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Name: Marsha Johnsegn (Signed) · Date: 07/26/09 23:44 · For: Prologue
I don't mind spoiling, I swear! Spill all the secrets you want!

Author's Response: Haha, I get it, but I can't in case other readers read this and get something spoiled! Plus I love to be an evil writer ;)

Name: Marsha Johnsegn (Signed) · Date: 07/26/09 19:41 · For: Prologue
Okay, I just read the part three synopsis (how long has that been there for?) And now I'm totally exicted for it! When I read 'Lyra experiences romance' I started smiling. Ah... the theories that jumped to my mind at that sentence... Neville? Somebody new? Somebody in another house? Personally, I hope it's Neville, but that's just me...
And she finds a way to control her violent tendencies... What will that be? I'm excited! I hope it's updated soon! Until next time; Cheers!

Ps. Sorry that I keep reviewing...

Author's Response:

It's only been there since I submitted the newest chapter, so a few days. I'm tempted to spill, of course, but I can't as that would be spoiling :) Um...what I can say is of the three possibilities you listed, one is right...but just in case I'm sending a wrong idea, I'll stop typing :P I have the next chapter in the queue, so it should be out soon, I hope. I say that a lot...

Name: Marsha Johnsegn (Signed) · Date: 07/24/09 21:38 · For: Prologue
You do realize (I know we've discussed how to spell this word before, but again... I can't remember if it's an 's' or a 'z' and 'z' looks cooler, so... moving on...) that by telling me she's going to be 'too busy with... other things...' you're going to make me go insane! Especially since it's going to take forever for that part of the story to be posted... Though it gives me a long time to speculate... (which isn't always a good thing...)
Hmm... here's a few random speculations (the ones I can come up with off the top of my head)
1. She's looking for her parents?
2. She's with her parents?
3. She went on a mission of her own... Doing what you ask? I have NO idea... (though obviously you know)
4. Umm... umm... I'm trying to think of something, but I'm coming up blank... *sigh* I guess I'll have to wait and see...

On a different note, I can't wait for the next part! I love that you started to imply Lupin and Tonks in this chapter, so I'm hoping will see a fair deal of them while Lyra's home for the summer. I'm sure we'll be seeing some other characters there as well... Which, again, gets me started on speculation... I'm hoping to see Neville soon, so maybe he'll pop in for a visit. We'll probably see the Weasleys and Harry, if only a bit (or maybe quite a lot...) I'm going to stop now, but if you have any information you're willing to share I'd love to hear it! Until next time; Cheers!

Ps. Any thoughts on HBP after seeing it the second time around? PM me!

Author's Response:

Both are correct, but 's' is British English (I think...) and 'z' is American English. I know it's going to drive you insane! Authors love to be evil...when my best friend read this story she threatened to tie me up and make me watch horrible YouTube videos (can't say why, spoilers!) Believe me, I wish I could get this up faster too, but the submission process can take a while...I mean, I started this two summers ago, finished it the March after, started posting in May or so, and have spent the last year and two months doing just that only to get half the story up. Of course there were some long waits, lack of time, and chapter rejections along the way, but still...okay, I'm done ranting on that. Anyway, as far as your speculations, one of them is right but it's not the whole story. I know that will probably make you more crazy...

There will be some Lupin/Tonks stuff going on. I think the trio is in one scene (a scene from the book). Mostly you'll get a lot of the Tonks family. Everyone else will come back once she's in school. Hm...what information can I share that won't give too much away? Lyra will get her O.W.L. results. Not very important, but still...

