Reviews For The Doll Charade
Reviewer: XhayleeXblackX
Date: 03/07/08 22:47
Chapter: The Doll Charade

Wow, Kritchen,

This was intense, from the very beginning. I love, love, love your characterization of Ted. It is most wonderful, and I rather liked seeing him in this view. Your descriptions are wonderful and the first person style in which you have written this fic really help the reader depict the scene and feel Ted’s emotions.

“I began to crave that feeling because that meant I had her within reach.”

This sentence really stuck out to me. I loved the wording and the meaning behind it. It was very powerful.

I also liked the way you depicted the “silence”. It is a surreal thing to experience and the way in which you so beautifully described it was chilling.

“The silence in my flat was everything I imagined it would be, dead, heavy, and suffocating. It only seemed to magnify with the noises Aveline made as she placed me on the couch and started a fire in my fireplace . . . Minutes passed by, my eyes trained on the rug as Aveline talked away the silence. Her voice kept it at bay, but I could sense it waiting, biding its time.”

Chills! I really adore the word choices you have used. They don’t over describe and bore, but simplify and intrigue at the same time.

The way that Ted’s emotions change throughout the fic was depicted in a believable sequence that is captivating. How you can take him from loss to grief, then to resentment and anger, to slight happiness, back to anger, and a sad happiness at the end, is breathtaking and outstanding. You really impressed me with the way that you kept Ted in-character, but added your own spin on him, and still managed to make him seem realistic. It is something that a lot of authors struggle with, but you have done this perfectly.

The only criticism that I have is that there were a few minor grammar and/or spelling mistakes. Other than that, this was an enjoyable, different, and good read.

I can’t wait to read more of your fics,

Author's Response: O.o Do you write all the fics you read reviews like this? lol. This is probably my very favorite review ever now. I so loved writing TDC, as I call it, and I'm so glad you loved it too! This piece was probably the most difficult writing I've done in a long time. I simply do no do the angsty scene well. lol. It makes me happy to know that my depiction of it was enough to give me this kind of reaction. :D Your words mean a lot. Keep a look out. I've got several WIPs, though for the most part, they're silly things.

Reviewer: fg_weasley
Date: 02/17/08 17:11
Chapter: The Doll Charade

ohmigosh. Kritch! Aw, that was so amazing, kid. seriously, the emotion was brilliant. I smiled, I laughed .. well, I didn't cry, but there were parts that mde me frown. lol. but in a good way, if you know what I mean. Honestly, kid, I am so very proud of you. This piece of work is bloody fantastic and I am soooo adding it to my favorites. :]

Author's Response: Lol. Awwwah, well thanks very much Nik. :D I so meant to reply to this a long time ago, but it simply slipped my mind. I absolutely loved writing this even though it drove me nuts. I'm so glad everyone else seems to enjoy this piece as much as I do!

Reviewer: pokethedevil
Date: 02/16/08 9:07
Chapter: The Doll Charade

I LOVED it! This was suggested to me in What You'd Like to See thread, and boy am I glad I requested it. I like Andromeda alot, I'm thinking about wriitng a series of one-shots about her myself *coughsurecogh* and found your view of her character quiet interesting. I thought she'd be like a cross between Narcissa and Lily but your portrayal of her is quiet convincing.
This was a thoroughly enjoyable read, with plenty of insight into Ted's character and thoughts.
Great job!

Author's Response: I heard someone requested an Andromeda story and that one of mine got recommended. I'm so glad you loved it. That really is what makes writing worthwhile, that and you know, the whole getting out my emotions thing. :D

Reviewer: HungarianWitch
Date: 01/30/08 3:55
Chapter: The Doll Charade

I can't find words! It's very good, and so real!And so lovely, and so sad and full of emotions...
It's a little weird, that now I know the end of: Little lighter than Black.. But I can live with that, because it was worth!
Can't wait for new chapters and new stories!

Author's Response: The end of ALLTB isn't quite set in stone yet. ;) I'm glad you loved it so much. I really love TDC a lot as well. It was fun to write.

Reviewer: Mistletoe
Date: 01/29/08 22:00
Chapter: The Doll Charade

I LUB LUB LUB how you write this pair Kritch! I mean, you must know by now. What with my prolific reviews, my constant challenges, and now I've written my own A/T. So, there ya go. As I have said many a-time b'fore, the personalities you bring out in Andromeda and Ted are wonderful, wonderful! I think my favorite part is the controversy between 'Andy' and 'Dromeda'. This is just so scandelous! *lubs* *pets*

--Kat :D

Author's Response: Lol, Kat, you're silly. Scandelous is a funny word. :D I'm glad you love my writings so much.

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