'.)
^^OMG, i loved this part i was cracking up. Lovegood. How about... *mouths words* i siriusly did that, and got nothing. Nicely done.

Oh, yes. You never know about the consistency of Minister. You have to keep a close eye on the... Thicknesse! (Cackles)

Okay, that one just went right over my head.

Pius Thicknesse. We Imperiused him and set him up as Minister in the last book, remember?

Oh, right, right, carry on.
^^Right over my head as well. I think I get it... maybe? Sorry! And my mom would have a fit at the comment about Hedwig... Although that would be hilarious... yea, I've gotta do that.

VOLDEMORT (and Wormtail in italicized parentheses)
We’ll plot and conspire (We’ll form a plan)
Come up with some mad scheme. (Just like Guy Fawkes)
I’m ascending higher, Only that guy
Wormtail, I am a mastermind. Ended up dead in a box.
This is like a bad dream, But you’re the man
Things are looking dire…We’ll form a great plan!
Wormtail! Potter escaped again!
^^Is the italicized(sp?) stuff still Wormtail? If it is, should there be parentheses on them? I really hate criticizing stuff. Sorry, again.

Hahahha! I loved it1 Although, I've never seen the movie. musical, or heard a soundtrack... I read it anyway! It's great! I loved all of it, especially A Little Bill and Voldemort's Death Eaters. The girl and her mother and Voldy were hilarious. This was unusually long, though, but I still liked it. Anyway, aside from the things I picked out, it was perfect and, uh, perfect!
p.s. I got the Phantom of the Opera DVD from my grandparents, so im watching that tonite or tomorrow and reviewing your spoof soon after.

Author's Response: OOOOOH! I love Phantom of the Opera so much, even if the Phantom can't really sing and Raoul acts like a... well, my friend and I call him "Sir Pouncy Boots." Yep, I messed up the tags with Wormtail... and I make a lot of typos! Thanks for point them out. I suggest going on youtube, where BonhamCarterFan has uploaded the film soundtrack for Sweeney-- you can listen to all of the songs. "A Little Priest" has a very distinctive tune (it's my personal favourite song in the show), and I think you'd like that one.

Name: butterbeer_HaNgOvEr (Signed) · Date: 05/05/08 16:19 · For: SWEENEY TIME
i thought you lived in the UK! in your profile you spelled humor "humour", didnt you? or did i misread (AGAIN) though i should've realized. i read "The Dark Lord's Blog" and thought "huh...they've got Power Rangers in the U.K?? Sweet! AND Jamba Juice?" wow...you STUDY for algebra 2? i read fanfic instead... ;)

Author's Response: I'm American, but I spell most things British-ly... it's a weird habit I acquired in fourth grade when I discovered that for some reason, we spell things differently. I don't know about Jamba Juice in Britain, but they SHOULD have it, 'cos it's good. Algebra 2 is the only class I study for because it's the only class I really struggle with; it's really, really hard, and I hate it so much. I have to study to even scrape by with a passing grade. :(

Name: butterbeer_HaNgOvEr (Signed) · Date: 05/05/08 15:47 · For: SWEENEY TIME
i apologize for being so...er...shirty with you. (is that British expression? I'm from the U.S.) Can't wait to read Hairspray. *giddy dance* Schmergo, Queen of Comedy, laughed at me!(with me?) and you are abostively posolutely correct. 9th grade algebra doesnt even compare to the internet.

Author's Response: Hehe, that's okay, I wasn't upset with you! I'm from the US, too, so I really wouldn't know. I'm kind of notorious for putting waaay too many Americanisms and pop culture references into my stories... I know how you feel about Algebra... I'm in tenth grade, but I take Algebra 2, and I absolutely despise it (I'm really, really bad at it, despite the fact that it's the only class in which I actually study).

Name: harrietamidala (Signed) · Date: 05/05/08 1:48 · For: SWEENEY TIME
was hepitzah really that creepy in HBP? I don't remember.

Author's Response: She's definitely not that creepy in HBP. I just decided to make her that creepy because it sounded like fun.

