Reviews For Thanks, Prongs
Reviewer: XhayleeXblackX
Date: 06/14/08 21:05
Chapter: Thanks, Prongs

This story was a wonderful interpretation of Sirius and that fateful night he ran away. Now . . . on to the depth.

I really like the way that you have described the scene. I think your choice of terms such as "dearie" and "darling" added to the believablity of the story. The coffee shop is also a thing that I tend to think about in British terms, more of a stereotypical thing, but here it works.

I also liked that you did not have James press Sirius as to what had happened. As I highly doubt he would have; it's not in his character.

Your characterization of Sirius is wonderful. This was perhaps my favourite part:

It was still raining, but it was only a drizzle. A light, friendly drizzle that said, “I’m here, but I’m here for your company.”

Sirius was glad for the drizzle. He wasn’t a dark person at all, but he liked the rain. There was something calming about the overcast skies and the pitter-patter of the rain on his head. It was like all his problems were being washed away and for as long as he was there, he could just be. He could just be without a reason and without thought, and he was able to relax in his own self.

The description and imagery are wonderful, and I think it would quite be in Sirius' character to like the rain in the way that you have described.

You have written a truly great interpretation and story.


Author's Response: Wow! Thank you so much! This may be one of the best reviews I've ever gotten. I feel so much better about this story after reading your review, and I am incredibly glad that you liked it. I actually put some of my own feelings into Sirius, mostly about the rain. I thought that it fit him. Thank you so much for your lovely review. :D ~Angela

Reviewer: Winnyy
Date: 05/03/08 15:17
Chapter: Thanks, Prongs

This is soo good!=]

I *love* it!

One slight thing...Is this finished?=S It says it is, but I'm very curious about it, so I think you should carry on!=]

Author's Response: Oh, thank you! I'm so glad that you liked it! I didn't have any thoughts of continuing it. However, now that the thought is in my mind... If I do ever submit another chapter, I'll be sure to contact you!!! I'll write down your username, just to be sure. =D Thank you so much for your review!!

Reviewer: harry_victoria
Date: 04/18/08 20:30
Chapter: Thanks, Prongs

Angela! I'm glad this got up- it was nicely written.



Author's Response: Yay! Thank you, mah loverly beta! XD

Reviewer: KDTheRavenclaw
Date: 04/18/08 10:24
Chapter: Thanks, Prongs

It's a little short, but I did like it!

Author's Response: :P Thanks!

Reviewer: Pondering
Date: 04/18/08 8:12
Chapter: Thanks, Prongs

Hi Angela! Glad to see this got validated. :) What I really like in this story is the difference between the two sections--as a reader, you can just feel the atmosphere changing when he meets up with James again. I also loved the rain analogy and how it eases up throughout the story.

The only thing I'd like to note is that the ending doesn't feel as effective as it could have been. Personally, I feel that the last 'Thanks' makes the story end on a more sardonic note, ie, 'Thanks for nothing', rather than the more grateful tone which I think is what you were trying to get across. I think that if the story had just ended with the 'Thanks, Prongs.' it would have tied in more with the overall message. But this, of course, is very nitpicky. :P

*hugs* Great work on the fic. :)

Author's Response: *hugs* Aw, thanks Tash! I'm glad you liked it. I edited the ending, too. I agree. I meant to have it sound all dreamy-like, but I guess it really didn't work that way. XD So, thank you for your nitpicky-ness! *squishes* =D

Reviewer: Nivnami
Date: 04/16/08 12:01
Chapter: Thanks, Prongs

You have really done a god job with Sirius' character. I really enjoyed reading this story and I personally feel that you have a lot of talent! I look forward to reading more of your fan fictions. I hope you continue to write such great stories!!


Author's Response: Oh, thank you so much!!! I wasn't feeling great today and then I read your review and suddenly I'm very happy! Thank you so much for such a great review. You really made my day! =) I'm so glad you liked the story. =D

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