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Name: KittyCatLover (Signed) · Date: 03/07/09 9:40 · For: Chapter 7: Lawn Gnomes and Trowel Trolls
Yeah so I read this WEEKS ago and even had my review written, but for some reason never posted it :P I some how missed the update email, not sure how that happened....But I was so utterly thrilled to find that there was a new chapter it made up for almost everything (not exactly sure what needed to be made up for but that's beside the point). I nearly died of laughter at the caption on the picture of Ted in the paper, fit Emma's description perfectly. But le gasp! What is this! Tyremma shipiness?! Yay! Well it sort of is, we're moving in the right direction at least. Soooo little confused does Tabitha still live with Tyrone or not? Because at first he said 'my sister left some of her stuff' like she had moved out then later he said 'I couldn't find a shirt I didn't think she'd miss' so did she move out and is coming back for her stuff later or what? Trowel troll, he he. My mom loves gardening, and about once a year I get roped into beheading dead flowers, but other wise I’m happy enough to have nothing to do with it! ^_^ Have a good Saturday and an even better week!

Author's Response: Whoa, hello there! This review definitely made me happy. Anyway, Tabitha goes to Hogwarts-- she's a seventh year. So this is during the schoolyear. She lives with him over the summer and on breaks. Sorry I wasn't clearer about that!

Name: Heiress_of_Insanity_ (Signed) · Date: 02/06/09 20:26 · For: Chapter 7: Lawn Gnomes and Trowel Trolls
haha, I want Haley's alarm clock!!!! And I'd pay big bucks for it, too....Also, Super Motts is REAL??? XD oh, wow...

Yay! Ted is (apparently) still alive! But of course, he's TED, who is awesome. And cool characters never die (unforunately, my theory has been disproved many times...)

Sorry I didn't review earlier. I didn't get the email, because it disfavorited me AGAIN o.0 BUT yay! update. (and haha yay! Emma/Tyrone awkwardness!) Only that whole enlisting Ted thing? WHAT?! =( I don't know what to think of Tyrone now...

pwetty pweeze update sooner. ^.^ Also, a while back you asked what musocal I was doing right now...it's Beauty and the Beast (I thought it was so weird when the quote was from Maison! =D). I didn't get into the big main production, but auditions for the smaller class are tomorrow...UGH i'm nervous.

Author's Response: I'd love that alarm clock... but YES, SUPER MOTTS IS REAL! And so is the "Super Motts' t-shirt, which I wear proudly, despite the fact that it's huge and ugly and disfigured with mysterious pink stains. I will update pretty soon-- I'm in kind of an internet-absent phase right now. But GOOD LUCK ON YOUR AUDITION!!!! I love Beauty and the Beast.

Name: InvisibleAparecium (Signed) · Date: 01/19/09 11:55 · For: Chapter 7: Lawn Gnomes and Trowel Trolls
Woah... I just realized something: Bilbo Collins = B.C.


Anyway, great chapter... I hope Ted is okay. For some strange reason, I'm not very super-ticked off at him for leaving. But then again, what is all this with Tyrone? It's a little confusing. It isn't very clear any more if Tyrone is a good guy or a bad guy. That's what I love about this story-- It's so suspenseful, but it's a romance! *fangirls a bit more*

I am reviewing this eleven days after it came out... Sorry about that. I listened to AudioFictions--you were phenomenal, by the way, the little voices were absolutely perfect--and when I heard your name, I went, Hmm, I wonder if she has updated any other of her stories. And I've yet to check those out, so if you will excuse me...

Author's Response: Oh, wow, don't worry! Bilbo Collins is not B.C., Bilbo Collins is Patrick. I never noticed that before. B.C.'s a very nice dude. Yeah, I'm not mad at Ted for leaving, and I hope the readers aren't, either, but Emma gets mad about the STOOPIDEST things, you know? That's what makes her Emma. And I'm glad you liked the romance/suspense of this story-- I don't like writing pure romance, so this was fun for me!

Thank you SOO SOOO much about the AudioFictions compliment, by the way!

Name: Nova (Signed) · Date: 01/10/09 4:27 · For: Chapter 7: Lawn Gnomes and Trowel Trolls

Except I'm angry, because I wasn't notified of the update via e-mail in which I normally am for updates to my favourite fics!

