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Name: bloodshedprincess (Signed) · Date: 08/15/10 1:48 · For: Chapter 46- Fallen

Author's Response: Thanks!

Name: Marsha Johnsegn (Signed) · Date: 08/07/10 11:17 · For: Chapter 52- The End Arrives
Ugh! I hate cliff-hangers!
Sad chapter...
Looking forward to what's coming up! Keep submitting new chapters!

Author's Response: I love cliffhangers :) I'll try to get up the last few chapters soon!

Name: katjak (Signed) · Date: 08/05/10 3:28 · For: Chapter 52- The End Arrives
I think you should know that I've now stayed up for the better part of 5 hours to finish reading your work on this particular piece--it's now 3:30 AM and I've just created an account with this site for the sole purpose of telling you that I'm mildly obsessed with the idea of Bellatrix having a child. Though I think you captured the essence of both Bella and the Dark Lord--not a simple feat, by any account--I doubt that the pair of them would take so kindly to Lestrange offspring. I'm hoping that there will be more Voldemort-Lyra interplay in the future. Perhaps I can hold out hope that you'll dramatize a bit of that temper of his?

In short, you're a fabulous writer. JKR would be pleased with your efforts.

Author's Response:

Wow, thanks! Glad you like it so much :) Unfortunately there's really no Voldemort-Lyra interaction in the rest of the story, but I hope you enjoy the upcoming end chapters anyway! Thanks for the review.

Name: Crazycow89 (Signed) · Date: 07/26/10 6:27 · For: Chapter 52- The End Arrives

Geez. What happens next???

By the way, I absolutely love your story, it's so good. I enjoyed part 4 the best so far, closely followed by part 2 and then part 3. Hope you update soon, 'cos I'm waiting for what happens next!

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad you like it! Thanks for reading the many chapters of this fic. I will try to update soon. I know the end of the chapter was a shock, but you'll have to keep reading to see what happens next and I'll have to stop writing this response before I give away what happens ;) Keep reading!

Name: Marauders_weasleygirl02 (Signed) · Date: 07/23/10 23:20 · For: Chapter 52- The End Arrives
Okay, umm......... YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OMG, yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love his chapter so freaking much, dude. Please update very very soon. Please, don't tell me that Theodore dies because he's awesome and when awesome people die, its tragic. Like Dobby. I cried when he died. Please update soon!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!! I started laughing when Lyra got embarassed when she asked why they were just standing there. That is something I would totally do. But be extra loud about it. I love this story and I love you!!!!!!!!! (well, in the total writer way) Awesome chapter and awesome story. xoxo

Author's Response: Wow! Yay! I'm really glad you loved this chapter so much because I thought I might be hated after it. You'll find out what's up with Theodore in the next two chapters. I know it's tragic when awesome people die! I'm reading DH again and there are so many deaths! I've never cried, though, because the first time I read it I was in shock and after that I saw all the deaths coming :( Thanks for reviewing so consistently :)

Name: Marauders_weasleygirl02 (Signed) · Date: 07/12/10 21:04 · For: Chapter 51- Sad Story
Hey! I love love loved this chapter. OMG! Theodore never showed any time of complicated emotion before so I was so thrilled when I read this. I love his character and I love him even more now because him and Lyra are kind of the same in a way. I hope your having a really good summer. Mine is filled with AP World History work and AP Psychology work. xoxo

Author's Response:

Thanks! I was definitely trying to give him more depth and give him a deeper connection with Lyra. My summer is busy with online summer courses (personal finance and personal fitness, yuck), college visits, and driving lessons, so it's always nice to get reviews to make my day a little less stressful :) Good luck with your courses. I'm taking AP Psych next year and I'm psyched (pun intended) but I got enough of AP US History last year to never want to study history again! I hope you do better in AP World than I did in AP US :) Now that I've spend half this review talking about stuff unrelated to the fic, I'll get back on topic and say that I'm happy you reviewed and have stuck with the story for so long. Keep reading to the end!

Name: Marsha Johnsegn (Signed) · Date: 07/12/10 14:26 · For: Chapter 51- Sad Story
Awesome as always =]
Sad, really. But I do like that you've given them another way to connect.
Haha, I'm gald you aren't killing the Pygmy Puff. Jo already killed Hedwig, that was enough.
I'm so exicted to see how you bring this all to a close! It's been a long journey!
Keep writing! Submit the next chapter soon!

