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Name: Virgil (Signed) · Date: 01/12/11 13:05 · For: Wishes by the Fireside
Hey, so my email told me that I got a message from you on the beta boards, but I'm having issues with my beta boards account (I can't log in for some reason! :( it's so sad!) so, uh, this is the only way I could contact you. Sorry. What did the private message say?

Anyways, I really like this fic - Ginny/Neville is an uncommon pairing in fanfic, but you write it beautifully. I like how you express the way Ginny loves Neville because he "brought her peace" - you have a really good point there.

Name: R_Ravenclaw (Signed) · Date: 07/12/08 21:15 · For: Wishes by the Fireside
I've never been a big fan of Neville/Ginny… I thought it was cute in its way, but D/G is my OTP, so I feel bad betraying it. Regardless, I really enjoyed your fic.

I like the way you set up your story; the scene is set nicely and you show just enough of Ginny's desperation for having her husband home for their first Christmas (what woman wouldn't want her husband there, after all?) to make his home-coming a happy occasion for the reader.

I thought you characterisation of Neville was really great. I can just see him about to refuse such a great opportunity to stay home with his wife — it's exactly the kind of guy he is.

I'm not quite as sure about Ginny. I'm not saying she was done badly — I think you did pretty well with her — but I think she could have come off more… Ginny-ish. Ginny's very strong-willed and sometimes even a bit bratty. I think this really comes through with her insistence that he was going to send a letter and the fact that she wants to keep the window open and when she makes Neville go on the trip. I think it was mostly when she's talking about the Yule Ball. "As a matter of fact, I would have gone home and sulked about it for all of Christmas break.” This, to me, doesn't really sound like Ginny. I can't see her sulking because of a guy or because she couldn't go to a dance. To me, she seemed very independent, especially in comparison to other females in the books: Hermione needs Ron, Molly needs Arthur, Tonks needs Remus, etc., but Ginny doesn't really seem to NEED a guy. She spent the entirety of DH without Harry, and from what we know she didn't sit at Hogwarts pining about it, but went out and tried to make a difference even at Hogwarts. She didn't sulk then, so it seems a bit off here. But, of course, your characterisation is overall very good — especially Neville. :]

Now for just a couple of nit-picks:

“I thought you weren’t going to be home until around New Years Eve.”

There should be an apostrophe in New Year's Eve.

“Good," Ginny said, snuggling close. I’m glad you’re home.”

There should be quotes to make it: "I'm glad you're home."

Well, if all you want is a letter then I’ll just…”

You should have beginning quotes on this sentence as well.

I feel so picky, but it's these kind of things that make the entire story flow better; I'm such a punctuation Nazi that when I see something like this my mind just stops and goes blank for a moment! (But I'm sort of crazy :] )

Moving on from little typos, I'd have to say my favourite line is:

He proved his friendship in countless ways, but didn’t treat her like she was made of glass.

I just think this is not only the perfect line to sum up her relationship with Neville, but a great way to say why she's better with Neville than Harry (which I don't know if you fully agree with, but I have to admit I do.). Harry did treat her like she was made of glass. He didn't even tell her about the Horcruxes in HBP and in DH he refused to let her help even a little bit — and not only that, but he still wouldn't tell her about it, like she would shatter and break if she knew the secrets or something. Neville, I think, like you say here, knew that she was strong and capable and wouldn't hold her back. In DH he stole the sword with her and probably did some other things with her (I can't really remember because I tend to block the book from my mind ;] )

I think this was a really fun read, and it gives me a deep desire for it to be Christmas again! :] Only five more months, right…?


Author's Response: Hi Alison! Thanks for your review. I have to say I may never write Neville again because his characterization was so hard! I had a great Beta reader, C_A_Campbell who knows the character of Neville so well and helped me throughout the story. I remember revising this story almost five times before it was what it is now. I will go back and edit the things you pointed out. Thanks again!

Name: laceymoibella (Signed) · Date: 01/25/08 21:00 · For: Wishes by the Fireside
Brilliant story. I loved it. Keep up the super writing.


Author's Response: Thank You Lacey! I'm glad you like it!

Author's Response: Thank you also for the encouragement!

Author's Response: Thank you also for the encouragement!

Name: JustLikeHermione77 (Signed) · Date: 01/13/08 15:38 · For: Wishes by the Fireside
good story! although i still don't like the neville/ginny ship!! lol

Author's Response: Thank you I'm glad you liked it. Ginny/Neville isn't my first pick ship but the story worked well for the two of them.

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