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Name: tiger_lily821 (Signed) · Date: 09/30/09 16:22 · For: Chapter 2: The Neon Fires Of Niflheim
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention this in my previous chaotic review....Can I add you on Facebook? I think that would probably make my life. (I've said that before, over such things as yummy brownies and Radiohead songs, but this SERIOUSLY WOULD.)


Author's Response: Sure thing! Just send me an email, and I'll link you to my facebook! (My profile picture is me and my beloved Norm Lewis, who played King Triton on Broadway..)

Name: tiger_lily821 (Signed) · Date: 09/30/09 15:26 · For: Chapter 2: The Neon Fires Of Niflheim
Salutations, Schmergo!

"And before long, it was potayto-potahto-tomayto-tomahto-let’s-call-the-whole-thing-off."
HA! I was at a music camp recently for voice, and one of my friends sang "Let's Call the Whole Thing Off" as her solo song. Up until then, I had no idea it was a song reference. Stupid me. :)
Also, was that symbolic; that Emma and Tyrone are going to "call the calling off off"? If it's not supposed to be....well....I'm used to having to overanalyzing every teensy bit of symbolism in EVERYTHING! My teacher had a field day with "Animal Farm". But that's not the point! Wow, I can even get off topic in a REVIEW!

Back on topic now, I LOVE this story! "Pride and Prejudice" is my favorite book, I have it almost memorized, and I laugh my assonance off reading the summaries! (In caase you were wondering, "assonance" is a perfectly acceptable literary term, which is in no way a swear. Supposedly. Aaargh, I'm rambling again!)

In closing...UPDATE!!! I check pretty much every day for a new chapter! And I also refuse to accept that you have a life to attend to. I reject this reality and substitute my own, in which you are sitting at the computer typing up awesomeness at every second of every day. ;)


Author's Response: Whoa, thank you Megan! Haha, I like that song. And yes, that song always reminds me of their relationship! And I should be analyzing Macbeth right now for my English project, so let's see how that pans out. Bahahaha, this is a lovely review-- I love the off-topicness. I promise I will submit chapter nine, but I want to time it so that this story is still continuing AFTER The Past, and there aren't many chapters left.

Name: I-luv-Hogwarts (Signed) · Date: 09/27/09 14:07 · For: Chapter 8: Long Letters and Short Tempers
I like it although I think that Emma shouldn't find Haylie THAT annoying, It makes Haylie seem like an annoying, singing, immature 6-year old a little too much...

Author's Response: I'm portraying Haley as more annoying because Emma's an unreliable narrator-- she exaggerates anything! All of the characters are a little extreme here. But we see a much more mature side of Haley later in the story.

Name: Roonil_Wazlib125 (Signed) · Date: 09/17/09 20:51 · For: Chapter 4: Werewolves And Wolfgangs Of London
Hey Schmergo--

So far, I've only read up to this chapter but I think Emma is an amazing character! She's so easy to relate to. She seems really...real. Um, bad choice of words, but whatever.

I also found the Les Miserables thing. It's when Haley says, "Lamarque is ill and fading fast!" That's in "Look Down" and the rebels are like, "Lamarque is ill and fading fast! Won't last the week out so they say!" And on and on and on. So...do I get a prize?

Continue your marvelous writing! I look forward to reading more about Emma (best OC I've ever read), Haley (so funny), Ted (poor him), Ivy (she seems interesting), Tyrone (little bit of a jerk), and everyone else!

Roonil_Wazlib125 aka Annmarie :D

Author's Response: Oh, Annmarie, thank you so much! I have a lot of fun writing Emma... she can be VERY unpleasant sometimes, but she's so much fun! And I'm happy that you find the Les Mis reference, because I love that musical to bits. If you liked the OCs in this story, they're also the main characters in my Potter's Pentagon trilogy. I did write the first one when I was thirteen, so they may not be my best-written stories, but I like them a lot. They're all written in third person, and you get to see all of the non-Emma characters much more in-depth, especially Jordan, who's barely in this one but a very major player in the trilogy. Thank you so much for your review!

