Reviewer: haaaaayyleeeeeyy
Date: 04/09/11 5:56
Chapter: Chapter 54- The Lost Letters

hmm... Im usually all for loveydovey stuff but i think bella's change is too inrealistic, for some random reason i think she shouldve died.

Author's Response: I get that her change may be a stretch, but the whole book works up to how Lyra gets the family she needs and wants and how the series might have turned out differently had the Lestranges had a daughter. Therefore, for this story I think it works best that Bella lives. Plus I love her and didn't really have the heart to kill her off (crazy, I know, since she's so evil).

Reviewer: haaaaayyleeeeeyy
Date: 04/09/11 4:29
Chapter: Chapter 42- The True End

aaarrgggh D:

Author's Response: I know. But as I guess you've seen by now, he comes back!

Reviewer: Stella98989
Date: 03/11/11 15:55
Chapter: Chapter 8- Big Night


Author's Response: The soundtrack? I believe just about anywhere...well, mine was a Christmas gift years ago, so if it's not in stores anymore, you can probably go to Amazon, eBay, iTunes, or any music download site. I'm pretty sure the Weird Sisters tracks are the last three on the CD. Hope this helps!

Reviewer: lunagemini
Date: 03/06/11 19:59
Chapter: Prologue

No problem my pleasure! It was nice talking with you! : )

Author's Response: Same here!

Reviewer: lunagemini
Date: 03/05/11 22:06
Chapter: Prologue

Sorry I was not trying to be nit picky it is just that most people don't think about it to much but I am one of those kind of people that make sure I back my reasoning with research so when people started saying it was Astoria and not Asteria I did my research and that is what I found and you have to agree that J.K. does not usually name her characters something that does not mean anything there is always some background for all her names. But then I guess it could just be me I pay to much attention to every detail and probably shouldn't. Lol because there is something wrong on the family tree thing but it is not Asteria's name it is the year Fred dies it should say 1998 not 1997 lol. Sorry for babbling! I will leave you alone now.

Author's Response: Believe me, it bugged me to no end whether her name was Asteria or Astoria, since it wasn't clear. But I was revising at midnight and rather quickly, so I just went with what I remembered being the popular choice after DH and the family tree came out. Anyway, I know you're not the only HP fan who pays attention to details :D HP fans are great at catching the little things--you know how stuff would be mentioned in one book and then be really important later? Anyway, I like Asteria better and I plan on changing it back. Now I'm babbling :) Thanks for the input.

Reviewer: lunagemini
Date: 03/05/11 13:32
Chapter: Epilogue

FYI Malfoy's wife is Asteria not Astoria. I know this because J.K. does not name a character without having background so if you look up Astoria it is just the name of some buildings and streets and stuff where as Asteria is the name of the daughter of a Titan just as Scorpius's middle name Hyperion is the name of a Titan. Also it makes me sad that you made Scorpius as bad as his father and grandfather I see him being better then them and falling in love with Rose (but I guess on that part it is all about what you want to imagine). All in all not bad though, definitely better than I could do!

Author's Response: I actually had her name as 'Asteria' in my first draft because that's what it says on JKR's family tree, but most HP resources can't agree on whether it's 'Asteria' or 'Astoria,' and 'Astoria' seems to be the popular pick for some reason. I might change it back, though. It is definitely up to the reader to imagine what happens to the next generation of characters, and since in my fic Draco continues to hate Lyra and her family, he raises his son to do the same :-/ Thanks for the review and for sticking to the story until the end!

Reviewer: bloodshedprincess
Date: 01/01/11 21:05
Chapter: Chapter 54- The Lost Letters

OOOOOOOh I watched DH part 1.... but it'd be nicer if there was a movie version of Daughter of the Dark side... its soo moving

Author's Response: Wow, thank you! I've imagined DotDS movie trailers in my head and even tried to make them from Sims once (I'm a nerd like that). Thanks for reading and reviewing!

Reviewer: Loony-lovegooD
Date: 12/25/10 12:55
Chapter: Chapter 25- Going Back

love part one and part two.... great

Author's Response: Thanks! I hope you read the rest :)

Reviewer: Loony-lovegooD
Date: 12/24/10 12:03
Chapter: Chapter 13- Spilling Secrets

its so cool, feels like reading harry potter again , just from a different perspective
just love the plot and the idea about her wrist hurting, nearly like harrys scar, but still very original.
great story!!!!

Author's Response: Thanks!

Reviewer: BrianG
Date: 12/22/10 11:01
Chapter: Chapter 56- The Ceremony

Great Story

Author's Response: Thanks!

Reviewer: Sparxles
Date: 12/08/10 14:12
Chapter: Chapter 1- The Campsite

i really like your writing! different views but they're really great!

Author's Response: Thanks! I hope you keep reading!

Reviewer: BrianG
Date: 12/08/10 11:22
Chapter: Chapter 54- The Lost Letters

Enjoyed the story. This chapter is a bit far fetched though. You just don't snap out of madness which Bella truly is. I did see DH part 1. I enjoyed it but so much was missing that I walked away feeling a bit robbed.

Author's Response: Yeah, I really struggled to make this chapter work. It'll take a long time for her to really snap out of her madness though. I tried fixing it, but I've been working on the story for three years now and at this point I just want it posted and done with :)

Reviewer: mel25894
Date: 12/06/10 21:32
Chapter: Chapter 54- The Lost Letters

this chapter is amazing although it is hard to believe that Bella would change that much in such a short period of time. i have seen deathly hallows but it was not as good as i expected but maybe my expectations were too high

Author's Response:

Yeah...I worked with the chapter a bit and kind of thought she changed too quickly. Maybe I didn't emphasize enough that it'll take her a long time to completely change. I absolutely love the Deathly Hallows movie, but I understand being an HP book reader and having high expectations! Thanks for reviewing.