Anyway. I shall stop ranting an continue with my review.

w00t! Maison de Lunes is my favourite song from Beauty and the Beast. And Beauty and the Beast just happens to be my favourite Disney movie. But it's not my favourite musical. But I do happen to love Terrance Mann as the Beast...
I'M SORRY! I really need to stop ranting and continue with my review. And I've only just finished reading Hayley's Show Tune Du Jour.


HA! The 'Super Motts' thing made me laugh so hard. but that also might be because of the fact that I've just eaten a whole packet of orange flavoured tictacs... and they tend to make me go crazy.

YES! Another P&P summary! And a long one, too!
Bilbo Collins returns! I love that guy.

'Oh, and Mr. Bingley’s sisters kept hanging around talking smack about Mr. Wickham, saying vaguely insulting things about his family background and his romantic history and his sideburns.'

I HATE THEM! But I love Mr. Wickham's sideburns. *squee*

Author's Response: NOVAAA! Hello there! Well, "Maison des Lunes" is a pretty flippin' amazing song, although my favourites are "Mob Song" and "If I Can't Love Her." But I love any song that has Gaston in it, because he's hilarious. And yes, Terrence Mann is absolutely MAGNIFICENT, even though he delivers his lines in a funny way. "Allright... allright...allright... NNNNAAAAAOOOOW!"

I love Super Motts. And it is real... Also, you are probably the only person in the world who likes Bilbo Collins! ^_^

Name: James Jameson (Signed) · Date: 01/09/09 14:40 · For: Chapter 7: Lawn Gnomes and Trowel Trolls
LOL Wlfgang Amadeus Mozart!! I went to his house last summer! In Salzburg! And I got to see the place where tehy filmed the sound of music! sorry... that just rememinded meeee

LOL the lime sucker made me laugh

I can't believe that Tyrone is the one who persuaded ted to do it!! Something fishy....

Author's Response: Christineeee! Christinneee! (Sorry, I'm listening to Phantom of the Opera right now... I just bought the Canadian cast with Colm Val Colm as the Phantom-- "THISH ISH THE POINT OFFFF NAOOOW REEE-TAWWWN!") Dude, I wish I could have gone to Mozart's house! Mozart is the BOMB! And "Amadeus" is a pretty good movie.

Name: butterbeer_HaNgOvEr (Signed) · Date: 01/08/09 22:03 · For: Chapter 7: Lawn Gnomes and Trowel Trolls
If that was not Ted in that picture, I will be sincerely upset. Though it sounds like him to me, protecting the injured. (did you do the math for the *88 full moons*?)
heh heh, trowel trolls...Ron is a big kid.
Dude. Tonight, my brother was getting ready to go out with his girlfriend, and before he leaves to meet her, my mom stops and says "Hey. No hanky panky."
I kid you not. I nearly died laughing.
I love this chapter. But I'm starting not to like Mr. Wolfie Quinn. It was way too casual, the way he threw in that bit about Tyrone. Post more soon por favor!

Author's Response: Thanks for yo' review! I SEEM to remember I did some kind of math for the full moons, but I wrote this chapter in July, so my memory of it is a bit fuzzy. I know I wrote that part of the story at the dentist's office waiting to get a filling, so my math might have been even worse than usual due to nervousness.

My dad (who reminds me a lot of Ron) came up with trowel trolls! Whenever we get a trowel, it disappears. It's pretty weird. AND DUDE, YOUR MOM! MY MOM SAYS 'HANKY-PANKY' ALL THE TIME, TOO! It must be some kind of a weird generational thing...

Name: oceanianow (Signed) · Date: 01/08/09 19:58 · For: Chapter 7: Lawn Gnomes and Trowel Trolls
Haha, I loved this chapter! Actually I love them all. Your style of writing really draws the reader in and keeps them there, instead of going on and on in lengthy descriptions. I also love the plot and the summaries at the end. Great job!! Please post more soon!

Author's Response: Oh, thank you! And I really appreciate the compliment on drawing in the reader, because I was worried that this story moved too slowly and had too much description!

Name: ahattab33 (Signed) · Date: 01/08/09 11:58 · For: Chapter 5: Abandoning Pregnant Wives-- A Fun Lupin Family Tradition
Oh my gosh. Your reviews of Pride and Prejudice are HILARIOUS. And I love all of your stories. They are fabulous. I am catching up on this one.