Name: the_quiveringquill (Signed) · Date: 09/06/09 21:31 · For: Chapter 8: Long Letters and Short Tempers
OH MY LORDYS!!!!! I LOVE YOUR FANFICTIONS!!! (ESPECIALLY THE MUSICAL SONG PARTS OF HALEYS- speaking of which, what's going on with her musical??) AND since i LOVES ME some pride and prejudice this is awesome!! I WANT SOME TYRONE ATION!! HE'S MY FAVE GUY (I dont count Tedders anymore becuz i secretly married him ages ago) and btw (ok, so ur not freaked out by me- i have a slightly- lol, ppl who know me would raise there eybrows right now and go "SLIGHTLY!?"- random brain pattern) i love ur version of gaston for Tyrone and I recorded myself singing the whole wicked thing. oh snapple this is getting long... in conclusion: UPDATE!!!!!!!! BYE, HAPPY WRITING!

Author's Response: Yoooo, hey there! I love Tyrone, too. He's adoraburble. And we will see much more of Haley in a few chapters, including the opening night performance of her moosical. I love getting to put my favorite show tunes in the story, though! I just wrote my evil Harry Potter version of "Evita' today while on a car trip (I always write on car trips)... bleeeeh... oh, I totally found a piece of flair on facebook that said 'Jor-jums,' and it made me happy....

Name: Nova (Signed) · Date: 09/01/09 2:47 · For: Chapter 8: Long Letters and Short Tempers
Before I start reading the chapter (which I am DYING to do) I thought I would get all of my off-topicness out of my system.

I recently read a novel that goes by the name of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. It is a wonderful creation that you would most likely be interested in (if you haven't read it already...).


This will have to be a really quick review, seeing as I have to get off the computer. ( I was told to get off 10 minutes ago... Woops).


Ted's letter was so unbelievable sappy and it made me go 'awwww'.

Damn, I forgot how much I love Tyrone - his obsession with muggle movies is the best.

I also love your P&P summaries SO MUCH.
HA! 'old biddies'.
My mum works in a retirement village and that's what she calls them. it's adorable.

Any chance of a quicker update this time? ;D


Author's Response: Nova, I just read Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, too! I thought it was amazing, though I wish some of the characters were better fleshed-out... it seems like all of their actual traits are replaced by zombie-hunting warrior skills. I loved the Charlotte Lucas subplot, though.

Thanks for the review-- I will definitely update sooner, since I have up to chapter 11 saved on my computer!

Name: Heiress_of_Insanity_ (Signed) · Date: 08/29/09 13:59 · For: Chapter 8: Long Letters and Short Tempers
Ted wrote!!!! :D And he wrote a pretty dang good sized letter. I don't think that sentence made any sense...I don't care =P I'm not patient enough to write letters that are, like, more than 5 paragraphs long, so kudos to you for that!! And geeez Ted is a SAPPITY SAPPY SAP. Even coming from him. It made me smile ^.^

Tyrone’s face was a strange dark greenish-purple

Again with Tyrone turning greeny-purple. I'd really like to see that...

I found Emma's P&P review quite entertaining, especially the part about Bing-Bing probably not being interested in girls :) I'll admit, it made me giggle.

Hm...I really want to find out Tyrone's side of the Ted-going-to-live-with-werewolves story (because someone *coughcoughEMMA* isn't LISTENING! grrrr....)

I liked this chapter a lot!! Even though Emma was her usual short-tempered self. Please update soon!~


Author's Response: Haaaaaa yeah, Ted's letter is so long and mushy, it was almost painful for me to write it. But yeah, greenish-purple is Tyrone's signature color for when he's in a bad mood. Sometimes, I imagine him turning into Barney. But speaking of long letters... next chapter has an even LONGER letter, this one from Tyrone. And he explains EVERYTHING. DUn dun dunnn!

Name: Leah_Lovegood (Signed) · Date: 08/28/09 13:45 · For: Chapter 4: Werewolves And Wolfgangs Of London
"Lamarque is ill and fading fast, won't last the week out so they say..."

Yes, I know I'm several months too late, but I like feeling superior almost as much as I like Le Miserables.

And Michael Ball has the voice of an angel.

