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Name: clumsywerewolf2438 (Signed) · Date: 05/25/08 17:49 · For: Chapter 3: Cute Is What We Aim To Avoid
Okay, and I thought I had weird dreams....This is still one of the funniest things I have ever read. What I would give to somehow be your English teacher...I still love the story!


Author's Response: Thanks so much! I have oodles of fun writing this story... but you would not want to be my English teacher, as all of my formal essays end up having a tone quite similar to this story.

Name: clumsywerewolf2438 (Signed) · Date: 05/25/08 17:44 · For: Chapter 2: The Neon Fires Of Niflheim
I still love this story! Niflheim. That is seriously my new favourite word. I kept going up to people and saying that word. They looked at me funny. Thank you for making me laugh so hard!


Author's Response: Mwahaha, thanks. But thank Zoheb for the word "Niflheim," as I learned it from him.

Name: clumsywerewolf2438 (Signed) · Date: 05/25/08 17:43 · For: Prologue: Me, Me, and Also Meeee
Schmergo, you are BRILLIANT! Only you could make a romance story this hillarious! I love this story!

Your somewhat-stalker-ish fangirl,

Author's Response: Awww, thank you! I mean, we haven't even gotten to the romance part yet!

Name: go go ravenclaw (Signed) · Date: 05/21/08 11:02 · For: Prologue: Me, Me, and Also Meeee
LOL!! You LIKE Lydia?? Anyways, don't worry, I'm following this one like a tracker! ;)...


~Arya...who leaves warm fuzzies for Schmergo...;)

Author's Response: Hehehe, I like Lydia because she's so naive and stupid and she doesn't really know what's going on... Caroline Bingley knows exactly what she's doing, but I honestly think Lydia didn't mean to do anything wrong. Thanks, ARya!

Name: Phoebe_ding (Signed) · Date: 05/21/08 6:08 · For: Prologue: Me, Me, and Also Meeee
Ok, here's what I think about what's up in the latest chapter:
1. Wolfgang is a werewolf, and that's why he was late for the dinner with Emma.
2. Wolfgang is lying to Emma about him giving money to his brother etc.

I really love this story, it's awsome! I keep checking back for new chapters, but you havn't updated for AGES, and I am seriously wetting myself waiting. I also LOVE Potter's Pentagon. I've got a question:
Is Jordan gonna fall for Georgi? Coz if they are, I will be soooooo excited! I LOVE Georgi, she's so... unique in a good way!!! UPDATE SOON!!!!!

Author's Response: Ooh, interesting theories, Phoebe! *Zips lips* I've got stuff in queue so I can't submit now, but I will... at some point... in the not-so-distant future. Many more chapters are planned. As for Jordan and Giorgi, I can't really say anything, but I will tell you that Giorgi's not in this story, and Jordan doesn't play much of a role in it, either. Because really, including Jordan at all would be a vast spoiler for the third Potter's Pentagon book.

Name: go go ravenclaw (Signed) · Date: 05/20/08 13:09 · For: Chapter 4: Werewolves And Wolfgangs Of London
Schmergster!! You HAVE to update this!

I love the way you have still kept Emma IC [even though she's your own character, LOL]....I LOVE Tyrone and Wolgang..*sighs* I fell in love with Wickham too!! And Haley is portraying Lydia in an absolutely sweet, unhatable way. I've always hated Lydia in P&P like I've hated Amy in Little Women...whoa, off topic. Basically, UPDATE.


Author's Response: I will be updating as soon as possible, but it's slow going because of exams and SOLs. I've got the chapter written; I just have to type it. Plus, I've got stuff already in queue, so there's no room for another story. I've actually always loved Lydia, only because I played her in a school play and thought the girl from the A&E/BBC film adaptation was great... so she's always been my favourite. But I agree, I HATE AMY MARCH. Grrr.