Name: Sunny_Rainbow (Signed) · Date: 05/04/08 20:17 · For: SWEENEY TIME
OH MY GAWD I SO LOVED THAT! I can't wait for Hairspray! Love that musical! AWESOMTASTICALIFFIC!

Author's Response: GASP! Thank you so much! I read one of your poems just today, and I'll review it later, but I loved it. (The one from Arthur's point of view.) So I'm feeling a mite starstruck at the moment.

Name: Flobberworm93 (Signed) · Date: 05/04/08 19:58 · For: SWEENEY TIME
YAY SWEENEY TODD! This was really awesome to read while listening to the soundtrack (the movie one, I don't have the broadway one), especially when the potter actors were singing their characters' songs. If I can find out how to contact Helena Bonham Carter, I would seriously consider sending her some of the songs to record, because that would be AMAZING BEYOND AMAZINGNESS. I would record them myself, but a) I doubt I could do much with a 16-minute handheld digital recorder, b) I could not do them justice.

I was seriously just about to suggest a Lion King spoof next, considering that is one of my favorite movies of all time. (Avada Kedavra/What a wonderful phrase/Avada Kedavra/Sends me into a craze/Cause when I say it/That's the end of their days/ it's so hassle-free/For killing sprees/Avada Kedavra). Sorry about that, I made it up off the top of my head, but you probably already have the exact same thing written down.

Crud. I just remembered I was supposed to be working on my History project for the last hour. THANKS FOR DISTRACTING ME! Unfortunately, there is no possible way to sue you for it withough getting into distrubingly creepy stalkerishness, so I'll just have to do the project now. I've decided to write a song about Harriet Beecher Stowe, which can't be that bad.

I apologize sincerely for the annoying long ramble/review. Except not that sincerely, since it was fun


Author's Response: Awww, this is intensely cool! It's great to have some Sweeney fans on here. The problem with a Lion King spoof is that there is already a very famous Hakuna Matata/Avada Kedavra spoof on Mugglenet that I'd have to try to top-- its chorus goes, "Avada Kedavra, what a horrible phrase/Avada Kedavra, you'll see a big green blaze/Before you realize it's the end of your days/It's Voldy's moral free/Malignity/Avada Kedavra."

rnIf I were to do a Lion King spoof, my version of the song would probably be kind of like, "Avada Kedavra, what a wonderful curse/Avada Kedavra, they don't come any worse/It means you'll be dead by the end of this verse/For a hassle-free/ mass-killing spree/ Avada Kedavra." But I'd have trouble keeping it different from the famous spoof. I'd love to hear a Harriet Beecher Stowe song! I remember writing a Jane Eyre rap for my eighth grade English class...

Name: undesirable_number1 (Signed) · Date: 05/04/08 18:59 · For: SWEENEY TIME
WOWIE! I love all of your spoofs, but this one is my favorite! -- and I'm really excited for Hairspray! : )

Author's Response: Thanks! This one was very hard to do, so I'm glad you liked it.

Name: butterbeer_HaNgOvEr (Signed) · Date: 05/04/08 17:56 · For: SWEENEY TIME
SCHMERGO! i thought i told u to write a Hairspray spoof! i actually know the words/music to that musical!! i read the lyrics though. Very funny. "God We're Bad"
God YOUR AWESOME!!!111!!!!!!1!!!
(Both God AND Schmergo)
happy late birthday!(i read your profile. i'm not stalking you. Or AM I???)
2 bazillion and 3/ 2 bazillion and 1
i'm borderline failing math...

Author's Response: I am doing a Hairspray musical... I'm submitting it soonish. I just submitted this one first! Fear not! I laughed out loud at your (Both God and Schmergo.) Thanks so much... I'm actually kind of pathetic at math myself. I should be doing homework right now, but, pshhh, the internet is so much better.