Author's Response: Awww! Well, thank you very much. I've just updated this story for the first time in far too long, and I'm beginning to wonder why I took so long. It's so much fun to write.

Name: ringobeatlesfan4 (Signed) · Date: 01/07/09 14:34 · For: Chapter 7: Lawn Gnomes and Trowel Trolls
*GASP* I never got emailed when this was updated! It as on my favorites, I know it was on my favorites, I personally added it to my favorites, and now all of a sudden I'm not updated to a new chapter to my favorites? What is the world coming to???? Anyway, I have re-added (like it was taken off in the first place. pshaw) it to my favorites. This is probably the most the word 'favorites' has been used in one short period of time... I am now going to stop saying the word favorites... okay, starting now.

“I heard that werewolf jaws can crush a cauldron,” Jonathan added offhandedly.

“COOL!” shouted Holly. “Let’s make Ted show us next time he comes over!”
^Haha... Where does Jonathan get this random knowledge? Ooooh! I just noticed that Haley and Holly are the two girls, and they have the same initials, just like Jordan and Jonathan! haha really good chapter though! {BeccA}

Author's Response: YAAAY! Re-favourited! And I'm so glad that this chapter got accepted. Yes, Haley, Jordan, Holly, and Jonathan were all named so that their names match with Harry and Ginny. It's cheesy, but I felt like it! Jonathan is perpetually off in his own little world of facts and fantasies and periodically makes contact with reality. I guess this was one of the rare moments.

Name: crystalphoenix (Signed) · Date: 01/06/09 22:57 · For: Chapter 7: Lawn Gnomes and Trowel Trolls
wow, Emma's perspective is absolutely hilarious. i have to say, you've created a very memorable and entertaining character. the story fits well with pride and prejudice, too. can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! That is really a huge compliment, and you've definitely made my day. I'm glad you think Emma's 'memorable' and not, say, 'totally obnoxious.'

Name: saveginny417 (Signed) · Date: 01/06/09 21:03 · For: Chapter 7: Lawn Gnomes and Trowel Trolls
So, I’m making up for my terrible turn-around review time on your last chapter by reviewing this one the day it got posted. Granted, it’s not the same story, but… I wish I were more efficient. I doubt I’ll achieve that anytime soon.

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST! Even if it’s not Haley singing it, and an alarm clock. Which I wish I had, by the way. Mine has a rather annoying bree-bee-bee-beep thing going, and I’ve hated it every single morning for the last six years. I’d SO much rather wake up to the Maison des Lunes. Plus, that has to be my single favourite musical ever, so I would actually get up, instead of hitting snooze until 6:34 and consequently missing the school bus. Granted, everyone else would have to get up too, because I sing LOUDLY. But Belle is the best. I would so like to play her someday. She’s on my list of parts I must at the very least attempt to get. Yeah, I have a list. It’s sitting right here in a pile on my desk. Apparently this pile also includes an Usher CD and a one-shot I wrote about Cedric over a year ago. I need to clean my desk more often. And now, as usual, I am completely and spectacularly off-topic.

Um. Please don’t kill Ted. He is much too adorable to die, ever. And this is coming from me. I’ve been known to kill off Harry, for crying out loud. Frequently. But if Ted died, I would probably cry. That’s the end of my hypocritical grovelling.

Wow, that is incredibly stupid. Let’s wait until these ferocious, bloodthirsty mercenary-type revolutionaries are even MORE dangerous before we attack them, shall we? General McClellan, anyone? (He was this guy during the civil war who basically stood around waiting for MONTHS before trying to attack Richmond, the Confederate capital. Meanwhile the Confederates were making plans and building forts and by the time McClellan actually attacked, their defences were pretty much impenetrable. Yeah, he got fired for that. We learned about that today. Tomorrow we get to re-enact Lincoln’s assassination. Fun.)

Oh, Emma. Always the pessimist, aren’t we? If Ivy wants to believe Ted‘s still alive, LET HER. I think she would know.

Aha, the ceramic kittens. How I’ve missed them. Almost as much as I miss Jordan, by the way. (that was a ludicrously badly disguised hint. Jordan is love.)