Name: Ankh of the night (Signed) · Date: 05/19/08 15:24 · For: Chapter 4: Werewolves And Wolfgangs Of London
I hate how there’s always two sides of crazy extremists in every problem—there’s the fascists and the communists, the bloodthirsty tyrants and the bloodthirsty revolutionaries, the sociopathic perverts with no morals and the bible-thumpers with no compassion, the maneating tigers and the poaachers that kill them off. I hate how everyone thinks you have to be on one side of the other—if you’re not with the people who want to get rid of all werewolves, then you clearly support the murderous feral werewolves and what they’re doing.

How can you say you're not deep and write this? GENIUS!

Author's Response: Well, hey, I don't think it's particularly deep... just common knowledge... but even so, Emma is smarter than I am. I wouldn't say that kind of thing on my own!

Name: Phoenix13 (Signed) · Date: 05/07/08 20:42 · For: Chapter 4: Werewolves And Wolfgangs Of London
Brilliant! I'd leave a long, gushy review but I don't have time at the moment. i'm a Potter's Pentagon fan and I am now in love with this story. Update ASAP!!!!!!!

Author's Response: Wows, thanks! I'm updating this story as soon as the humour fic I submitted the other day is validated (or rejected).

Name: Heiress_of_Insanity_ (Signed) · Date: 05/07/08 10:59 · For: Chapter 4: Werewolves And Wolfgangs Of London
*hands over peacock-sweeping broom* Hope you like it! I totally forgot about Mr. Wickham! Erm...I can't exactly see him marrying Haley, though...

She’s the shrimp, the hyper one, the one who believed in Santa Claus until she was fourteen years old. She acts like she’s twelve.

Something about this sentence tells me that Haley and I would be thick as thieves...Which is AWESOME, because Haley is a kick-butt character! =D And apparently she's so happy about Ted and Ivy's baby, there's some happy-dust for Emma as well. Only it's not working on her...

He was one of Haley’s old friends from school, and a Slytherin.

Wait...haven't we already met him, in brief passing? I think I asked "Who is he?" and you said "He's important in the third story."........?

But yes. This was an awesome (looooong, too) chapter! Please update soon! And I hope you enjoy the broom until it falls apart~


PS: Dean WHAT?!

Author's Response: Urrrgh! Did you actually have a peacock that died? That's terrible! I'm really hoping that's a joke! As for ol' Wicky-woo, well, read on, Macduff. (Sorry about that... it's a Macbeth reference... lead on, Macduff... yeah...) Anyway, I wuv Haley, so I'm really glad you did, too. Yep, we briefly met Anatoly in the second story, but not really enough to get to know him and his insanity. His portrayal in the third PP is a lot more flattering than in this one, because it's not in Emma's point of view. I'M REALLY SORRY I KILLED DEAN. :( It was important to the story. Darcy's dad had to die so that the fortune would go to him and Wickham! But... I won't update REALLY soon, but I should update soon-ish.

Name: Heiress_of_Insanity_ (Signed) · Date: 05/06/08 22:18 · For: Chapter 3: Cute Is What We Aim To Avoid
ZOMG, I love the name of this chapter! Assuming, of course, it's a take on Cute Is What We Aim For? =p

I am willing to bet my broom that erm...what's his name? Wolfgang will fall in love with Emma. But if I'm wrong, I'd still bet my broom, 'cause it's teeny and was used to scoop up the ashes of our dead peacock. Nasty...

If dreams are prophetic, I'd better avoid sugar/evil overlords/my friends/musicals/lots of other weird stuff for a veeeeeery long time, or my life could finally get interesting! Most of my dreams have l ots of death/wonderland/mushiness in them, SO...

In my spare time, I came up with a chart stating the more-than-likely-obvious character matches (A: this shows you how boring my life can be...B: you're probably really bored with these right now...but I couldn't resist)

Elizabeth-Emma (duuuuh)
Mr. Darcy-Tyrone (same)
Jane-Ivy, maybe? Can't be Haley since you said she was already married...unless my brain is playing tricks on me *again*
Mr. Bingely-Ted, if Ivy's Jane (must admit, Emma was rather offensive in describing him...them...and very convincing too...I got more than my liking of mush =p)
Kitty-Jordan? That or he's Mary...
Lydia/Lidia/however her name is spelled-Haley...PROBABLY

OOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMGGGGGGGG TED AND IVY ARE PREEEEEEEEEEGNANT!!!!!!!!!!! If I hadn't already known this I think I'd be bouncing of the walls right now XD But it was SO funny when Emma found out! The way the next several paragraphs went, I started laughing very hard...

