Reviewer: U-No-Poo
Date: 11/18/09 2:18
Chapter: Saved By the Aspidistra

Oh Em Gee I love this fic! Alternate universes rock because they are so creative and yours takes the cake. But I love how you've mixed the canon and the non-canon into one big sort-of-canon. If that all made sense. But anyway, keep writing!

Author's Response: That does make sense, in a strange, not making sense sort of way.

Reviewer: lunaandneville
Date: 11/16/09 5:21
Chapter: Saved By the Aspidistra

I love this story one problem though... Andromeda is a kindhearted person unlike her sisters I don't like how you portrayed her as a 'true black sister'

Reviewer: Jamie_potter
Date: 11/15/09 19:41
Chapter: Prologue

love!! ...Think i know why lestrange was on her letter...... can't wait for the next chapters. :)

Author's Response: Hm, I'd love to hear your theory.

Reviewer: Jamie_potter
Date: 11/15/09 19:40
Chapter: Prologue

love!! ...Think i know why lestrange was on her letter...... can't wait for the next chapters. :)

Author's Response: I'd love to hear a theory.

Reviewer: Hedwig_is_my_owl
Date: 09/16/09 23:21
Chapter: Curiosity Killed the Ego

hmm...I'm not sure I remember the other chapter...But I like that she throws it out there to Malfoy who she is :)

Author's Response: I'd personally rather that you didn't remember the other was absolutely horrible.

Reviewer: Marsha Johnsegn
Date: 09/14/09 19:43
Chapter: Curiosity Killed the Ego

Hahaha, that last line was brilliant! Everything seems to be going along very nicely! I'm looking forward to what comes next! Submit the next chapter soon; Cheers!

Author's Response: *Bows* Thank you! I will submit the next chapter as soon as I am able.

Reviewer: bellatrix-black-lestrange
Date: 09/03/09 13:43
Chapter: One By One

hmmm well Regulus Black i am surprised but the mother is what grips me the most who could be her mother update soon :D

Author's Response: Will do.

Reviewer: emmeline6620
Date: 08/18/09 23:38
Chapter: One By One

I'm a little confused. Scarlet is convinced that she is a pureblood and a Tonks, but isn't Ted Tonks (her supposed father), muggleborn. That would make her a half-blood, right? Maybe I just read this chapter too quickly or something. Anyways, this is a pretty good story. Awesome job and update soon!

Author's Response: I've heard two different stories on the pureblood/half-blood issue. One states that if both of your parents are wizards, then you are a pureblood. The other says if one of your parents is Muggleborn then you are a half-blood. To prevent my brain from splattering all over my keyboard I have stuck to the first theory.

Reviewer: Hedwig_is_my_owl
Date: 08/10/09 20:39
Chapter: One By One

Now I had already figured out that Regulus was her father...but the mystery still remains as to who her mother is...duh duh duhhhhhh.....

Author's Response: Now you may have to wait a few chapters for that one!

Reviewer: bellatrix-black-lestrange
Date: 07/13/09 14:45
Chapter: Unappreciated Genius

all this talk about regulus black makes me think that he is scarlet's dad but then that whole thing with the lestrange as a last name makes me think different hmmm.... please update so i can read on and find out more

Author's Response: Will do!

Reviewer: Hedwig_is_my_owl
Date: 07/12/09 14:48
Chapter: Unappreciated Genius

What a strange message for Tonks to leave her sister!

Author's Response: She has her reasons...

Reviewer: LuNaLoVeGoOdLoVer
Date: 07/12/09 0:38
Chapter: Prologue

Well, yeah, but when she just entered the compartment. Although that might be because they were exited about the map...

Author's Response: Oh I apologize! I thought you were talking about when she was a First Year.

Reviewer: Marsha Johnsegn
Date: 07/11/09 22:49
Chapter: Unappreciated Genius

Great chapter! I love Fred and George in this story, I think you've captured their personalites wonderfully. I'm looking forward to the next chapter! Update soon! Until next time; Cheers!

Author's Response: Thanks! I've submitted the next chapter, and with a little luck it will be up in a few days!

Reviewer: LuNaLoVeGoOdLoVer
Date: 07/11/09 22:23
Chapter: Prologue

loved it ! (; where's the next chappie??
A few coments, though. I don't think the twins would stay quiet on the train ride-like they were at the beginning... and where's the next chapter??? :P

Author's Response: I don't believe they were in the same compartment as Scarlet, so that is why you hear nothing from them until later.