Heh. I think Tyrone would do well living in a manhole, actually. He would name all the alligators ridiculous things like Rex and Blitzen and Alfalfa. I don’t want him to live in a manhole, though. I like having his shinyness up here on earth with us lesser mortals.

I was not aware that Jafar had a kabob shack. I think I need to pay it a visit pronto. Although Jafar still scares the daylights out of me. He’s almost as bad as the guy from Mulan. Which I still refuse to watch.

Tyrone! You have been gifted by the Gernumblies! Please, please start singing opera in Mermish. That would MAKE. MY. DAY.

RAINING! YEEESSSS! Sorry. But all my favourite romantic movie scenes are in the rain. To list a few: the Notebook, Spiderman (sad, but true), Singing in the Rain (duh)… oh, and the end of Beauty and the Beast. Of course. So, Tyremma in the rain… YAY! Even if nothing actually happened. It will soon enough. And I know this because I had to stand backstage during the last three minutes of Pride and Prejudice at school, waiting for curtain call. Darcy may have been short and may have had an ATROCIOUS accent, but MAN. The scriptwriters weren’t kidding when they described the last bit as ‘rapturous’.

Trowel, trowel, trowel, I made it out of clay, and when it’s quite stopped raining, we’ll go and shovel hay. Hey! ( Ah. That was a fantastically miserable song. I hope you’re pleased.)

See? TYREMMA. Thankyouverymuch.

I so wish my middle name were Dionysus. No one would EVER guess it. Like my best friend’s middle name, which has a hyphen and was probably not a word to begin with. I’m jealous of it.

I saw a commercial once with Victoria Beckham going “We’re Beck-UMMM!” and cocking her arm like a prizefighter while hawking her sports drink. This reminds me of how Emma refers to Wickham. He’s Wick-UMMM. Ohhh, just you wait, Em.

I suspect even Edwin Weasley and his spasmodic flamingo dancing were probably better than Collins’s. Yeah, I remember that. Darcy SHOULD have a moustache. And the guy who played our Darcy totally actually talks like that. In big words with weird phrasing. It’s unnerving. Plus one time he stole my sweater by accident. He thought it was his. This is irrelevant, but creepy.

Wow, so my review is now totally longer than the chapter was. Most of it is not spam. Maybe. I’m trying! And I loved the chapter, even though I see what you mean about it not working quite right. I think maybe once the next few chapters get up it will flow better with the rest of the story. I’ve always found that helps, anyway. Take that for what you will.

And, in closing, I present you with a song we learned at rehearsal today. It can be MY annoying show tune du jour!

The world has gone mad today and good’s bad today
And black’s white today and day’s night today
While most guys today that women prize today
Are just silly gigolos!
And though I’m not a great romancer
I know that I’m bound to answer when you propose…
Anything goes!

If you couldn’t guess, we’re doing Anything Goes. I happen to have the lovely part of passenger #6. Darcy has the lead again. I’m jealous.


Author's Response: JULIIIIIIIIII! Oh, how I love your reviews! I love, love, love Beauty and the Beast as well-- though the role I'm dying to play is LeFou. And I doubt that'll happen, because I'm a girl. But he gets to sing "Gaston," "Maison des Lunes," and the "Mob Song," three of the most kickin' songs.

All I can say is that the only character who is off-limits for geting killed off is Harry. Everyone else is a possibility. Ooh, spooky!

Tyrone would SO be the coolest manhole-dwelling hobo ever. And your names for alligators are so brilliant that I may have to steal them and use them at some point. And yeah, I'm pretty sure that if Jafar from Aladdin ran any sort of restaurant, I would steer CLEEEEAR of it. Unless I really wanted to by hypnotized/poisoned/touched by that little wormlike mustache.

Okay, so that is exactly how I imagine Mr. Wickham's name in my mind-- I've actually seen that commercial. And, and, and that Mr. Darcy of yours sounds like a slightly awesome person. I want to meet him, except I don't because that's creepy and he has no idea who he is.

That song-- I was just thinking of that song! Because there's a Monty Python sketch about a map compiled by Cole Porter, and everyone keeps singing "Anything Goes," but some guy starts singing this weird song that goes, "Anything goes in, anything goes out, fish, bananas, old pyjamas, mutton, beef, and trout!"