Author's Response: Bahahaha, thank you, Leah! It's funny, I got this review just as I finally let go of my inhibition and posted videos of myself singing "A Heart Full of Love" and "One Day More" all by my self on my facebook page... I think my Michael Ball impression is pretty accurate. ^_^

Name: butterbeer_HaNgOvEr (Signed) · Date: 08/24/09 21:52 · For: Chapter 8: Long Letters and Short Tempers
Ted, I dont even have the patience to write in my own personal journal that much! But I suppose, when you're in love....
Emma isnt exactly what Ivy needs right now, is she? Poor Ives.
Thanks for updating! I needed that!
Keep em coming!!!

Author's Response: Yeah, I don't even keep a diary-- and Ted's not exactly the writing kind. But he's in an extremely dangerous situation, and his wife has no idea what he's up to, and for all she knows, he could be dead, especially with word of the attack. Not only does he miss her, he feels he owes an explanation to her! But yeah, Emma's not being helpful at all. Luckily, she comes around later-- I promise.

Name: James Jameson (Signed) · Date: 08/23/09 23:42 · For: Chapter 8: Long Letters and Short Tempers
i'm going to iTunes RIGHT NOW.
darnit i had to delete my facebook D:
you should get twitter >:]
ANYHOO. uhm. yah. I love this story. Poor Tyrone.
And Ted soooo reminds me of my ex boyfriend.... that letter almost had me in tears because that's how he would have written :(

Author's Response: Oh, Christiiiine... I feel bad for you what with the Ted/ex-boyfriend thing. :-( I hope he's not your ex because he was eaten by wolves or mauled to death by werewolf hunters. I actually do have two twitter accounts, but I haven't been on in MONNNNTHS. One is called OthelloAbridged, and it's where I abridge every speech from Othello into 140 characters, and the other is thedarklord666, and it started off as a weird sequel to The Dark Lord's Blog but failed. Neither of them are actually me being myselllllf, though.

Name: KittyCatLover (Signed) · Date: 08/23/09 22:30 · For: Chapter 8: Long Letters and Short Tempers
Soooo, Anna is currently being a terrible reader and not writing a review for The Past on like, five chapters. Seriously (I'm actually trying to read the other chapters before I review them, not just skim them, don't worry, it's 'cause I want to, but it's taking some time, so we'll just have to see how this goes). But, I will start slowly by doing just P&PJP right now. :D (I actually smile like that!) So anyway, I was in a reallllly bad mood when I started reading this, and when I get in a bad mood, I get stubborn, and it sometimes takes me awhile to get out of it and I just have to sit there an simmer for awhile, but, luckily, with the help of this new chapter, brownies, and my cat I feel much better, and the chapter was the main thing there. Anyway I totally loved this chapter, especially because I love this scene in the movie, it's just so full of energy and Matthew Macfayden and Keira Knightly are just so good! I think you did a really good job of transfer the scene into your story, and I love how the lines sometimes corresponded to the movie, that was great.

Ted's letter was so disgustingly mushy (actually I think I would love it if I guy sent that to me, it's just kinda like, awkward, when you're reading it when it's somebody else's ^_^) that it was kinda funny, but I would soooo not like transforming into werewolf with out the wolfsbane potion *shudders* not being in control. I kind of ended up doing the last part of the chapter before the P&P review first, so if you could just sorta insert that here, that would be good, yeah.

Again with the ROFL P&P review! I have to laugh every time I hear Bilbo Collins; and Lady C is as awful as always (I've actually seen her in another movie where she's the same kinda awful aunt). Darcy 'sneaking around on the shadows' made me laugh. :) Also, it seems to me that we really only have maybe four or five chapters left, could that be so? Is this dear precious story coming to an end? *tears of sadness* T_T But, anyway, that chapter was great, and completely hilarious as always :)
P.S. I would so love to be your friend on facebook, so I'll message you about that. ^_^
P.P.S. I'm sure something is messed up with this review, because I didn't proof read it all that well, so just kinda skim over whatever part that would be and make it work, pretty please?

Author's Response: Hey, you are clearly not being a bad reader. You're giving me this great big review. Haha, your description of you in a bad mood reminds me of Ema. But I do like that scene from the movie. I discovered the other day that if I jut my lower jaw out and push my hairline back with my hands, I can do a frighteningly accurate Keira Knightley impersonation, and I was standing in the mirror reinacting that scene. I don't make a very good Matthew Macfayden, though! It's bizarrely fun to write these scenes that are my Potter's Pentagon version of those from the book!