Awesome job!~


Author's Response: I did pick that name to spoof "Cute Is What We Aim For," but I've never heard the actual song/album/what have you. *Shrug* Emma's dream certainly wasn't meant to be prophetic, just based on the random dream I had the night before writing this story. As for the characters, You guessed them all right(Jordan is technically a Mary character, but he's not really in the story much), but Haley's not married... yet. She will be at some point. (And yeppers, she is Lydia-- the character I played.)

Name: Heiress_of_Insanity_ (Signed) · Date: 05/06/08 21:53 · For: Chapter 2: The Neon Fires Of Niflheim
Ooh, if I'd been Emma I would have stared Tyrone down and let him know that I had heard him and was NOT HAPPY ABOUT IT AT ALL. And then I would have done loads of childish things until he finally exploded at me, but what with my luck, that wouldn't even happen and I'd be stuck making him uncomfortable until I was a woman whose husband had died the previous year and he was one of those celebrity-types who're married for a month and then divorce, marry a month later, divorce a while after that...

Oh my...who're...*blushes* Is that the appropriate abbreviation?=p

Once my two girlfriends from church and I considered painting our classroom walls neon orange...just so it would clash with our perfectly hideous green-and-brown-dotted carpet...*shudders* Unfortunately, that never happened, and our walls are still blue-gray (uuuuurgly room)

As I said in my other review, I saw this had three new chapters, but I didn't say I thought this story had been added to my favorites???? Unless it is, I never check to see if it's updated *lazy daisie* So I'll use a good chunk of sleeping-writing-reading-whateverelse time to read those chapters!

Must add: I loved the can of worms thing...it's so true! But sometimes the same stupid fish keeps getting caught again and again...muahahahahahaha!~


Author's Response: If I'd been Emma, I'd've run up to Tyrone and randomly snogged him, but that's why I'm not Emma! Wait, what's this you said about 'is that the appropriate abbreviation?" (*Ish cornfused*) Okay, now our church youth group room looks like this-- ugly grayish carpet, one neon orange wall, one neon green wall, one bright purple wall, one hot pink wall with huge pink polka dots. And loads of fuzzy pillows and lava lamps. It used to have pale mint green walls and looked like it should be a senior citizen home, so we revamped it! I painted the orange wall.

Name: Ankh of the night (Signed) · Date: 05/05/08 5:13 · For: Chapter 2: The Neon Fires Of Niflheim
Okay, I should probably be thanking Zoheb as well, so I hope that Zoheb is reading this:
I told my dad about Niflheim, and we had a whole discussion about it. We discovered that Tartarus also works, but it doesn't bring the same joy.

Author's Response: Haha, Zoheb is probably one of the funniest people I've run into online. Even reading his reviews requires the reader to descend into psychadelic madness.Other fun words for Niflheim: Naraka, Di Yu, Jahanaam, Zamhareer, Xibalbá, Metnal, Anaon, Manala, Uffern, Aralu, Gimokodan, Kelichi, Mictlin, Adlivun, Hetgwauge, Shobari Waka, O le nu'u-o-nonoa, and more!

Name: jediprankster (Signed) · Date: 05/05/08 2:04 · For: Chapter 2: The Neon Fires Of Niflheim
It's great so far, just like the other Potter's Pentagon stories. Niflheim is now my new second favorite word. (The first is purile. It means childlike and immature.) Now a question (because I'm too lazy to do the research myself): Does Niflheim have fire and brimstone, or flames of any kind? If it does, it would be the perfect name for something in my story. Keep up the good work. I love your stories, but I like the non-humor ones the best. Strangely, I find the humor in them to be more humerous than the humor in the humor stories. I'm odd, aren't I?

