Reviewer: Tim the Enchanter
Date: 01/23/10 23:06
Chapter: Platform Nine and Three-Quarters

Inverarity shows his skill as a writer by weaving this tale of self-discovery, intrigue, and good old-fashioned action and chaos. Hogwarts Houses Divided is a delightful read, that is as entertaining as it is thought-provoking. From Deathly Hallows, we get a small glimpse into the future, but it is a future that hasn't really evolved from the series we are familiar with - Inverarity tackles this question of what the post-Hogwarts scenario is like head on. He makes us consider what it means to be a Gryffindor, or a Slytherin, or a Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff. It also makes you think about things like censorship, punishment as a deterrence, and perceptions of justice. By the end of the story, I had to wonder which side was really in the right.

The characterisation is excellent, of not only the canon characters (just eleven years aged), but also the whole slew of OCs. They (I'll include Teddy Lupin, since we know virtually nothing about him) are very believable characters, and really act like they're eleven years-old. They are immature (to varying degrees), usually don't think things through, and do some REALLY stupid things that make you the reader want to cringe and say, "What were you THINKING?" But that's what makes this story great - none of the characters are infallible, and there are real consequences for their actions, something Harry Potter tends to get away with.

The plot is very cleverly crafted. At the beginning of the novel, it appears to be any ordinary "new kid at Hogwarts fic", where the first years discover the castle and all of that fun stuff. However, it soon becomes apparent that the story will become much more wilder than that, which it does. There are a multitude of red herrings in this fic, that make you think the story will go in one direction, but when you're totally not expecting it, it makes a complete 180-degree turn and does something else. There is plenty of suspense and twists, and Hogwarts Houses Divided is completely unpredictable and full of surprises.

Overall, a brilliant read.

~ Tim the Enchanter

Reviewer: wonderingbutnotlost
Date: 01/13/10 10:10
Chapter: The Sorting

this chapter was great!! I loved the twist from the hat and the song was the best....thank you

Reviewer: Im_No_Muggle
Date: 12/04/09 19:00
Chapter: Slytherin Qualities

It's amazing how Inverarity can make readers feel that they are actually in the story. When Geoffrey mocked Teddy, I literally gasped along with Violet. This story really plays with your emotions, and that, I think, is what I like most about it.

Reviewer: Im_No_Muggle
Date: 11/29/09 18:07
Chapter: The War Season

Yay! There friends again! This is one of my very favorite chaptered fics. Every time I read a chapter, I feel like I'm actually at Hogwarts feeling the tension between houses.

Reviewer: Stupified Auror
Date: 09/29/09 13:05
Chapter: Where We Belong

Excellent story. I loved every chapter! Like all great stories, I was sad it ended but am hopefully looking forward to seeing at sequel : )

Reviewer: SquibPower
Date: 08/07/09 17:44
Chapter: The Sorting Hat's Decree

Wonderful story!! It's quite interesting to read this in 4 point of views!! I like Teddy's the best, although I like them ALL!!

Reviewer: IdSayWhyNot
Date: 07/02/09 5:54
Chapter: Where We Belong

I still don't like the multi-POV style but this is definitely a good story. Your characters are strong and consistent, as well as using accurate and colorful descriptions for scenery. You most definitely did a great job. Congratulations !

Reviewer: hpotterfan339
Date: 07/01/09 22:20
Chapter: Where We Belong

This was an amazing story! I think it is much harder to write about new or undeveloped charecters than it is to expand on already existing charecters and you did this beautifully. Normally it is hard for me to get "into" a Post DH fan fiction because I don't know and care about all the people involved nut I could barely tear myself away from Hogwarts Houses Divided. I can't wait for the sequel!!