Reviewer: CloverSun
Date: 11/09/10 7:46
Chapter: Chapter 53- Finale

OMG!!! I really hope u didn't kill theodore off!!!

Author's Response: I'll hold my tongue for now. You'll find out what happens in the next chapter, which I just submitted. Thanks for the review!

Reviewer: proud_to_be_a_muggle
Date: 11/04/10 13:55
Chapter: Chapter 53- Finale

Hey, I just read your whole story in crazy mode for the last 2 days (addicting!), but couldn't review because I wasn't a registered person. SO thats how good it was that I just HAD to review. Anyway I loved it! but I was a little disapointed at the way it ended. I mean not the contents like what happend but that there was not more to it than that. It just seems so open-ended through out the story everything was just building up, I enjoyed it but it was still building, to a not very long end/fight I think you should make the fight last longer. I think you should make it in to a seiries or atleast give it an epiloge to tell what happens to her now after so much lost and stuff. but thats just me and I know it was probably a lot of hard work and all.
And also in the beginning both the prologue and the first chapter were kind of redundent(sp?)! but really you should keep writting with other stories if not with this because your writting was great and I loved how you included so much of the stuff that affected Harry Potter and thats what really made it REAL for me!
PS: no really keep writting stuff

Bye- these are all just my thaughts and ramblings! :)

Author's Response:

Thanks! It's always flattering when someone creates an account to review. Just so know you, that chapter was not the end (I know it was called 'Finale,' which probably made it seem like it was the end). There's still much to resolve! Though I don't know when I'll get around to posting them, there are two more chapters plus and epilogue that I'm going to post, so watch for those. Also I know the beginning (like all of part one) was redundant but I wrote it over three years my writing wasn't as good and I'm too busy/lazy to rewrite it :) Thanks again for reviewing. I hope you read the end!

Reviewer: Marauders_weasleygirl02
Date: 10/13/10 6:06
Chapter: Chapter 53- Finale

Hey, Lyra!!! School has been a pain in the ass and I haven't had time to check if you had updated. I love love love this chapter!!! You did a fantastic job creating the finale. I have really enjoyed reading your fanfiction and I really appreciate you responding to all of my comments. My favorite part of this chapter was when Lyra finally confronted Bellatrix. " what do you knowabout love?" I love that line. I'm curious, what was your favorite part to write in this story? Was it the father/ daughter relationship or the romance between Theodore and Lyra? Please update soon! Xoxo

Author's Response: Hi! I understand what you mean about school. Between homework, marching band, my other extracurriculars, and college apps, I hardly have time to think about my story. But I try to keep up with it, or at least respond to the reviews, so you're welcome. My favorite part to'm kind of a sucker for romance, so the Lyra-Theodore stuff was probably my favorite to write. I definitely loved the father-daughter relationship scenes though, and I highly enjoyed writing the angry Lyra scenes and anything involving Lyra-Snape interaction!

Reviewer: Marsha Johnsegn
Date: 10/06/10 20:08
Chapter: Chapter 53- Finale

I can't believe you actually killed him!!
Unless he isn't really dead. Because the way you were bringing up white light, not green, causes me to want to believe that he isn't REALLY dead...
And, so, I guess that she didn't see Tonks dead since you didn't mention it. That'll be loads more sorrow.
And you let Bellatrix live?? How long will that last for?
Compelling as always, thanks for the continuous updates!
Submit the next chapter soon! Until next time; Cheers!

Author's Response: Hehehe...I love being an evil author so much! As usual, I can't say anything concerning who will live and who will die, who is dead and who...well...stay tuned, as all will be answered in the next chapter!

Reviewer: pathseekerme
Date: 09/27/10 23:23
Chapter: Chapter 53- Finale

This story was wonderful! But even though Lyra learned to love and she and Theodore fought for the right side, she still lost him. It made me cry. The story was so enthralling, I couldn't put down! I read it in one go! Don't leave it here! You need to finish it...

Author's Response: Hey, thanks! I feel that if I made someone cry, I did my job as an author :) Thanks so much for reading it until here. The story is completed, so after some revising on the final chapters, it'll be ready. Shouldn't be too long of a wait. Thanks again!

Reviewer: Lena Black
Date: 09/24/10 14:07
Chapter: Chapter 53- Finale

Wow that was a pretty good chapter! I was a little sad about the wait, though. I'm really sad Theodore dead...i cant believe it!! Im just a little confused here there, or is there not going to be more chapters? If so, please update soon!! Thanks for the good writing!

Lena BLack

Author's Response: There will be more chapters! I think there are two more, plus an epilogue. Thanks for following it for so long. I apologize for the crazy wait. The next chapter won't take as long to get out.

Reviewer: Marauders_weasleygirl02
Date: 09/23/10 7:18
Chapter: Prologue

Hey, Lyra. Just curious. What's going on? Is there something worng with getting the update through or something? Just curious.

Author's Response:

Nothing wrong, I've just been a poor updater : / To you and any other readers who see this: I'm sorry I've taken so long to post the next chapter after that cliffhanger. I've been busy and...a little lazy. But I actually submitted it to MNFF two nights ago, so no worries, it'll be here soon :)

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