As for HBP, I would say it wasn't quite as good the second time but I probably laughed more! Especially at the part where Harry did the Aragog pinchers. I loved the Felix Felicis scenes :D

Name: darkchocolatemntn (Signed) · Date: 07/24/09 20:15 · For: Prologue
but bellatrix wanted narcissa, lucius's wife to adopt the baby. im pretty sure lucius would have known about it

Author's Response:

Hm...that's a good point that I hadn't thought of. Since I can't change the story, maybe these things could make up for it:

1- Lucius hasn't necessarily seen Lyra, at least not since she was a baby, so he may not recognize her. However, her resemblance to her mother wouldn't fool him, so this isn't the best excuse

2- Lucius was very preoccupied that night at the Ministry and didn't necessarily notice Lyra was there, and didn't think to write to the Ministry when he was sent to Azkaban

Because of the way Bella asked Narcissa to adopt Lyra (I can't say how because it spoils something), Lucius didn't have to know Narcissa was asked to adopt her. However, I realized that since Lucius is in the family he would have known that Bella had a daughter. So...maybe it would have been better for Lucius to tell the Prophet but it's too late for me to change the story. Thanks for making me think, though!

Name: Marauders_weasleygirl02 (Signed) · Date: 07/19/09 20:44 · For: Prologue
Reviewing again! I can't wait for the reactions of Nievlle (How do you spell that?) and Ron and Hermione and the rest of the Order... It should be great! Oh and btw I always admired your screen name... Lyra Lestrange... I changed my last name on Facebook to Lestrange... LOL... Anyway! Can't wait!!!
xoxo -Marauders_weasleygirl02

Author's Response: Thank you! I hope you and the other reviewers won't be too disappointed that the reactions won't take place for a few chapters...the summer holiday has to come first! And thanks about the username thing. It's not the most original since it's the name of the main character of my story, but I like it, too.

Name: Marauders_weasleygirl02 (Signed) · Date: 07/19/09 17:37 · For: Prologue
Reviewing again! I forgot to mention how happy I am about the dialogue between Lyra and Harry... Thanks... Can't wait for the next chapter...

xoxo - Marauders_weasleygirl02

Author's Response: Thanks again! That seems to be a favorite part in this story.

Name: LuNaLoVeGoOdLoVer (Signed) · Date: 07/18/09 3:19 · For: Prologue
urg, you know what? just forget my other review!
I really liked this chappie. it was one of my favs! I like the talk between harry and Lyra. And their visit to St. Mungo's. And Madam Pomfry (how do ya spell that???)
And it was so sad ):
Can't wait for the next chapter and see how everyone will react to the spilled seret! Especially Neville. And the prophet, if that's going to play a role in it. Anyway, good job!
And i was also at the midnihgt release thing (: (: (; Did you like it??

Author's Response: Yay! The Harry-Lyra talk seems to be a favorite part. You'll see some reactions to the secret in the next chapter, which is in the queue. Thanks again! And yes, I loved the movie :D I'm going again on Monday!

Name: bellatrix-black-lestrange (Signed) · Date: 07/15/09 18:12 · For: Prologue
yea i watched it tonight she was amazing in HBP but i expected nothing less.

Author's Response: Same here :)

Name: Marauders_weasleygirl02 (Signed) · Date: 07/15/09 10:15 · For: Prologue
Hi! I just reread the story for like the third time and I noticed how well you charcterized the charcter Tonks. Now what I'm lookng forward to is how Lyra reacts when she finds out when Tonks dies in the Battle for Hogwarts. (Just finished reading that for like the third time) Anyway! I really enjoy your stories. We have alot in common by the way. I was looking at your bio thing and you like all the same artist i like and i like to write poetry too. I need you to right more so i won't fantasize about what may happen next. I'm really looking forward to the next chapter. Now I am very curiuos about Lyra's relationship between her dad. I have a feeling its going to be complecated. Just keep all your readers posted on the stroy. I can't wait!
xoxo -Maurders_weasleygirl02

Author's Response: Ooh! *Bites tongue* I'm tempted to say something, but I can't because it'll spoil later parts! I'm glad you like the story and the same artists as me--most people I know aren't into them and when I tried playing my music at my birthday party, it didn't go over well (and that was with my friends). Anyway, you're right, Lyra's relationship with her dad will be interesting! The next chapter is in the queue and will be out soon (hopefully)!