Reviewer: HPlover1202
Date: 06/10/09 21:22
Chapter: Where We Belong

I really enjoyed this story a lot. I think it was very creative to build on the tensions between goblins and wizards that JKR started in DH. Your story was really well written, and one of the best stories I've ever read! Thanks for sharing your creative genius with us :-)

Reviewer: evanna11
Date: 05/07/09 14:22
Chapter: Platform Nine and Three-Quarters

I listened to the first few chapters on Audiofictions, and I just had to read on, so I looked it up.. and couldn't stop reading. Do you know how annoying it is if you really want to know what is happening next but can't go on the computer?
Anyway, I absolutey love all the characters.. Ophelia, Violet, Teddy, Kai, Dewey, Sung-Hee, Mercy and the others. They are all well developed, although I have to admit I found Kai and Dewey being the brother of Cho/Cedric kinda a big unrealistic age difference, but it fit. It even helped me appreciate Cho more.
I hope that you are going to write a sequal and that we are going to here more about Sung-Hee and little Scorpius (who seemed adorable, by the way)!
I just really loved reading this!

Reviewer: harrysgirl28
Date: 04/05/09 18:56
Chapter: Platform Nine and Three-Quarters

I love this story so much. I spent hours on the computer- I couldn't stop reading it!

Reviewer: Jahya
Date: 03/12/09 22:07
Chapter: Where We Belong

Sweet Merlin's Pants!!
I started reading your story last year and only recently completed the saga; it's incredible. I hereby formally insinuate that you are J.K. Rowling writing a story about Teddy. This is a wonderful story and I would pay to see a movie made out of it.
Thank you for composing such a heartfelt, action packed and intelligent tale that carries on the integrity of the 'Harry Potter' series.
copyright a screenplay and have a movie made!!!!!!!
sincerely, Jahya

Reviewer: hpotterfan339
Date: 03/02/09 20:42
Chapter: Platform Nine and Three-Quarters

This was a brilliant story. One of the best, if not the best I've ever read. Please PLEASE write a sequel.

Reviewer: jabantik
Date: 02/17/09 3:42
Chapter: Where We Belong


Reviewer: Rose Molly Weasley
Date: 01/26/09 22:00
Chapter: Platform Nine and Three-Quarters

This story held my attention like no other piece of fan fiction had. I just wanted to know "And then what happened?" I simply could not put it down.
Many congratulations on creating characters who seem realistic and deep and relatable. Although your plot was awesome by picking up on some themes that were really only mentioned in the series, I have to say that your characters made the story.
So, in conclusion, extremely well developed plot, amazing characters, and an overall totally awesome story.
Could Teddy and his friends possibly come back for a sequel?

Reviewer: minnabird
Date: 01/23/09 17:17
Chapter: Where We Belong

I have to say, this is the most brilliantly written fanfic I have yet read. The characters are realistic and fun, the plot is riveting, and really, I can't tell you how much I loved reading it! I had to pry myself away from the computer to eat, sleep, go to school, etc. (As I do with any good book).

Reviewer: rambkowalczyk
Date: 01/12/09 9:34
Chapter: Where We Belong

Overall I really enjoyed the story although I admit I was shocked when you killed Alduin off way back when. I think in retrospect a little foreshadowing was needed at least about him being the son of death eaters or that he had a past to hide. (It may already be there, in which case it either went over my head or I forgot it). I liked how you were able to have Alduin and Myrtle move on.

I also thought that the Auror's position of not knowing how to handle explosives to be a little bit non-JKR but that is a somewhat minor thing.

The detective in me was disappointed that we did not get to see what students the sorting hat diverted, however the sorting hat's explanation was acceptable. Good work!

Author's Response: There were some subtle hints about Alduin in Chapters 5 and 7, but they were meant to be apparent only in retrospect, rather than clues you might have picked up on at the time. As for who might have gone to another house, or whether the Sorting Hat was being truthful about sending people where they didn't belong, that's left for you to decide. ;) Thanks for your thoughts!

Reviewer: delirioustk
Date: 01/09/09 14:14
Chapter: Where We Belong

fantastic story! the four firsties are lovable too... :) i enjoyed reading this so much!

Reviewer: delirioustk
Date: 01/09/09 10:19
Chapter: The War Season

love this story! =) best next gen fic i've read so far!

Reviewer: siilly_bookworm_28
Date: 12/29/08 0:19
Chapter: Slipfang

are they crazy?? after the "zero toleration policy that llewellyn issued?? and neville was really harsh! I was embarrassed and shamed myself!!! very good and convincing writing!!(sorry, my letters aren't seeming to capitalize...)

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