Name: JustLikeHermione77 (Signed) · Date: 01/06/09 19:44 · For: Chapter 7: Lawn Gnomes and Trowel Trolls
yayyy!! updates!! i really enjoyed this chapter....update soon!! :-)

Author's Response: Thank you! It is rather refreshing to finally update!

Name: weasleywannabe47 (Signed) · Date: 01/06/09 17:06 · For: Chapter 7: Lawn Gnomes and Trowel Trolls
“Ted’s a Gryffindor,”
That doesn't seem like a "Ginny" thing to say. Harry or Ron, maybe, but never Ginny. It's not eally her style to be like 'my house is better than yours'.

Anyway, Ivy was so happy that she and her mum decided to go off for some kind of mother-daughter spa outing, which is great; Haley’s pestered her way into giving Ivy
What? I thought Pansy was teh ebilest?!
What's up with mother/daughter mushu-mush?

This was a good chapter, not the best, but good.
It showed how Emma is maturing, how she's not still the little girl who hated everything to do with boys and babies.


Are you aware you are a Spam Auror??



Author's Response: You're right, that's not so much a Ginny thing to say-- but I was trying to convey that she was reaching for something that might comfort Ivy! And stumbling over it! The mother/daughter outing was Ivy and Ginny-- I should have made that more clear. But Ivy definitely considers Ginny her mother.

I know I'm a Spam Auror, but I never go in the Badger Bar, so I've never implemented my evil powers yet!

Name: butterbeer_HaNgOvEr (Signed) · Date: 12/17/08 0:23 · For: Chapter 6: He Followed Me Home, But I Don't Want To Keep Him
Dude. My pre-ap english class is watching P&P(keira knightley version) and i think its hilarious! you're very good at making your story parallel pride and prejudice. i can think i can figure out what is going to happen next here...THE PART WHERE COLLINS ASKS ELIZABETH TO MARRY HIM IS SO FUNNY! it was just like Emma and that jerk.(i strongly dislike him, so i refuse to say his name. take that patrick. DANGIT) we just stopped where Darcy is "practicing making conversation"(not sure the grammar is on point there) and i luved it. When is this gonna be updated??? Also, was Tyrone saying "can of worms" the equivalent of "barely tolerable" from Darcy?

Author's Response: Thank you sooo much! And Collins is hilarious-- the dude who plays him in the movie is brilliant; and I also loved him in Pirates of the Caribbean as Beckett! Hey, weird we should talk about the P&P movie, because I was just telling my bother last night how freakishly he resembles a younger, blonder Matthew Macfadyen (Darcy). Oh, and 'can of worms' is basically the same thing as 'not enough to tempt me,' I was thinking!

Name: Nova (Signed) · Date: 11/12/08 4:26 · For: Chapter 6: He Followed Me Home, But I Don't Want To Keep Him
OH MY GOD. I want those action figures. xD

Also I think Emma is being unfair by saying that Michael Ball jumps around stage making stupid faces. But I agree that he does make everything sound overly cheesy. But that's okay. Because he's a fantastic singer, and is the best Marius from Les Miserables in the world.

Continuing on from my endless droning about how awesome Michael Ball is...

The Tyrone song is awesome!
Please update soon. I want more P&P Summaries!

Author's Response: Hahaha, thank you! And action figures = YES PLEASE! He does jump around making stupid faces, though-- in a really cute adorable way, but if you search any up-tempo song like "Vaults of Heaven" or "Sit Down," he's going nuts. And if you screen-cap any of his videos, the faces are hilarious. ^_^ But Michael Ball is my favourite human, so I say that in a good way.

Name: Nova (Signed) · Date: 11/12/08 3:51 · For: Chapter 4: Werewolves And Wolfgangs Of London
Oh my gosh! Les Miserables reference!

“Lamarque is ill and fading fast! We have to visit him in the hospital before they pull the plug on his life support!"

Me being a Musical theatre nut, I squeed at this line.

With Pride and Prejudice being my favourite book of all time, I absolutley love the summary. Although I do love Mr. Darcy, I fully agree that he is TOTALLY EMO.

Love your work, Schmergo. Hilarity, and Musical Theatre make any story great. And cats called the Rum Tum Tugger. xD

Author's Response: Dude, it's SOOO cool to find a Les Miserables fan on here! Have you read my Les Miserables spoof, called "Lord Voldemort, The Musical?" Les Mis is basically my favourite thing ever. And thank you so much for your lovely review!