Name: bubblegumpinkhair (Signed) · Date: 05/04/08 16:49 · For: SWEENEY TIME

Oh thanks your name is really cool too. Where did you get Schmergo, if you don't mind me asking? Sorry if it's actually the name your parents gave you and I just totally insulted you, I don't mean to be rude I swear! =]


Author's Response: Hahaha, Schmergo was the name of my imaginary friend (Who was, oddly, male) when I was little, and it morphed into a nickname for me as well. Schmergo was my original OC-- all of my stories were about him for years. He was a Martian who travelled to earth via trash cans (which were portals) and had no idea how earth people lived, so he did things like eat teddy bears and shove eggs up his nose and caused vast amounts of trouble, always disappearing back into the trash can right before my parents came in and yelled at me for causing the trouble. I tended to blame things on him in real life, too.

Name: Tim the Enchanter (Signed) · Date: 05/04/08 15:56 · For: SWEENEY TIME
Hello Schmergo,

That was-was… b-beautiful! Poor Volders, why did he have to d-die? WAAHH! Well, anyway, this was a thoroughly entertain musical biography of everyone’s favourite homicidal maniac, sadly lacking in hair. I have never actually seen Sweeny Todd so I had no idea what the tunes for any of the songs were, but it was an enjoyable read nonetheless.

If you plan on making more musical spoofs (which I presume you are), I would personally love to see one on Spamalot. Monty Python fans of the world, unite!

Tim the Enchanter

P.S. About six hours ago, I sent you my second picture for your Potter’s Pentagon art challenge. Could you let me know whether you got it or not? Thanks.

Author's Response: AWww, thank you ever so much! I recommend you see or listen to Sweeney, because it is absolutely smashin'. Tim, I did indeed get your picture and almost fainted. It is amazing, and I'm about to reply to your email. I had a bit of a crisis involving all of my emails getting accidentally deleted, but it works now.

Name: Ellie4Harry (Signed) · Date: 05/04/08 15:49 · For: SWEENEY TIME
Is there anything you CAN'T do???

Thank you so so so much for writing this! My friend has just got me into Sweeney about a week ago and I cannot stop singing it! This was absolutely hilarious, especially The Worst Child in London and a Little Bill! Your best one so far, I think. So...I'm just going to go around singing those for days now...wonderful.
I cannot wait for the Lion King, and is the Sound of Music thing from my suggestion (if so, squee!)
So, briefly, FABULOUS. I loved every minute of it!
Ellie :D

Author's Response: Awww, thank you very, very much! I personally think "A Little Bill" is my best spoof I've done, so I'm rather proud of it, and I'm glad you mentioned it! This spoof was ridiculously hard to write, and I'm happy that I'm finally done with it.

Name: bubblegumpinkhair (Signed) · Date: 05/04/08 15:41 · For: SWEENEY TIME

Wonderous! I liked the barber and his wife and worst pies in london spoofs the best. This was very nicely done! Definitely do Lion King next, only bc its my favorite=].


PS I would record me singing this if my voice didn't people bleed from the ears :P

Author's Response: Wowzers, thank you! I had a lot of fun with those songs... I actually like your name a lot, as weird as that sounds.

Name: Purple_Hippopotamus (Signed) · Date: 05/04/08 14:45 · For: SWEENEY TIME
Yay! Awesome spoof! I've never seen Sweeney Todd (as it sounds very creepy and I would probably be completely freaked out and my mom would never actually let me see it because I'm not old enough and she is very strict) but the spoof was cool anyways. Lol.

Harry-spray sounds quite cool. I've actually seen that one! Mwahahaha! You should do a Spamalot spoof next. Speaking of which... I finally saw Month Python and the Holy Grail a couple of weeks ago and it was brilliant! I loved it! Haha!


Author's Response: I'm glad you liked this despite the fact that you've never seen Sweeney... and EVEN MORE thrilled by the fact that you like Monty Python! As for Sweeney, I agree that the movie is all bloody and stuff, but the entire soundtrack is uploaded on youtube, and my younger brother and sister love listening to the soundtrack even if they are definitely not old enough to watch the movie. The songs themselves are really good (though they're a bit of an acquired taste; I didn't; really like them the first time I heard them).

Name: harrietamidala (Signed) · Date: 05/04/08 12:39 · For: SWEENEY TIME
Remember my proposed casting for the Hogwarts production of Sweeney Todd? I have a couple of updates. Instead of George playing Pirelli (since he is no longer a student), Seamus would play Pirelli and Neville is officially Toby. I forgot who died in the Fiendfyre but Goyle would be the Beadle.