Author's Response: Thanks! I know it's sad...initially this chapter wasn't in the book. I was afraid it was too intense. It's not necessary for the plot or anything, but I thought it worked well. I know what you mean about Hedwig! I just read that part in DH last night and it always makes my stomach turn : / I can't kill animals, I just can't. The next chapter is in the queue! It has certainly been a long journey, but we're almost there. Thanks for following it for so long.

Name: Misssyl (Signed) · Date: 07/10/10 9:46 · For: Chapter 51- Sad Story
Aww... The end of this chapter was so sweet with Lyra comforting Theo.

I LOVE this story. In fact, I only made a account so that I could leave a review for this brilliant story. You deserve it.

You kept me the whole story on the edge of my seat and I was almost everyday looking if you've had updated.
The character of Lyra is really original and I love the twists in the story.
I'm looking forward to the end and I hope that you'lk keep writing and posting on this site.

I thank you in advance for this story.


(Sorry for grammatical errors, English is not my first language)

Author's Response: Wow, thank you! I'm really glad you like it! Thanks for reading to this point, and I hope you continue to read--the end is coming up very quickly! I'm thinking about posting more stuff after I finish it. There's a story I want to write, more of a humor story...we'll see if it works out :) Keep reading, and thanks for the review!

Name: SlytherinDaydreamer (Signed) · Date: 07/07/10 10:28 · For: Chapter 50- Betrayal
Loved it as usual! Really like Rodolphus in this chapter too! I would love to see some Draco come into place as this is the time in the books where he starts to feel extremely scared and unhappy under Voldemorts rule. Anyway, i feel so jealous that you got to go to the park. I'm afraid of flying and I live in Ireland so I can't go :-(
But if you post a new chapter soon, that will cheer me up!

Author's Response: Thanks! You'll see more of Draco, though he'll pretty much be the same Draco...as in, mean to Lyra. The next chapter has been submitted, so it shouldn't be long! Anyway, I was afraid of flying, too...the flight to Florida was my first time. It was okay for me, though. I hope someday they put a branch of the park in the UK so fans in the UK and Ireland can go! Keep your fingers crossed and keep reading :)

Name: emvln92 (Signed) · Date: 06/29/10 12:46 · For: Chapter 45- The Order's Ordeal
i really like the story- its a good idea! and i agree with your statement about a.p. us history! took it last year and had sooo much homework. but i did like the class...

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm so happy you like it! Hahaha, I hated AP US History! I'm so glad to be done with it...I mean, with all that work I barely got time to revise/submit chapters for this story :) Thanks for reading and reviewing!

Name: LifeAtRandom (Signed) · Date: 06/29/10 3:00 · For: Chapter 49- The Life Lost
I'm afraid this story has taken a turn for the worse, at least for me it has. I really loved this story, and I still do, but the decision to turn Lyra into a Death Eater was, in my opinion, the worst thing you can do to that character. I don't see how she would just willingly join the Death Eater, the most evil organization that murders and terrorizes, in the name of love. I could see Lyra being kidnapped and forced to stay within the headquarters of the Death Eaters and coerced to do some of their deeds, but never saying the words "Yes I'll join" simply to be near Theodore. Not when she whole-heartedly believes in the ideals of the other side. Gryffindors are supposed to fight for what they believe in, and to me to have Lyra give that up and join the dark side for one boy seems like a weak decision story-wise. And I know this is your story and you as the author dictate what goes on in it, but I would just like to know you've sorely let at least one reader down. I will continue reading because of my love and loyalty to the first half of the fanfic, which is still gold in my eyes, but I have a feeling that the next few chapters will be cringe-inducing should Lyra act out any Death Eater activity.

Author's Response:

All right...this is disappointing, but I'll try to redeem myself. I know I've put Lyra through a crazy thing, and when I started this story the idea of her ever becoming a Death Eater wasn't even in my head. However, this seemed like the perfect way to steer the story into the climax and create the ending I want. This probably doesn't make sense now, but it will start to in two chapters, and I'm really happy you plan on continuing to read because I have a feeling you'll be pleased with what happens. See, Lyra will have to go into the final battle as a Death Eater, but she doesn't have the guts to betray Tonks, Sirius, the Order, the DA...everything and everyone she's belonged to. So I don't think she'll really act out any Death Eater activity, except once against one of the dark characters, but I can't say too much without giving away the end.