Yeah, Ted's letter is supposed to make you feel as awkward and embarrassed as possible, since the story is from Emma's point of view! But I'm glad you liked the Pride and Prejudice review! There are about five or six chapter to come, but fear not, they are looooonnng, eventful chapters! Thank you so much for your review, missy, and I'd be thrilled to facebook friend you!

Name: JustLikeHermione77 (Signed) · Date: 08/23/09 20:12 · For: Chapter 8: Long Letters and Short Tempers
i got pretty excited when i saw this update! :D good chapter!

Author's Response: Awww, thank you!

Name: Hermiones_Therapist (Signed) · Date: 08/23/09 15:15 · For: Chapter 8: Long Letters and Short Tempers
Sup, Schmergo!

I am SOOOOO beyond glad you updated this.

“Ted wrote,” she said simply, her calm, quiet voice managing to express in two words all of the emotion that Haley would in five paragraphs, lots of screams, several hugs, all kinds of dancing and jumping up and down, a few lines of spontaneous singing, and the demise of a ceramic kitten or two.

Haha. Love this line. Boy, those ceramic kittens are everywhere, aren't they? How many does Haley have?

If Ivy didn’t want her private relationship with her husband out in the open, she wouldn’t be walking around with his baby sticking out of her belly.

That line is so EMMA. Looove it. :-)

Tyrone had put Ted up to this. That was a nice thing of him to do—imagine this sentence uttered with a heaping spoonful or two of sarcasm poured on top. From the sound of it, he didn’t even think of asking Ted before he went and spread the word that sure, Ted Lupin would just LOVE to hang out with a bunch of savage werewolves in the middle of nowhere.

Okay, that is some serious mess. Tyrone had better watch out.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” I demanded.

Ivy sighed. “I thought you’d take it the wrong way, she said.

I love that line. Not sure why.

Ted is a nice guy and all, but he’s JUST TED!


Tyrone almost dropped his toad gear.

toad gear? That sounds cool.

“I’m starting to think you have NO definition of ‘nice,’” countered Tyrone.

Join the club, Tyroonie.

Seriously. Emma is going to try murdering Tyrone in his sleep ANY DAY NOW.

It’s like she’s a little kid who’s opening a Christmas present hoping to find the toy broomstick he asked for and instead he finds the corpse of his beloved pet hamster.

okay, I'm not gonna ask...

Okay, I loooooooove this chapter so dang much, but I am completely confused by who's who in the whole P and P thingy. oh well.

How many chapters does this thingy have?

I will try my best to download your thingy. I am not so good at downloading thingies without the help of my father.

DUDE! I wish I had a facebook!

Laters. :-)


Author's Response: Whoa, HT, this is a long review! Thank you so much! The bit about the corpse of the pet hamster was inspired by this hilarious letter that a guy wrote when he felt he endured horrible service on Virgin airlines. You can find it if you search for best complaint ever virgin atlantic on google. It's pretty hilarious! As for who's who in Pride and Prejudice, that all becomes clear in a few chapters when Emma has a little epiphany. Downloading the audiofiction is really easy if you have iTunes installed on your computer. Just search for Audiofictions, find the ones with the artist 'The Mermuggles,' and click 'download' next to episodes 76, 77, and 82, for freeeee! I wish you had a facebook, too...

Name: Pussycat123 (Signed) · Date: 08/23/09 12:49 · For: Chapter 8: Long Letters and Short Tempers
That is so RANDOM, I think we lead parallel lives or something, because I went on AudioFictions on iTunes for the first time ever today, and realised that yesterday the first of my Janey Weasley fics had been put up! I couldn't believe it, I'd honestly had no idea they'd even considered it, and for it to have been put up the DAY BEFORE I went on it for the FIRST TIME EVER was frankly just a bit spooky. And awesome. I also saw Long Distance Extendable Ears was there and squee'd, although I've not listened to it yet (because then I got the email that this had been updated). I actually adore that fic!

Anyway. To get back to this. As always, I absolutely LOVE the P&P summary, because it's just so funny! There are so many ... I dunno, hilarious things you've picked up on. I also love that Emma is as unaware that Darcy is the good guy as she is about Tyrone ... I know that's the point, but I just love it. Also the description of Darcy staring unblinkingly at Elizabeth like a reptile, but happily not licking his own eyeballs. Inspired.

