Reviewer: MaraudingMarauders
Date: 07/20/08 9:14
Chapter: Soaps and Suds

I love Snape's reactions to Luna's comments, It must be driving him up the wall! Fantastic chapter

Author's Response: It's only going to get weirder... ;)

Reviewer: MaraudingMarauders
Date: 07/20/08 9:05
Chapter: Worms and Wars

Imagine that, Draco throwing a fit over an earthworm!!! These dares are so creative, Love them :-)

Author's Response: Remember his hissy-fit when Buckbeak "tried to kill him"? He's such a dramaqueen!

Reviewer: MaraudingMarauders
Date: 07/20/08 9:01
Chapter: Serenades and Kisses

Hahaha!! Entertaining chapter! This is an amazing story :-)

Author's Response: Thank you kindly!

Reviewer: lostinside1
Date: 07/19/08 17:55
Chapter: S.P.E.W and Truth

lmao! I didn't get an update notice for this. but wow! D

Author's Response: I never get "approval" notices either, isn't that odd? I have to keep checking if my chapter updates have gone through. I'm so confused!

Reviewer: Lyra Lestrange
Date: 07/17/08 16:25
Chapter: S.P.E.W and Truth

This story is so entertaining! I can't wait to see if the Slytherins get them back. I'm also looking forward to seeing more of Luna's actions!

Author's Response: Firstly, I love your penname! I assume "Lyra" is a nod to the main character of the Dark Materials trilogy. You'll definitely see some more back-and-forth in this prank war between houses, as well as more Truth or Dare, and Luna's spotlight in the midst of it all. Thanks for reading!

Reviewer: HermyStar
Date: 07/17/08 16:03
Chapter: Let the Game Begin

No spin the bottle either!!!!!!!!!!

Huggles from HermyStar

Author's Response: Good idea, and don't tell anyone you got such ideas from me! ;)

Reviewer: alyssa_S
Date: 07/15/08 23:59
Chapter: S.P.E.W and Truth

you are sooooo good. please, please, please, i'm on my knees, update soon!!

Author's Response: No need to plead, my friend! The newest chapter has already been written, and I'm going to put it into the queue as soon as my chapter for "To Draco, With Love" is approved! Thanks for reading!

Reviewer: HermyStar
Date: 07/15/08 17:17
Chapter: Let the Game Begin

OK, Hutchinson! You've convinced me!!

Oops, forgot to turn the caps lock off

Huggles from HermyStar

Author's Response: How about Spin the Bottle? Haha! That could be a whole other story.... No, I wouldn't dare.

Reviewer: HermyStar
Date: 07/15/08 17:07
Chapter: Let the Game Begin

When and how did you start reading and/or writing fanfiction, I wonder? I started reading when I was tired of reading the same plots again and again after reading all seven Harry Potter books six times. I clicked on Mugglenet Fanfiction hoping for somthing new. I read a few stories and enjoyed them. A month later I got an account because I wanted to review stories. Now I've told you my story, what's your story? I'm sorry if I bored you to death.

Huggles from HermyStar

Author's Response: I started reading the fanfiction here more than 6 years ago. Other sites were recommended to me, but none compared to this! I've seen this site go through many changes, getting better and better. I started writing fanfiction here 5 years ago under a very different name, but after a tiff with the Mods over creative differences, I deleted everything and left. (Bad habit, huh?) I came back about 2 years ago as Hutchinson and have made a lot of friends. I write fanfiction because we have such an intricate world and such wellrounded characters to deal with, it would be a shame not to explore them in different ways. I have so many ideas for stories that I jot them down and save them. I'm loving this journey of exploring non-Book stories, and writing them, too. I appreciate you asking!

Reviewer: lioness_of_magic
Date: 07/15/08 13:06
Chapter: S.P.E.W and Truth

Potter IS hotter!!!!! lol!!!!! :D

Author's Response: I love your penname!

Reviewer: gryffindor_girl21
Date: 07/13/08 18:25
Chapter: Let the Game Begin

oh yeah i actually did it.

Author's Response: Pretty brave! *Long-distance high-five*!

Reviewer: gryffindor_girl21
Date: 07/12/08 13:40
Chapter: Dares Fulfilled

just keep reading, reading, reading!

good job, love the draco confrontation. lol you're gunna be added to my favorite authors(:

Author's Response: Thanks for adding me, and for the kind notes!

Reviewer: gryffindor_girl21
Date: 07/12/08 13:37
Chapter: Boxers and Beans

pahaha cant get enough of this!!!!!!

Author's Response: Thanks! Now I'm going to try to figure out if my most recent chapter was updated, because I have like 5 stories running at once and I don't always get an e-mail... grumble, grumble... Oh, I wish I was more tech-savvy!

Reviewer: gryffindor_girl21
Date: 07/12/08 13:34
Chapter: Let the Game Begin

Love it so far. its hilarious. my friend dared me to do the underwear thing after we read it. paha.

Author's Response: But did you do it?! Get back to me!

Reviewer: x-sourcherry-x
Date: 07/12/08 10:20
Chapter: S.P.E.W and Truth

I think this story is pure genius and I'm glad you added more chapters!

So Luna finds out Frankie's gender then? Lol you refer to Frankie as 'him.'

All in all an excellent story, quirky and humorous. I think you have the talent to write stories and I wish you all the best when you continue to write more.

Author's Response: I think Luna, after spending time with Frankie and getting to know him, decided he was a boy! Thank you so much for the kind note and support. That's why I love this site! Thank you also for reading, and feel free to check out my other stories sometime!

Reviewer: HermyStar
Date: 07/12/08 0:13
Chapter: Let the Game Begin

I just spotted a cool coincidence!!! You said you got your penname from a person named Anne Hutchinson. I looked at your author's page, and saw that your real name is Anne, and I already know your penname is Hutchinson. It's a cool coincidence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Huggles from HermyStar

Author's Response: That's just a prime example of me taking my secret identity so seriously. LOL!

Reviewer: rushinn
Date: 07/12/08 0:04
Chapter: Let the Game Begin

Great story! I don't usually laugh out loud when I read fanfiction, but this one had me tearing up because it was so great! Can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: I love hearing when I've made someone laugh! It makes my day!

Reviewer: alyssa_S
Date: 07/11/08 23:43
Chapter: Let the Game Begin

Oh My god! I am so glad you descided to bring this story back. i just found it now in the top ten. I remember reading this story ages ago and was upset when it just dissapeared. i am so glad it is back.

Author's Response: Haha, double post! By the way, I couldn't find it in the Top Ten! That's a pipe dream though, because I've only just come back... ;)

Reviewer: alyssa_S
Date: 07/11/08 23:43
Chapter: Let the Game Begin

Oh My god! I am so glad you descided to bring this story back. i just found it now in the top ten. I remember reading this story ages ago and was upset when it just dissapeared. i am so glad it is back.

Author's Response: I'm sorry I did that, you have no idea! I'm more than lucky to have so many of you come back to follow my stories again. Thanks for being here! Wait a sec... it's in the Top Ten? The illustrious Ten? Be right back!

Reviewer: Lucky_13_Girl
Date: 07/11/08 14:44
Chapter: S.P.E.W and Truth

I can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Is it up yet? Sometimes I don't get the emails!!

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