Reviewer: Hedwig_is_my_owl
Date: 06/23/09 18:58
Chapter: I Solemnly Swear That I Am Up to No Good

:) Loved the update...and it was neat that you had Tonks have her "swear she was up to no good" :) And now she has the little nagging of who is Regulus Black in her brain....

Author's Response: Many thanks for reading and reviewing!

Reviewer: Marsha Johnsegn
Date: 06/20/09 21:14
Chapter: I Solemnly Swear That I Am Up to No Good

I really like the last sentence in this chapter! I just found your story yesterday, so I was really excited to see that it had been updated again so soon! I'd tell you how confused I currently am by the last name thing, but I see that you have already addressed that in previous reviews. So, I just have to wait for the on coming chapters. Which I definetly will. I'm looking forward to seeing where there story is going, and I've got a few theories about Scarlet. I'm trying not to focus on the point with the name Lestrange, but it has me Siriusly intrigued! Keep writing and updating! Submit the next chapter soon! Until next time; Cheers!

Author's Response: Thank you! Oh, and by the way, I love the pun. ;D I'll keep sending the chapters on it, they're reviewing them in the que faster than I can write, which hardly ever happens!

Reviewer: Hedwig_is_my_owl
Date: 06/20/09 0:55
Chapter: Frustration Among Other Things

:) So we have been introduced to Regulus..DUN DUN DUN.....

Okay, now the "nitpicking"....Very beginning you say "Scarlet continues..." (third person)...but you immediately change it to a first person POV...(and the rest of the fic has been third person except for Scarlet's thoughts.)...

Third to last sentence you wrote "I quite excited..." I'm thinking you meant to put "I was quite excited..."

10th paragraph..."If this really becomes a sport, than..." should be then :)

11th paragraph: I had tried performing various spells, jinxes, charms, and transfiguration spells on the paper, and had surprisingly no visible success.

The last comma should not be there...should just say "...on the paper and had..."

14th paragraph: The last sentence is not a complete sentence...perhaps if you just said "The ink was so......" and completed it the way you wrote it...
The way you have written it, needs something added..."...really saying something for Tonks, made the anticipation greater." or something like that....(I hope that makes sense, if not, let me know, and I will clarify.)

15th paragraph: "I stupid, no good..." I think you meant "A stupid, no good..."

Okay...sorry...*smiles*...But we are here to help you improve your writing, and I already enjoy your writing style...these are just minor grammar things...

I do look forward to the next chapter...more do they finally figure out the "blank parchment" for instance? :)

Author's Response: Thank you for the critique. Since I write most of these chapters at around three in the morning, I tend to make a lot of mistakes. I'll have to edit the chapter at the next chance I get. The reason I use third person at the beginning is that when I am submitting a chapter it says the box I write that in is chapter notes. Lately I have been using that as a summary. Oh, you'll find out how she solves the "blank parchment" soon, in fact, very soon. The next chapter is even in the que right now.

Reviewer: Hedwig_is_my_owl
Date: 06/16/09 9:35
Chapter: Christmas Surprises

This is interesting so far. In Chapter one, Dora tells Scarlet that she will be "Grayson" but when the sorting hat calls her up, she is "Gray"...not a huge difference...and I'm sure later in the fic will explain...but I'm confused as to why she received the letter as "Lestrange" instead of "Black" (Black would have been the obvious name since you have already told us that her name is Scarlet Black.) I do think it's interesting that you have Fred and George just now finding the Marauder's Map (at least that's what I'm assuming it is) and that you have Scarlet helping them figure out how to use it. I don't remember Tonks still being in school when Harry starts Hogwarts though...what year do you have her as being? I know we don't meet her in the series until OOTP, and she's a new Auror...but it never really gives an age or anything like that. Look forward to the next chapter :)

Author's Response: Oh! I never realized that I went from "Gray" to "Grayson", thanks for letting me know! I promise, in a few chapters it will explain the entire "Lestrange" thing. When I first started writing this I looked up Tonks's age, and according to my source she was 17 when the series began. I've heard she wasn't in school when the series began, but I did not have that information until I began the series.

Reviewer: Rori Potter
Date: 04/06/09 7:28
Chapter: Potter and Potions

That was great. Update soon.

Author's Response: The next chapter will be up within a week or so.

Reviewer: bellatrix-black-lestrange
Date: 04/05/09 4:22
Chapter: Prologue

this story great but I'm confused with the whole last name situation is black or lestrange ????

Author's Response: I apoligize for not being clear. Scarlet's real last name is Black, although the name on her letter was Lestrange. This will all be explained in following chapters.

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