Name: bellatrix-black-lestrange (Signed) · Date: 07/15/09 2:40 · For: Prologue
i no i no Helena is amazing ! i'm so glad that she got to play her in the end

Author's Response: Me too! She is absolutely perfect! She did just as well in HBP.

Name: bellatrix-black-lestrange (Signed) · Date: 07/14/09 16:40 · For: Prologue
ha ha thanks the user name represents my obsession with Bellatrix i absolutely love her character.

Author's Response: So do I! She's evil and killed Sirius, but I became obsessed with her after the 5th movie, during which Helena Bonham Carter portrayed her excellently!

Name: Marsha Johnsegn (Signed) · Date: 07/10/09 22:26 · For: Prologue
Love it! As always, it's incredible! I'm not sure why, but I enjoy Lyra's dark side here... it's oddly fabulous! Ha ha, I'm not sure if that made sense...
Anyway... I can't BELIEVE she blurted it out to Harry like that... I freaked. Siriusly, I sat there and stared at the screen re-reading it for about a minute before I moved on, lol.
I mean, yes, I've been expecting her secret to get out soon, but DEFINETLY not like that...
(Assuming that she tells everyone else) I can't wait to see how Neville acts...
As i was reading through the review page earlier I was amazed to see that someone went more review happy then I did! (Though they were actually reviews... not just random notes on life...)
On a question that you can feel free not to answer... Does it bother you that the person reviewing keeps picking on your grammar even though their reviews are so ard to understand because of all the mistakes? (As I said, there's no need to answer... I was just wondering...)
I was very glad to see that the update came so soon!
Can you believe ther are only four days until the movie!? Are you planning to see it?
Love the story! Update soon! Until next time; Cheers!

Author's Response:

I kind of enjoy Lyra's dark side, too. I know I love to write about it :) It's kind of weird. I swear I'm not twisted.

I didn't know it was such a surprise, but I'm glad it was! The secret-revealing thing will be in the next chapter, which has been submitted!

It's a little bothersome, but I figure it's just chatspeak, you know...I try to read between the lines. On a different note, I love the quick updates just as much as you do! I'm trying to post quickly since it's long overdue. I mean, I started this story two years ago and it's not even halfway posted.

Yes! I'm going to see the movie with some friends at midnight! I usually see them the day they come out but I've never been to a midnight showing so I'm excited! Hope you enjoy it, too!

Name: LuNaLoVeGoOdLoVer (Signed) · Date: 07/10/09 18:19 · For: Prologue
yes, even if she does pass out a lot, i think she still defianetly has the griffendor traits. she is very brave.
And I think it's a little bit of both. Seeing harry from the sidelines must always look a little bit like he's an attention-seeker, since everything DOES happen to him, don't you think? to someone who doesn't know him that well, anyways. And then just from Lyra's bitterness he is being portrayed that way.
And if it's a simple spell I guess that would work!
Can't wait! (:

Author's Response:

Thanks. It's great reading the HP series and seeing everything from Harry's POV, but I like exploring it from a different one. Expect the next chapter soon!

Name: Marauders_weasleygirl02 (Signed) · Date: 07/08/09 16:32 · For: Prologue
OMG!!! Lyra,

I'm going to need you to do the next chapter! This is the best story I have read on here... really it is... Rodulphlous(I'm pretty sure i just spelled that wrong) is awesome. Write please! I can't wait for the next chapter. Can you make some dialogue between Harry and Lyra? Like after sirius's death?

Author's Response: Wow, thanks so much! I'm actually working on submitting the next chapter right now. You'll be happy to know that there's some dialogue between Harry and Lyra it in regarding Sirius. I love Rodolphus, too and he'll play a major part later on! Thanks so much and enjoy following the story!

