Reviews For Great Expectations
Reviewer: montse
Date: 05/27/08 3:21
Chapter: Chapter 19: House-Elves and Hormones

Hi! I am loving your fanfic so far... just as I love you updating so frequently! Its fantastic as I do not have to re-read like 5 whole chapters to remember where the story was -as I have do with other authors every time they update. Question... will there be any special event that convinces Ginny of second-naming Albus "Severus"? Maybe another of her "dreams"?

Author's Response: I've been writing steadily while MNFF has been undergoing rennovations, so I'm quite a bit ahead. I still have another few chapters in reserve, so as long as the mods keep validating quickly, you'll continue to get quick updates. Yes, there will be at least one more dream. Wait for it!rn

Reviewer: kiboshical
Date: 05/27/08 2:51
Chapter: Chapter 19: House-Elves and Hormones

omg dont stop now! whats going to happen..... must know~!

Author's Response: Don't worry, I haven't stopped. Next one should be up soon. Thanks!

Reviewer: Lasselanta
Date: 05/27/08 1:37
Chapter: Chapter 19: House-Elves and Hormones

What a cliffhanger! I'm now completely hooked on your story and am anxiously awaiting the next chapter. Can we expect a new chapter soon? Thanks!!!

Author's Response: Hooked, eh? My evil plan is definitely working! A new chapter has been posted. Now it's up to the mods to validate. Thanks for reviewing.

Reviewer: rhiannon113
Date: 05/26/08 20:03
Chapter: Chapter 18: Global Initiatives

Hmmm. I wonder how far this story will go? Will we get to see the interplay among Rose Albus, and Scorpius? Interesting. I'll have to read the political stuff a few times, but that's a good thing. Intrigue comes from complications. Really well done!

Author's Response: The story will cover the births of Albus & Rose, and there's an Epilogue that takes place 7 years later (the number 7 is there!). There won't be a lot of interaction between the Next Gen kids, at least not in this story, but a sequel is always a possibility. The political "stuff" is complicated, I admit, but I loved the way Jo tied the wizarding world into historical events. If Dark Wizards can impact Muggle world affairs once, they can do so again. At least it would explain the Bush administration (lol!). Thanks for your comments.

Reviewer: GryffindorGirl163
Date: 05/26/08 19:08
Chapter: Chapter 18: Global Initiatives

i really liked this chapter, i can't wait for harry to get home again though, and i like how you thought of that like grindelwald's defeat and hitler i really like how you kinda of used them both if that makes any sence at all will anyway great chapter

Author's Response: Harry will get home eventually. He's trying his best, but there are a few more twists and turns in store before it happens. Thanks for your comments.

Reviewer: fightingokra4life
Date: 05/26/08 19:04
Chapter: Chapter 18: Global Initiatives

very interesting... i always admire when authors do research for their stories, i.e. looking up croatian... and i've always wondered about what wizards thought about religion

Author's Response: Well, if something is worth doing, it's worth doing right. I don't know what wizards think of religion as a rule, but this was my take on it. Thanks for reviewing.

Reviewer: argentum_cervus
Date: 05/26/08 17:48
Chapter: Chapter 18: Global Initiatives

I really enjoy this story. Keep it up!

Author's Response: Thank you! I will certainly try.

Reviewer: Tee91
Date: 05/26/08 13:56
Chapter: Chapter 17: Keeping the Faith

I stumbled accientally across your story while searching for a friends and I simply could not stop reading. I only began two days ago and now that is me up to date with your updates. I know I am not the first to say (nor will I be the last) that your story is just fantastic. I really enjoy the way you write the relationship between both Harry and Ginny, and Hermione and Ron. It's not like some stories you read were the relationship is perfect, you really capture the truth in marriage. I'm looking forward to your next update. Well done and please, keep up the good work.

Author's Response: I find perfection rather dull, actually. Harry's life was far from perfect in the series, and that was part of what made it interesting. I really appreciate your kind words, and am very glad you stumbled upon my story. I hope you keep reading. Thanks for your comments.

Reviewer: Lasselanta
Date: 05/26/08 0:22
Chapter: Chapter 17: Keeping the Faith

I am immensely enjoying your story! Looking forward to future chapters...

...and please tell me that James and Lily will be visitors #6 and #7! :)

Author's Response: Well, you obviously realize I can't answer that question. You'll just have to wait and see. I'm very glad you're enjoying the story. Thanks for your comments.

Reviewer: rhiannon113
Date: 05/25/08 15:16
Chapter: Chapter 17: Keeping the Faith

Read 16 & 17 enjoyed them both. The plot thickens, what is Harry up to (purely rhetorical...) and I love the little note. I also really hope Ginny keeps getting visits. :) Thanks for updating so quickly, feel free to keep it up.