Setting wise, everyone would wear costumes, but the setting will be very minimal, using only the large professors table for Sweeney's barber shop and some props like a little table for the pie shop. The house elves, ghosts, and other students may help with the technicalities like lighting or effects for the show. If you have anything to say, I'll respond.

Author's Response: This is really, really cool. Seamus as Pirelli would be awesome because he actually is Irish, unlike the weirdly unconvincing accent sported by the Broadway Pirelli. Yeah, Crabbe died in the Fiendfyre... Goyle would be a good Beadle. I like the idea of a minimal set... I really liked the set on the Broadway production (the one with George Hearn), because it had some really big set pieces, but was mostly not that elaborate.

Name: harrietamidala (Signed) · Date: 05/04/08 12:29 · For: SWEENEY TIME
It finally came! Great Spoof. I admit that it was sometimes a little hard to get into the melody, but I caught on. Nice combo of broadway and film lyrics.

For A Little Bill, it took me a while to realize that Bill was Bill Weasley.

When you said that you forgot the Contest, did you forget the words to the contest, or did you forget it entirely?

I know you might be doing Hairspray next, but consider West Side Story for another spoof. I can't wait to see a Potterized Gee Officer Krupke, my favorite song. Do you like WSS too?

Author's Response: Yayz! I'm so glad you liked this, seeing as I remember how eager you were... about The Contest, I forgot to write a spoof of it, because my Broadway Highlights album of Sweeney Todd didn't have Pirelli's Miracle Elixir or The Contest. I wrote my Pirelli's spoof from memory, but I'd just totally forgotten about the entire Contest part of the musical. I'm so sorry.

rnOH MY GOSH, I love that song! I may have to write a "Gee, Officer Krupke" and send it to you just for fun. That's my favourite part of WSS, too. I like WSS, but it's not part of my top several musicals-- for some reason, I just tend to prefer newer shows (I think the extended dance breaks might be part of what sometimes irritates me). But I also ADORE the song "Tonight," among many others.

Name: Sainyn Swiftfoot (Signed) · Date: 05/04/08 11:24 · For: SWEENEY TIME

It's just... awesome! Very... very... cool!

I'm sorry for not being verbose, but I am currently speechless. I LOVED this spoof, I was singing along to all the songs I could! I loved how you made it into "The Psycho Dark Lord Of Hogsmeade"- I've always thought that "psycho" is a funny word!

And this part was just pure gold:
Wouldn’t that be smashing?
With the sea gushing foam
Like a burst aorta

Very, very well adapted and written, you are one talented gal! You really should do Sound Of Music, I love those songs! I am sixteen, going on seventeen... and of course, Do, the deer, teh female deer, Re a drop of golden sun.

Yeah... so, wonderful spoof, and please, please do Sound oF music next!


Author's Response: BADGER BOY! I'm so glad you liked this... as for the Sound of Music, which I love, there's only one small problem with that-- there is a BRILLIANT Harry Potter spoof of Sound of Music online which is far better than anything I could write, and which features this chorus for the Do Re Mi song: "S, he's head of Slytherin, E, there's envy in his heart/V, there's venom in his grin, E, he plays an evil part/R, he's really really rude/U, to every one of us/S, his surly attitude!/That's why he's called Severus!" And it's really impossible for me to top that.

Name: PadfootnPeeves (Signed) · Date: 05/04/08 9:25 · For: SWEENEY TIME
More scandalizing than ogre porn

That line sent me to giggles.

You're brilliant, dear- I would copy'n'paste my favorite parts, but that would simply be the whole story into this cute little box.

Harry=spray sounds scrumptious, as do Lion King and Beauty and the Beast.

Keep these coming!

PS- Is there anything that does rhyme with Lovegood?

Author's Response: Hehehehe, your name is PnP... that's the abbreviation I always use for Pride and Prejudice. I'm glad you liked the ogre porn line, because I stuck that in at the last minute, unable to think of any more rhymes. STEPHEN SONDHEIM IS HARD TO SPOOF.

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