Name: Lympha (Signed) · Date: 07/02/09 2:33 · For: Prologue
Yay another chapter is up. I must say I really liked it. I wonder how Lyra is going to cope with Sirius's death?
Hope you update soon

Author's Response: Thanks! How Lyra copes with Sirius' death will be a huge part of the story, beginning in the next chapter. I plan on posting it today :)

Name: Marsha Johnsegn (Signed) · Date: 06/19/09 23:14 · For: Prologue
I've officially finished school, so I'll have time to be doing things other then sitting at my computer for half an hour a day =] Though that definetly won't stop me from looking for updates here! It's been a long wait and I'm looking forward to the next chapter post! Hope your summer is going well! Keep writing! Until next time; Cheers!

Author's Response:

Cool! I'm out of school, too, and I love it because I can work on stories and stuff! I've been procrastinating (in the summer, ugh...) on the chapter but I plan on working on it this week. Sorry about the wait again. Thanks for the review--I needed a bit of a push and once I get the next few chapters out, the story will be in part three, my personal favorite that needs considerably less revising :)

Name: Marsha Johnsegn (Signed) · Date: 05/08/09 16:41 · For: Prologue
Wow... okay, again, I'm going to be pointless and random! When you said, "Don't worry, you're just as eager a s I am." My mind jumped to the Order of The Pheonix movie with Luna, "Don't worry, you're just as sane as I am."
I have no idea why i continue to post these reviews with no point... But I'm sure there will be more! That's all for now! Cheers!

Author's Response:

Oh! That was completely unintentional! I think Harry Potter references slip subconciously into my real life...just a sign of major obsession.

By the way, do you have an account on the MNFF beta boards? If you want to talk with me there, I'm up for it (my username there is the same as it is here). This way we can discuss without having to through reviews (I don't mind them, but the mods might : / ). Anyway, the next chapter is in the queue :)

Name: Marsha Johnsegn (Signed) · Date: 05/06/09 21:55 · For: Prologue
*Sigh* Long time, no update! Maybe we'll have one this weekend since it's a new month...? I don't know, but I do hope so! Anyway, this was really pointless... At any rate, I'm looking forward to the next chapter when it's posted! Until next time; Cheers!

Author's Response: Haha, don't worry, you're just as eager as I am. I submitted the chapter but haven't received a letter yet, so I guess the mods are busy.

Name: Marsha Johnsegn (Signed) · Date: 03/13/09 15:15 · For: Prologue
Heyy! Ok, so I have no idea why, but I was reading through past reviews, and I realized that I've started almost all of them with Oh. my. Gosh! I loved it, or Wow! I also realize that this isn't really a review, and it's a waste of time, but whatever! I also think that i'm spelling realize wrong, but if I spell it with as realise it doesn't look right... Ok, I'm going to stop with this non-review, lol. Keep writing! Cheers!

Author's Response: Haha, that's all right! 'Realize' is right for American English but I think 'realise' is British. I'm not sure...I avoid using British English in case I'm wrong. Btw, I submitted the next chapter yesterday, so hopefully it gets validated quickly.

Name: Marsha Johnsegn (Signed) · Date: 02/08/09 20:48 · For: Prologue
Ok, after I read your response I had to go and google the family tree, and you're right, it's totally interesting! Apparntly the Blacks had a thing for re-using names! Also, (I know, this is random) you can find the Weasley family tree on JK Rowling's website... ok, this is the end of my totally pointless review, which really wasn't a review, because it wasn't about your story... speaking of that, submit the next chapter soon! Cheers!

Author's Response:

Isn't it? I (call me crazy) re-drew the family tree with Lyra and her family, plus the Weasleys, the Tonks family, etc. (basically all the families that weren't disowned that should have been on the tree). I've seen the Weasley family tree too and thought it was awesome how we could see the names of their spouses and kids. But enough rambling. Your review wasn't pointless, since it reminded me to submit the next chapter that I was going to submit yesterday but totally forgot about.

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