As for the story itself, a lot of love for poor Ted (and then hilarity at "he's JUST TED!" Emma is so cool in this fic - I think I prefer this Emma to the one of the original Pentagon stories, actually).

And, of course, Tyrone continues to be fabulous and ridiculously charming, even when he's arguing with Emma. I can't wait for it all to start exploding as Emma finds out the truth about Wolfgang, and then he runs off with, um, *WHOEVER HE RUNS OFF WITH* (just in case anyone reads this who somehow doesn't know the story of P&P). Also, I look forward to more Haley.

Does Jordan turn up at all in this story? I know it's all secret because he's developing telemency and stuff, but now that we know more about that from The Past, could he make at least a guest appearance? Pretty please? I just want to know what he looks like. I'm hoping for stubble. =D

As always, it was great. Now, I think I'm going to go and listen to Extendable Ears, because it's just so wonderful and I absolutely adore it. But isn't it crazy hearing your own fic read out by someone else? Amazing, yes, and I loved it, but CRAZY ...

Author's Response: Haha, it's so cool about the audiofictions. I think I'm going to have to download yours. And I'm glad that you liked my summary, because THAT is the reason why I hadn't updated this story in so many months. I had the chapter completed, but I kept putting off writing the summary because it's so hard for me! But yeah, I DO love the fact that Emma doesn't like Mr. Darcy. That is fun for me... because Darcy was never my favorite, either. I'm more of a Mr. Rochester kinda gal. But let me tell you now that I DETEST Heathcliff. ^_^

I really enjoy writing Emma in this story because this is the better kind of vehicle to showcase her personality-- it's easier to understand her when I'm writing a whole story in her voice rather than having her as a supporting character in a story written in third person. But I feel so bad for Ted in this story. He really is such a lovely guy, and this story doesn't exactly portray him well. And... I can't wait until you read more about Wolgfang.

We will definitely see Jordan. His part is small, but he has a pretty big role in Chapter 11 and a few subsequent chapters. And... yes he does have stubble, haha. I love the fact that you'd ask about that, ya kooky kid, ya! But yeah, I thought it would be SO weird hearing my story read out loud, but Jessie Lights did such a spectacular job that everything was exactly as I imagined it, with the exception of Eglantine's voice. Thanks so much for the review!

Name: Vitamin Vicki (Signed) · Date: 08/23/09 11:44 · For: Chapter 8: Long Letters and Short Tempers

i am so sorry i haven't been reviewing though. i just got back from a vacation and then had a bunch of soccer. i'll get around to it though, promise


Name: Oppungo (Signed) · Date: 08/02/09 9:56 · For: Chapter 7: Lawn Gnomes and Trowel Trolls
You may not remember me, as it’s been such a long time since I’ve been around, let alone reviewed – and I’m really sorry about that – but I actually had a free day for once, and checked my email and decided to catch up on my two favourite fics – this, and of course, the third Potter’s Pentagon. If you do remember me, then hopefully you’ll remember that I was the original Emma/Tyrone shipper, and how much I adore this story!

But anyway – getting back to the review! I really enjoyed seeing Emma in a different environment, and that meaning that we get to see some more of the other characters at home. I loved Emma’s little quip at her mother early on, when Ron ran out the door, because of course you know how much Ron and Hermione’s relationship amuses me – and it’s nice to know that their squabbles are still going strong!

Emma’s point about them striking at full moon is a really good one – that is definitely odd. I’m quite surprised they managed to kill so many werewolves, as we know how dangerous werewolves can be, and if attacked I’m sure they’d put up a really strong fight, even against wands. The whole situation seems really strange...

It was sweet to hear Emma’s sentimental paragraph about Ted, as she doesn’t often admit her emotions so plainly (although I think that the fact that she takes such care not to show them shows far more how strongly she feels than if she had shown them on the outside – if that made any coherent sense at all!), so that was nice to hear her true thoughts and sadness – although very sad, as it shows what a dire situation it was, to have forced that out of her.

I thought it was a really good choice to have the Holly and Jonathon intervention in there to really juxtapose the mood – the direct contrast of their innocence to the situation raised the tension so much, it was really well done.