Also, I want to clarify: Lyra didn't join the Death Eaters just to be with Theodore again. Once she realized she was good at Occlumency, she decided that she could protect the Order's secrets while staying alive. Voldemort gave her the choice to join or die, and by dying she would hurt the people who loved her--not just Theodore, but also Tonks and Andromeda. Also, if she had died, there would be no story to continue :)

Finally, I noticed you reviewed chapter 49, so have you read chapter 50, called 'Betrayal,' yet? In this one Lyra refuses to act as a Death Eater by taking the Cruciatus Curse over giving away the fact that the trio is at the headquarters. I think it's a pretty brave, Gryffindor-like thing to do, and certainly not a Death Eater one.

I think I've gone on long enough. Hopefully this is enough information to help you realize that while Lyra has the mark, she'll never be a Death Eater at heart :) Please keep reading; the ending won't disappoint you, I promise!

Name: Marauders_weasleygirl02 (Signed) · Date: 06/27/10 22:13 · For: Chapter 50- Betrayal
Hey, Lyra. I'm so jealous! I wish I could go to the theme park! Anyway. I love the chapter. It was fantastic. I have a favorite new character now and its Rodolphus. I love the fatherly love thing. Its really good Lyra has someone to depend on in the house. Is she ever going to talk to Voldemort again? And this is one of the parts I've been waiting for actually. Its one of the saddest moments because Hermione gets tortured. But I enjoyed the detail and set up of the chapter. I love the part about the baby. That was really nice. What I'm really looking forward too is the battle scenes. I hope you enjoy the new Trailer that's coming out on Monday and everything HP! xoxo

Author's Response:

Yay, I'm glad you love Rodolphus! I was kind of worried about making him a good guy, but it seems to be working well! I wanted to try out the idea of a Death Eater redeeming himself, and that's what Lyra is helping Rodolphus do. As far as Voldemort...I don't think Lyra talks to him again, but she definitely has to deal with him, what with the final battle coming up. You can look forward to the battle scenes in...two chapters, I think. Thanks for reviewing, and enjoy the trailer, too!

Name: Lena Black (Signed) · Date: 06/26/10 20:15 · For: Chapter 50- Betrayal
Hello! This chapter was very, very good. I loved how Lyra didn't gie away the Trio, even though she would get tortured, maybe even by the Dark Lord himself. Rodolphus defended Lyra and ilove that, because he was being a good father. i am actually leaving for FLorida tommorrow at 8:00 PM. athen, later this week, i am going to the Wizarding World Theme Park. My friends are telling me to contact them after i go, to see how AMAZING IT IS, and how much things cost (candy, wands, etc.) Cannot wait for the next chapter (as usual.) Im sad that this story is almost to an end, because its one of my favorites! Keep up the good writing!
~Lena Black

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm so happy you liked it! I hope you enjoy Florida and the Wizarding World! It is certainly amazing. The souvenirs are a bit expensive but they're worth it! I'm sad that the story is ending too, but it's about time...so I'll thank you in advance for sticking with it, since I know it's pretty long! Have a great vacation and thanks for reading.

Name: Marauders_weasleygirl02 (Signed) · Date: 06/21/10 21:40 · For: Chapter 49- The Life Lost
Hey, Lyra. I'm so sorry for not leaving my review much earlier. I've been caught up between school, my steady boyfriend breaking up with me, and my best friend getting mad at me. I totally forgot about it. I love love love this chapter. Its one of my favorites actually. A father/Daughter relationship is exactly what I think Lyra needed. I love how in the midst of all of her terror she has someone she lean on other than Theodore. But, I miss her interacting with other characters. Please update soon. I'm about to read Deathly Hallows for like the 8th time, no joke. OMG, I've missed coming on here and reading your story. I almost forgot how wonderful it is. Now, excuse me while I look up some new fanfiction. I haven't been on in ages. I hope you had a good school year. :) xoxo

Author's Response:

Hi! Glad you're back. Better late than never, right? I had a nightmarish school year. Hopefully yours was better. Though by the sound of it, it wasn't so good :( Sorry about everything you're dealing with. Hope it gets better!