Author's Response: Well, thank you so much! I think I know what you mean by thinking that the non-humour stories are funnier than the humour ones... I wrote "The Dark Lord's Blog" over a year and a half ago, and my style's matured a lot since then. I usually prefer to combine silliness and seriousness... Oh, my favourite words are pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconeiosis because it's obnoxiously long, and Schnurrbart, which is German for mustache and the absolutely perfect word. As for Niflheim, it's really more of a... country where you-know-where just happens to be located, if I understand my Norse stuff correctly. I think Niflheim is full of mist, but I can't remember. There is a wikipedia page, so you can always use that.

Name: flashbat (Signed) · Date: 05/03/08 23:37 · For: Prologue: Me, Me, and Also Meeee
Love this story
let me geuss, wickim=wolfgang?

Author's Response: Good guess! You're right!

Name: Ankh of the night (Signed) · Date: 04/30/08 5:40 · For: Chapter 4: Werewolves And Wolfgangs Of London
And by the way, for some reason, I actually like Anatoly.

Author's Response: So do I. ^_^

Name: Ankh of the night (Signed) · Date: 04/30/08 5:39 · For: Chapter 4: Werewolves And Wolfgangs Of London
Hm, I see a lot of people like Wolfgang. Well, Wickham was likeable, too. At least before he- *covers mouth to stop character-parallel spoiler, possibly* I'll try not to learn to like him too much.

Author's Response: Oh, Ankh, Ankh, must you always be such a party pooper? I personally like Wolfgang, but how can you not like someone with a name like that?

Name: Lovee_Potterrr (Signed) · Date: 04/29/08 20:33 · For: Chapter 4: Werewolves And Wolfgangs Of London
oh goodness. there is no next chapter!
yo es muy stupido. i shall wait though.

Author's Response: Hehehe, all righty then! I'll try to submit fairly soon.

Name: Lovee_Potterrr (Signed) · Date: 04/29/08 20:32 · For: Chapter 4: Werewolves And Wolfgangs Of London
i have a math teacher named ms. darcy.
i hate her. :]
but anywaysssss. wolfgang is officially almost better than ted. he's aaaaalmost there. but i have a bad feeling about this Anatoly guy and his musical. this was hilarious. on to the next chapturrrr! -emilyy

Author's Response: Ahhahahaaa, Darcy... *gets better* sorry, I'm just imagining a woman version of Colin Firth, complete with the voice. Not a pretty picture. *Zips lips about ol' Anatoly* I'm glad you liked this!

Name: LunaWorshiper (Signed) · Date: 04/29/08 18:29 · For: Prologue: Me, Me, and Also Meeee
Author's Response: Hahahaha, sorry about that! And sorry I haven't responded to your email yet-- I intend to do that!

Oh my god! really. I wasnt sure if you would. I thought you would have thought that I was just a raving lunitic with more heads then fluffy! Well until I hear from you I will go patiently await your next chapter

Author's Response: Oh, well, there's nothing wrong with being a raving lunatic, but I was rather touched that you thought to email me!

Name: LunaWorshiper (Signed) · Date: 04/28/08 18:47 · For: Prologue: Me, Me, and Also Meeee
Ha I loved this chapter!
I actualy know someone named Wolfgang you know, i was laught=ing when I read that part. HOwever, if you have Ted and Ivy name a child mufasa, I will have to hunt you down.

Author's Response: You actually know someone named Wolfgang? That's amazingly cool! Like, really cool! I'm super fond of that name... my cousin had a dog named Wolfgang Wolfenburger.

Yes indeady I know someone named wolfgang. His name is Wolfgang Hiller, he is german, and scares me very much.

Author's Response: Darnit, I was hoping he was cool. Ah, well, he still wins for having a cool name and for being German ('cos I speak German and am of German ancestry.)

Sorry he's not cool, nut he is German! An now I encourporate neflieghm into my daily vocab

Author's Response: So if I ever meet anyone who says Niflheim, I'll probably assume they're one of the cool people who read this story.

And you'll probably be right. I used it in school today and all my friends stared ata me like I had more heads then Fluffy.

Author's Response: Hahahaha, sorry about that! And sorry I haven't responded to your email yet-- I intend to do that!

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