Very minor Britpick – we use ‘s’s hear, not ‘z’s – so “realized” is “realised.” Also, a bit later on, you use “ ‘till ” – now, I may be wrong, but I think if you’re using the abbreviation of “until” it’s just ‘til with one ‘l’ as until is only spelt with one ‘l’ – as till with two ‘l’s is like a checkout till at the shops. Again, minor little details!

““I’m not going to cry,” Ivy replied in a very small, hard voice. Her expression clearly stated, I might need to save up my tears for later.” Such a sad, sad line! But so powerful, especially coming from Ivy, as she just seems so vulnerable in general, bless her. I did also like the bluntness in Emma’s thoughts right after though – “He’s a goner for sure.” That was also so sad, but in such a different way.

Emma, thinking Ivy cutting out the picture of Ted was desperate? I’d say more hopeful than desperate – would Emma not do the same if it was Ivy or Haley (or Tyrone...!) who’d gone missing under dangerous circumstances, hang on to any piece of hope that they’ll come back safely? I don’t know, I think maybe she’d recognise that.

Ahh, I really loved the second part of this chapter, as I’m sure you can guess! I just found it all very amusing and interesting. Emma’s reasons for why she enjoyed gardening were brilliant – so Emma! I have to say that I totally predicted Tyrone would go round to pick up the toads, as Emma was there on her own – Sod’s Law! (And I did think at the beginning of the chapter – oh, it’s been over two weeks – Tyrone must be home!)

I do have to add that I also love how Tyrone carried his toad craze on from school – I remember that making me laugh in Potter’s Pentagon too!

“Upon turning around, I ascertained two things: first of all, the figure behind me was definitely not a gnome, and second of all, despite this fact, I still wished I could grab him by his head and throw him into a manhole. “Erm, hey…” said Tyrone, buryinghis hands in his pockets in the universal sign language gesture for ‘AWWWWKWARD…’” Some more brilliant lines that both really made me giggle!

It was very sweet how Tyrone blurted out the little things he remembered about Emma; I really do love all the little details like that! And just the fact that they’re reminiscing makes me smile! (WAIT. I just had a thought. You say Potter’s Pentagon is a trilogy? This means we’re not going to see what Emma and Tyrone are like together at school! That’s so not fair!)

“Tyrone help up his hands in mock surrender. “Don’t look at me,” he insisted. “I only moved here a year ago. I’ve barely stolen any of your parents’ stuff yet.”” Ah, how I love Tyrone! That again made me laugh – great line.

Is orange Tyrone’s favourite colour because it reminds him of Emma? Because if it was, that would be awesome! But maybe I just like reading a little too much into simple statements...

One thing that I really love about Emma is that she isn’t one of those soppy girls – she does know that guys she likes have faults, and she recognises them well – whether as a defence mechanism so she doesn’t fall too hard, or just because she’s a good judge of character I don’t know – but it’s a quality I really like in her.

Although to be honest, I really love all of Tyrone’s faults that Emma lists! Pursuing fairy-tales especially I love – especially as his fairy-tale is Emma! Hehe! But it’s great that Emma isn’t me, and doesn’t just fall at his feet!

Hmm – did Wolfgang deliberately add the detail that Tyrone asked Ted to go because he knew it would make Emma dislike him even more if it was true, or did he do it completely innocently? And what really happened with all that?! Ahh, so many questions – I guess you’ll just have to update soon so that they get answered! ;-p

So I guess Emma isn’t going to be sleeping in Tyrone’s T-shirt anytime soon? Damn. Because I bet that was Tyrone’s plan – it wasn’t at all that he couldn’t find anything of his sister’s!

As always, the Pride and Prejudice summaries are very funny, and help me justify not having read the actual book myself, as I get to read Emma’s summaries here! You know I love this fic, and I promise to keep coming back to review when the new chapters come up – which I really can’t wait for! Hope you’re good! Kiara

Author's Response: Whoa, Kiara! It's great to see you again, especially with such a long review! I have to say, it's been way too long since I updated this story. Which is weird, because I just finished writing chapter eleven today. I need to get on that!

Don't lose sight of the werewolf subplot! Believe it or not, it's very important. And I'm dropping some clues in there, too! Luckily, you're very observant. ;-)

I'm so glad you like the little bit of shipping between Emma and Tyrone. I LOVE writing about the interactions between them! But Tyrone's favorite colour has always been orange, from the beginning, haha. I don't think I ever mentioned that in the context of the trilogy, though. They're both so much fun to write about.