Now, about the story! I'm really happy you like the father-daughter relationship, because I was afraid the whole Rodolphus-being-nice thing wouldn't be taken very well. You'll be happy to hear that I submitted a chapter just a few nights ago, so I don't think the wait should be too long. Enjoy reading DH again (three more chapters of OotP for me, and I'm onto HBP for the...I'm not sure how many times I've read it. Like four or five). I hope you enjoy a stress-free summer of reading HP and fanfiction :D

Name: SlytherinDaydreamer (Signed) · Date: 05/16/10 16:55 · For: Chapter 49- The Life Lost
Loved it! It's one of my favourites so far!
I would love to see some encounters with the trio or Luna.THat would be amazing!

Can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response:

Please forgive me for taking so long to respond to this! I'm happy you liked the chapter. You'll see some of the trio in the next chapter. Unfortunately I don't think Luna will really show up again. Hope you keep reading! The next chapter hopefully will be out soon.

Name: SlytherinDaydreamer (Signed) · Date: 05/03/10 18:28 · For: Chapter 48- Nightmare Come True
I would love to see Theodore a little more fierce in a battle or something. Also the part where Theodore and Lyra are together again reminded me a little too much of New Moon.
I would also love to see Malfoy in these parts.
Can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Is it a bad thing that it was like New Moon? Admittedly I wrote this two years ago when I was a little obsessed with the Twilight series, so if Theodore exhibits some Edward-like characteristics, that would be why :P Malfoy is in the next chapter, and he has a few scenes throughout the rest until the end. You'll see Theodore in battle, too :D Except I can't promise that he'll be fierce...because...it's a long story, but keep reading to find out! Thanks for reviewing!

Name: Marsha Johnsegn (Signed) · Date: 05/01/10 12:02 · For: Chapter 48- Nightmare Come True
I don't hate you. I loved it! Awesome chapter! I can honestly say I wasn't expecting it. I mean... wow. I'm going to start from the end of the chapter and work my way back to the beginning... So, finally! The dream's de-coded! And it makes sense! I love the arguments present between Bellatrix and Lyra. Though I feel like Lyra actually talking to her at some point is inevitable. And I love love love that fact that Theodore's back! Yay! And then... wait... what!? She's a Death Eater!? I did NOT see that coming. At all. Siriusly, wow. But I wasn't too upset that she cursed Wormtail. But I do feel kind of bad for him. He's an obnoxious prick who screwed up royally, and now that I wrote that I can't remember what I was going to say positive about him, so... never mind. I was really pleased with the long chapter! Keep it up! Keep writing and update soon! Until next time; Cheers!

Author's Response: Forgive me for not responding to this sooner! Anyway, the dream is decoded, yay! I know you've been waiting for that :P I sort of felt bad about her cursing Wormtail since he's so pathetic, but that scene really worked because of the way Wormtail betrayed Sirius, so Lyra would want to cause a lot of pain. She can be quite sick-minded like her mother! All right, I feel like I'm ranting. I'm glad you loved the chapter. Next one's also pretty long, I think...keep reading :D

Name: Ks11234rofl (Signed) · Date: 04/29/10 9:55 · For: Chapter 48- Nightmare Come True
Wow that was very well written! Lots of action to! I think someone needs a round of aplause! *lots of clapping*

Author's Response: Thank you!

Name: Ks11234rofl (Signed) · Date: 04/28/10 17:02 · For: Chapter 48- Nightmare Come True
Wow that was so exciting! Can't wait for the next chapter

Author's Response: Thanks!

Name: Marauders_weasleygirl02 (Signed) · Date: 04/26/10 15:10 · For: Chapter 48- Nightmare Come True
Hola!!! (working on Spanish hw.) Anyway. Awesome, awesome, awesome chapter. I loved it a lot. I'm so glad she's out of the house. This is what I've been waiting for, actually. I love the fact that she's with Theodore again. I'm glad Voldemort didn't kill her because, than I wouldn't have anything to look forward too. Anyway. Love the character development on Lyra and how she has moved on from this shy, quiet girl, to freaking Death Eater. I love bad guys so, the fact that she was given the gift of the Dark Mark is cool. I also love the nightmare parallel thing with Voldemort, the snatchers and the Death Eaters. Like I said awesome chapter. Can't wait for the next up date, and please sooner this time. :)

Author's Response: Hi! (Working on English homework...or I should be; I have a poem/analysis to write, but instead I'm responding to this). I'm glad you love the chapter! I would never let Voldemort kill Lyra...I mean, it's from her perspective, so what would happen once she died? I guess she could go beyond the veil and meet Sirius...haha. People seem to like the Death Eater Lyra thing, which is good! Thanks for continuing to R&R--I'll try to update soon.

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