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Reviews For A Hero's Heart

Name: Indigoenigma (Signed) · Date: 04/29/09 18:19 · For: Chapter 1
Dear Cwiddy,

That was a very powerfully written poem with a lot of truth packed into a few very brief words. I’ve always thought, actually, that the reason that poetry can be so wonderful and intense is because so much can be expressed with so little. It just makes the message ring a little bit louder and a lot more deeply.

The most powerful part of this poem is your definition of the hero. The hero is the one who always perseveres, despite the odds; the one who would risk himself (or herself) to protect another; the one who tries the hardest to overcome what is in the way. For me, this strikes a chord. We don’t live in mythological times and there aren’t knights in shining armor running around, itching to save a damsel in distress and be the hero. Even though that’s what everyone thinks of when they think of a hero, today’s heroes are of a different breed. But the underlying thread that connects those heroes of ages past to those of contemporary times are those qualities. They’re absolutely timeless and incredibly meaningful.

This is probably why I’ve always been exceedingly fond of Albus Dumbledore. He always emphasized that Harry’s actions were done out of love – for her parents, his friends, etc. – and that Voldemort couldn’t win because he couldn’t understand that. In my opinion, that love is what makes Harry the hero. He takes what was given to him and he does everything he can with it because of what and who he loves.

Why do we remember some deeds and forget others?

Although this is not, perhaps, the most important line for conveying your message, this one really stood out for me. I’ve always wondered that myself. If we take an answer from the HP world, it would be that things are remembered either because of their inherent goodness or because of their extreme evil. People either admire or fear and those extreme ends of the spectrum – admiration and fear – are the things that end up being remembered. At least, that seems to be why all of the evil in the world is always remembered and talked about in hushed tones (Grindlewald, then Voldemort) and all of the heroes (Harry, Dumbledore, etc.) are constantly talked about. The others with them, even though they may have been just as great or just as evil, aren’t really remembered because they didn’t inspire the fear or admiration in others. I’ll stop rambling about that, now.

I also really like the structure of this poem. The almost question/answer format really made the message clearer. The questions cause a little bit of doubt in the reader’s mind, but the answer clarifies and erases all of that doubt and then the reader absolutely believes in the answer.

Overall, I thought that this was an amazingly well-done poem. It applies and connects with so much more than just Harry Potter and the message is incredibly powerful.


Author's Response: Thank you so much for your thoughts and input. I write what comes to me, and sometimes I just maybe add just a twist to my real life to make it HP related...and sometimes, the poem can just be thought of a bit differently to fit into the HP world. Part of the fun of writing is to inspire others, to make them think, and to hear about their thoughts. Thanks again for sharing yours with me. Glad you enjoyed my poem, too. :)

Name: moonstargazer (Signed) · Date: 04/20/08 23:37 · For: Chapter 1
A very beautiful poem! It is very revelent in the times we all live in today.
I think it is safe to assume that Harry is the hreo of this poem,.but it can be anyone, in any walk of life.
This poem brings to mind, the movie, My boy Jack, about Rudyard Kipling's son, Jack, who was killed inthe first World War, just shy of turning 18. He was deeply loved by his family and was sadly missed too. He was their hero.
Daniel Radcliff did a wonderful job playijng Jack...;0)

Author's Response: I haven't had a chance to see My Boy Jack yet, but it is on my list of must see movies! Thank you for your review. I admit that many of my poems come from life experiences that I try to turn into HP stories/poems...so yes, this can be just about anyone, not just Harry. Thanks again for your kind words!

Name: Cheshlin (Signed) · Date: 04/20/08 15:44 · For: Chapter 1
So much truth is found in this poem! What can I say, I'm a bit of a fan... go figure. hehe


Author's Response: Thanks again! :) I had fun writing this poem. But then again, you know how I feel about poetry!

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