Wolfgang... Wolfgang did want Emma to like Tyrone even less. He definitely has a grudge against Tyrone... when it comes to issues dealing with him, he doesn't really have any scruples.

I just read this awesome book the other day called "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies," which is basically P&P, but with added zombie attacks and bloody zombie-slayings interspersed between the balls and outings. I highly recommend it. ^_^

Name: Hermiones_Therapist (Signed) · Date: 07/20/09 16:38 · For: Prologue: Me, Me, and Also Meeee
Wow, this is so cool! my very first review!

Sup, Schmergo. can i just say that i am a HUUUUUUUGE ( can i spam in this? hmmm......) fan of yours. I've been begging for months to get this account, and now i HAVE IT! YAY! anywho, i looooooove this story. it's really...good. wow, am i eloquent or what? i really like this chapter (trying to remember what happpens because it's been like a month since i reread this story) because it's finally starting to sound Tyremma. is that how you spell the ship name? whatever. anyway, i don't like this Wolfgang dude. i bet he's really evill.

PLEASE UPDATE THIS! i love this story sooooo much and i know you haven't updated in like 6 months, and i don't want you to leave me hanging.

i'm sorry if htis review irritated you. i'm sure tons of people always tell you to update, and you get tired of hearing it. and this review is really random. sorry about that.

well, i'm off to add you to my favorites...(as soon as i figure out HOW)

Author's Response: Wow, what perfect timing! I'm just about to submit another chapter! I'm sooo glad you like this story. And yo, Tyremma all the way!

Name: mahogany_wand (Signed) · Date: 06/11/09 16:43 · For: Chapter 7: Lawn Gnomes and Trowel Trolls
As I was trying to find The Dark Lord’s Blog to read again, I found out that PP-PAPJP had been updated without me noticing.

Ivy was sort of an emotional mess in this chapter, wasn’t she? Ted got attacked so she was sad, then she got all teary because she saw he was alive… pregnant women, I tell you. I had a bit of a problem with how when Ivy was sobbing she soaked through the newspaper. I think this is a bit of an overused cliché. I also think it is humanly impossible to soak through a newspaper by crying unless you are an anime character.

The Tyrone part was funny. I think that underneath all his bravado, Tyrone is just a down-to-earth weirdo who likes gardening. He was very nice to give Emma his tee shirt. I don’t know why he was so upset about her tracking mud on his carpet—after all, he lives in Godric’s Hollow surrounded by wizards so he could just cast “scourgrify!” and it’s all better.

I think that Wolfgang was used for a bit of comic relief this chapter. After all, all you see of him was a letter including his extremely extended full name. I thought that was what my English teacher says is “borderline silly—the point between believability and complete goofiness” or something like that. It’s just there for the purpose of being ridiculous.

I thought your PAP summary was hilarious. I really have to pick that book up this summer. I can only imagine how the classic will play into your story.

Keep up the good work!


Author's Response: Hey, there! Ivy definitely was an emotional mess... oh, but she didn't soak through a whole newspaper! Just one sheet of newspaper, which is very thin material! That would be hilarious if she soaked through the whole paper, though. And yeah, I didn't think about tracking mud on the carpet!

As for Wolfgang's name, though, there is some significance behind that, not just because it's silly-- though I did use that for comic relief. Not only are his names symbolic, so are his brother's-- but we don't know them yet! MWAHAHA! One thing I will say, though, is that Wolfgang was named for Mozart... but his brother is the musical one, not him.

Name: Windy Silvermist (Signed) · Date: 05/28/09 16:46 · For: Chapter 7: Lawn Gnomes and Trowel Trolls
I've ultimately decided that Wolfgang is evil. Kinda like Mr. Darcy, who in a sense is evilish. Write more.

Author's Response: Mwahahaha, thanks!

Name: potterstar (Signed) · Date: 05/24/09 15:49 · For: Chapter 7: Lawn Gnomes and Trowel Trolls
Nice chapter! i liked this one the best. please update soon!!

Author's Response: Thanks! Summer's coming up, so updates shouldn't be TOO far away! My summer will be nice and free to do as much fanfic as I please.

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