Author's Response: Ginny's "visits" are connected to her pregnancy. You'll find out how in future chapters. It's down to the mods as far as updates go now. I have another 5 or 6 chapters in reserve, so as soon as a new one is validated I post the next. By the time they catch up, I may be finished with the story, but we'll see how that goes. Thanks for your review. I appreciate it!

Reviewer: sophiewalpole
Date: 05/25/08 6:55
Chapter: Chapter 17: Keeping the Faith

I'm still loving it. I do hope thought that Harry gets back safely. Keep it up because its getting better every chapter.

You have actually inspired me to change my own fic to Ron and Hermione instead of James and Lily. So thankyou for that.

Author's Response: I'll have to check out your Ron & Hermione story when I get a chance. Good luck with it. I'm glad you're enjoying this one. Thanks for your comments.

Reviewer: ravenclawgirl93
Date: 05/25/08 6:31
Chapter: Chapter 17: Keeping the Faith

once again a flawless masterpiece! keep 'em coming!

Author's Response: A masterpiece, no less? Thank you very much! I'll keep 'em coming.

Reviewer: lilyevans489
Date: 05/25/08 2:30
Chapter: Chapter 17: Keeping the Faith

Just wanted to leave a review saying thankyou for updating so fast! An always enjoyable story- with a new chapter at least once, if not thrice, a week. Keep updating!

Author's Response: I kept writing while Mugglenet was having all its site problems, so I have quite a few chapters in reserve. They've been doing a great job of validating new chapters lately. Let's hope they keep it up!

Reviewer: Tariel
Date: 05/25/08 2:22
Chapter: Chapter 17: Keeping the Faith

Interesting. Veeery interesting.
Would like to read more about Andromeda. Sirius said she was his favourite cousin.
What happens next? :D

Author's Response: You'll learn a bit more about Andromeda in future chapters. I'm glad you're enjoying it.

Reviewer: lioness_of_magic
Date: 05/24/08 19:11
Chapter: Chapter 17: Keeping the Faith

Tee hee, Septimus, or Old Shep Weasley... :D :D :D That was very amusing

Author's Response: Actually, Septimus really was the name of Arthur's father (as per J.K. Rowling). Arthur's mother was Cedrella Black, a cousin of Sirius's. She was blasted off the family tree, of course, for marrying a blood traitor like Septimus. Shep is my take on the name. It is a legitimate nickname for Septimus, but I have no idea if Jo would approve. Glad you got a laugh out of it, though. I think Ron's fighting a losing battle with that one!

Reviewer: rachvf
Date: 05/24/08 18:31
Chapter: Chapter 17: Keeping the Faith

oooh i cant wait for more chapters!!!

Author's Response: I've posted the next one already. You'll learn more about what Harry's up to in that one. Thanks for reviewing!

Reviewer: Binka Fudge
Date: 05/24/08 12:55
Chapter: Chapter 16: Broken Places

I love how Sirius managed to give comfort and advice in a fun and friendly way. He seems very young and full of life while talking to Ginny. I loved his shared memories too, reading muggle books in the tree thats no longer there. I think this was my favourite of your dream sequences.

Author's Response: I think Sirius probably was a lot of fun before the Potters were killed, and before he was sent to Azkaban for a crime he didn't commit. Something like that will change a person. But hopefully once he got "beyond the veil" he was able to revert to his old self. Thanks for your comments. I'm glad you liked "my" Sirius.

Reviewer: Raven582
Date: 05/24/08 12:51
Chapter: Chapter 1: Wistful Looks

Yeah. Well she likes HP but dosent like reading. And thats a really pretty name. I Love the names Aurora and Belle so they sound perfect put together but some pple think the name Amberstone is wierd but i love it!

Author's Response: I assume you're talking about your friend rather than your cat in regard to not liking reading, though I would imagine the cats aren't partial to it either (lol!). Amberstone is a bit unusual, but if you like, hey, why not?

Reviewer: GryffindorGirl163
Date: 05/24/08 12:23
Chapter: Chapter 16: Broken Places

great stroy can't wait for the next chapter

Author's Response: It's already there. I've had a wonderful mod (NikkiSue) reviewing my chapters and she's a dynamo. Thanks for your comments.

Reviewer: Calico
Date: 05/24/08 10:30
Chapter: Chapter 17: Keeping the Faith

I haven't reviewed before, but I've been reading this fic for a while, and I'm finally reviewing (sorry it took so long) because Sirius is my favorite character, and I've been waiting for his dream-visit for a while. Anyway, I think this was my favorite chapter so far. A lot of the things Sirius said were really beautiful, about spirits and everything. And, of course, your writing was amazing, as always. I can't wait for the next update!

Author's Response: Thanks so much, and I'm very glad you liked "my" Sirius. He always struck me as a rather Hemingway-ish character, a handsome rogue with an adventurer's gleam in his eye, so that's why I chose a quote from "A Farewell to Arms." I really appreciate your review. Thanks again!

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