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Name: ren_a87 (Signed) · Date: 01/26/08 1:04 · For: When a Second Becomes Years
Aw! Poor Rudolphus! Ok, I don't know if I spelt his name right...Your stories in his view are always so pathetic and they make me feel so bad for him! He's just like a poor little lost puppy... Great job, by the way! I do have a questions, not about your fic, about the books in general. Bellatrix is Narcissa's sister, correct? But Narcissa, while arrogant and self important, didn't seem to really be into the whole Death Eater thing to me. Rather, she seemed more like she just stood by her husband because that's what you were supposed to do. I mean, she clearly had prejudices about certain types of magical peoples and bloodlines, but she didn't seem like she was really into the whole pure blood world domination. And now come to think of it, Lucius seemed like he was a lot of hot air too. What do you think about the Malfoys? I think Draco was hot air and wouldn't have joined had he not been blackmailed into it. I think he just liked bullying people but didn't want to do anything that could have potentionally damaged his own skin. Anyway, what is your take on the Malfoy family?

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! Now, to answer your question, Cissa was Bella's younger sister, but they did have very different view on Death Eater-dom. Narcissa was never actually a Death Eater; she never had the Mark burned on her skin. I think she preferred purebloods but wasn't too big on pureblood supremacy. Well, maybe not so much that as I think she didn't want to actively participate and get her family killed. It seems like her family was her absolute biggest priority. As for Lucius, I think he was cruel but not unchangeably bad. He could be good to some people; I truly think he loved his wife and his child and that Lucius/Narcissa is an adorable ship. I think the biggest problem with him is that he loved being the biggest and most powerful. He loved being rich and being part of high society. I think he would have taken comfort in the fact that if Voldemort triumphed, he would have been in the clear. To me it just seems he did it more for his family's/his own protection. As for Draco, I believe he only became a Death Eater because if he didn't, his family would have been killed. Maybe he did want the power or the prestige he thought would come with it, but I think it was mostly because all the Malfoys had a close relationship. Draco was not a bad guy, I believe. He got in over his head, and he so easily could have been redeemed. Wow, that was long, wasn't it? I hope all that made sense!

Name: FeatherTrader (Signed) · Date: 01/25/08 17:20 · For: When a Second Becomes Years
Wow. I love your characterization or Rudolphus. I think it’s interesting how you chose to portray him in response to his unrequited love. Much more, the fact that his wife was instead in love with the man he worked for, a man that could kill or have him killed in an instant, and the fact that his wife never really loved him; her love was always for Voldemort.

She would want nothing more than for me to kill as many as I could.

I read this, and my response was “Whaaat?” It simply didn’t make much to any sense. Until I was half way into the story and my slow mind finally realized that the person in question was Bellatrix. As much as I adore her as a character, she always was a little crazy. Well, honestly, a little more than a little.

With only me should would never have been happy.

Poor Rudolphus. I feel so bad for him. Honestly, when Bellatrix died, I never even considered how it would affect him, but I think what you’ve written here is a very canon applicable piece. Also, you have an extra word somewhere in that sentence, depending on what your intended meaning was.

You’re descriptions were to die for. I could practically see the green tinge in front of me; I could practically feel Rudolphus’s misery. You really have a talent for it.

As I stood in front of the prison that was set to hold me for ten years, I looked up at it.

I’m slightly confused here. Rudolphus was a Death Eater. He murdered plenty of innocent people. He killed the guy’s brother in cold blood. I think he would get more than ten years. And on top of that, I was always under the impression that people in Azkaban served life sentences, simply because it seems that the Dementors drove them insane. And we wouldn’t want a whole bunch of loony people running around, now would we?

All I knew was that I needed to see the green light again, but I could feel that terrible anguish grip my soul as I watched him die as well.

I like how we see a slightly more insane side of Rudolphus here. It’s like, seeing it in his mind’s eye isn’t enough. He has to see it again and again in front of him. For instance, I believe if the person hadn’t come and taken him away from Bellatrix’s body, then he would have kept killing random people until someone finally killed him.

Actually, the way you portrayed him, I felt like he really did want to be killed. And, it was probably the first time I ever wanted a character to be killed because I liked them so much. How odd is that? Usually it’s the other way around…

Overall, you did a wonderful job handling this challenge. And best of luck to you on it.

Author's Response: Aw, I'm glad you like the way I write Rodolphus. It's probably a bit unconventional, but it's the way I like to think of him.
About the ten years thing, you're definitely right. To tell you the truth, I only made it ten years because I had a long, complicated plot bunny about Rodolphus and ten years later when he got out of Azkaban… Anyway, I'll change it soon.
Rodolphus is a tragic character, and it's very normal to want him to be killed in this fic. I sort of felt like maybe his life would stop being so sucky if he died… Anyway, thanks for the reivew!

Name: JustLikeHermione77 (Signed) · Date: 01/23/08 17:07 · For: When a Second Becomes Years
*sniff* i stil hate bellatrix-but good story!

Author's Response: You hate Bella? *gasp* Thanks, I'm glad you liked it!

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