Name: ringobeatlesfan4 (Signed) · Date: 10/14/08 19:52 · For: Chapter 6: He Followed Me Home, But I Don't Want To Keep Him
Haley’s banana song was one of those infernally catchy ones.
^^For some strange reason I missed this when it was updated and i feel like an idiot. SOOOO here I am! And this is my favorite line ever.

Vaultz looked as though a cupcake had just begged him not to eat a plate.
^^my NEW favorite sentence haha

Haley let out a scandalized gasp and brandished two action figures at us, having apparently run out of ceramic kittens. On closer inspection, one of the action figures seemed to be that guy with the sideburns from Les Miserables, and the other was the Phantom of the Opera. Where does she get these things? I certainly don’t buy them for her.
^^Holy goldfish that was odd...

So Mr. D. goes riding off with several complimentary obscene gestures and glove-slap or two, and Elizabeth’s like, “Well… that was interesting… I knew he was a rude git, but what was that all about?”
^^Emma. Because of her I have started seeing the P&P characters like this.

Totally amazing chapter! IT sounds kind of familiar like I reviewed it... but im not sure.... so if I have, take this as an HAPPY BELATED CHAPTER REVIEW! hmm... that actually sounded kind of... catchy.


Author's Response: WOWZ! Thank you for the review! It makes me very happy... and this is a deeply lovely review. And yes, the Les Miserables and Phantom action figures are bizarre, but I know that at least the Phantom one exists. And sadly, I've always seen the P&P characters like this! I plan to submit a new chapter this weekend, so whoot!

Author's Response: WOWZ! Thank you for the review! It makes me very happy... and this is a deeply lovely review. And yes, the Les Miserables and Phantom action figures are bizarre, but I know that at least the Phantom one exists. And sadly, I've always seen the P&P characters like this! I plan to submit a new chapter this weekend, so whoot!

Name: oceanianow (Signed) · Date: 10/08/08 16:24 · For: Chapter 6: He Followed Me Home, But I Don't Want To Keep Him
Wow, I simply love this story! I like how all the characters represent someone from P&P. It's interesting to see which characters Emma likes in the story, because they're the same people in her life, if that makes sense. Anyway, I hope you post the next chapter soon because I can hardly wait!

Author's Response: YAYS, thank you! And I do know what you mean, believe it or not. I'd love to post the next chapter, but the queue is, um, kinda closed at the moment... still, I have lots of good stuff saved up, so I'll be posting sometime soon.

Name: moony 4eva (Signed) · Date: 10/01/08 13:57 · For: Chapter 6: He Followed Me Home, But I Don't Want To Keep Him
I'm starting to see the similarities between Mr. Darcy and Tyrone , Wickham and Wolfgang and Emma and Elizabeth. Also, Collins or 'Bilbo' reminds me of Patrick because he finds out that Jane's taken and goes after Elizabeth and Patrick finds that Emma's taken and goes after Clio.

When I read the shaving cream bit, I suddenly thought of Emma suddenly singing: "Haley scares the living SHAVING CREAM outta me. She couldn't care less as long as she gets to sing. So sequin your clothes, or add lots of pink bows. Maybe she'll leave you alone, but not me." Strange huh? I like My Chemical Romance way too much...

Anyway, great chappie!

Author's Response: Yeps, you got all the character parallels right! Snaps for you! I don't get the song reference, though. Could you please tell me what the real lyrics are?

Name: moony 4eva (Signed) · Date: 10/01/08 13:14 · For: Chapter 5: Abandoning Pregnant Wives-- A Fun Lupin Family Tradition
Oh, I just love the name of this chapter! Hahaha! I also love the little Pride and Prejudice summaries at the end of each chapter. Strangely though, I really liked Darcy. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that everyone I know, including my friends, call me emo. Aw well... I can't stop laughing when I read this story! Is Wolfie a werewolf? It seems like it... :D

Author's Response: Thank you! I have fun with the chapter titles... I love Mr. Darcy, too. I just felt like since Elizabeth doesn't like Darcy at the beginning of the book, Emma shouldn't like him either. As for Wolfie, well... my lips are sealed.

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